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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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a close call a rocket carrying crew to the international space station fails in midair but the astronauts make it back safely the launch in kazakhstan appear to go well at first but minutes after blast off the two astronauts reported a problem and were forced to make an emergency landing we're in moscow also coming up we mean to omar and you so the syrian refugee children forced onto the streets
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of lebanon on to make a living plus the cost of water residents of the kenyan capital nairobi complain about high prices and the manta know is the water shortage caused by drought or by staff. and the rise in n.c. abortions sentiment in parts of germany has always been legal or illegal in a great area now women are finding it increasingly difficult to terminate pregnancies and also in the next sixty minutes d.w. says downward former germany captain mikael bollock to talk about the state of the national football team he says coach your move it is lucky to still have the job after the world cup debacle. thanks for your company everyone while we start off on that extraordinary. feat of
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survival tonight two astronauts emerge unscathed after a failed rocket take off the pair parachuted down in kazakhstan after a booster on their so used rocket failed on route to the international space station they're safe and said to be in good health but russia says it is suspending manned launches from the cosmodrome pending an investigation there is more on that very close call. safe and well with the medical equipment the only sign of their ordeal a few hours early yet the two astronauts have been all smiles ready to spend six months aboard the international space station three two one engines of a punishment things look to be going to plan. and there is liftoff of the still use in miss tin the rocket successfully blasting off from its launch pad in kazakhstan but less than three minutes into the journey it became very obvious there was a problem. before the convention the florida i mean it's like
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a five seventy eight. the failure of. the astronauts capsule making what nasa called a steep ballistic descent and vietnam comfortable ride back down to earth and some worrying moments at mission control until we are told now that the rescue forces are in communication with the nikkei intellect feel chinon and we're hearing that they are in good condition those rescue forces having rushed to the site where the capsule came down it might be a setback for russian space program but that is relief all round that taken off chin and landed back on earth. are well for more on this as were handed over to russia correspondent yuri were shadow in moscow yuri talk of nerves of steel i mean the cosmonaut and kept their cool throughout this very scary ordeal and made it back safely to earth it's an incredible story of survival. yes it is lisle
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and what is even more remarkable is that the u.s. astronaut and the russian impossible not to need any medical attention after this crash landing yeah they are obviously in good health they are back at the by canoe cause more drama and will probably soon be brought to moscow to the international space training center star city so in some ways this is an extremely happy and for the astronauts russian television show it to their arrival back it's by canoe and how they were hacked by their family i wasn't at baikonur cosmodrome in june of this year when the german astronaut and its on the guest flew to the eyes and so i still thought i stand how emotional this whole process is for the families we can only major how much of a shock it was for the relatives when the capsule crashing and what a big relief it was afterwards because it could have all gone horribly wrong and
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thankfully it hasn't the astronauts are safe but how big of a setback is this yuri for the russian space program and just russian general well for russia generally this is of course the sad news and it comes at a time when russia is an outcast on the international stage for its aggressive policy against ukraine for the alleged alledged poisoning of the former russian edge unscrewed polland for the alleged interference into the us elections and this crash is just the latest in a string of bad news from russia despite the fact that in both astronauts have survived and this is a bad day for the russian space program as well of course russia has the image of a space nation of a nation that gave the world to the first man in space you're going but today russia suspend its manned space flights for the time being at least as long as the coals of the crash landing is being investigated right now the astronauts yuri were headed for the international space station what about the astronauts on board the i
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assess. while this certainly isn't a reason for panic all at the best of survival there there is an offer of food obviously water and x. oxygen on the eyes says about the astronauts on the rise this will definitely be shorthand that there was supposed to be five people and no there are just three at least for the time being the command there is at xander get us to the gym and i was on the guest and he will have to change his plans now there will be obviously fall a few experiments and there will be no space walks off u.s. space walks it will also be more complicated to fix any potential damage to the space station itself so having a few astronauts at the as i says is not that there's a dramatic bot it's not great it's better because nobody knows when the next group will be able to launch exactly your shadow thank you so much for your continued coverage on the story and german astronauts alexander garrus is currently the
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commander on board the international space station and he shared this image that you're about to see of the so use just after it shot through the earth's atmosphere while the moments before the technical difficulties became apparent and barest also tweeted praise for the rescue team that ensured the astronauts survival he wrote today showed again what an amazing vehicle the so use is to be able to save the crew from such a failure spaceflight is hard and we must keep trying for the benefit of humankind all right so let's bring up three now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a powerful psycho now has struck eastern india with winds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers an hour cycle own teeth flee has claimed at least two lives and caused widespread power outages three hundred thousand people have been evacuated and it's expected to downgrade to
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a deep depression by friday. an aid organization has raised the alarm about the mental health of asylum seekers detained by australia on the island nation of no room doctors without borders see some children are in a semi comatose state after years in detention there in ization who was forced to leave the country last week after their contract was cancelled. a highway bridge has collapsed on the italian island of sardinia during heavy rainfall it had been closed off due to a sinkhole and now vehicles were on the road at the time the country's infrastructure has been under scrutiny since dozens died in a bridge collapse in general back in august. all right now to lebanon which is home to more than a million syrian refugees many live in poverty and refugee children are often forced to work on the streets to help their families get by in an exclusive report
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d.w. news is where he met two brothers in beirut the boys sell flowers for a living but they would much rather be at school. it is almost midnight but almost and use of some work day is far from over. the brothers from syria sell flowers in the streets of beirut three days per week from dusk till dawn . i wish. i work because my parents are sick i need to support them i wake up at five thirty or six in the afternoons i go and buy the flowers i work work work and then i go home. with. syrian children working on the streets of beirut has become a common sight seventy percent of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the poverty line leaving many parents like almost and use of swig no choice but to send their children onto the streets to survive them are. almost says that our parents are
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sick but i want to say something he should be able to stay at home even if my mother and father is sick they should work because they had us they should be supporting us and not the other way around just because. by going to russia. neither yousif nor his brother go to school on the streets they often experience violence. one time i was six i came to sell the flowers here at the bar they beat me and did not let me sell flowers i said in a corner and cried obama. facing this kind of abuse for prolonged periods of time causes what is known as toxic stress and children something and geo workers are growing increasingly worried about. who it was that got out of iraq let's say a kid spends four to five years on the streets if he stays in lebanon or goes back to syria the pressures he faced on the streets will remain with him he won't be
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able to do his work properly and you just know that no we are talking about children instead of being at school they are being asked i've got a letter and this is affecting an entire generation of our that was that he was yet nadine was as part of a team that runs the fund bus an initiative aimed at believe using the children suffering on the streets. for a couple of hours each week they can come inside the bus a safe space away from the gaze of the passers by to do arts and crafts. to. be fed there it helps them release if you give a child a piece of paper cardboard and glue and then they can make something out of it the child gets to feel powerful which he normally does not get to feel yet they might but the bus is by no means a sustainable solution for syrian street children but you do it it can fit a maximum of fifteen children at a time. syrian children account for three out of four children living and working
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on the streets of lebanon. resources to help them are overstretched leaving children like you said an almighty with no resort but to wish for a better future. as a cameo i think is an organization that come and get me to study i would go with them maybe they would give me a better life i would learn english french or graphic. i would be able to travel and go places. and that was him or porting from beirut and joins me now here in the studio and you're so good to see i mean anybody would have beating hard watching your report can't help but feel for omar and use of how are they doing what was it like to spend that time with them i mean of course. they spend every night on the street so being a grown up and just spending six hours with them from from the. sun fall to the
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early morning just give us an idea of the kind of suffering that they experience on a daily basis i think for me what was most striking is how desensitized everyone around them has become to to street children you know this is eight years into the conflict in syria over a million syrian refugees in lebanon and people have sort of become used to this street street children phenomenon of course coming from. from berlin you see these things much much more than other people but i think very shocking was how desensitized everyone was to their existence and how people just treated them very casually no one seemed to be struck by the fact that you had a six year old and a ten year old walking the streets trying to make to make a living in the kind of abuse that they face of course so by the way it was also quite shocking they were saying that they were beaten as well i mean they did have some bruises on their bodies there were certain things that you know even though we had parental consent we had talked to their parents there are certain things that we still would not show because at the end of the day they are children but they do
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they do get beaten often they often when they go into restaurants or go into the terraces of cafes to try and sell their flowers the way that they're treated by waiters or even people that are sitting in the restaurant sort of pushing them away or shoving them off the terrace is something that people still seem to be doing casually without without much thought that these are children but also me and my crew like when we were in beirut trying to film with them on the streets of course people were curious about what we were doing and then when i would explain to them what i was there to do that i was making a report about street children in beirut i was very surprised that we were then suddenly the target of an attack of people. saying you know these two children they make more money than we do because of course eight years into the conflict is in a phobia against syrian refugees in lebanon is rising they're being blamed or and scapegoated for the country's economic problems and people who were very threatened by the fact that we were giving just some attention to street children i think that was also really striking and very alarming because they have to experience that
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than a phobia on a daily basis and also to put it as a context i mean living on his of is a tiny country a sliver of a country a small top relation with a huge refugee population and huge economic problems as well economic problems as well how big is this problem in lebannon the problem of street children the syrian street children there aren't any specific statistics as to how many see. street children there are live or work in the streets of beirut but i've been going to be rich for many many years three to four years now and i've seen the problem get worse every every year but you see them you see them everywhere so there's obviously a feeling that it is getting worse but there aren't any official statistics what i've seen this time that really struck me was how they're getting younger. almost was six. seeing a six year old articulate himself like that it's quite shocking but there are kids that are even younger than all my age is four or some women with their babies on
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the street begging on the street but. there's there's there's there are no there are no official statistics there of course i'm going to use that are very hard breaking case but there are also reports that some children are working with within gangs i'm going to say for actually quite lucky because they don't know who their parents are and so have at the end of the day a home to go to but there are many reports that children are actually being abused in criminal gangs and and things of that sort very briefly we saw of course the units of bus there that's of course a wonderful initiative anybody else out there looking out for these kids wanting to help them unfortunately from what i have observed these past in this in this process i mean there just isn't a lot of attention or resources there to help these children the police my impression was they were more concerned about arresting some of the kids that this suspected working in gangs than it was to take these children and give them the proper care so from what i have observed. not much other than the brave work of
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these volunteers that's there to try and fill the gap as much as they can you paint them a great service for bringing their story to the world i mean we all feel very very badly for them and we wish we could do something to help but i guess we have to maybe donate to unicef or looking to do our jobs and report as a exactly are right thank you so very much. you're watching the news we still have a lot more a to tell. about including the to reduce speaks where german football grew to me he says the national team needs a new coach after the world cup debacle that's coming up in sports and a little while as cyber attacks germany's government takes steps to protect its systems after two serious hacking breaches in twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen but opponents say the government is not doing enough. but first visit with helena now and all down to your seats global stocks continue their downside turn away about the nearly investors around the world essentially all panicking lay low wall street of course had its worst session in
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a long time last night a trade war and interest rate hikes have everyone on edge including u.s. president donald trump and he has called the federal reserve crazy for raising rates. market turmoil on wall street followed by a massive slump in asia investors around the world are feeling the heat one issue weighing on their minds whether the u.s. fed is going to raise interest rates again it's already done so three times this year it's a measure of central banks take to put the brakes on a robust economy. markets don't always like this because it makes it more expensive to borrow money. another person who doesn't like it u.s. president donald trump here's what he had to say about the fed on his way to a campaign rally. so i think the fact that you. make it every day is so tight i think that is going great. trumps comments come as the
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international monetary fund and the world bank hold their annual meeting in indonesia so the mood there has been pretty bleak not only have the institutions lowered their forecast for global growth they've also released a report that says the world's financial system is at risk i.m.f. chief christine lagarde even made a veiled reference to trump's remarks by defending central banks it's clearly. a necessary development for those economies that are now showing. much improved growth. inflation that is picking up the falling into the range are reaching the threshold unemployment's that of. extremely low it's inevitable that. central banks make the decisions that make a clash in ideals between the head of the international monetary fund the us president warnings that the global economy is slowing down and becoming unstable
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not to mention a continuing trade war between the us and china against this backdrop investor gestures are likely to enjoy or. well any respect to our financial correspondent quality that was in their front foot and asked him how european markets were fairing. if you talk to people here on the trading floor they also remind you. that our. territory. and the market. monetary policy is more or less take the ball out of that. nobody can predict what's going to happen. to prefer extraordinary. our financial correspondent ali had a bruise in that whole german car make a b.m.w. is taking control of its chinese joint venture the first foreign or to make it to
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take advantage of beijing's new ownership rules for the sector seventy five percent by twenty twenty two foreign companies were strictly to know more than a fifty percent stake in their operations in china. and if you're a sushi devoted tea then you'll surely know that the soup suki fish market in tokyo is something of an institution in fact terrorists were known that took to get there before sunrise to be first in line to taste the freshest sashimi that money can buy but now the world's largest fish market has moved and not everyone is happy. they're not ready to say goodbye to the secu g. fish market these protesters broke past the line of city officials to see it one more time after eighty three years tokyo's local government decided the world's biggest fish market was to develop a duty to stay open but many will mourn its loss for a while in that state attracted tens of thousands of tourists
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a year eager to buy fresh fish and sushi two thousand tons of seafood were sold here every day but now the demolition crew is such to be its last visitors. two kilometers away at the new toys who market as a key tradition continues to rise from the tuna option ideally opening ritual were heard for the first time here but eighty percent of vendors opposed the move to the new site we don't already we're facing some challenges the traffic is bad and water is overflowing i saw the tokyo government try to remove overflowing water at one place because. tokyo's government made a pitch for their support at the opening. remember it might take some time to get used to by listening to your voices saying that you don't know how to use it yet we're together we'd like to develop this as the core market of tokyo in japan and make the toys who brand better day by day terms the old. the road to tell us who markets first in business was already. in twenty sixteen toxic substances were
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found in soil in groundwater plussing the city millions to clean up convincing tokyo's residents and visitors that the new are and shine your market is also better than the much loved. might be a challenge. now for an update on hurricane michael thank you so much a whole lot of turning to the united states one of the most powerful storms on record to hit the mainland has been battering southern coastal states hurricane michael made landfall in florida as a category four storm on wednesday killing at least two people. flooding in its wake. by the international space station. pictures by the international space station captured the storm shortly before it hit the northern part of the state
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known as florida panhandle it was the state's affairs this hurricane in more than a century the storm is weakening as it moves inland. but neighboring. hurricane michael carved a path of destruction as it crashed ashore near panama city florida. with winds up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour the storm was the worst to hit the northern panhandle in decades flooding homes and streets. the wind was so strong and with these trees you can hear disavow air retreat quacking in breaking in the weighing just hitting up against a house it is you could tell it was something major but again if you've never experienced a hurricane or a major storm trust me this is something that you never want to go through the dumbest thing i've ever built this eleven years just to stay for her like
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a jet engine. i mean the winds just super super high you could feel it in your ears like the pressure just changing is you know. the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm but it is still dangerous menacing georgia with heavy rains and winds. that fall into some power lines i'm one of the hazards left in hurricane michael's wake. hundreds of thousands were ordered to evacuate their homes for many my cholesterol and lie if upside down. i'm back here in germany the interior minister were say offer has announced new measures to remove. to improve excuse me cyber security he warned that hackers were becoming more flexible and more professional targeting not just businesses but also government departments he was thinking especially of an attack on the german foreign office last year and another on the german parliament and twenty fifteen.
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it was an undercover strike at the heart of german democracy in two thousand and fifteen the german parliament the bundestag bore the brunt of a cyber attack hackers accessed details of members of parliament and stole documents for a long time it was unclear who exactly was behind the attack now the german government can be more specific. and based on facts and. that the military secret service. and. the since she are you even though it may be tough for germany's interior minister to say it's russia's foreign military secret service the british government blamed it for the poisoning of russian nationals said gay and yulia speedball and the netherlands recently blamed it for a cyber attack germany now believes that the g.r.u.
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is also responsible for the hacker attack on the german foreign ministry last year . german authorities however don't believe any secrets were stolen. undertaking further security measures because we have of course identified and recognized the weak point so that this kind of talk will no longer be successful in the future. opposition parties in germany don't think the government is taking it seriously enough that russian secret service agencies are able to allegedly come and go within government websites and networks they're demanding a more effective means of dealing with spies sabotage and cyber crime. you're watching the governors we saw a lot more to tell you about including and there were poor shows record numbers of people art risk from hunger and malnutrition yemen as one of the countries where people especially children are suffering the most well talked to one of the authors of the report about his findings i want of africa's most important thinkers has
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been awarded a major german research prize we take a look at cameron's philosopher and intellectual are showing them they. don't have that all i want come out and just a few. brutal ritual you hold the flood risk with one hand and cut it off with the other what do you cut it with. a razor blade. two more cool and was mutilated as a child in somalia. past suffering fools it's a gemini. now she helps other victims of female genital mutilation. in forty five minutes d w. we make up
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about three quarters of the undead that to put. this in the service and. they want to shape the continent's future it's the heart of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for charting. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word a look a little coaxing germany to sunshine. why not learn with him. its simple long line on your mobile and for e. t w z e learning course. german made. billy's at least. he was.
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but always on the. lead to the future. drive it on w. . great to have you back with us you're watching you have ears on the rock and roll and this is our main headline this hour. a russian rocket carrying crew to the international space station has failed shortly after lift off from kazakhstan the two men on board a russian and an american were forced to make an emergency landing they were unharmed. pope francis has compared having an abortion to hiring a contract killer and his weekly address to worshippers in the vatican francis said quote getting rid of a human being is like resorting to a contract killer to solve
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a problem that's not the first time the pope passed focus out against abortion but those were some of his toughest comments to date and abortion continues to be a hot button issue in many countries around the world here in germany they are allowed but only if certain guidelines are followed for years this compromise has worked well but now abortions are becoming increasingly difficult to give you a reporter on your car when met with one gynecologist who is the only doctor in a one hundred kilometer radius still carrying out the procedure. done to me and is on his way to work even though the seventy year old gynecologist actually retired a long time ago he still regularly carries out abortions in the small the varian town of possible because more and more women are turning to him for help this is going to be communicable. in the last few years i've had many more requests because two colleagues who still had permission to stop carrying out these operations. one
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passed away the other one stopped due to old age and now i am as far as i know the only one who still carries out these terminations. so much as pando does what other doctors in other places don't want to do he uses a rented operating room he asked us not to film the building or show where it's located his patients don't want to be filmed either from the poor who is still for pregnancy terminations are always seen as something seedy. something that people don't like to talk about. money. and they're also something that politicians can use to invoke the live stream and give in and come past when the surrounding area is strictly catholic even the municipal hospital only carries out abortions if the expectant mothers life is endangered no one in a position of responsibility is willing to talk to us about this the pro familia
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counseling center complains that women's reproductive rights are being undermined. so. on the one hand there are a societal rollback movements which come from fundamentalists in part from fundamentalist christians and on the other there is no political will to change anything here. the voices of the anti-abortion activists are getting louder since two thousand and eight the so-called pro-life movement demonstrates annually in berlin thousands take part in the marches including ultra conservatives christians and many women. it's bring out but i'm not going to kill a child just because it doesn't fit in my lifestyle right now if you don't want to child you can still give it away the nine months are hard but it's your own fault if you didn't use protection. the unborn child also has
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a right to life not just the mother and when life already exists even in the early stages then the mother's right to self-determination ceases in principle spano agrees it's ethical to protect unborn life but as a doctor he must also consider the wellbeing of the mother. muses and be victim. in that situation gets more important to me to help the mother so that she doesn't have to go to a back street abortionists as they had to when performed in backyards unsterile knitting needles solutions and the like many women lost their lives during these kind of abortions working the seventy year old doctor doesn't know how much longer he can continue carrying out abortions if he has to stop for health reasons the situation for unintentionally pregnant women in lower bavaria will become even worse. many countries in the world are under water stress kenya is one
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example but it's not always drought that causes the problem despite her a raise in recent months kenya is struggling with an acute shortage of save drinking water there is rationing and in the capital nairobi many residents now have to buy their water at inflated prices. whether on a truck or a cot the sight of containers being ferried across kenya's capital nairobi has become commonplace that's because the city is experiencing severe water shortage and the government is rationing its supply. forcing most nairobi residents to depend on vendors like sick to kister. twenty's and again i don't know the supply the water to small restaurants and sometimes to homes in the area but the wattenberg are growing. victimized water from the owner of this tap for about ten shillings a container he then sells them for anywhere between twenty and fifty shillings
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depending on the demand what a shortage is a perennial problem in nairobi and it really depends on where you live some areas get water supply three times a week others are even lucky to get running water once a week. the problem is said to lie here with undock a need about a two hours drive from the capital it supplies around eighty percent of nairobi's running water. the government says the drought of two thousand and seventeen has left want to levels extremely low justifying the ongoing water rationing program. but this is footage taken in august of last year since then kenya has experienced a period of heavy rains. this isn't last month it looks pretty full but still most of nairobi's taps a dry. another reason given is human interference. eat you know it's unusual for you actually has never been free well even when you
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training we're told that. upstream people are directing water that's opposed to a bridge to record for you to say i was over. even downstream and within nairobi some cartels have diverted water supply meant to serve entire housing estates nairobi water and sewage company has not responded to our requests for an interview. it's not a small problem especially for low income earners it's not a small problem. the government should have proper planning for nairobi that no other city has the same number of people so they have to plan so that everyone gets water go show it go in a group. whatever the reason for the shortage it doesn't look likely to improve soon for as long as it persists vick to kill so will continue to push he's caught supplying the city with much needed water. now africa is home to some of the
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world's most endangered species often under threat because of human population growth national park in cameroon is a good example more than one hundred ten million people to bend the pend on it in some way so a delicate balance has to be struck between conserving corp's unique biosphere and the livelihoods of the communities who live in and around it and people there think they may have found the answer. people have been living in this area for centuries hunting for food has a long tradition here. and we feel very very happy and we don't have anything added. but not many animals in coming out of thirty and with extinction. rain just and
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conservationists use kind of the traps to record that bungling populations in national park. in particular primates. and little monkeys are endangered there hunted for food or sold on illegally. this is often the only chance that people living in and around the national park have to me. but in the village of things are different the head of the national park has come to visit his give it a ceremonial welcome people here used to be involved in the illegal bush meat trade but now the villagers cooperate with the park rangers the inhabitants benefit from sticking to conservation groups solar power for instance was introduced to the village in return. they couldn't look at people because. for the first time. every stages.
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of the fact that we have. any in living inside the. like former hunter john poor for example hunting had become increasingly strenuous for the fifty nine year old. nowadays he cultivates bananas cocoa beans and mangoes the conservationists would like to persuade more hunters to follow his example. if family today enjoys a higher standard of living than they did in the past. more than a hundred thousand francs i think i could plant even more land because it's very easy money the harvest things very easy just. lay them out to dry in the sun and sell them it's not as hard as hunting used to have a lot of problems with that. in the community a hole in the head of the village announces a ban on hunting all family heads have agreed to the measures and the sanctions
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attached. ten men are handing over their guns to the conservationists the villagers getting ten motorcycles in exchange the first men are already receiving driving lessons they used to be hunters. now they'll be able to handle living as clears or taxi drivers. this truck through the rain forest is quite a meal. under construction two on food it takes six hours to reach the next village. and sometimes when the river rises it's impossible. that access will enable people to sell their groups at the market. but john is hoping that a lot to the forest will remain just a dutch truck he feels that a proper order could attract illegal. forest is a friend of mine. if this forest disappears i might even bury myself
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also can disappear. the conservation program has shown inhabitants that in a bit of mental protection can help them thrive tool. we can rule that born scholar issue is one of the most important thinkers on the african continent he recently received one of germany's most prestigious awards for scholarly research the get a handle prize and now we're going to talk about the recipient of that prestigious prize is. from our culture does it tell us more about that good to see you tell us about this prize because i'm not really sure if all our viewers are familiar with it he will first of all tell you about the problem tell tell you about the person of course he's maybe not everyone knows him but he's a very well known professor in history and politics at a university in johannesburg and is widely regarded as one of the most important
8:43 pm
public intellectuals actually he writes a lot about africa's changing role in the world and about rethinking modern t. so now the prize is a get a handle prize which is actually one of germany's highest honors for scholarly research he got one hundred thousand euros with that prize and she the member was actually chosen out of over one hundred thirty nominees nominations from over thirty countries to quote a jury real fast he they say his deliberations on africa's place in the global order are both controversial and unsettling and have made an enduring mark even far beyond fundamental debates on post-colonialism yeah that is pretty much as. he's not just a professor of history and politics he also is much more than that actually he's i mean it's really hard if you want to talk about him we need five hours not just five minutes but i try to kind of summon up so he's a philosopher he's
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a writer he is he's a political theorist and his landmark works has actually influenced. colonial thought but also very other areas of humanities so what is funny though is although he's widely quoted as the post colonial thinker he had. so if you would jets that label actually so in order to get a better idea maybe we were fortunate to have an interview exclusive interview with him and so let's have a look on how he things about what's going on in his own country cameron. become a routine philosopher and political theorist is one of africa's most celebrated intellectuals. he's perhaps best known for his theories on post colonialism one of his most famous works is critique of black reason it's been widely translated and sold all over the world. people are inspired by. it partly
8:45 pm
the fact that he writes with enormous confidence about a very broad range of philosophical krystle's. and his work is very erudite so he reads very widely is an important focus of the show members work is understanding the conflict his own country is on the brink of civil war people in the english speaking areas of cameroon are fighting back against the dominance of the francophone central government in twenty seventeen separatists declared an independent state since then the conflict has become increasingly violent on both sides according to member this could have been avoided. because due to questions being posed by the angry phone people are legitimate. how can we live together in a stage this is essentially a recent colonial invention. how do we live together freely while respecting our cultural and linguistic differences we sought. until the end of world war one the
8:46 pm
cameroon was a german colony after that the region was split between great britain and france in one nine hundred sixty one the country gained independence and the french language has remained dominant the lasting effects of colonialism can be felt across africa . last year the beginning of the post colonial era doesn't mean that the inequality in africa's relationship with the rest of the world has suddenly vanished but one thing is clear we have a responsibility to turn the continent into its own power to turn it into its own center this is something only we can do. as the winner of the get a hankel prize. is being recognized not just for his expertise on africa but also for his analysis of conflicts around the world. but probably most importantly it's his ambition or his a stated goal of making africa its own center and what i mean it's not an easy task
8:47 pm
to do but it's part of it for him it is has to do with developing a new relationship between. with the rest of the world actually for example one aspect that he also mentioned in his speech after getting the award is that he spoke about the shameful plunder of africa's cultural treasures and about their restitution so as we know huge amount of african artifacts are in museums around the world and he said that every good restitution policy is inextricably linked to the through so it becomes the foundation of a new connection and a new relationship so basically what he's trying to say is that restitution is not a chance or a goodness of european countries but it is actually it's an obligation or it's an obligation and how many have met that obligation you know almost nothing so far so we really it's still a long long long way to go there i mean germany is now bringing up some policies to bring that actually in our consciousness due to start thinking about restitution in a way in france is that perhaps they're already having developing projects but
8:48 pm
still i would say a long way to go there on where to go rather thank you so much for introducing us to mr barry i'm sure he is going to make big changes in the world thank you so much greatly appreciate you. know. the level of global hunger has risen sharply after years of decline according to new numbers released today the global hunger index says more than one hundred twenty four million people are now affected that's one forty four million more than two years ago children are amongst those most vulnerable some one hundred fifteen million kids worldwide suffer growth problems because of a lack of nutrition and it's the african continent that suffers the most the majority of african countries are considered to have serious hunger problem there are just eight where hunger and starvation are not an issue six countries suffer
8:49 pm
from levels of hunger that are quote alarming according to the index. and i'd like to welcome in our klaus fun night cap mary he is a senior advisor to the global hunger index a report which is published by the german aid group or hill for which is german for world hunger eight sir thank you so much for taking out the time to be with this now for years progress has been made when it comes to curbing hunger albeit very slowly but in the past two years it has risen dramatically we just quoted that number forty four million what's the reason behind that in the bigger picture that hasn't risen dramatically but let's focus on that yeah ok why it has risen slightly again and the reason for that is most probably the conflicts that's going on in the world conflicts produce troubles for most cannot do the few people
8:50 pm
fleeing. the home so the whole nutrition system is also disrupted much disrupted and when when you have those situations it's. absolutely do that that hunger is the next thing right so manmade conflict you find is at the root of this increase yes all and also climate change but most probably at this time to a lesser degree the climate change is a lion sitting in its cage and waiting to come out more and more let's look at the findings of your report because they make for very very sobering our reading i have to say it's the same countries time and again topping the hunger index democratic republic of congo madagascar zambia and chad why is food insecurity so endemic there why is there no improvement there you still have the conflict and you still have no political will in those countries to change things so what you need in the
8:51 pm
country to really get out of hunger is the political will and peace and if you don't have either of that there won't be any improvement and you see all the the usual suspects again and again some of them however have made it out like it is let's talk about that let's look at the other side. of your index ethiopia angola rwanda and usually i mean there are the gold standards but you know author terry and governments. yes so do you not are tearing governments in africa how do you secure food you need a dedicated government that acts in the best sense of the best will of the people getting puno rishta which is the duty of the state so if they can provide it would i would argue against that if i'm in their country to get food i mean the political
8:52 pm
process hopefully will follow but food first. let's talk about just globally speaking give us a progress report and how we are doing trying to eradicate world hunger. we are doing we have been doing not so bad but we are doing it much to slow the sustainable development goals for reduction of hunger two zero zero hunger by the year twenty thirty what we can see by now is. this cold will not be achieved if still seventy nine countries where suggest hunger situation is a least serious to them dramatic but we will not achieve that goal if we do business as usual we could achieve it but we'd be achieving. the opinions to our class pharmacare of mera senior advisor to the global hunger index sir thank you so much i wish you all the best with your thank you and your thank you.
8:53 pm
out of a match between the german national football team and the netherlands on saturday delivery news spoke exclusively to former germany captain michel about like he criticized the german football association and coach your head of who stayed in the job after a disappointing tournament in which the then reigning champ crashed out in the first round. germany's world cup disaster was on michelle buck's mind when de w.'s michael de silva met him in london the decision to back your did not sit well with the former captain as an outsider i was surprised as well as as many people that he kept his job. because he was a long time. since a long time he works with the team and. you know sometimes things
8:54 pm
doesn't work anymore you know when you're with the team. was once the shining star of german football at the two thousand and two world cup he led the team to a surprise final and later became the team's main man and captain but ahead of the twenty ten world cup ballack was injured and india unceremoniously moved out of the squad now he feels that the german football association has not moved with the times. you know if we did maybe for something really good to be. champion. but you have to ask yourself every day. you know we have. a trend. this nation this nation makes huge steps because of a certain reason and we shouldn't lose our advantage when we had the years before just because we think we are good today germany's current midfield maestro defended his coach's credentials at
8:55 pm
a press conference in berlin. which. seems to be of the opinion that a change was needed i guess that maybe he wanted to take over and i'm not sure. i think you can love has been proving for years that he's happy to keep on improving on himself. because with critics continuing to doubt the decision to stick with move the coach and the team are under pressure to respond with performances on the pitch. now the world surf women's championship will now be decided in the final round after australia's stephanie gilmore failed to take the title in france on thursday six time world champ gilmore was knocked out of the roxy pro france event when all she needed to do was to win the world title was to finish ahead of her main rival american the laiki petersen while the decider will now take place and now we know why you're in late november and early december.
8:56 pm
and that's it for me away hauraki and brolin the news continues though with a brand golfer right after this.
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crucial mitchell you hold the childress was one hand and cut it off with the alter what do you cut it was a razor blade. fund two more corn was mutilated as a child in somalia. past suffering proves it in germany now she helps other victims of female genital mutilation. in fifteen minutes on d w. climate change. waste. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. he could be in parliament magazine. long b.w. . land be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a planet in super you still. sending us just the children who have already been there all day and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. the armed forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting
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problems outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. all the challenges i listen to is not enough planes are not enough transport helicopter. tanks we have ten divisions that don't have tanks and stuff. so outsourcing and privatization are the porter of the day in all areas but that can post dangers. to me tell you that i was on conference center businesses making money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities for firms are complete training courses ski friends. military industrial complex starts oct twentieth on t.w. .
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this is g.w. news why but from berlin tonight i'm back on earth a lot of a rocket carrying crew to the international space station malfunctions in mid-air leaving only seconds to prevent a deadly disaster the launch in kazakhstan appeared to go well at first but minutes had to blast off the two astronauts reported a problem it will forced to make an emergency landing we'll get the latest in.


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