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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is due to other news coming to you live from bomb in dollar trump stepped up its efforts to isolate iran he calls the country a brutal and corrupt dictatorship and says its leaders are spreading mayhem across the middle east it's wrong to sponsor but accusing trump of being a bully and attempting to overthrow the government in tehran. coming up german chancellor angela merkel was an unexpected blow optional paula meant to party on one of the key allies opponents are calling this the beginning of the end of the back to iraq. and india supreme court hands down a landmark ruling on
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a controversial biometric id scheme critics fear the scheme would tell the country into a surveillance state correspondent has all the details. in a warm welcome to you i'm. the u.s. national security advisor john bolton has issued a stock warning to iran he said they're wrong would have hell to pay if it threaten the u.s. or our eyes this came just hours after president donald trump attacked iran's leaders at the u.n. general assembly trump accused the country of sowing death and destruction iran just funded by accusing the president of violating international. after arriving at the plenary hole late in keeping everyone waiting president trump launched into
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his address he hailed what he called extraordinary progress made since his first speech at the u.n. general assembly one year ago a statement that was net with barely stifled laughter across the room richard in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. americans so if you. didn't expect the reaction of a virtual. trump continued undaunted a recurring theme throughout his address was america's rejection of globalization the united states will not tell you how to or work or worship we only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return. he also warned other
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nations against him bracing globalism and singled out germany for criticism saying the country will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not change course. there was praise for north korea in his speech last year trump derided north korean leader kim jong un as a little rocket man this year he thanks the communist dictator for his steps towards denuclearization trump reserved his harshest criticism for iran calling its a brutal and corrupt dictatorship iran's leaders he said was sowing chaos death and destruction across the region we ask all nations to isolate iran's regime. as long as its aggression continues. and we ask all nations to support the rands people as they struggle to reclaim. their religious and righteous destiny. later iran's president has done rouhani
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used his speech to push back against the u.s. accusing donald trump of trying to topple his government rowhani said the new u.s. sanctions amount to economic terrorism and violent that iran would not be bound by the. president trumps attack on iran was not unexpected last year his maiden speech at the un general assembly shocked many world leaders this year there were frowns of disapproval and at the end plight applause. with me in the studio i have rachel townsend flowing from the german marshall fund of the united states an independent think tank promoting trans atlantic cooperation welcome rachel strong words from donald trump at the u.n. yesterday followed by strong words by his national security adviser john bolton and then a shop response from iran accusing the u.s. of economic terrorism and
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a friend to promote regime change where do you see all this going well there's the good news if there is good news as we know trumps a showman and this was quite a show has been a little less good at following up his shows with action so i think we i wouldn't expect really strong action to follow this clearly but i also wouldn't expect you know peace and cooperation ok so let's not also at the u.n. security council at the u.n. general assembly we had the french president among in mccraw talk talk on iran you once again urged among the latter an approach in dealing with it and let's first take a listen to what he had to say. today is not to fuel tensions in the region. it is instead to set out a broader agenda that will address all the concerns that iran's policies are fueling be they are nuclear ballistic or regional issues and
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of course we know that the u.s. is pulled out of the iran deal and we heard mccraw again urging a multilateral approach does europe actually have a plan to bring the two sides closer together and ease the standoff between it on the us i don't know if they have a plan that is the standoff between iran and us but they are trying very hard to work with russia and china to at least keep the other six players at the table. and then they have this. couple days ago monday i think that the e.u. does have a plan to help e.u. companies avoid the sanctions if the debts at the same time deftly surely bring it again on collision course with the u.s. because of the e.u. policy chief said yesterday was looking at ways to circumvent the sanctions that the u.s. is imposing on iran yeah it will be a collision course but i think we have to be fair in saying it's washington that's causing the collision they've worked with their partners they signed the deal and
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now they're withdrawing so if the e.u. makes this special vehicle they're talking about if they make it work trump wouldn't agree with this they wouldn't agree with this but i think they win some important foreign policy independence at least in the financial spear and it'll seem like a collision but long term i think it's good a lot on the political implications of this because after all john is not north korea could what donald trump had to say about north korea last time described in the lead as a little rocket man is iran is a very different country how do you see this evolving in the long term what is the bigger picture here i think the bigger picture is two things first if you know europe and the partners can maintain the deal for a while through setting up this mechanism then they really they protect some form of multi-lateralism it's just multilateral is a minus to us. and you know for the short term it's bad for us relations but the us on the other hand always wants the e.u.
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to be able to do more so they're doing more right vision townsend joined from the german marshall fund of the united states thank you very much for your perspective thank you. suffered a serious blow to authority upon a mention party defied her wishes by voting to oust her ally falcao the as its leader and this came as a surprise both to the chancellor and the political establishment here in berlin macas opponents believe it could mean her time as chancellor is coming to an end. the german government's weekly meeting chancellor angela merkel getting to work but is it really business as usual it's the day after the biggest defeat of her career her party's parliamentary bloc ousted their long time leader and one of marco's closest confidence the new party whip a rather low profile m.p. try to downplay the significance of the vote. for him into office looking
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forward to working with. as has just been explained there's no daylight between us it will be a close and trusting cooperation just as i've had with thirty in recent years. before the vote anglo-american had urged the conservative m.p.'s to support her like her candidate was also backed by leaders of the conservative but very insistent party the c.s.u. but to no avail the majority wanted to change afterwards the newly elected leader stressed that he didn't see the result as a vote against anglo american but the german chancellor acknowledged the outcome is a defeat. this is democracy and that means sometimes you lose a vote there is nothing to gloss over but i want the parliamentary group of c.d.u. and c.s.u. to be successful and therefore i will support i think houseware of a possible. catfish and all opposition parties declared cowardice defeat a clear sign that markets time as chancellor is coming to an end does this shows
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that mrs merkel can no longer rely on the support of her own group so i recommend that mrs merkel will vote of. then you fall and we call on the government to finally come to terms and to be a government again and not a divided bunch. for the m.p.'s of anglo americas conservative party this is an unknown situation until now she had always the support of the majority that's not for sure and you know. that's been our bringing up to some other stories making news around the wild american t.v. star bill cosby has been sentenced to between three and ten years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman the judge also declared him a sexually violent predator this means costin must undergo lifelong counseling is the first celebrity to be sent to jail for a sex crime since the start of the me two movement. the wife of malaysia's former prime minister has appeared before an anti corruption agency ross mott long sword
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was questioned over the alleged misuse of a multi-billion dollar state investment fund police on luxury goods and castrating raids in apartments linked to the family shortly after her husband. election defeat in may. britain's opposition labor party has voted in favor of keeping open the option of a second referendum on bragg's it delegates approved the motion with overwhelming support at the annual conference being held in liverpool prime minister to visit me criticize the move insisting again that there will be no second breaks at both scalars. turning out to india where the supreme court has upheld the legality of the government's biometric data. but he says impose new restrictions or how the person details of more than one billion citizens can be used the court ruled there was the largest biometric database beneficial for welfare schemes but in response
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to fears of a surveillance state it decided the program cannot become three for opening a bank account establishing a mobile phone connection all involving a child in school. for more on this i'm joined by the correspondent in delhi i saw in another supreme court has upheld the use of the other but has restricted its use what has been the reaction to the verdict there was the reactions have been mixed in some activists are disappointed that the supreme court's taken rather safe stand while others have really welcomed this verdict is fairly balanced and measured now the supreme court as you said has has ruled today that private entities including mobile phone operators and private banks no longer have the authority to demand data from their customers and i think this is usually relevant given that over a billion indians are already enrolled in the scheme and right now this twelve
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digit number is absolutely compulsory to carry out even the smallest ones actually so whether it's opening on maintaining a bank account whether it's using mobile phone services applying for possible and holding your child at school you do need this and this judgement to get towards all that into question the subject and sort of the happy news concerns about data privacy and security to guarding this gun tell us more as to why this was the case . that's right on with i mean over the last few years critics have really been warning that the a hard scheme could be used as an instrument to off maslow violence they will feel it could be useful profiling and i think the biggest concern should really has been the use misuse of personal data and frankly those those fears have not been unfounded you know over the last year as we've seen a number of data beaks for example there was an indian newspaper here the c.e.o. that claimed that it had found a way to buy under strict access to the details of any other number of for less than five hundred rupees from
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a group operating on whatsapp so there are real concerns here about data privacy and security and neither of which we have to remember a country you know a country is no privacy law for it in and today i think the supreme court did point out that the indian government really does need to bring out a robust what it calls a robust data protection law so i think that is an cottaging use for activists. in delhi thank you very much for that update i think germany is home to or most three million people heritage many were born here or have lived here for decades yet debate still bridges about their place in german society in the second part of our series the proof on a comedian who uses humor to expose prejudice and stereotypes. every brush stroke of miscarriage helps transform into her alter ego a touch of lipstick and the metamorphosis is complete meat. to the kids.
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ito used to be a social worker now she's a stand up comedian who zeroes in on the discrimination of turkish immigrants in germany the issue was close to her heart her family has turkish rates and. there are so many double standards when a turkish student struggles to pay attention at school it's attributed to what they say is his loud culture but a german child is just having a bad day concentrating on the progress of german children and immigrant children isn't measured by the same yardstick used to get. the facts schaub i want to show all this by reaction of the girl talk of all the possibly in the guts all because some adults of opposite of that you think that's on the list of at bottom on the money all of that and for the mugger out of oil of the marvel of the mission of a job of previous vidar in this year i saw. my comments all to my
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little dust bowl to the guts all ducks one. this point i. think it's a show of force. there's a special form of the german language spoken by many immigrants to translate some of their own phrases into german it's a lingo people used to create solidarity and build a community that offers immigrants something that's missing for them a sense of belonging. not so. much for that reason is. the deal by the us fighting against discrimination and racism with a goal that germany recognizes that immigrants from turkey and elsewhere as rightful german citizens this. is just my. definition. of kids' college look at what those who hold.
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on to the consumer education. wants to improve communication between germans and immigrants and highlight the emotional toll of discrimination and laughter is her way into gemma's hearts and minds. starting with the been destroying a breman in berlin our teams brimming with confidence both sides made an athlete start to the season and they faced off in a battle between the leagues over to achieve. powers are guy has guided hetta barely into their best ever been this league starts the brain and it difficult prospect of a star and beaten here in the last fifteen games it didn't take too long for home advantage to shine through nourish our hands free kick caused all kinds of problems in the heads of box. martin hannett with a simple finish
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a slightly more elaborate celebration. with a goalkeeper and defender went for the ball. neither gossage. summer signing rowson was hatch's biggest threat going forward but any hopes of finishing the half with a flourish was soon dashed another set piece of the goal for braman. of it with a header. body language said it all visitors with a lot of work to do at half time. they did start the second half with more intent to rowson through on the left despite the title go he put used to see perth finish . the twenty year old was deemed surplus to requirements at manchester city while goals like this maybe pet will ruin letting him go but it would prove to be the high point for hatter a needless foul cave braman a chance to restore their two goalies midway through the half. back
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screws up from the sports. he started home and the excuse to weed out that celebration. a penalty completed tonight scoring three one the final score. his side keep their own beats and run. he's lose there is fortress braman doing the job again. and let's take a look at your designs from the first night of midweek match ups in the bundesliga women of course with that impressive home win but league leaders buy in what has to their first drop the season hangover of the beaten at home to hoffenheim while freiburg on the win against a shock aside in tel moyes five more games that follow later today. in the meantime hill the standings feel you know change at the top with binds to leading despite that draw ribbon move up to second one had to move down dortmund was
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not bok play later so we would see some movement for them worrying times for shall could down the other end off the table five defeats out of five leaves them bottom of the table in stuttgart and live a quiz and complete the bottom three for now but both played today and i'm sorry about the technical issues that we had but you spelled it out. more they go there when people business is already change a dime it's a dime a c.e.o. ditto said to is leaving his post next year and he will go on to head up the company supervisory board if departure comes as a time of turmoil in the german car industry as it struggles to respond to emissions scandal the prospect of diesel bans and the threat of terrorists from the united states it's such a has been at a time now for four decades and he has been at the helm for the last twelve years and he will be replaced by
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a man who will hopefully see in the picture coming up very soon his name is in use . the original he's from sweden and he's been with diamond since one thousand nine hundred ninety three and if we just give it a couple of more seconds i know that he is coming up so there he is on the right side so now you have a picture of the new dime lists you know to be. flawless preside over now to christiane he is professor for strategic management of the warrick business school good to have you with us first of all why is such a quitting and why now. i think it's a mark of the changes going on in the car industry he has done a very good job in you have to remember and he came in at a time when the chrysler dealer was really showing to be a bad deal and he sorted at mess so i think he's not leaving because. the company's. performance but they notice that new challenges with mobility it was
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a lecture vacation come up where maybe someone you knew is better placed to take on these challenges and is. better placed what do we know about him. i don't know him personally but i do think that his background qualifies him well he has been in r. and d. that space where diana has intensively trying to catch up he stands for an approach where he's moved towards mobility step by step approach so the end goal is for ptolemy but the company's adding step by step technology is where you get more and more are not for or taught to me that's approach that seems to be working for time and so does this mean that he's going to turn dime into like into a leadership position when it comes to autonomy driving how will it impact the
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comic. that's anybody's guess yeah i think and that also holds for the other car companies little bit less worried about the competition to know in other words the other car companies what they're really worried about is who apple some of those companies that provide the software solutions the mapping services. to power a lot of mobility and don't want to find themselves in a situation like computer manufacturers in the one nine hundred ninety s. where suddenly microsoft was eating their lunch and have done things you have example as a partnership between b.m.w. audi and dimed where they acquired here and mapping service that seems to work quite well to get up to speed in the space and just briefly if you would. is diesel still going to be a topic for donna under the new leadership. well certainly you know i think the politicians in germany of busy trying to find
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a solution in that space so it will keep him busy but is a short term game in a way i think the long term game is just mobility solutions all right. professor for strategic management of the worry could business school in the united kingdom thank you so much for tom thank you. all right change at the helm of one of germany's biggest best known companies let's get some reaction now from a man at the front for stock exchange and that is paul but it's how what are investors making of the announcement such as stepping down next may and when a company was becoming the first known german dime the c.e.o. also interesting. also interesting yes interesting also that the stock is down on the new the which is kind of surprising given how smooth this transition is
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you could couldn't possibly imagine a more smooth transition such is leaving earlier than was expected and for years this decision has been in the making with all the killing is being built up so analysts are looking more at the at the broader picture of the automotive industry right now blaming the bad situation with diesel and emissions scandals that are currently hurting the entire market. so. of course but it's still doing a lot better than its competitors b.m.w. and flo excitement today. just fling a question at you and if you can't answer it it's not the end of the well because just listening to you i'm wondering i mean is is. just the first of all this to go as you mentioned some problems in the industry and it doesn't only concern diana. yes that's true we've seen we've seen changes especially with folks are going to
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scandal quite recent changes and there may be more to come the problem is that the entire industry is reshuffling and needs to find a way to. become strong in the in the story are thomas and the electric car sector and the solution there hasn't quite been found especially in electric cars germany is the lagging behind and it might just be time for a couple of new people a couple of new faces currently folks that are going to seems to be having a good direction but we'll also see more changes likely right christiane thank you so much. when i k c o s s and ads featuring football star and civil rights activists calling kiper naik has pledged to what it calls recording agent with the brand but the company didn't prevent its share price from dropping after quarterly results showed
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a slower than expected growth in china analysts say high on marketing costs and the strong dollar affecting nike's bottom line the company has defended its spending on its latest ad saying it introduced the brand slogan to a new generation of customs. and as a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the u.s. president says iran is spreading mayhem in the middle east and is called on other countries into isolated to the regime iran has responded by accusing trump of being a bully and violating the international route often call. it what you did on the news coming to you live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get the latest news information around the clock on our web site that is g.w. dot com see you soon.
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move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies speak to their homes the d.w. multimedia series from africa. d.w. dot com click on the movie. how the from berlin and welcome to the new episode of yo max here are some of the topics in the spotlight today. on the facade to people.


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