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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is a w's line from us that is this react to be f.b.i. reports on the president from supreme court nominee the public and say there is nothing. sexual assault allegations against. top democrats criticizing the product of an incomplete investigation we'll bring you the latest from washington also on the program a range of western countries including the netherlands and the united states accuse russian agents of launching cyber attacks around the world the targets said to include the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog. plus doff cristiana. of portugal's
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squad think she will not play in next week's two international matches this comes amid a great provocation against it you'll hear from one of the journalist who broke the original story. i'm still going to welcome to the program the u.s. tennis is a step closer to confirming president trump's nomination to the supreme court the f.b.i. reports into allegations of sexual assault against a judge brack calf no has not been shown to center says the public and say it contains nothing to substantiate the claims democrats to criticize it as incomplete and constrained by white house determined to push through the lifetime appointment of the conservative fifty three year old. how i was i was outside the supreme court in washington d.c.
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protesters called on senators to vote against prince cavanagh's consummation of the rally coincided with the completion of an f.b.i. investigation into the allegations against the judge democrat and republican senators had a very different takes on the findings democrats dianne feinstein said the most notable parts of the report was what was not in it the f.b.i. did not interview brett kavanaugh nor did the f.b.i. interview dr blasi for what we've heard from numerous people over the last few days seeking to provide information to the f.b.i. we have seen even more press reports of witnesses who wanted to speak with the f.b.i. but were not interviewed the absence of witness testimony had a different reason according to republican in senate majority leader mitch mcconnell senator sherman grassley fate of this morning knew that digital surekha
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matter nor the f.b.i. could locate any third party if you're going to try to any of these allegations no back up for every word of fish. including those specific line names as i witness is by the people who brought the allegations on first blush. the reporter you things the way for something these protesters have sort of void of a time cavanagh's consummation in the food senate where republicans hold the slim majority that could now take place as early as saturday. as are some of the other stories making news around the world german chancellor angela merkel has met israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu as part of a two day visit to jerusalem both leaders are keen to emphasize strong bilateral relations despite their disagreements on not several issues including the iran nuclear deal germany wants to preserve the accord while israel wants it scrapped
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but they do agree that iran should be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons. the last privately operated ship dedicated to saving refugees from drowning in the mediterranean has docked in must say the aquarius has panama had panamanian registration but now its flag has been revoked meaning it can no longer legally sail right to say panama is bearing to pressure from italy which is cracking down on illegal migration they say the move is putting people's lives at risk. united states the united kingdom australia canada and the netherlands are all accusing russian agents of involvement in a series of cyber attacks across the world the us has now indicted seven russians in connection with the attacks on domestic and international targets indictments were announced as dutch officials said they had foiled an attack on the world's chemical weapons watchdog. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons
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in the hague dutch authorities say it was the target of an attempt attacking attack back in april investigations allege four russian spies parked a car full of electronic equipment at side the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog. if you think. this russian military intelligence service operation targeted the o.p.c. w.y. fine network from short range with a view to hacking and infecting it we consider this a close access hack operation. at the time the o.p.c. w. was working to identify the substance used in the poison attack on former russian spy sergei skip out in the british city of salzburg. britain says the dutch allegations further incriminate russia. have evidence of the russian military force a cyber attack on the ferry organization international organization in the netherlands
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sets up to investigate attacks and why would you judge if you were guilty in the us canada and australia also issued statements blaming russia for some of the biggest cyber attacks in recent years the allegations came as nato defense ministers met in brussels. basically the russians got caught with their their with. there are three quitman. people who are doing it and they have got to pay the piper they are going to have to be held to account russia must stop this reckless pattern of behavior including the use of force against its neighbors attempted interference in the election processes and widespread this information campaigns russia has denied the allegations dismissing them as fantasy don't shoot up his inventing girl if this i'd like to meet them the
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kremlin says the cyber crime allegations are part of an anti russia campaign reminiscent of the propaganda of the cold war of the us the vice president mike pence has urged google to end its development of dragon fly an app that would make it easier to track private internet searches the tech giant is reportedly creating it to comply with chinese censorship requirements is depend said dragon-fly would strengthen china's censorship regime and compromised the privacy of customers out of a business leader should think twice before entering the chinese market if it meant turning over intellectual property or contributing to beijing's oppression. u.s. sporting goods giant nike has announced cities that deeply concerned by a rape allegation against your dentist in portugal football stop cristiana rinaldo saying the company was closely monitoring the situation on wednesday portugal captain vehemently denied the allegation tweeting that rape is an abominable crime
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boss friday the german magazine go reported that american catherine hogan is accusing her and although of raping her in a las vegas hotel in two thousand and nine the stuff of what has been left out of his national or squad for next week's international matches. one of the journalists who first reported that to write publication against christiane who is christoph vent about this force that is to for test beagle magazine he joins us from hamburg a welcome to the w how did you find this story. well we're a team at dish the go team of journalists who are digging through a lot of material off the football leaks steps of the case it's millions of documents in this database it's actually the biggest leak in sports history and we're trying to find stories that are of public interest and that we can publish about and in the beginning of two thousand and seventy we found the first traces of this incident in june two thousand and nine between christiana run out on katherine
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my jago and we sat down and all worked together and gathered as much information as possible also went outside went to las vegas tried to talk to every anybody that's had any knowledge of the situation back then katherine may on the for example refused to talk to us think of them now in the piece that we published last week she speaks out for the first time out in the public and you discovered a settlement that had been agreed between ronaldo and this miss my old. yes it's a settlement agreement between ronaldo and miss my yard and in the beginning of two thousand and ten it made katherine mayorga promise that she would never talk about this incident in the public anymore and ronaldo in turn paid her three hundred seventy five thousand dollars and it was promised by remodels lawyers that she was allowed to write a letter to him where she would write about the incident away where she could
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address rinaldo it's a very emotional very graphic letter that we have now documents as well that we reported on last year and she's basically saying quote that he ruined her life with what happened back of that and the settlement agreement said that this letter has to be ready to run out of and so what does he say about various. christiano ronaldo denies the accusations of sexual assault and in the he denies them from the beginning he let us know through his lawyer speak in two thousand two thousand and seventeen that he doesn't want to comment any further but he's actually strongly denying our story at saying that he didn't sexually assault catherine. he also published a statement on twitter pretty much stating the same thing again so that's not really breaking news the strategy of his lawyers however has changed because in two thousand and seventeen his agency released the statement presented some worry some
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things that we couldn't prove to be wrong for example they said that in our documents we couldn't even identify christiane or the. person that may be or allegedly harms catherine the jago but we could easily prove that not the case as they as they said in a statement from today. from this week. which is the german media lawyer said that this story is basically to private to become public he says we infringed his personal rights christiane and i was personal rights and we totally disagree with this argumentation we say this is a story of huge public interest and we will continue to cover it thank you for joining us this evening. as we go to victoria's on much to offer europa league group stage on thursday evening in.
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strong and a four two women against. a lot of the match with two goals also cruise two or three want to weigh victory against norwegian rosenborg on front . for the italians having two men sent off. it's the fourth in chaos in the income incarnation of the classic hollywood story of love fame and addiction a star is born hits money and hits movie screens on friday and it's got plenty of buzz thanks to its tough lady gaga like fans have never seen her before and costar bradley cooper who's also the film's director if initial reviews are anything to go by this movie is not to be missed. maybe it's. bradley cooper plays musician jack may jack used to be successful now he's an alcoholic who's lost his grip. the first time i worried about.
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chiles so then he meets allie played by lady gaga. i don't sing that song. i just don't feel comfortable. almost every single person has told me they like the way he sounded but. i think you know for. instantly he knows she's got what it takes to be a star in the movie as in real life. while we were filming this movie we also had the opportunity watching and being a part of watching her sing every day and it was literally the whole crew would just sit back and we were all we all kind of forgot we were even doing a job but what i love so much about working with bradley is that you know there was a true exchange you know he accepted me as an actress and i accept him fully as a musician and. a star is born is a story almost as old as hollywood itself in the one nine hundred seventy six
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version of the film barbra streisand's and kris kristofferson play the love struck couple. bradley cooper turns the story into a modern romance with both artists on equal terms. it's a tale of fame and the hard work and tragedy behind the veil of glamour. at the u.k. premiere in london lady gaga responded to the speculation she may be in for an oscar nomination that would be wonderful but the reward for me is in the artistic experience of great. in this film and giving it over to you you know all we can hope for is a bit they'll talk to the people fly. lady ga ga is first leading role has critics agreeing a film star is book odd. and
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