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not for god g.w. . this is d.w. news live from berlin and fresh efforts to find peace in syria today's summit in istanbul a step towards a political solution to the country's seven year civil war turkey's president. says russian french and german counterparts we go live to our correspondents for the latest also coming up a criminal record and
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a passion for you was president donald trump details emerge about the man suspected of sending a series of mail bombs to prominent democrats fingerprint evidence that tracked down the florida man in question as investigators scrutinized more suspicious packages believed to be linked to a sponsor. and here in germany it's another key vote for a chance or shaky coalition countries conservatives are bracing for a blow in state elections and has so we take a look at what's at stake in sunday's vote. thanks for joining us i'm marrying evans dean. turkey says they will push for concrete steps to resolve the syrian conflict during a four nation summit it's hosting today in istanbul turkish president which of time aired on his meeting the leaders of france russia and germany they're also expected
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to discuss access to humanitarian aid the drafting of a constitution and reconstruction of the war torn country. on friday seven people were killed when syrian regime forces shelved southeastern is live in the deadliest attack since the deal was reached to prevent a wide scale offensive on the province. seven years of war in syria at least three hundred fifty thousand killed and a country in ruins now the rebel stronghold faces a siege the next humanitarian crisis is imminent. it is the last part of syria not under the control of president bashar al assad many of his opponents have fled here but it is only a question of time until his troops and his allies retake the region in northern syria. turkey and europe see that a majority of the three million people living here will try to flee initiating
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another refugee crisis preventing this will be the main goal of the political summit in istanbul. the syrian conflict is dominated by foreign powers mainly russia iran and turkey they have different interests at stake and support different sides in the conflict with weapons logistics and personnel russian president vladimir putin is president assad's closest ally russia has been taking an active part in the war since two thousand and fifteen putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region syria is its sole access point to the mediterranean sea. president hassan rouhani of iran is the other major assad supporter from day one to iran has supported damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return provides iran with a crucial route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. turkish president richard type one would like to topple assad has supported various radical
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rebel groups from the start and since january turkey has had troops of its own in syria one of ed of un's goals is to limit kurdish influence in the region. during a recent visit to berlin german chancellor angela merkel agreed to this weekend summit russia iran and turkey have used the syrian conflict to reestablish their positions as regional powers in the middle east. but reconstruction will require western money perhaps giving leaders like merkel additional clouts. well for more we're joined now by our correspondent. is standing by for us in istanbul good to see you here so tell us what exactly are the main aims of this summit. well one of the most important issues here at the venue right behind me here in istanbul today is the situation in syria is one of syria's ma
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a last major rebel held outpost so president arrid on president putin almost probably going to brief chancellor merkel and president about the situation there about the status of the deal the truce they brokered last a month a demilitarized zone between rebel forces on the one side and pro-government forces on the other side now this deal you have to understand is quite fragile many rebel groups have not complied but still as far as the information goes from the ground that we are getting it lasts now the big question on the table is of course can this deal be turned into some kind of permanent cease fire this is what turkey wants with germany once what france wants as well because the stakes are very high you have to know this in case the turkish russian deal for it liberates down there is still a high chance of a president assad attacking this northwestern province and this could in turn lead to another large scale refugee influx why
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a turkey two would europe the other big issue on the table that something the turks specifically say they want to bring up is syria's political future the drafting of the constitution reconstruction eventually but this is of course a huge complex matter a lengthy matter and it will take more than just the four parties meeting today to solve this question. it's important to know that two of the key global players in the syria conflict namely of the united states and iran are going to be absent from today's summit so what is the role that the chancellor merkel and. france are likely to play at today's talks. well the fact they are apps and has to do mostly i believe with the deal since turkey and russia with the ones who brokered this deal now france and germany are two major european powers the europeans have been much more active in the syria syrian war when it starts at seven years ago have largely fallen silent ofter the so-called refugee crisis in
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twenty fifteen and their syria policies have largely been driven by the fear of another large scale refugee influx this is the main reason i believe that brought the chancellor merkel and french president mccrone here today the situation in the lead the fear of another refugee influx but it's interesting that turkey and russia actually asked them to come to the table as well they want them here they want to talk to them about syria as a political future about reconstruction which will be costly of course so this is about money in the end but maybe also turkey and russia is seeking for some kind of external legitimacy for eventual plants they might have already and there was nearly one hundred porting from istanbul many thanks. authorities in the united states say the man arrested over a series of mail bombs sent a prominent democrats has a criminal history and has
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a fervent supporter of president donald trump but officials are yet to disclose a motive fifty six year old florida resident says arceo tracked down with the help of fingerprint evidence investigators say they're looking into new suspicious packages thought to be connected to the case. u.s. authorities believe they've got their man investigators allege fifty six year old sees as sayaka is responsible for the pipe bomb packages which have been sent to high profile democrats police also seized what they believe to be the suspect's van emblazoned with far right paraphernalia and posters supporting u.s. president donald trump they hope the vehicle might contain crucial clues as to whether he was operating alone the director of the f.b.i. praised those working on the case i want to focus for a moment on the amazing work of our folks at the air. based on their initial analysis they are uncovered
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a latent fingerprint from one of the involved containing an i.e.d. that had been sent to congresswoman maxine waters but as the suspect was being taken into custody there were more surprises in california a suspicious package was found addressed to u.s. senator and democrats kemal a harris meanwhile california billionaire and democrat donor tom style was also targeted more than a dozen bombs have now been identified some of the latest targets were u.s. senator cory booker and former director of national intelligence james clapper the rest prominent democratic leaders all supporters the clintons former president barack obama his vice president joe biden actor robert de niro to all of those targeted are outspoken critics of president donald trump trump address the issue at the white house calling the acts despicable and saying they had quote no place in our country later he said they defected the republican campaign for the midterm
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elections republicans had the magic moment to moment of course is happening where all that people talk about would that have rightfully so it was a big day rightfully so but now we have got the momentum to get trump who so said his political opponents and the media were trying to score political points with a mail bomb scare. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world. residents of ghana stand kandahar province are voting in parliamentary elections amid tight security the ballot was delayed by a week after the taliban claimed killing of a powerful police chief the nationwide elections are the first since twenty ten they've been hampered by frequent militant attacks and irregularities at the polling stations. many of the central american migrants traveling through southern mexico have rejected a proposal from the country's president that they apply for refugee status and
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obtain benefits there the group of several thousand central americans vow to continue heading north to the u.s. border. well here in germany chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are bracing for yet more punishment at the ballot box this weekend that's when voters in the state of has choose new regional leaders the state is home to germany's financial center frankfurt and what happens in has is expected to have consequences in berlin big losses are forecast for both miracle c.d.u. and the social democrats two weeks ago america's bavarian ally the c.s.u. slumped to their worst election result in decades. frankfurt germany financial hope an economic powerhouse and the biggest city in the southwest and german state governed by angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. and the green party after twenty years in power the conservatives are bracing for
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huge losses as has heads to the polls. but this time around the state election isn't only about local politics how hesse's four million voters cast their ballots on sunday could have huge repercussions in berlin not least of all the german chancellor angela merkel despite projecting an image of stability on the campaign trail and has a macro has every reason to be concerned conservatives are at a record low the worst case scenario would be if her close ally and has a say premier focal booth v.a. what pushed out of office months of squabbling and debates over migration and personnel it federal level have overshadowed the has a state election it's built on sunday the vote is about has. then we'll talk about berlin. i think this is important because the has a state government and this is
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a credit to focus off year showed how one can achieve great results without quarrels and kemah. this describe. even in hesse's. catholic conservative stronghold of fulda disenchanted voters are leaving germany's traditional big tent parties to find political pastures new both at local and national level germany's green party and the far right alternative for germany party a.f.d. a cashing in on forma c.d.u. voters. this reality of voting a.f.d. because they really present an alternative to the power obsessed politics of america who put saving the euro before the interests of ordinary germans did tendons moment i'm inclined at the moment to vote for the green side because they say what they want and what they don't want. i'm a classic c.d.u. voter but i'm rethinking that now i'm thinking about voting for the greens.
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has a state crimea foca goofy is all too aware of the exodus from germany's traditional centrist parties on sunday that could cost him his job. to be honest the parties that make up the grand coalition and this goes for the social democrats as well as the conservative c.d.u. they've got a difficult job in this campaign fighting off this feeling of discontent which actually has nothing to do with us. but has a state election could indeed have everything to do with the future of germany's federal government the question then is how long it can last after yet another stress test. but regardless of sunday's result losses for the conservatives are inevitable which means yet more difficult days ahead for chancellor angela merkel and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. turkey says it will push for concrete steps to
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resolve the syrian conflict and during a foreign nation summit it's hosting today in istanbul turkish president rich of time meeting his russian french and german counterparts for talks aimed at finding a political solution to syria's seven year civil war. you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour omarion evans dean from all of us in berlin thanks for watching. scarse cover and for. women in russia have to live with going once sexism depression. pre-teens patriarchy comes to women's rights were already gaining traction one hundred years ago but there are women who want to instigate change him .


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