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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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new. business news live from berlin multiple scenes at a synagogue in the united states a gunman killed eleven as a jewish push him in the city of pittsburgh police officers were injured in the shoes a suspect is being held in custody we'll go live to correspondent. also in the program a fresh pause to find peace in syria president dumond's
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a new constitution for the war torn country he's been hosting his russian french and german contrapositive summit in istanbul the meeting is seeking a political settlement to syria's seven year civil war. i'm christine welcome to the program officials in the u.s. city of pittsburgh have confirmed that eleven people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a synagogue six people were injured including four police offices and the suspect himself he sustained multiple gunshot wounds president donald trump has condemned the attack saying there must be no tolerance for anti-semitism in america. the scene of the crime a synagogue in the neighborhood of school hill pittsburgh shortly after the shooting many questions remain but what's clear is that several people are now dead
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and several more injured including police officers who were quick to move in and surround the tree of life synagogue the scene is very ad inside. there are multiple fatalities there are at least six injuries to include four police officers the police officers injuries at this time are not life threatening other individuals are critical and serious in nature very horrific crime scene it's one of the worst that i've seen and i've been on some plane crashes it's very bad the synagogue a vulnerable target on a day like today the door was open it's a religious service you could walk in and out only on the high holidays is there a police president the president's at the entrance minutes after a suspect was detained president donald trump denounced the attack saying it was more devastating than feed this wicked act of mass murder is pure
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evil. hard to believe and frankly something that is imaginable our nation and the world are shocked and stunned by the grief another mass shooting in america the country in mourning once again the f.b.i. is in charge off the investigation into the shooting its chief agent bob jones spoke to the media just a short time ago this is the most horrific crime scene i've seen in twenty two years with the federal bureau of investigation members of the tree of life synagogue conducting a peaceful service in their place of worship were brutally murdered by a gunman targeting them simply because of their faith. the suspects for motive is unknown but we believe he was acting alone certainly the actions this person took today were eighty four. we were in the early stage of this investigation and over
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the next several days and weeks we look at everything in the suspects life is his vehicle the social media and his movements over the last several days. cars been spars on and michael kay is joining us from our washington bureau michael the f.b.i. is saying that this is a hate crime what more do we know about the suspects and the motives for the attack the suspect or robert. white a man in his forty's from the pittsburgh area and he had previously held anti-semitic and white extremist views and he had stated those on social media accounts and he apparently also stated anti-semitic slurs during the attack itself but what is interesting is that the authorities said that they have no indication that that this suspect was known to them before and
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while they are treating this as a as a hate crime they have not said that that the motive for this crime could be enticing medic motives but it seems fairly clear from the suspect's background and the attack itself that they suspect that this was an anti-semitic attack michael we heard a pittsburgh pittsburgh official talk about how deeply moved he was by what he witnessed what do we know about how the attack unfolded what do you know about the victims. well the attack apparently occurred this morning when the suspect walked into the synagogue and opened fire and of course on this shot they there are a lot of people in the synagogue for the for the services and he opened fire and killed eleven people as he tried to retreat and he was confronted by police and
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a gun fight ensued and. the suspect later then. gave himself up to police and he's now in custody. officials have not really said much about about the victims but they have said that there is no that there are no children among among the victims which is important because that the reports earlier that that there was a baby naming ceremony happening at that synagogue and that baby my defend among the victims were if you michael how have political elite is been reacting to the events of it's. with shock and outrage i mean there's been widespread condemnation of this attack president up it's been. called several times to denounce this attack and said this this was a and anti-semitic crime now vice president penn says come out and called this and attack on freedom of religion in the u.s. and said this is not just
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a criminal act this is an evil act and israeli prime minister netanyahu also came out and said that this is an anti-semitic act and that the people of israel stand with the people of pittsburgh the jewish community in pittsburgh and americans after this horrible heinous crime all right michael these every correspondent reporting for us in washington. the u.s. justice department say d.n.a. a fingerprint match and misspellings helped them find the man suspected of sending mail bombs to democrat politicians the fifty six year old of florida who was arrested on friday faces charges in connection with the mail bomb right he's fingerprint was found on one and misspelled words on some packages match those on his social media postings investigators also found a d.n.a. sample that possibly matched his form
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a previous erased. a summit on finding a roadmap to end the conflict in syria has called for constitutional reform and fresh elections in the war torn country meeting in istanbul the leaders of turkey russia germany and france also said a truce around the rebel held best of it live should be extended but that has been repeatedly violated and it's still a long way before peace talks or other before peace takes hold on the ground in syria first you see them then you hear them. syrian government rocket fire rains down on the town of kafir hama this is supposed to be a crucible. on the growth white helmets wage war against the rubble and their search for life. and the end they can only pray as the five year old girl from what was
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once her was just the latest victim in this low unforgiving war. one hundred million dollars. it is against the backdrop of such bloodshed that therefore we summit convened in istanbul overcoming their differences to try to finally find a settlement for peace in syria. hours of talks produced a unanimous backing for a new constitutional committee backed by the united nations and followed by free elections. as they presented their agreement the german chancellor acknowledged the competing interests in the middle east. is good i'm callin you have all the heart of it all are two wars that can be ended one against terrorism the other against a regime fighting a large part of its own population. and a total solution cannot succeed militarily but only politically in the end and that under the auspices of the united nations starts off with thirty. five knots who are
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. critically the syrian regime remark or at the talks russia was on board and underlined the importance of getting broad support loose one of those in the previous year only absolutely have to conduct full consultations with the syrian government european as well as with our partners in iran. because iran is a guarantor of the peace process the ceasefire around them and the creation of demilitarized zone. without around the won't be an effective resolution to this problem it's a problem of those refueling mission it's in. later as the leaders sat down to dinner thoughts of a toast crossed blood in me of putin's mind. i know not everyone was sure they have cause for celebration yet. i did and was at the press conference in istanbul she sent us this assessment off the syria summit hosted by the turkish president. this is the first time two powerful
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european leaders german chancellor machall and french president of mccraw sit down at the very same table with turkey and russia who are both military actors on the ground in syria but on opposite sides of the conflict and despite all their differences they agree that the political process needs to be revived in syria to end the civil war there that's an important message of this summit now they specifically called also for a ceasefire in it live that's the last rebel stronghold in syria in northwestern syria last month turkey and russia brokered a deal for it live they agreed on a demilitarized zone and prevented a major bloody offensive by the assad government now the at the summit expressed hopes that this deal could be turned into a more permanent ceasefire and my impression was they hope that such
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a ceasefire then could give momentum to greater peace efforts for the rest of syria as well but of course many problems many differences especially when it comes to the future of president assad remain and many more parties and axes need to be involved when talking about syria's future so this is a very first step this summit is a very first step in a long process. all right let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in mexico have abandoned a blockade they formed in the south of the country to stop thousands of migrants heading towards the u.s. border they ended the standoff of the country's national human rights commission save the rules straight shot highway without shade which there was no place to hold negotiations. turkey has called on saudi arabia to extradite the eighteen suspects in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi but the saudi government has said it
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would punish those involved itself and say's it was a rogue operation she was killed after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on the second of all to. a helicopter believed to be carrying the owner of the list a city football club has crashed outside the stadium the accident occurred and i will often this just game against west ham ended the identity of the onboard remains unclear and it's also unknown whether they are any survivors will bring you more as that story develops. to tennis now and the deputy a finals in singapore will reach their climates on sunday with nina said to face stevens in the final security of that came through the same the final against a tough opponent in dutch women kiki bridges while steven secured her spot in the final with a thrilling comeback against carolina. neither of this year's finalist has ever lifted the tournament trophy before. kiki burton's refused to roll over for
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certina today the dutch woman came from a set behind to take the tie into a decisive third but it was her opponent who prevailed. seven five six seven six for the final score in the longest match of the tournament so far and enough for to lena advances into the biggest final of her career. i waiting for her in sunday's decider two thousand and seventeen u.s. open champion sloane stephens she made a disastrous start to her semifinal against. the czech was aggressive and clinical and soon had the first set wrapped up six love. but to lock down in the second stevens finally won a game and was galvanized. she produced a stunning comeback taking the second and third set six four six one to book
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a place in the final on her first ever appearance at the tournament in singapore. all right that's your new stage and for the bundle. up to the break i'll be back at the top of the. first clip was of. course grand moment arrives join the arena take on her journey. in tribute to. return.
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