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this is news live from berlin thousands of civilians killed during the liberation of iraq up from ah yes rights groups playing u.s. air strikes they do not understand what went wrong why they killed civilians in quite a number of their strikes and then lessons will not been learned. d.w. follows agnes the international investigation into rocca and what's stopping the us from rebuilding the city played a large part in destroying. also coming out u.s.
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president donald trump praises what he calls his great ally saudi arabia as the kingdom denies that he killed eight missing saudi journalists plus the speed bump that is stalling bribes that the irish border issue remains a key sticking point that has thrown negotiations into new york chaos will the e.u. give to use them made more time to find a breakthrough. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the heavy price paid for the liberation of iraq up it was a year ago that the so-called islamic state was driven out of its self declared capital in syria local militias fought them on the ground while u.s. planes bombarded them from the air the fight for iraq a lasted for months and saw thousands killed the city is now free of bias. but lies
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in ruins are reporters for good to show good and to foreign to kareen went to russia on an embedded trip with the u.s. army they looked at what the u.s. is willing and unwilling to help with as the city struggles to recover. abdullah is happy to see us in his classroom it's a place of safety where he can finally learn and play with other children. it's a year since he lost his hand he and his friends found a fridge which had a booby trapped inside. their gear we were playing with it and it exploded two children next to me died and an old man was badly hurt. i was to buy a piece of shrapnel. two of my friends died from. their high file ali teaches the special class addressing the particular needs of disabled and traumatized children. she wasn't allowed to work at all when the i s.
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were in charge. all she says about that time is that it was hard for everyone has an a in a filing can challenge we notice the children freeze up whenever they hear shots and explosions which are still frequent here. there they completely unsubtle. that i'm either with her when. the united states funds the class we are on a trip organized by the u.s. army and state department they want to show us what has been achieved since the victory over as in russia and they want to encourage small countries to fund the stabilization of the city. this week european measures during our visit here in the aca a very very tight there have been several terror attacks over the past months and there are still high as sleeper cells operating in the city. the fight against the so-called islamic state in russia which included u.s.
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airstrikes destroyed more than seventy percent of the city. there's not much left barely any hospitals homes or anywhere to live and no mains electricity but people are slowly coming back. we really need work you don't have to work you can't eat or drink you work is the most important thing we shovelled how much doubt it luckily some schools are opening again and we were just heard our children my daughter was not allowed to study under i.i.s. now she is in the first grade even though she's older but still she's allowed to study that's another factor that the u.s. has been giving what it calls stabilization eight to rocka that means clearing mines and rubber repairing buildings and supporting local people but it doesn't mean large scale reconstruction. the united states has said that in terms of rebuilding there can't begin until we've got here reversible progress towards a political solution through the geneva process and so that's what we're looking
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towards it's. irreversible progress on the political front. the future of syria is being negotiated far away in geneva by the u.n. sponsored talks there have stalled and roc-a the treasures on. the longer reconstruction takes to begin says coach self rucka civil counselor. the greater the danger that i as my tree gained support among the people. the help offered so far is luck but it's not enough meeting with the u.s. representative the council vent their frustration they've heard that u.s. president donald trump cut about two hundred million dollars from syria's stabilisation eight. as if those who destroyed the city should rebuild it and what will we expect the coalition of the united states to help us with this they promised they would. for now it's grow jex like this it's
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a civil council is focusing on repairing rack us infamous stadium. the foreman in march tells us islamic state terrorists carried out mass executions here and that they tortured hundreds of civilians in the cellars. i hope that the stadium will be full again one day and the people will come and play sports here again. like they did before the i.a.s. took control that's what we're hoping for. the first two games surge you to take place here in a couple of weeks they could offer brief respite from everyday life in the ruins of rocca. let's get more now on the situation in iraq a we are joined here in the studio by marcus speckle he is the editor in chief of the amnesty international journal thank you so much for joining us this morning before we can figure out what happens next in iraq i'd like to first ask you about
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amnesty international call at the moment when it comes to the city they they've claimed that thousands were killed in u.s. led coalition airstrikes that called for an investigation do you think that we will ever see that. i think we might see an investigation and more responses by the u.s. by the u.k. and other coalition forces if organizations as amnesty but also critical journalists keep on asking questions there was an amnesty report out in june already after which the us yes more people were killed than we said in the first place so i think if we keep on asking answers might come but it's a drop of journalists and human rights organizations to do that unless that happens governments don't dance in the calls for it to happen are growing loud i'd actually like to play something that one of your colleagues said this is a reporter who spoke with an amnesty researcher in iraq and this is what she have to say concerning the coalition is not carrying out the investigation that it
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should be carrying out being bombarded from the sky they really should be here and do the work we are doing which is to go and do site investigations and interview survivors if they do not understand what went wrong why they killed civilians in quite a number of their strikes then lessons will not be learnt. you have to understand what happened is what she's saying there i mean the u.s. for its part it's saying that it's busy fighting. you know perhaps in other corners or ideologically within the region what do you say that it's an international obligation they're bound by international law that fair warfare is following these laws and if they don't do that they might end up in court be it in the hague i mean investigations i've taken place and you cannot just answer that we have busy and war and sorry for the victims recalls than other airstrikes know they have to
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answer to these calls and of the pressure keeps on it will happen i think how about the effort to rebuild the city i mean we saw devastating imagery in the pieces from our reporters who are on the ground there in the city the u.s. is putting money into rocket to stabilize it but how can you possibly stabilize it if you don't rebuild it i think there's a need to do more the u.s. needs to do more but i think it's an international obligation don't forget that the war in syria is still ongoing it's not over yet rocco's part of the country which is still governed by. and he's waiting for donors to come but he has to deliver as well and so it's not the u.s. only russia is involved in this war iran is european union countries and i think all of these countries have to put their money one day to rebuild syria joining us this morning with a call for action marcus fickle editor in chief of the amnesty international journal thank you. so some other news now when
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pressure is mounting on saudi arabia over the disappearance of the journalist jamal khashoggi a report in the new york times says that turkish investigators believe that several suspects worked among the security detail of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on the journalist a critic of bin samon hasn't been seen since he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul two weeks ago. so dear a b s crown prince all smiles in a meeting with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o amid mounting international pressure prince mohammed bin selman denied knowing what happened to the missing saudi journalist. of to the talks pompei i said he was satisfied with the kingdom's efforts to uncover the truth. i stressed the importance of them conducting a complete investigation of this disappearance of jamal khashoggi and they made
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a commitment they said they would do that they said it would be a thorough complete and transparent investigation his remarks echoing president donald trump who said in an interview that the saudi royals were being blamed unfairly in turkey and to expect some and his own republican party point the finger squarely at the crown prince known by his initials m.b.'s country this guy is a wrecking ball he had this guy murdered this guy's gotta go sorry but if you're listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but has tainted your country and tainted him so mike pompei zero is now traveling to turkey to meet the country's foreign minister he said ankara is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. we have to learn the fate of khashoggi he went missing in the saudi consulate the whole world has turned their eyes to us and are wondering. gee who was
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a vocal critic of the saudi leadership was last seen entering the consulate on october the second turkish investigators were allowed to search the building on monday and local officials claim they found evidence because shock she was killed. turkey planned on tuesday to investigate the nearby residents of the saudi consul he reportedly left in this car on the same day and flew to riyadh. turkish police ultimately called off the probe for the day when. the world's media looked on no saudi officials showed up. and let's get more on this now w.'s yulia han is standing by for us in front of the saudi consulate where she was last seen good morning to you leah we're getting some more clues about what might have happened to him as we just heard what is the latest there from the turkish authorities. well let me point one thing out the turkish authorities turkish
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investigators have not yet officially tabled their evidence what they do instead is leak bits and pieces of information to the media and this has really turned this whole story into a puzzle where it has become sometimes very difficult to distinguish facts from fiction now on monday two days ago a joint team of turkish and saudi investigators went into this building right behind me the saudi consulate here in istanbul they searched the building for about nine hours they took reportedly took samples from the garden soil from walls as well because there have been reports walls have been painted over they inspected the rooftop and one source familiar with the investigation later confirmed to us that they indeed found in a quote concrete evidence that mr bush was indeed killed now we don't know yet what kind of evidence they found but investigators also seem to believe that jamal khashoggi the famous saudi arabian writer was taken dead or alive in
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a black van from this building just two hundred meters away from here to the residence of the saudi consul and this is exactly the reason why turkish investigators have been pressing for access to the consul's residence and in the meantime diplomatically speaking we have fresh off of his visit to saudi arabia the u.s. secretary of state my pompei o in today for talks there with the turks what can we expect from that physic. well in the best case some serious explanations incredible ounces but we saw mr pay a visit to riyadh yesterday were drill it seemed like a supportive visit and we know what kind of message he will carry over here to turkey to his turkish counterpart and that message is the saudis claim not to know anything the king says i don't know anything crown prince mohammed bin some man who has been accused of ordering the killing of jamal khashoggi says he doesn't know
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anything about the whereabouts of mr cheese so this is the message misapplied paya will bring to unger we're hearing from actually government sources that pompei a will first needs president arab on himself which indicates how important this meeting is a later we'll meet the turkish foreign minister. of course you have to know turkey u.s. relations are strained as well right at the moment there are many differences for example over the syrian conflict and gauge men in syria so this is going to be really interesting what comes out of this meeting and it's going to be interesting to see how the investigation the official investigation will proceed after this meeting. with the very latest on this case joining us from outside the saudi consul there in turkey thank you so much. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world around three throughout three thousand migrants are still on the move north through guatemala
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this even after the organizer of a hundred or and migrant caravan has been detained there the arrest comes after the u.s. government threatened to withdraw aid to the central american countries that didn't stop the march. canada has become the second country after uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana people there can now buy possess and use small amounts of the drugs legalizing marijuana was a campaign promise of prime minister justin trudeau who says that it will protect minors and reduced organized crimes. all the stage is set for a brags that showdown later today when british prime minister to resign may meet other e.u. leaders of brussels may is under pressure to break the deadlock over the issue of the irish border northern ireland is set to become the u.k.'s only land border with the e.u. both sides want to avoid a hard border which would reinstate physical checks that could hamper trade and
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travel between northern ireland and the irish republic but they can't agree how a key part of the negotiation is a so-called backstop a fallback plan should the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal but there's no agreement on that either. and you see in the u.k. he's gregg's it minister dominique rob was somewhere in there on his way to the commission that was sunday we all thought a deal was close at hand the excitement was palpable. but then the chief negotiator tweeted this despite intense efforts some key issues are still open. so we all went back to bed because we had heard that one before. yes the biggest issues too is the. border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which belongs to the. focus do
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we need more time to find this global agreement and reach the decisive step forward that we need to finalize the negotiations for an orderly bragg's negotiations sort of look like we'll have to do for you. the same old same old i know but bear with me. everybody wants to avoid the hard border after all many people lost their lives during the irish troubles when there was one the e.u. has suggested pushing it into the irish sea but to recent may rejects an external border separating two parts of the u.k. . the problem is supposed to be solved by a political agreement but in case they fail to reach one the e.u. wants a so-called backstop that's an insurance to avoid a border but it also means effectively that northern island would stay within e.u. regulations now some are calling for
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a backstop to the backstop oh well never mind yes terribly complicated but the bottom line is this the e.u. chief negotiator and the u.k. brags that minister have been negotiating. and negotiating. then the u.k. changed its brags it minister and they negotiated some more and it looks like finally the e.u. and the u.k. might be ready to agree on something about the details it includes things like back to the backstop yes very tiring. but if that weren't enough the real front line is now in the u.k. i continue to believe that a negotiated deal is the best outcome for the u.k. and for the european union i continue to believe that such a deal is achievable. not everybody still in the disunited kingdom the brics
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a tears are waiting to turn apart whatever theresa may brings home from brussels and that would mean no deal. and all jokes aside let's bring in now some analysis is all standing by with the latest from brussels barbara i mean theresa may really under intense pressure here to solve the irish border issue what are the chances that she will deliver one today not very good actually sara because what can she do what we hear from british sources is that she will appeal again to the other heads of state and government to her colleagues here in brussels to sort of wait on the irish issues now they can't and as we have seen and you know for months and months written doesn't want to because reason may still be completely boxed in from all sides between the northern irish do you see the party that secures her majority in parliament and the heartbreak tears and the soft breaks and tears and the
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remainders the people who don't want breaks at all and the opposition and the scottish parties so she really can't move and it's very difficult for her there will be no solution today and she has a really hard time so barbara then how important is this summit if the deadlock isn't broken. the difficulty broken but the in part the summit is still important because in a way it's a milestone. out ahead heads of state of government will say ok we've come so far basically we could agree on something if the british side with to move and get a bit more creative and the european side can try to get a bit more creative to there must be a middle ground on this and we give it more time we just keep on yoshie resay the next stop is like say mid november we'll call for another some of them and we see how far we get actually experts say that a solution could be found until december so there's
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a good two months and that's all long time at the negotiating table so a few months left bear but i mean ultimately though there's talk of extending britain's transition period by another year kicking the can down the road right barbara i mean what would that mean. that would mean it gives britain a bit more time to secure this trade deal this future relationship economic relationship was the e.u. that one needs and to reason they always says no that will solve all the irish problems and we won't need a backstop so it's like in negotiations like this you put all chips on the table to say i have this and i can trade you that and so does the british side really want that the problem is the already screaming treason they say it can't come fast enough and they might not like this whatever everybody really knows that trade deal can't be found within the eighteen months of the transition period so there is going there is a need for more time so the e.u. is day kneeling this in front of britain and saying come on let's be reasonable we
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take more time and we sort of kick the can down the road a bit barbara bizzle bringing us up to date on briggs that from brussels thank you barbara. when out of football world champions france came from behind to beat germany in the nation's league it's another blow for germany who have struggled since an early exit at the world cup under fire germany coach made five youthful changes to the team and saw an improved performance germany took the lead against the run of play tony course scored from the penalty spot in the fourteenth minute france true level of the second half with a wonderful header from anton respawn france where then awarded a penalty and respond got his second of the game france one two one loaf remains under pressure but the german press there backing him for now.
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more news now with monica jones and we are talking about netflix exactly sarah netflix actually managed to beat investor expectation by adding nearly seven million new subscribers in the last quarter the streaming service reported that profit more than tripled from a year ago and revenues remained strong netflix has invested heavily in original programming but investors have worried about subscriptions keeping pace the new figures boosted the value of netflix twelve percent in after hours trading part of a positive day on wall street. it stayed in the u.s. the u.s. says it is ready to pursue separate trade agreements with the e.u. britain and japan in a message to congress trade representative robert litan cited chronic trade imbalances and called for pharaoh more balanced agreements diatribe rejected multilateral trade talks with europe and asia upon entering office u.s.
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negotiators just finished renegotiating the north american free trade agreement with canada and mexico. well what makes an economy competitive and how does your country compared to the rest of the world and these are the questions researchers of the world economic forum have spent months trying to answer now the results are in and some of the findings might surprise you. it's a highly coveted trait that gives the country an edge over others. thanks to a study by the world economic forum the most competitive economies in the world has been revealed the study's authors looked at a variety of factors including innovation and how dynamic a country's business environment is they're also interested in technological readiness as well as the state of the country's health and education systems. so who came out top let's take
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a look at the results. coming in at number one is the world's biggest economy the united states it scored especially high on the business dynamism measure number two might surprise you it's singapore a country of just five million people it's defining competitive feature was openness third prize for competitiveness goes to germany which did especially well in the area of innovation the other top performers were mainly in europe with japan and hong kong the other strong performers in asia. but the report suggests that even top performers shouldn't rest on their laurels while the united states gained a lot of points for its dynamic entrepreneurial culture the study points out that it did relatively badly on other measures like health life expectancy is sixty seven years in the u.s. three years below the average of advanced economies. the head of the international monetary fund will not be attending a key investment conference in saudi arabia
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a spokesman for christine legarde now says she is to furring her trip to the middle east the government said last week that she still intended to attend the conference despite being quote horrified by the disappearance of journalist. consulate in istanbul the next of the conference next week to highlight saudi arabia away from an oil based economy joins the heads of companies like google. and to j.p. morgan chase council and their appearances. it watching the news coming to you live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest information on our website that is dot com thanks to johnny.
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the band. families for freedom mothers sisters and wives some serious. traveling through europe to raise awareness. their loved ones have disappeared take care by the syrian regime. my son's been in jail for six years and i don't know how. their boss tells the stories from the gone missing.
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from the focus on a. reliable. news distance for the closest suddenly. the border most of. the book.
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welcome to global three thousand this week we had to kenya to meet some adults going back to school a well paid job. in vietnam's capital hanoi pollution is becoming a big problem what's the solution. and we meet people who fled to venice while out.


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