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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2018 4:02am-4:15am CEST

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i mean challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as complex intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sounds of. coaching through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account the conflicts. conflict zone with jim sebastian. t.w. . welcome to the point this new game here on d.w.i. mechanic line. is in the bag and has given us plenty to discuss what's coming up. who can grab the initiative in sunday's matches at the need to win against private and sort of plot against minds as they grapple for the top place. and let's talk about the nets and the players who got them battle knowing has been in the firing
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line recently that is it just to think about nothing but as germany have a keeper crisis. and who better to talk about that new pundits in the show goalkeeper goalkeeper for germany two time world cup winner and current portland thorns goalkeeping coach that i'm going to welcome to the show we've got some pictures from your career which i'd like to show you in the two thousand and seven world cup and must been the highlights of your career you didn't concede a single goal in the weights lifting the trophy part of the golden generation also won five euros european championships in a row and of course you blew the year in two thousand and thirteen your career with the national team twenty years but we have something special for you we know that goalkeeper goalkeeping isn't your only talent as have a listen. i. have to i have to admit that's not a side i was expecting to see. have you how long did your music career last i think
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yes i think before my singing kariya even started it was over. a one hit wonder when one of it was a good hit that i like to bring in jonathan crane of a very own jonathan green sports desk there i ask about your music career are you going to have one hit more than me in my music room to grow beyond the shower room yet this time i didn't have the neighbors i think the neighbors must love it before we get into more details would turn our attention now to a safe set of hands here the olympic stadium in berlin really yosh and has been in solid form for has had this season keeping a clean sheet and every second game he's played has the league's best but they were counting on him to extend that run against freiburg. andre due to his head his hottest striker rooney yosh dion is one of the bond is leaders best keepers and butlins a lympics stadium is a fortress with a capital club passon lost this season by in munich came here and lost and freiburg
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grew up next to try their luck but lynch showed no mercy dude with an excellent solo goal after just seven minutes. it was goal number six of the season for duda making the slow but the most dangerous midfielder in the league. then this happened. a rocket of a strike from fry birds robin cuff made it one all. could do nothing to stop the shock which took a deflection all the way into his net. the norwegian keeper did my should block this shot just before the end but had his home winning streak is over. that he and i'd like to ask you something you can't even ited states for the pool of thorns and had to believe in having a very good season so far the bonus think one of their best starts yet do you get to they get any exposure like that where you are. so they get exposure so does this has the on t.v. do you see of course but you have to saturate i mean as. very popular in the us but
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yeah i'm following the business leader and yeah i'm following hatter i can see something positive trend it's good just think it's positive trends they've been on a very good run did you expect this to the beginning of the season you know really i think on the whole they can be very happy with their start of the season probably a bit disappointed about today though two points dropped i think for them they're losing that one hundred percent record at home missed the chance to go third in the big probably in elements of frustration that that attacking spot that we've seen from them in the us your games this season wasn't quite there today but credit to our freiburg they stuck in when they needed to i think it would have been very harsh or a v.a.r. decision how did that go on against them at the end they were probably. result in the end one was indeed there's of course another game on sunday that was taking on mice the guests had beaten the foals since twenty fifteen and that wasn't about to change alf way through the first half glass broke the bundesliga best defense.
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for the opening. day you have quite a shot and after the break there was ten minutes of madness. set up twelve months make it two in the fifteen minutes and then added another to make it three before hoffman completed his hat trick in the sixty and you have it nailed the final school bus winning streak continues. down the international break hasn't stopped us run that was their fifth win of the season and at this rate to be back in the champions league next season jonathan i'd like to ask you something how do you rate that performance and now the real deal i think you know i think it was another clinical display for him. was at the heart of it whether or not hoffman in throughout the day there never scored once in a british league game then pops up with a hat trick incredible and probably the signing of the season i think arguably honest on player they didn't score today i think he is kind of needed to complete
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the objects or if you like announce now strike a study showing or sign a messianic vest to go out of course the defender left in the summer so all in all fairly good for going out back but you know put a question for you it wasn't good for meit's today of course both emulate a young goalkeeper he's one of the been one of the best keepers so far this season how would he feel after a performance like that today first of all i completely agree is an amazing gokey based just twenty years old and he performs really really good and if you're young if you are not so experienced they make mistakes so that happens and i think the most important thing for him is now to reflect what could have done better talked to the coach. do you go keep a coach and i think as a young people you need to feel the trust from you know had specially from your goalkeeper coach so he'll learn from his performance today i want to move on to something else some of our viewers will have seen by i mean it's incredible press conference on friday where the club's boss has attacked the media for how they've
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been talking about some of their players in particular keep him out of noir here's a taste of what they had to say. manuel neuer leads most what i've read about manuel neuer leaves me absolutely speechless hugely here for two. i would like to remind you all that model was fee for world goalkeeper of the year four times in a row bill to return to reduce the risk of abuse he discovered there's no reason to question him so fundamentally when you do that these players lose their self-confidence steps football. you have a bias bosses criticize the media need and like to ask you first. they were unhappy with the treatment of modern noir and infamous infamous press conference on friday is their criticism justified. yes first of all. i was not happy about this press conference but then one point i completely agree i think mana noir doesn't have his best face but he knows despite himself i think but in my
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eyes he's untouchable and he's such a good goalkeeper and who he will be. thanks so much stronger and he's still an incredible goalkeeper so he'll learn from his experience the same way as florimel has from the my spirits today and i was asked you how do you see the whole situation in munich was your opinion to it well to paraphrase hines rimini what i saw in that press conference left me speechless because i think it's the epitome of hypocrisy that someone like really can fix it tax fraudster lest we forget starts preaching about morality and given what he said about players like music i mean he's really in a position to talk about decency and respect in the press the second thing is if i were buying i'd be embarrassed to be honest they need to defend him it's like mommy and daddy has to defend the little child you know you're taking on the fight we've built sites from germany's biggest haploid then we're going to take that lying down you've made yourself a target and find reasons to make themselves seem
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a bit petty and vindictive and insecure to be honest how does criticism like that's affected play i mean especially goalkeepers who are by themselves at the back and they're always in such scrutiny how does affect a play like that of course. if you get criticize. two ways you read read it or you don't read it and i would recommend if you if you're in a bad face just don't read it go to people you trust and yeah just go through to deface and just don't get to influenced by jonathan even look at the numbers noise numbers just difficultly what have you found out for us i think if you make a player immune from criticism like manuel neuer then you kind of risk overlooking other people to their detriment and as you said we have some statistics. if this is based on magazines that ratings so you can base your gives ratings like school marks one is the best six is the worst and no one actually comes out sixteenth out
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of the eighteen but is that your goalkeepers with an average rating of three point five we can see that as we mentioned earlier really ya steiner from hats at the top of the pile remember key to that brits you don't mind so i think this is going to show that bruce lee has a wealth of great goalkeepers especially german ones germany always produces great o'keeffe is a good one sat right here maybe. cost him that a bit wider absolutely no one last question for you you've had your own lows dream career especially the world cup here in germany in two thousand and eleven how would you have become setbacks like that and what lessons that you learnt have you passed on to the players that you're coaching now if. it's important to be honest to yourself and don't try to find us i think it's like for me it was the most important thing to have because if you had a bad face people a lot of people tried to get you had wises and i think for me the most and important person was my goalkeeper coach i trusted him and. what he sat i believe
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the night tried to train even more emotional more focused and listen to his head weiss and it does help me through bad phases you know passing on to the players you have now as well what you learn one hundred percent then they are allowed to do mistakes and i support them as long as they reflect and be honest with themselves and work ok i was going well then thank you we are nearing the end of the show now so let's take a quick look at the table after the match day eight go dormant at the top with the namesake bruce emerging in second followed by braman by munich second had both dropped places while hoffenheim make a top half comeback now on the other side on the bottom half and none of the sides have managed to actually win this weekend leverkusen shaka continue their very poor start of the season ostrich guts and just little swap places at the bottom. that's full time for us i'd like to thank our guests two time world cup winners and for the thorns goalkeeping coach muddy puddles i thank the cummings about him to
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join us here and of course our very own jonathan crane from v.w. spoils them to me and the rest of the team here in the lane i'd like to say thank you and goodbye will see you next week. it was a human made cataclysm. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. more to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. no marks no hundredth anniversary of its end.
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what has humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything at all. is real peace and possibility. nineteen ha not forgotten w.'s november focus.


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