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recycling. and transport can help the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines on all. the news live from berlin fresh efforts to find peace in syria to do something to istanbul is aiming for political solution to the country's seven yes civil war turkish president to reject so you don't want his russian french and german counterparts to go live to our correspondents for the latest plus. a criminal record and a passion for u.s.
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president donald trump details emerge about the man suspected of sending a series of mail bombs to prominent democrats fingerprint evidence helped to track down the florida man in question as investigators scrutinized more suspicious packages believed to be linked to his blog. and when the google soak up the rooster dog burned up back in action today and looking to extend their unbeaten streak this time they're up against. were riding their own wave of success. thank you for joining us turkey says it will push for concrete steps to resolve the syrian conflict doing a four nation summit beginning today in istanbul turkey as president. is meeting the leaders of france russia and germany they're also expected to discuss access to
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humanitarian aid the drafting of a constitution and reconstruction of the water on country. on friday seven people were killed when syrian regime forces shelled south east and it's the deadliest attack since the deal was reached to prevent a white skin offensive on the province. seven years of war in syria at least three hundred fifty thousand killed and a country in ruins now the rebel stronghold it labe faces a scene the next humanitarian crisis is imminent. it live is the last part of syria not under the control of president bashar al assad many of his opponents have fled here but it is only a question of time until his troops and his allies retake the region in northern syria. turkey and europe fear that a majority of the three million people living here will try to flee initiating another refugee crisis preventing this will be the main goal of the political
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summit in istanbul. the syrian conflict is dominated by foreign powers mainly russia iran and turkey they have different interests at stake and support different sides in the conflict with weapons logistics and personnel russian president vladimir putin is president assad's closest ally russia has been taking an active part in the war since two thousand and fifteen putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region syria is its sole access point to the mediterranean sea president hassan rouhani of iran is the other major assad supporter from day one to iran has supported damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return provides iran with a crucial route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. yes turkish president rich one would like to topple assad supported various radical rebel groups from the start and since january turkey has had troops of its own in syria
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one of at of on his goals is to limit kurdish influence in the region. during recent visit to berlin german chancellor angela merkel agreed to this weekend summit russia iran and turkey have used the syrian conflict to reestablish their positions as regional powers in the middle east. but reconstruction will require western money perhaps giving leaders like merkel additional clouts. from all we're now joined by our correspondent who is in istanbul so you know what's the main focus for this summit. well it is one of the most important issues here is the situation in libya syria has lost a major rebel held outpost so missed out on and mr putin a most probably going to brief chancellor merkel and french president about the current situation there the status of the deal they brokered last month
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a demilitarized zone between rebel forces on the one side and pro-government forces on the other supposed to word a large scale offensive by the syrian regime on live now this deal is very fragile some rebel groups have not complied and as you mentioned there have been reports about shellings recently on so overall the assessment here in turkey by the turkish government is still this deal is working for now it's been working for five weeks now we've been talking to aid organizations who told us it's very important to them. to you know have access to the area and to reach out to people but the bigger question on the table today is whether this truce can be sustained and whether it can be turned into some kind of permanent cease fire that is definitely something germany and france a would support so maybe we can expect a joint statement on this later today the other big issue that turkey is the
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pushing here is looking to get a for a political solution talking about the political future of syria a drafting a constitution a reconstruction possibly which would of course involve money as well but this is of course a hugely complex metis so i don't expect too much to come out of this. in our report we did mention that turkey and russia have different and sometimes competing interests in syria so can we expect any real progress at this meeting today. well turkey and russia of course are acting on the ground on opposite sides of the conflict of course and recently turkey has been holding talks with russia and iran mostly when it comes to syria and these talks have been observed with a certain degree of suspicion by the so-called west now this is the first time two major european leaders are sitting at the table as well mccall and merkel wolf of course interested in preventing any similar refugee crisis to the one in twenty
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fifteen it's also interested they have been invited basically by russia and turkey to join such a meeting so turkey and russia have an interest in the europeans being here as well maybe they're looking you know for some kind of timoci as well for plans they already have in their drawers concerning syria's future but i think this is mostly about the leaders talking to each other they have been bilateral meetings but i don't expect too much to come out of this summit let's assume it's a first summit in this format and there are going to be others to follow thank you very much for your hand joining us from istanbul. u.s. authorities say the man arrested over a series of mail bomb sent to prominent democrats has a criminal history and is a fervent supporter of president donald trump but officials are yet to disclose a motive fifty six year old florida residents and york was tracked down with the
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help of fingerprint evidence investigators say they're looking into new suspicious packages thought to be connected to the case. u.s. or thirty's believe they've got their man investigators allege fifty six year old sees as sayaka is responsible for the pipe bomb packages which have been sent to high profile democrats police also seized what they believe to be the suspect's van emblazoned with far right paraphernalia and posters supporting u.s. president donald trump they hope the vehicle might contain crucial clues as to whether he was operating alone the director of the f.b.i. praised those working on the case i want to focus for a moment on the amazing work of our folks at the air. based on their initial analysis they uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the involves containing an i.e.d. that had been sent to congresswoman maxine waters but as the suspect was being
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taken into custody there were more surprises in california a suspicious package was found addressed to here as senator and democrats kemal a harris meanwhile california and billionaire and democrat donor tom style was also targeted more than a dozen bombs have now been identified some of the latest targets were u.s. senator cory booker and former director of national intelligence james clapper the rest prominent democratic leaders all supporters the clintons former president barack obama his vice president joe biden actor robert de niro to all of those targeted are outspoken critics of president donald trump trump address the issue at the white house calling the acts despicable and saying they had quote no place in our country later he said they defect to the republican campaign for the midterm elections republicans had tremendous momentum and then of course is happening where
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all the people talk about that and rightfully so it was a big thing rightly so but now we have got the momentum to get trump who so said his political opponents and the media were trying to score political points with the mail bomb scare. let's now turn to some of the other stories making news around the world turkey has called on saudi arabia to extradite the eighteen suspects in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi but the saudi government has said it would punish those involved itself and says it was a rogue operation she was killed after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second. many of the central american migrants traveling through southern mexico have rejected a proposal from that country's president to apply for refugee status and obtain benefits that the group of several thousand central americans vowed to continue heading north to the u.s. border. thousands of people have gathered in taiwan for asia's largest
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gay pride parade it comes one month ahead of a major vote on t.v. rights taiwan's top poured legalized gay marriage in twenty seventeen but has yet to implemented a referendum vote to november election seeks to prohibit the change. thousands of environmentalists demonstrating in germany is rhineland region for an end to open cast coal mining the protest is the latest in the activist battle to protect forest ahead of planned expansions to the local mine large numbers of police are at the scene where protesters are attempting to bring the mine to a standstill. after their midweek win against atlantic a madrid boosie don't mind a back in domestic action today because shortly against one of the surprise teams of the season has had belin but the black and yellows and worried after a run of performances that has seen them strengthen their place at the top of the bundesliga table. it's happy
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days in dortmund and for good reason they've had a blinding start to the season so far they lost two matches for neil wins against stuttgart in the pulis league and it led to her madrid in the champions league. is good for them through all kinds it's there is no reason for us to let all of praise for getting get to our heads. and what we've achieved so far is for nothing other than hard work. but it looks like nice enough awful is going to have to do without super sub par calcutta but dublin will have to worry about where the goals come from fourteen players have scored the black and yellow twenty seven goals so far this season it's just their defense that's a little in securitize the last time they played at home in the league they conceded three goals defensive frailties like that can't happen again against berlin. to munch off this instead to
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a very very good team this season it's a completely different game. had a riding a wave of euphoria of the road they've beaten by and and second place this season but that was a home now they want to get a result table toppers dortmund. dortmund are an outstanding form they've brimming with confidence and averaging four goals a game. and it's a different game this weekend we've always perform well and all the numbers do it again. thank you dortmund however have other ideas they want to extend their own piece and start the season to nine games. they want us to go weekend kicked off on friday with freiburg hosting high flying but. a converted penalty from each side in the first twenty minutes saw them go into the second half all square but firebug came out stronger and took the lead again in fifty seven minutes to try it it was
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the second goal of the season in the dying seconds of the match because capitalize on a mistake by keeper to spoil the host. and c.e.o. a surprising three one thing thanks. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you tech he says it will push for concrete steps to be solve the syrian conflict during a four nation summit it's hosting today in istanbul president. is meeting his russian french and german counterparts for talks aimed at finding a political solution to syria's seven year civil war. u.s. authorities say the man arrested over a series of mail bombs sent to prominent democrats has a criminal history and is a fervent supporter of president donald trump but officials are yet to disclose a motive fifty six year old florida residents in southfield has was tracked down
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with the help of fingerprint evidence. you're watching the news live from delhi and we'll have more at the top of the hour remember you can always get more on our website w dot com and follow us on social media we are at news thank you for watching. which are british. play your link to screw africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news and c.z. to our website dedicated to come smart alecs join us on facebook t w africa.


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