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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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risk of becoming too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised talking. every time there was a profit center businesses make more money with everything from brick conason streams to laundry facilities firms are treating the foreign forces in france against germany. during industrial complex starts oct twentieth on d w. britain but never once australia i mean i said states of all accused russia of involvement in a series of cyber plots and attacks around the world moscow says it sold just an russophobia propaganda but is it i'm phil gale and this is the day.
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they met and they retaliate and to tell you they broke the law so they are criminals. inventing all this i would like to meet the soviet spirit is still alive and the russian government needs to be safe else its national role in this way it will be consequences russia must stop this reckless caught on all behavior in the products because tradition to accuse rush of full possible crimes basically the russians got caught and they have got to pay the piper they're going to have to be held to account we want them to stand trial and we want to put them in jail. also on the day n.g.o.s who operate civilian rescue ship say they're fighting to save migrants in the mediterranean you authorities accuse them of being taxi
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services for people smugglers as one vessel is prevented from leaving port its operating license revoked another sets out for the waters of libya as n.g.o.s say the e.u. is putting politics before saving lives it seems white european policy at the moment is. in office but why grateful that you have two choices be ticked up on the bankers got taken back to libya for and penchant for riots. in a series of coordinated announcements a number of western governments have accused russia of orchestrating a global campaign of cyber attacks the revelations here in europe began in the netherlands with dutch and british officials saying they had foiled russian hackers trying to break into computer systems at the un chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. investigators say four suspects popped a car full of electronic equipment outside the building in the hague that the trial of incriminating evidence is he sent to of happened when the o.p.c.
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double it was investigating the poisoning of former russian spy so basically foul in england with a banned agent force. canada and australia also issued statements blaming russia's military intelligence service a g.r.u. for some of the biggest cyber attacks in recent years the allegations came as nato defense ministers that met in brussels secretary-general stoltenberg on the u.s. defense secretary jim mattis had warnings for the kremlin russia must stop this reckless pattern of behavior including the use of force against its neighbors attempted interference in the election processes and widespread this information campaigns. basically the russians got cut. with their. three quitman. people who are doing it and they have got to pay the piper they're
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going to have to be held to account how we respond to something like this. political decision by the nations involved and we will be standing by them. so how will these latest hacking accusations play out is it likely that the condemnation will actually lead to tangible repercussions for russia i put that question to bed rica in brussels nato and also the united states certainly considering a fresh round of sanctions against individuals from the russian military secret service and also maybe more expulsions of the russian diplomats but the relations between the western countries or russia as a solo you can how do you measure they can diplomatically get any lower and if you add the military tensions between the u.s. and russia in syria and if you add the new role about russian myside deployed here
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in europe and then you can see that there's little chance for any positive development in the future but the question is do the russians really care they're very serious doubts at nato headquarters in brussels this morning ben we get back here meanwhile the u.s. has indicted seven members of russia's g.r.u. military intelligence agency as part of a joint to crackdown with western allies they died which were connected to the attack in the hague and on the us democratic party and global sporting bodies and a nuclear energy company westinghouse. our damon today charges some of the same russian operatives caught in the hague along with their colleagues in moscow as part of a conspiracy to hack a variety of individuals and organizations in the united states canada and europe to obtain information or access that was then exploited for the benefit of the russian government the defendants believe that they could use their anonymity to
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act with impunity to undermine international institutions and to distract from their government's own wrongdoing. they were wrong now moscow rejects the allegations and accuses the west of spying mania kremlin official states parts of i global and russia account paid talking back to the propaganda of the cold war. between memes today among western countries it's become tradition to accused russia of all possible crimes especially in the field of cyber security. the geo you cyber spies kremlin hackers and wada. it's some kind of diabolical cocktail the reach of magination of our colleagues in britain knows no bones he was inventing all of this i like to make them. and constanza could say is a cyber security specialist she speaks for europe's largest hacker association the
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chaos computer club she's also advised the german parliament on cyber security and author of several books including cyber war the danger from the web welcome to d w let's start with this diabolical cocktail the world anti-doping agency britain's foreign ministry the us democratic party even the key of metro these are just some of the targets names today do you see any pots and in they said any sort of grand plan where maybe is the group which is called a p t twenty eight it's well known and cybersecurity sphere because many researchers tried to find out about the group in the recent years and as always reports going on for months and so they have some probability that the russians are behind them but what worries me the most the fact that the nottle isn't volved hits and that's a military thing now and that's quite different from other cyber security incidents
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we saw in the last two years ok and why those those particular targets if just so it just seems it seems quite random no it's not they know the group and they put some puzzle pieces together i guess and we also have on the very same day chinese spies which i've talked about in the united states i think we have to learn that those security incidents come every week maybe every day and so we have to think differently about that and it's not a military issue now we're talking about russia being very much the bad guys in all of this but it's not that long since president obama security services were. have bugged the chancellor merkel's mobile phone and their allies so it's fair to say that pretty much everyone that is right now we we can maybe talk about an era of cyber war and actually united states started it we know from four years of snowden revelation that they have offensive operations that they try to hack other
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countries and they also have this information operations which which they now talk about and in the russian wrong and so who sat at that war doesn't matter maybe for the future we have to end it right so the russia seems it seems to be intent on the just pushing its tentacles wherever but what you think the big idea is is it just to sow confusion is it what's behind it it's maybe spreading a little chaos maybe showing some of their weapons and maybe a little bit of both and of course it's about showing they are offensive operations capability see if it was interesting particularly interesting about what you say say better is that it's about showing their offensive because these things i always thought were what happened in secret but they they don't think that bothered about
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the world having caught them well i don't think they want to get caught but if you get caught you show something off you know a strategic goals and capabilities in the security and defense of sector and of course it's about military strategic thinking and that is what that cyber war is all about and i guess we we should take the boat back from our civil infrastructure that's what bothers me the most that those military thinking come into our civil networks don't you think the civilian networks should be thinking like that if they're going to be the first things that get hacked by russia or whomever you know we need a good defense yes what the west bank. countries and also the chinese and the russians do is taking the offensive and try to other. mostly states but also i can all make institutions and we have have to go into an era where we have more defensive capabilities and we're not very good at that no no we are not so
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because the today nature there were saying that the united states is putting its offensive cyber facilities at its disposal and nato has always maintained that it doesn't have a sense of capabilities that nato is all about a defense to do by that no way have sudden indications that in the last year countries that belongs to the nato they use offensive capabilities and they even talked about it specifically united states but also the british they talked about declaring cyber war especially in syria and they have where they have been at book operations which are offensive to so called to study what. courts thank you so much for joining us. the u.s. senate is a step closer to confirming president trump's nominee for the u.s. supreme court sent us this have not been shown the f.b.i.
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report into allegations of sexual assaults against brett kavanaugh republicans say it contains nothing to substantiate the claim wow democrats criticize it as incomplete and constrained by a white house determined to push through the lifetime appointment of a conservative fifty three year old as thousands of anti kavanaugh protesters took to washington streets reports which for the public to see confidential from said another part is on route. democrats dianne feinstein said the most notable part of the report was well it was not in it the f.b.i. did not interview brett kavanaugh nor did the f.b.i. interview dr blasi for what we've heard from numerous people over the last few days seeking to provide information to the f.b.i. we have seen even more press reports of witnesses who wanted to speak with the f.b.i. but were not interviewed the absence of witness testimony had
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a different reason according to republican and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell senate sharma grassley cited this morning new that the judiciary committee nor the f.b.i. could locate any third parties who are going to test to any of these allegations no back up for any witnesses including those specific line. as eye witnesses by the people who brought the allegations on first place the white house certainly blocked access to millions of documents from judge kavanaugh his record i know that and ensured that ninety percent of his e-mails and memos were available so the facts do not support the allegations levied judge cavanaugh's character and said many of the facts actually support judge kavanagh's strong unequivocal you know. democrat and senate minority leader chuck schumer was equally convinced of the opposite i disagree
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with senator grassley statement that there was no hint of misconduct and third we are reiterating our call given how limited. this these documents were and how limited the scope of this investigation was. we are reiterating our call that the documents with proper redaction be made public why shouldn't all of america see the facts the report which opens the way for a vote on cavanagh's nomination in the full senate where republicans hold a seat majority that could now take place is early as saturday while status is a pretty much stuck to party line republicans for brett kavanaugh democrats against but there are a few way for us to w. washington correspondence defense even told us about those waivers are called they
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have names jeff flake susan collins and lisa murkowski all three g.o.p. senators and if you remember jeff flake was the one who said i want this one week for the f.b.i. to look into into the allegations of sexual assault against brett kavanaugh he was the one responsible for giving this week to the f.b.i. to look into this but now it seems he is confident in voting for bedcover now the same goes for susan collins and for early summer costly both have said that they find the report the f.b.i. report illegitimate. and they don't not find anything in it which corroborates the allegations against brett covered up democrats of course as we said are seeing this entirely different. eventers and portugal star footballer cristiana rinaldo has been left out to visit national team squad for next week's international matches this comes as he stands
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accused of rape on wednesday the portugal captain vehemently denied the allegation tweeting this rape is an abominable crime last friday the german magazine der spiegel reported that american catherine mayorga is accusing renault of raping her in a los angeles hotel in two thousand and nine the thirty three year old also missed a portugal's matches last month with coach fernando santos saying he was being rested while settling into his new home in italy. and one of the journalists who first reported that to write publication against christianity christophe vent about whose force that is to for test beagle magazine he joins us from hamburg a welcome to g.w. how did you find the story. well we're a team at dish beagle team of journalists who are digging through a lot of material of the football league steps a day so it's millions of documents and this database is actually the biggest leak in sports history and we're trying to find stories that are of public interest and
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that we can publish about and in the beginning of two thousand and seventeen we found the first traces of this incident in june two thousand and nine between christiana ronaldo and catherine my dog and we set down and all work together and gathered as much information as possible also went outside went to las vegas tried to talk to every anybody that's had any knowledge of the situation back then katherine my younger for example refused to talk to us back and then it's now in the piece that we published last week she speaks out for the first time out in the public and you discovered a settlement that had been agreed between ronaldo and this miss my oga. yes it's a settlement agreement between ronaldo and. in the beginning of two thousand and ten. it made katherine mayorga promise that she would never talk about this incident in the public anymore and ronaldo in turn paid her three hundred seventy
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five thousand dollars and it was promised by remodels lawyers that she was allowed to write a letter to him where she would write about the incident a way where she could address rinaldo it's a very emotional very graphic letter that we have now documents as well that we reported on last year and she's basically saying quote that he ruined her life with what happened back of that and the settlement agreement said that this letter has to be ready to run out of and so what does he say about this. christiano ronaldo denies the accusations of sexual assault and even he denies them from the beginning he let us know through his lawyer speak in two thousand two thousand and seventeen that he doesn't want to comment any further but he is actually strongly denying our story at saying that he didn't sexually assault catherine miyagi he also published a statement on twitter pretty much stating the same thing again so that's not
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really breaking news the strategy of his lawyers however has changed because in two thousand and seventeen his agency released the statement that presents some worry some things that we couldn't prove to be wrong for example they said that in our documents we couldn't even identify christiane or not who is the alleged person that maybe or allegedly harms catherine the jago but we could easily prove that that was the not the case as they as they set in a statement from today. from this week. which is the german media lawyer said that this story is basically too private to become public he says we infringed his personal rights christiane we're not his personal rights and we totally disagree with this argumentation we say this is a story of huge public interest and we will continue to cover it thank you for
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joining us this evening christophe sports editor. a group of n.g.o.s is defying an italian crackdown on migrant rescue ships in the mediterranean and has sent a new vessel to patrol the waters off libya from out of your own you leftists only on thursday on the same day that another civilian rescue ship the aquarius sailed into the french port of must say after its registration was revoked the ship's richer is now uncertain amid growing hostility from european governments to charity lead rescue operations. the aquarius heads towards its final port of call them i say in southern france it was the last private aid ship rescuing migrants in the mediterranean now it's in legal limbo the vessel was registered in panama but the country has revoked its flag meaning the aquarius can no longer sail in international waters. its operators say it's the victim of maneuvering by european
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governments. were being criminalized some politically attacked not just because i'm a part of the aquarius but similar to all of the other rescue n.g.o.s who've been chased one by one of the rescue zone and this is unacceptable. three other ngo ships have already been detained two vessels lifeline and sea watch three are being held in malta the ship event in sicily. now the aquarius joins their ranks. the operators of the aquarius say the ship has rescued some thirty thousand people over the past two years just days ago it picked up fifty eight migrants off the coast of libya eventually transferring them to the maltese coast guard. italy refused the ship permission to dock as part of interior minister matteo salinas hardline policy against private aid vassals. he released
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a statement on facebook saying it's really supports remain closed and i condemn the facilitation of illegal immigration by anyone who helps people smugglers. but the ngos are not prepared to give up yes and you ship a set off towards libya its crew doesn't plan to rescue migrants but to stop migrant boats in distress the group says it will provide a civilian presence in waters where the risk of migrant trending says spiked since the beginning of the year. aruba neuer bowers figs for sea watch one of the ngos that has set the bar your you know out into the mediterranean welcome to the w i'm going to what we do. well we send a ship to the deadliest borders in the world at the moment one in five persons that tries to cross the mediterranean sea drones or disappears according to official
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data by the i.o.m. and that's why it's so important that there is civilized at sea and of course if they so what's the case we're all still able goes the ship goes out to sea and just you just sort of sails around until you spot something of course we want to know what happens at the european border just on monday one of our surveillance aircraft just found a dead body floating north of to libyan city swara no one knows what happened to do to disguise and no one knows if there are even more. people who have drowned in that incident so it's very important that civil society has an eye out there and we will keep a sharp look out and we will challenge the european policy of letting people draw on it's a nice interior minister myself and he says he's country bears an unfair share of the migrant do you think he has a point i mean there is a point that it to me has taken a lot of the burden over the last years when we think of the situation back in two
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thousand and thirteen just yesterday we have to fifth anywhere's the rio of the deadly ship wreck at lampedusa and afterwards italy stepped in they sent a navy they sent a coast guard to carry out rescue mission and they have saved hundreds of thousands of lifes so italy has done a lot at the same time what we are facing at the moment. the policy from has a deadly wrestled the death rate on the mediterranean sea is that the record high and even if italy did a lot in the past it does not mean that they can just stop human rights on them and train and see what they are doing right now actually and what is your response to people who say that if there are no rescue ships and the people smugglers will still be exploiting these vulnerable people and effectively robbing them of their life savings does that just to get some analysis. i mean i remember a shift i had last sunday when. i was taking care of one of our surveillance
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aircraft and we had four distress cases in one day this week we had a distress cape number eight hundred fifty six as well you can see and it's not like the people people that come to the boats that comes with there's still a lot of people to try to cross there's a lot of boats coming a lot of them are forced back to libya where they face torture and. horrible things in the libyan prisons but people still try to cross the mediterranean sea and what changes if there is no rescue ship is the death rate and this is at the record high at the moment it's really like one in five persons that drones and. you send a ship. people will ask why you are sending the boat out when you know that it is a likely to be given permission to dock if it returns full of rescued my goods because the people are in distress if we are not there they were drawn and that's what happens at the moment so first of all we have to make sure that rescue takes place and afterwards we have to find a safe port and there's a huge movement right now in europe especially here in germany we have to see put
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in movement where thousands of people are taking the streets just a weekend like every series i receive you remember of something like i want to welcome those people good talking to you thanks so much for joining us ruben the noise about from the sea what's that you thanks a lot. that was the day as ever they come station continues online you'll find us on twitter i think the news will will go a good day. for .
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the. family moved. on you know more than the few solar energy. to give your comic eco friendly mosh. thanks to this car wash company in cameron to. find out how the engineering to one year in business. go africa
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and thirty minutes on d w. o o o . i'm not laughing. i just sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that. thinks the painter jemma culture of looking at the stereotype of cool at spinning is think the future of the country that i not. needed change the take from this drama down to me it's all about. nothing i might show joins me from the project and funded up the. post. school in. the first economy wasn't. even sure as grand moment arrives. to join your reckoning on her journey to freedom. you know we're
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interested documentary during the regulating returns home on t w don't come tanks. hijacking the news. where i come from the news was being hijacked turbos would still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us versus them and why. in countries like russia china churchy people are told that it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me all of the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i work either.
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this is the w.'s line from us out of this react to be f.b.i. reports on president trump supreme court nominee republicans say there is nothing getting to corroborate sexual assault allegations against private capital but top democrats criticizing the product of an incomplete investigation will bring you the latest from washington also on the program a range of western countries including benevolence on the united states accused russian agents of launching cyber attacks around the world the targets set to
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include the u.s. chemical weapons one.


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