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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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u.s. president donald trump has praised his country's new trade pact with mexico and canada saying it rights the wrongs of the old after agreement and will serve as a model for more trade deals to come. also on the show what on earth does a dirty order say what have to do with the business incubator in the capital of rwanda joining us for a visit to cuba and find out. and the crisis averted for now after years of turmoil germany still shines splits into names a new c.e.o. . it's time for business on the w. are you ready welcome to the program the united states and canada have agreed to a deal to replace the nafta free trade agreement that is according to a u.s. official who also said it will be when meet the united states mexico canada agreement until now canada had rest stay out of the deal reached in august between the u.s.
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and mexico to update nafta but last minute talks between ottawa and washington guaranteed that all three members will be in the new version of the trade pact so we've negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity for me it's the most important word in trick because we've been treated so unfairly by so many nations all over the world they were changing that. u.s. president donald trump sounded pleased with the pact which rescues north america's relation with one point two trillion dollar open trade zone since trumps election with a quarter century old pact which includes a candidate the u.s. and mexico have been brought to the brink of collapse negotiators say it worked frantically to cobble together a deal before a midnight deadline imposed by the u.s. the deal involved compromises in pharmaceuticals and agriculture canada agreed to provide us dairy farmers with freer access to its own markets and said it will compensate dairy farmers who are part of the deal canada also fought hard to
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maintain a trade dispute settlement mechanism. it's an agreement that when in fact it will be good for canadian work good for. and good for canadian. it's an agreement uncertainty for manufacturers and investors in labor rights for all north america. a joint statement said the new agreement would result in free markets fear of trade and robust economic growth in the region u.s. president trump had blamed after for the exodus of manufacturing jobs to mexico where wages are lower and he threatened to walk away from nafta a most major changes were made the u.s. congress has sixty days to approve the deal. all right let's take a deeper look at this agreement with our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange james carter who's been following the developments very closely and
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good to see you let's cut to the chase is this truly a bottom line waiting for the u.s. economy or more of a political win for truck. in a press conference u.s. president donald trump directly named ice cream will be cheaper in canada it will be easier to export to other than full of the dairy industry we really have to wait and see if we will see big changes what we hear quite a bit that it's a very good news for the car industry but if you look at the new quotas sold there are more components will be made in north america most big car companies already fulfilled those quotas so even if it was in the seven stone before and anyhow what we do see is certain uncertainty you are falling apart as a car companies for example. easier for them to do the planning for the
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future that's also why we saw some gains in the stocks off the big car manufacturers but overall other than the dairy industry we really have to wait and see if this is a game changer. the next challenge of course is china trade deal between the u.s. and china looks as remote as ever with the u.s. defense secretary now canceling a trip there. yeah well james madison scanned something his trip for absolute before that china actually said they will not have any high ranking military very. ready to meet matters kind of china was a part of the research why this trip got cancelled so by the way over the weekend china. tariffs on about sixteen hundred. could have been a certain sign of peace and by this point it doesn't look very likely that deal
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between china and the u.s. this could also turn while we speak this week the u.s. will start for a very good. answer. as that washington tries to get as many trade deals as possible to increase the pressure on china and scott in new york thank you very much saying the u.s. in the state of california and you quote a lot is being pushed through that will give women more opportunities in management positions according to the new law listed companies with a registered office in california must appoint at least one woman to their board of directors by the end of next year by twenty twenty one that number goes up to two or three depending on the number of the board seats the law applies to technology strike apple google and facebook although they already have at least one woman on their board noncompliance could result in a fine of up to three hundred thousand. to a shake up in a german giant corp famous for its still and also for selling or splitting into the
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company says the move well now it to be more competitive in the very diverse mark it's search after years of turmoil the new c.e.o. . promised no further job cuts and officially the company's crisis good buy. this is how the german industrial trying. to present itself innovative with an eye to the future but the steel and industrial component producer is having to take drastic action to see that future come to pass european steel prices plunged in two thousand and eleven after chinese steel began to flood world markets susan cooke was hit hard by the low commodity prices leading to liquidity issues and a twenty seven percent drop in its share price it now thinks splitting into two companies will help deal with a changing market supervisory board approved the measure over the weekend the plan
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will see one company taking over the steel and construction material production which has almost forty thousand employees and a turnover of about eighteen billion euros the second company will inherent to some elevator and automotive component business with around ninety thousand employees and sales of around sixteen billion euros. both companies for the long term unions and employee representatives have given their blessing as new jobs will be lost but it could take up to eighteen months before the shareholders decide at a general meeting whether they agree with the split after all experts expect restructuring costs of around one billion euros. britain's trade minister liam fox european companies would have to pay tariffs worth more than fifteen billion euros a year to access the british market is britain and the e.u. failed to reach a trade agreement fox insisted it's in everyone's interest to reach
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a deal and to reach it quickly after a disastrous summit in austria ten days ago things have gotten ugly and that we can't britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt compared him to associate prison six months out from britain's accept a deal on house of ration will look like likely. for we go wants to jump other digitalisation way again the government has been pushing technological developments for years helped by state aid from foreign companies and countries germany is not the exception a new facility for entrepreneurs was just unveiled in the capital kigali to kick start the top. now around thirty thousand motorized taxi bombs on the streets of kigali. not going kind of move. your business idea. on servicing station which he opened two years ago
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he now has around four thousand regular customers so why thirty stop the plugs and clean by hand here in the market we we're entering is that when it is one and the business is just start. there are so many challenges ahead and and we've got customers to the point where we're really happy we won't get into i'm very confident about the future brought. on is now extra help an office and then you press the bell or gloating if you gali provide started it's like years with modern workplaces with computers three d. printers laser cutters on training. that's what these entrepreneurs are already their country heroes they take chances that pay off and they want to create something and that's a big opportunity for more support they get government the better the chances of the country's development. rwanda has a young population
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a growing number of people in the capital have a smartphone and a frequent user but just on the internet the government is committed to fill the digitalisation although for now it's primarily urban populations who are benefiting and all the tribulation tech it's easy to forget that rather the exception than the route forty percent of all rwandans live below the poverty line most rural areas seventy percent don't have internet access so too many in this country you absent startups are quite meaningless. certainly a very very long way to go that wraps up this edition of your business thank you very much for watching remember you can always stay up to date with the latest headlines on our web site at the w. dot com or of course follow us on social media where you can see these and every other program we will be back next time thank you very much it's. going to. give you a. going to. cut.
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you a. preview. of. clinton . going to. be. going to. the beach. going to. the arena. by the lowly.
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listening to. the fight against illegal logging. david. against goliath. for me to tell everyone what's going on the funny the range is active go against. the bosses on the banks of the arab. but who will move. the borneo case starts october ninth on t.w. . the contentious figure at home. he wrote in germany. from the fall of the early. to german reunification. the end of the cold. war
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charles was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. because the gorbachev of the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change this. quickly met his downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. lost. but if you want historical buttle i'm sure one has of course. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by that we have to comprehend when face is taken our surface today there is a new arms race. being our last time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts oct third on t w.


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