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tv   Kino - OSCAR 10 Films That Deserved To Win  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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furniture grows all by. post with. poor design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home special. great yourself with g w interior design channel on you to. prove. high one to a special edition of kino favorites today we're talking oscars the u.s. academy awards are cinemas gold standard the movies that win an oscar are almost by definition the best in the world except the oscars often get it wrong over the
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years some of the world's best films films that deserved an oscar have been snubbed by the academy today we're going to try to right those wrongs with our picks of the ten best films that deserved but didn't win an oscar starting with an american classic. the man went looking for america and couldn't find it anywhere a quote from the quintessential rebel road movie easy rider dennis hopper and peter fonda play two bikers riding the american highway like wild west outlaws there on a search for freedom in a conformist america full of paranoia bigotry and violence. which . no no no i don't think you'll make perish. but one thousand nine hundred seventy midnight cowboy i wrote the oscar for best picture he . easyrider failed to convince the academy. environment that.
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this film was nominated for seven academy awards and one for including best soundtrack but not best picture. yet high noon with gary cooper is possibly the best western ever made the plot unfolds in real time something that had never been done before. now but we can wait on hundred miles we'll never be able to keep that store any come after us and we have to run again long as we live instead the oscar went to the greatest show on earth maybe the academy felt obliged on our director says will be the mill one the last films of his illustrious career. in the mid ninety's quentin tarantino's pulp fiction fascinated audiences and won
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the palme d'or in cannes if brought trash cinema into the mainstream with perhaps the world's most quotable screenplay. went down the post we know it comes to post read only to be speak in spirit you need to just give it a good one so what you need to take care of the really messy parts of pools that blow the clip in the gun so. but nine hundred ninety five the academy instead gave its top on or to the tear jerker forrest gump but ask yourself which film has been more influential. pulp fiction had to make do with a single oscar for best original screenplay. remember oscar so white the hashtag started protests there the twenty sixteen oscars highlighted the long. discrimination and exclusion of minorities from the
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academy awards the campaign shook up the academy its membership now is much more diverse as are the oscar nominees but way back in one thousand nine hundred the academy had the chance to do the right thing and author a groundbreaking film from an african-american director but they blew it. director spike lee plays movie a pizza delivery boy in this blistering masterpiece about racism in the united states. going to. work out and i want to have more about this is the mayor ok all right all right back to what i always do the right thing. that's it that's it i got it i'm got. smart and funny though when snap approach to editing the film starts out like a comedy. but is this hot summer in new york tensions are on the rise boss south finally loses his cool the result is carnage. it's not clear if anyone
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does the right thing but this was the right film at the right time. the one nine hundred ninety oscar for best picture ever went to driving miss daisy a film that presents a soothing fairy tale story of race relations in america. one hundred seventy seven is rock easier sylvester stallone's box is way to oscar glory but a different kind of fighter deserved it more taxi driver travis bickle showed. me a new. lease from their radio shows the streets of vietnam vet explosive with anger and disgust screams out from society's fringes . you're talking to me. you talking to me.
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travis feels responsible for a teen prostitute played by a young jodie foster and slowly he loses his mind. this is no ordinary life martin scorsese's antihero in cinemas first real punk and the film inspired a generation of directors to cut against the grain. or down there and i mean all over stone's drama shows the corrosive effects of greed. charlie sheen plays a young ambitious stockbroker willing to do anything to get to the top where greed works greek there are cuts and kept week michael douglas won best actor with his brilliant portrayal of the ruthless corporate raider gordon gekko lock up. the best picture in one thousand nine hundred eight went to the last
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emperor granted an impressive and monumental epic more oil resources walter however is truly visionary filmmaking you know with every financial crisis all over stone's inside look at the methods and madness of financial profiteers driving the whole industry into ruin has the sour taste of deja vu. yes very much. two policeman desire the same woman. not surprisingly they can't stand each other. or want to use to measure. but two rivals end up working on the same side fighting their own people. kelly confidential said gripping thriller about police corruption in the one nine hundred fifty s. . brilliantly staged and scripted it's one of the best films of the one nine hundred ninety s. . but at the one thousand nine hundred academy awards it didn't stand
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a chance against the biggest disaster movie of all time titanic sunk all competitors winning eleven oscars including best picture. oscar trivia. how many times was alfred hitchcock nominated for best director answer. of how many times did he win zero in fact only one alfred hitchcock film has ever won best picture rebecca in one nine hundred forty one scene it don't bother because this is the hitchcock film that deserved to win the oscar our number three. janet leigh in the shower scene that made film history. every element every cut is instantly recognizable and still haunts.
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with the character norman bates alfred hitchcock great day prototypical serial killer psycho is a masterpiece of u.s. cinema but in one nine hundred sixty one it was still considered too brutal too shocking it didn't even get a nomination from the academy. instead the oscar for best picture went to the apartment produced and directed by billy well. in roman polanski's moving film jewish polish pianist and composer. just manages to avoid deportation to the troubling the death count. but his struggle for survival in the warsaw ghetto is not over.
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ironically a german officer saved his life in part because playing reminds him of the world before the war this true story fascinated critics and audiences alike and won three oscars. but in two thousand and three best picture went to the forgettable musical chicago here the academy at the wrong note. and now for the biggest oscar snub of all time every year the american film institute ass its members to rank the hundred greatest movies in history and. every year they pick the same movie for number one it's the greatest masterpiece the academy ever snopt and the oscar should have gone to. the last words of a newspaper tycoon and the beginning of
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a milestone in cinematic history. in newsreel style using for the time groundbreaking technique of flashbacks the life of the controversial media mogul unfolds. rosaries dollars. apartment building factory part of a journalist looks for the meaning behind cain's last utterance you know. the oscar in one nine hundred forty three went to john ford sentimental how green was my valley now only of interest to film the story and. citizen kane however revolutionized the language of cinema its use of deep focus and long takes the editing style a new realism showed orson welles was clearly ahead of his time. probably. because until a few weeks ago i had no hole to go like. those who are ten
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best films that deserved an oscar for more than movies check out our website but what movie would you have given an oscar to write to us with your biggest oscar snubs that's all for keno for this week until next time i'll see at the movies. first clooney. less of a minute or as grand a moment arrives believe join your reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orangutan returns home on the d w dot com tang's. birth place home tunes of
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