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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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time. and the opportunity for peace waster starts oct third on t.w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel admits she lost touch with the people in a dispute over germany's domestic spy chief says she'll pay more attention to voters' concerns in the future but the missteps in the hands of the fair permanently damaged her coalition government also coming up three saudi human rights activists a former anticorruption crusaders in guatemala and
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a scientist working on reports station we profile the winners of an award known as the alternative nobel problems. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we'll have more for you on those stories in a minute but first some breaking news just coming in unconfirmed us media reports say deputy attorney attorney general rob rosenstein has resigned reports say he decided to step down in anticipation of being fired by president donald trump the move comes after rosenstein reportedly suggested that aides take trump's conversations rosenstein was also in charge of the investigation into the trunk campaign's connections to russia after rosen scenes false attorney general jeff sessions had to rip. themself and we'll bring you more details on this story as
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they come in. but well german chancellor angela merkel has apologized for being out of touch with voters after public outrage forced her coalition government to reverse its decision to promote the controversial head of the domestic intelligence agency many observers say the affair has further weakened an already fragile coalition. admitting a mistake and then apologizing for it is something you rarely see in german politics but that's what german chancellor angela merkel did when she called last week's decision about how monson unconvincing. i was too focused on the workings of the interior ministry and gave too little consideration to what people think rightly when they hear that someone is getting promoted i deeply regret that this could happen. when you see in
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point that's been the interior minister of course the hope for delivered the compromise reached this weekend over the future of germany's soon to be former domestic intelligence chief gets a few presidents the current president of the federal office for the protection of the constitution. will henceforth serve a special advisor to the interior minister with the rank of department head there he will be responsible for european and international matters. than of some of the scrutiny said. last week there were calls for hans garrick mohsen to be sacked after he apparently downplayed recent my confinement in the city of kemet. he was to be removed from his post and then to get a promotion in the interior ministry that sparked widespread public anger prompting new negotiations between on the american c.d.u. there'd be variances to party the c.s.u. led by horst c.
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who for and the social democrats s.p.d. leader andrea knowledges gave her reaction in berlin following his announcement. i have spoken again with the c.d.u. and c.s.u. need is i think that it's a very good sign that we took the criticism of our decision on choose a seriously and could resolve it i would like to thank i'm going to call and horse a whole fifa taking up my initiative. an initiative that in theory at least should spell the end of the mountain crisis and help lift the latest cloud over unless. you. are chief political correspondent on a crane is following the story of the chancellor as they are caved into public pressure reversed a decision and apologised to voters for being out of touch what does this tell us about the current state of germany's government. it tells us first of all that the
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government remains riven with divisions not only between the two big parties the social democrats and the conservatives but within the conservative party itself it tells us secondly that the government is aware that these divisions and the government's preoccupation with internal conflicts are definitely costing it's support if you look at the latest polls seventy two percent of germans say they're losing confidence in the government due to this latest crisis and the two parties taken together that are governing in this grand coalition would only have forty three percent of the vote if elections were to be held tomorrow that of course is less than a majority and thirdly what all this tells us is that the parties nonetheless the s.p.d. and the conservatives are determined to remain in this marriage of convenience despite all of the strains the reason for that of course is that number that i just told you they would not get
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a majority if they were to run if there were elections to be held today who would surely see an increase in support would be the far right party and essentially none of the parties in the governing coalition want that so you could say in many ways that specter of the rise of the far right is holding this government hostage in this very uncomfortable marriage of convenience well as you describe the government is under massive pressure at this point but the two main parties in merkel's coalition are now vowing to stop bickering and get on with the business of governing is that likely to happen under the current conditions. much depends on the interior minister he has played a leading role both in this latest crisis and in the crisis that nearly brought the government down in june. essentially what he has done in both cases is to try to play a nationalist populist card taking positions that were too extreme even for uncle
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americal christian democrats or conservatives and doing that because he is determined to try to win support from people in his home state of bavaria who might otherwise vote for that far right party i mentioned the a.f.d. the reason he's so worried about that party is that there is a very important election coming up in bavaria in the middle of october so all eyes in germany are now fixed on that election and there are a lot of questions about what will be the fate of the varian conservatives if they have a poor showing in that election that could then impact on the interior minister's. position and also his tendency to keep playing this this right wing nationalist card but i think certainly until that election things remain there a volatile indeed linda thank you so much for now d.w. chief political correspondent linda crane. now we want to
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put the spotlight on those working to make the world a better place each year the right livelihood award on earth people and organizations offering smart solutions for the environment and development the award is known as the alternative nobel prize there are four winners this year and we'll be looking at them throughout the day here on d w one of the awards goes to three of the most prominent defenders of human rights in saudi arabia all three are in prison now for challenging the country's ultra conservative and to tell the tarion rulers. need mohammad khatami and while the. are serving ten to fifteen year sentences their crime advocating the separation of government powers a transition to a constitutional monarchy and equality that includes the abolishment of the system of male guardianship that deprives women of their basic rights. joining me now from
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new york is cut tawny she's the wife of muhammad honey one of the three saudi laureates first of all thanks for being with us so tell us what does this prize mean for your husband and his cause. thank you for having. the prices let's mean a lot. it's really mean a lot to we go now to a. city not a lot's. obviously this is the it's. a big support for him so do you think that this will also maybe give support to the cause that he represents in saudi arabia in terms of trying to push through or advocate a constitutional monarchy. yes i believe so. so. yesterday it was
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a saudi national day and i really congratulates my country to have these men the brave men second fire themselves for it's farmers so it's. it's a sit in a like you it's a very. surprising like you know. i don't know how to explain it but it's kind of. you know to great moment to have a great moment like this i can i can certainly understand that it must be heartening for you and your husband and your supporters your husband of course is in prison at this point what prospects are there for his release. to mounted some. you know delayed his arrest among activists i'm not sure what's
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going to happen. to me sad like to knowledge that he had this kind of that. nobel prize. you know and he cannot get it by himself or his friends. know the cause of their husband's cause that he was advocating for peacefully we should mention is shared by by others in saudi arabia saudi arabia right now is going through a process of reforms. do you how do you see the future of saudi arabia. developing right now given the current current status of the government and its reform drive. give honest with you i'm not sure the leak is so that's it's it's kind of for what he me a lot. i know it's going to happen but the us does
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you know like enough brave and. cost i think the us was going to make a change and it's going to it's going to happen so on and we hope for justice for all of. the tunny thank you so much for talking with us can tani is the wife of mohammad fahd khatami one of the three saudi laureates of this year's alternative nobel prize thank you so much now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. president donald trump has dismissed the sexual assault allegations against his supreme court pick brett kavanaugh as politically motivated trump said he's with him all the way cavanaugh and his accuser a due to testify before a senate panel on thursday another woman has also claimed sexual misconduct by cavanagh in a magazine article. russian opposition leader alexei nobody has been detained just
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moments after walking free from jail vonnie had been serving a thirty day sentence for organizing an unauthorized protest his folks woman says he's now accused of violating a different protest law and could face another twenty days in prison. so the focus of football is on london today the sports world governing body hosts the best football the words which recognized the world's best male and female players for the past decade the word has been shared between two players but this year could see a new winner. christiane or naldo and you know messi have dominated the individual football awards for ten years that this year there's a new comer in town creation style new car madre mess he was left out in the cold when it came to the future play of the year shortlist that means margaret will be
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up against his former reale madrid teammate run ardor. and of a poor forward more. those close to moderates think he deserves it. he or the best player in the club whatever the best person would go and. i hope the look i want to take this this over. moderate doesn't come close to the forty four goals that were nadal and sa banked in four reanimate dritte and liverpool respectively but his genius isn't measured in goals the midfielder was to create a force that drove reale madrid to a third straight champions league title. then he played an inspirational role as krishna reached the world cup final and that won him some high profile fans. championed all but they have a great season with real madrid by winning the champions league yet a beautiful world cup and was a finalist in the tournament so logically you should win but i don't know it's not
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me who makes the final decision but i voted for a lot of them and so i think he's a fantastic player. a wonderful footballer but also great mentality and physically for somebody that's not good in stature. and in terms of the way for the u.s. now let's say if moderates finally ends the mess you are not a stranglehold of the more than a few rows of delight in zagreb. that's all you news for now place watch. wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the way of what appears has come out. goodmans talk on t w they do the female superhero on a mission smart women smart talks smart station a legend decent by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous stuff to make for my kids.


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