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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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news line from berlin turkish president trichet to you on wraps up his trip to germany with a visit to the western german city of cologne where he inaugurated a giant mosque opponents and supporters staged drivable demonstrations ahead of his visit to google lines for analysis. an earthquake and tsunami leave hundreds dead in indonesia after a powerful waves barrel into the island of sumatra the officials are warning the final death toll could be much higher we'll get the latest from all correspondent.
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i'm thank you for joining us turkish president. is wrapping up a controversial state visit to germany the trip was meant to ease tensions between berlin but it's been mobbed by the differences of a human rights a short while ago at one inaugurated a giant mosque in the west a city of cologne in his speech he said it had been a quote very successful visit in a very critical period he also had appointed woods for his post saying germany needed to do more to tackle racism and islamophobia at zero one was welcomed by a large crowd of supporters from germany's to his community they were kept apart from critics of the president staging a protest on the banks of the river rhine. when young is outside the mosque in cologne. now simon president opened the mosque with
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a speech what stood out for you. well it was a pretty interesting speech as you said he said that he'd had a useful trip in difficult circumstances and he thanked the german president for the welcome he received and then he made some i would say inclusive and conciliatory comments saying for instance that this new mosque germany's largest mosque is intended for both muslims and non muslims and he also said that muslims here in germany should for instance bring their wives and children more often in the mosque and they have done in the past so including a sort of more modern time but he also went on to make some rather more political comments than you might have expected for instance calling on germany to allow turkish citizens here or people with turkish origin to have jew or nationality which possibly is a sort of comment that doesn't belong in an inauguration of
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a mosque he also referred to the controversy over a couple of football players who had their picture taken with him earlier this year which creates it's a lot of difficulty saying that you know people in turkey don't understand why there's a problem with that so it was quite a wide ranging speech given that the context was the inauguration of this religious site simon edwin came to germany with the intention of easing tensions between balin and ankara was he successful. well that will remain to be seen i think when we can look back and see if anything was achieved i think president everyone's primary purpose was to smooth relations with germany and also perhaps to get some help with his economic troubles because you know that's where germany could really do something for him in there in the short term said i don't think much has come there nor is he managed to iron out these
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differences angela merkel was referring yesterday to the continuing serious differences between the two countries and while you've got german citizens as well as many thousands of other people languishing in in turkish jails as political prisoners that remains a problem between these two countries. thank you. a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia triggering a huge tsunami officials now say at least three hundred eighty four people were killed powerful waves hit the city over on the island of sanaa ac hospitals have been struggling to cope with the injured while rescue as a scrambling to reach the stricken region. they were left to pray for their lives as winds whipped up the everything in sight. cries of panic were heard as a multimedia high wall of water rushed towards the western coastline of sulawesi
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island and waves knocked out power and fine lines and swept away people's homes and businesses among the worst hit the city of palu where even a sturdy mosque could withstand the king tide authorities say a big festival was going on when the waves hit. this an army was triggered by a seven point five magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast right away many people rushed into the straits worried that building to collapse around them it wasn't long before the huge waves come rushing in. we received reports that the tsunami waves reached as high as six meters and some people saved their lives by climbing six metre trees. at daybreak on saturday revealed what was left behind as the tide receded boats gathered along the shoreline. and rows of bodies even now officials fear many more are still trapped in the de brézé the
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indonesian government is struggling to respond. as. i've instructed the security minister to coordinate resources the chief of the armed forces is hoping to handle the emergency situation including rescues and evacuations. the day after the earthquake aftershocks continued to see giving little respond to survive is the fear still research on their faces. correspondent max weldon in jakarta joins us for more on the story max what's the latest you're hearing about rescue efforts now. yes of course there were aftershocks up until the afternoon now and not. many of the people there have been advised by officials not to slake in their homes due to fear that you know the further collapses of the buildings. yes the military and the
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disaster management agency are there on the ground doing continuing rescue efforts the military. field hospital there due to the fact that hospitals were damaged and certainly are the key infrastructure including a large bridge and the airport runway there have also been damaged which is certainly a further prostrating rescue. as rescue efforts continue indonesian authorities are finding themselves facing criticism over the warning they issued for this tsunami why yes so the meteorologist meterological agency issued a tsunami warning of the earthquake yesterday and this was about thirty four minutes later. we've drawn now if indeed there was a tsunami so this is one parliamentarian today sort of calling for the
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b. agency to be called to account because of course we have heard there were people still on the bay to the tsunami here. so indeed them they may face some questions that need answering matts weldon in jakarta thank you you thank . so look at some of the other stories making headlines this hour in gaza hundreds of people have been have attended the funerals of two palestinian boys officials say the fourteen and eleven year olds were among seven people killed by israeli fire as they attempted to storm border fence on friday it was the deadliest day of weekly border protests since they began in march. facebook says a fresh data breach has exposed the personal information of fifteen million users social media giant says it doesn't know who is behind the attack but the bridge could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts users who've used the view as in
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the last year especially vulnerable. u.s. president donald trump has ordered the f.b.i. to investigate allegations of sexual assault against his pick for the supreme court brett kavanaugh the senate judiciary committee narrowly approved his nomination by eleven votes to ten but a key senator called for a week long delay before the full senate vote to decide whether he should sit on the court's earlier professor testify that covered all salted at a party when the two were teenagers governor denied the accusation. of high drama and roy motion in the u.s. capital protesters hitting the streets to object to the nomination of brett cavanagh to the country's most powerful court. are to run the same time the betterly divided u.s. senate judiciary committee was pushing ahead with a vote to proceed to
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a calvinist nomination the democrat who wanted an f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against cavanagh were furious. and the corridors outside the atmosphere was feeble and then a moment that may alter history senator jeff flake who had just declared his backing for cover. confronted by a sexual abuse survivor. i didn't tell anyone in your telling all women for that matter that he should just stay quiet and. don't tell me that my beloved i did not or don't want me don't think. that your don't let. down. hours later the republican senator was back in committee and had found his voice offering to back the controversial nominee under one condition. i think it would be. proper to
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delay the floor vote. for up to but not more than one week in order to let the f.b.i. . continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope. with not dramatic compromise another flare up in the room and perhaps the country had been a vast today but it still needed the backing of one man i guess the vote was a positive vote but there seems to be a delay learn more about it goes the day goes on i just heard about it because we were together we're working late are ordered an f.b.i. investigation. of the boy was he left work flake took the underground exit away from the public eye the end of the day of reckoning. that footage of republican senator jeff flake being cornered by two women in a lift is really resonating with women and men across social media it led to some
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its affiliates insisting on an f.b.i. investigation into the allegations against covering though and my colleague on your back you know now joins me for more so i mean first of all thanks for joining me but what is it about what these two women did that has caught people's attention what you just simply the guts it took to stop a u.s. senator in his tracks for about five minutes and make him listen i mean he certainly didn't look like he wanted to be there he was extremely uncomfortable and they made him stop and listen to them now the two women ana maria killa and maria gallagher they were both tearful they were both angry and they pleaded with flake to reconsider his decision to vote for cavanagh and what really hit home with people was how roll their emotions was anna-maria killer set off to woods i wanted him to feel my right each and mary gallagher demond that he looked her in the i when she was talking to him so literally demanding look at me and listen to me.
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it was really powerful and very personal stuff of course there has been a whole load of reaction on social media both positive and negative we're going to have a little look at that right now we'll start with the positives and the many expressions of gratitude that people have tweeted this man in germany said maria gallagher and ana maria killa the women who confronted jeff flake the only here is here they are representing everything that is good in this world their bravest hell and i am grateful beyond gratitude and then me here from this woman in hollywood who wrote to fab girls mary gallagher and ana maria killa they caroll jeff flake in an elevator with their voices on the. stories they urged him to stop cavanagh the magic of girl power and then there was a guy from washington d.c. who wrote i won't celebrate jeff flake for acting to delay the floor vote i'll
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celebrate the bravery of maria gallagher and anna maria killer for confronting senator flake with their own stories of assault and demond ing. and of course there were some people who impressed by what they did. there was a twenty one year old american man who saw it very differently he wrote jeff flake he got her wrist today and manipulated by a protester in the elevator this was no random protest this was a young lady who's at the top of an organization that george soros heavily funds you can't make this up. and with that he was alleging that the center for popular democracy which anna-maria kilo one of the women is the co executive director of and the man who tweeted that is suggesting that that's funded by the billion billionaire philanthropist george soros who is of course well known for his anti trump views but i think what has really caught people's attention here is you know
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what these women have gone through the sexual abuse that they've talked about how that reflects what so many people fellow survivors have experienced including the fact that their own parents didn't know what happened to them until this event happened and they they have subs. tarn for approval. how about grows. worse with. poor design highlights you can make yourself. stupid tricks that will turn your whole special. upgrade yourself with g.w. interior design channel on youtube.


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