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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is the dublin news live from berlin why did a brand new boeing jet full from the sky divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes from the plane that crashed on monday just minutes after taking off from jakarta investigators hope it will help explain the course of the tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people also on the program. tennis
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champions rafa nadal and novak djokovic chuffing growing pressure to withdraw from a major event in saudi arabia after the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the backlash could cost saudi arabia its dream of becoming a major sports factor. on a major new study says the earth's oceans are warming faster than previously thought which could be disastrous for the world's sky sheets column reefs consoles of marine life. also coming up with germany's chancellor visits kiev to talk up relations with ukraine i'm going to machall promises investment to solidify the country's ties with europe and. a new documentary uses a novel methods are shown hollow some syrian refugees still live with the horror of war every day here in new york.
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i'm from gail welcome to the program. divers in indonesia have located a black box from the line and passenger jet that crashed on monday it's hoped the device will shed light on the course of the tragedy in which one hundred eighty nine people died the boeing seven three seven went down thirteen minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta. the heat is on for indonesian aviation authorities there are under huge pressure to explain what went wrong on the lion air flight and this could help them one of the plane's black box recorders recovered among parts of the boeing seven three seven plane. now that we've retrieved the black box. we hope to unravel the mystery as to why the plane crashed. one of the salvage teams said they dug deep to find the
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box it was buried in the debris on the sea floor. examination of the wreckage continues but it's tricky and slow going much of the plane remains hidden beneath the surface. slowly the bodies of the missing are being returned to land families of beside themselves entire villages banding together to support them as they grieve. once victims are down defied funerals can be held. identification presents a huge challenge for insect teams examined body parts and check fingerprints and dental records. clothes and other belongings are also help in confirming who died in the crash. and the details are related to my husband's shoe we just wanted to be sure because those in charge of identifying the victims say we can help them with identification but they're not his shoes they're different they're
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red so i can confirm they are not his. the lion air flight went down nearly fifteen minutes after takeoff may help grief stricken families come to terms with the tragedy but it's likely to take a long time for investigators to analyze the black box data and provide answers as to why this new aircraft crashed into the sea. southeast asia correspondent batten hard. let's start with this black box which has been the truth and what sort of information does it hold. well that depends very much on which black box they actually found because initially they thought they'd found the flight data recorder that would record technical information from the flight from all of the instruments from the engines information like pressure vertical acceleration speed direction altitude these kinds of things but also what they're not but then at the press conference they said they're not one hundred
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percent sure yet if that was actually the device that they found because possibly they found the cockpit voice recorder that would record audio from the cockpit that would be conversations between the pilot and the copilot for example or with any other member of the crew possibly but also warning signals that. any instruments in the cockpit for example that would help investigators piece together what happened in the final moments of that flight so we don't we're not sure yet which one of those recorders they found but either way it will hold vital information for the investigators when they try to figure out what caused this accident phil so it does look like we are getting closer to finding out. yes definitely but also the investigators said that it's going to take a while it's going to take a few weeks to download the data from that device that they found today and of
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course they're still looking for that second black box and then they might release preliminary report in a month from now but a final analysis will not be released until. a few months later maybe six months even and they'll not want to jump to conclusions as to what caused this crash because that will that will have a far reaching consequences bill it's taken several days to to find this device is that unusual have they face particular set but. well they know pretty much exactly where that plane went down and where they lost contact it's only a few kilometers off the coast of java and also the sea isn't very deep there it's thirty to thirty five meters but apparently what's been difficult is the current that seems to be very strong also the sea floor seems to be very muddy and also
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apparently there are energy pipelines down there so those are all things that have made it difficult for the teams to find pieces of that plane but these flight recorders obviously they found it because they emit signals that help the divers locate them and of course the divers that went down they had equipment that helped them receive those signals and that's how they circled on the flight recorder but we heard in the report even once they had located it it wasn't easy to retrieve because they had to get out of the mud and from under the debris so now they're looking for that second flight recorder and they're hoping going to find it along with the fuselage of the plane so. you say as your correspondent passed in hearty thank you. we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the man charged with killing the worshipers of the synagogue in the u.s. as you pittsburgh has pleaded not guilty to all forty four counts against him forty six year old roman powers appeared in court this funerals were held for seven of
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the victims prosecutors are seeking the death penalty from saturday's attack on the tree of life since. islamists in pakistan have blocked a key highway in islamabad to protest against the release of a child of a christian woman on death row for blasphemy despite the law in hardliners in the capital of baby to be publicly kind as b.b. says she plans to leave the country. first female supreme court president human rights. action nothing appointment. prime minister to achieve a government if you recently elected its first female president and approved one of the most a few. minutes. this is. still to come nigerian shia muslims say security forces. that after protests demanding the
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release of a jam cleric. thousands of google employees have walked off the job on thursday protesting the tech giants lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct lawyers were seen staging walkouts of dublin pictured here and also in london tokyo and singapore protests are also currently under way in the united states last week google c.e.o. of her child disclosed that the company had fired almost fifty employees including thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years he also apologized for the company's past actions the workers also use the opportunity to demand equal pay with. your readers hear from d.w. social media team jared tell us more on what exactly these people are fed up with they're frustrated at what they describe as
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a culture of complicity and of dismissiveness of sexual harassment the company of protection against people accused of it and basically this is all come out in the open why people are protesting today is because of an article in the new york times last week that revealed that the creator of google's android software his name is andy rubin he received apparently according to the new york times ninety million dollars severance package jared relooking at live pictures now from google's headquarter in the united states massive number of people walking off the job there what concrete moves from the company do employees want right so they've come up with a list of demands one of them is called an end to wards forced what's called forced arbitration that's designed to stop people from taking make complaints public they want to clear a process for reporting sexual misconduct safely they want the company to create
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a transparency report on sexual harassment and to publicly disclose that they want a possible manager. restructure and for an employee to seat on the board of google's parent company and they want commitments to pay a quote now we see google employees walking off the job in protest of sexual harassment has been taking place or google should our perception of google changed because of this after all the company for years and years and years carried the slogan do no evil well i guess the best answer to that is old habits die hard because what do you do when you want to find something out you go to google and tens and millions and millions of people use it and that's why it's so influential but it seems that a significant proportion of its employees of which they are just under one hundred thousand might not necessarily be buying the do you know evil slogan it's important to point out that the problem isn't just restricted to google to take industry
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generally is it has been accused of sexism and of course fof you will women and men work in tech and in silicon valley google employees are staging massive walkouts over the company's treatment of victims of sexual harassment carried from d.w. social media thank you so much. a new law has gone into effect in germany today allowing class action lawsuits for the first time in german legal history a consumer organization made use of it on the very first state filing a lawsuit against. them they say the carmaker deliberately cheated its customers with manipulated software those affected can now join the class action lawsuit free of charge twenty six thousand customers already signed up. from hamburg is an unhappy v.w. customer like many others she couldn't get until now she's joined the class action
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lawsuit against the comic. if it will be called to account now even people like me who don't have legal insurance have the opportunity to sue a big company. a new german law makes it possible for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit together in this case against a b w so instead of thousands of individual cases as of today a legal representative can file an action on behalf of several plaintiffs the german consumer association has filed a lawsuit against folks fagen for its cheating software on diesel emissions. for the state lost considerable value and they possibly have higher operating costs above all there is of course a considerable loss of trust that's why we think the vehicle purchase price should be refunded in full. full sargon says no damage has been done to the customers the cars are registered safe and ready to drive but that might be up to germany's
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federal supreme court to decide if the class action is successful customers like you. will have to claim the exact amount of damages themselves the legal dispute would then go to a second round. the united kingdom and the european union have made progress on a deal to give london stahmann and financial center basic access to the e.u. after. two british officials said but no final agreement has yet been pledged seven times had reported earlier that britain was close to striking a deal with brussels that would give banks and other financial companies continued access to the european market after it would mean that u.k. banks would not move significance for significant parts of their operations to the continent to continue to do business inside the european union. the british pound gained six percent on the news the financial sector is crucial to british interests contributes an annual one hundred and twenty billion pounds to the u.k.
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economy. the first smartphone with a foldable screen has long been seen as the next big thing in the tech his industry apple and samsung were believed to come up with the idea first but both were outsmarted by a little known chinese company called royal which presented its device at an event in beijing when opened the phone has a display measuring seven point eight inches bigger than let me tell it's the first orders are going to be shipped in december the company says but the software seems to get confused when the screen is folded competition is just around the corner if foldable smartphone by samsung is set to make an appearance next week at samsung's annual developer conference. and spec to fill now in a bloody crackdown on protesters in nigeria thanks so much sir christophe supporters of a jailed shiite cleric in nigeria say security forces have shot dead more than forty five the number since monday the islamic movement of nigeria has been calling
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for the release of its leader abraham zacky but the protests in the capital a budget have been met with life. almost every minute another corpse arrives tearful relatives have gathered outside what is normally an islamic school but now functions as a mortuary they're still in shock. now when you know i'm heartbroken that my older brother isn't here anymore. while i'm out on us also came here to say goodbye he watched as soldiers shot his twenty year old son before his eyes the father insists he was unarmed and peaceful . you know what you saw i didn't. salute you shocked by the actions of the nigerian military not all soldiers behave
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like that but those who did this to me they're not soldiers. they're terrorists. had been. an ass and his son be known to the so-called islamic movement of nigeria a shiite group whose followers have repeatedly been targeted by authorities. three years ago the army a text the house of their leader threw him in prison and killed more than three hundred of his followers since then the shiites demand the release of their leader shake him sacked sakhi which was also ordered by of course but he remains in custody because the government still sees him as a national security threat and therefore between security forces and his supporters keep on escalating redo food it shows that the latest protest started out peacefully then individual people threw stones and soldiers responded by shooting into the crowds the army says they were forced to defend themselves against
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a growing threat. this will bring is supported by iran. would have a lot of money to do its. so the. tree is supporting the group. this group if it is to be was a. market experts fear this prediction could be correct but they also say the military could be to blame while unkrich downs by the army are what radicalized almost a decade ago since then the jihadist group has killed tens of thousands of people. under the force of a don't allow test you might push a group to go into into. yes or just doing look at the history of the book which you would you which would you pointed out it actually started as a group just went in there all space to practice islam asked this eat you know the
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generic. brutal tactics that put them on the ground and then they decided to take this where we are today. shiite leaders still appealing for peaceful protest but in the wake of the latest violence it's becoming clear that some followers like mohamed are ready to give their lives for the course you see here. we. want it to be sincere i feel sad that i lost him. but he died as a martyr. this is also my goal and not of my children it's a sign of success a sign that god has accepted our work. here because you know. there was a time for now and i says he'll keep protesting until they release his leader even if the government and security forces continue to choose violence over
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a dialogue that the. warming faster than previously thought this is the conclusion of a major new study finding. published in the journal nature mean that global warming also be further advanced than previously stated scientists reach these conclusions after using new calculations of gases escaping the oceans oceans that lead to the deaths of marine wildlife and coral reefs caused ice sheets to melt faster. professor chris fogg will can tell us more he's an oceanographer at britain's keel university welcome to t.w. what so where have these latest estimates come from. good evening it's really interesting actually that. we've always looked at measuring heat in the oceans it's really critical to understand how the oceans warming oversleep who's looked in the past by measuring them in situ now what the group from scripps have
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done here is actually measure the changes in the air change in the atmosphere which responds as the ocean warms they can absorb less c o two and less oxygen and so they use that as a proxy measurement for measuring ocean hey take what they found is obviously it's far higher than what you seem to get from the point measurements in the ocean so. you do have you have big data gaps in them so it's something which is really really crucial it's a new way of looking. take note we already did it already seemed like we had little chance of hitting the paris climate targets now this situation seems so much worse and one wonders is there any point in paris. yes this certainly is a good point in paris or paris agreement making that sort of you know. trying to achieve that estimate of a one point five degree warming the maximum warming is really really required
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because it reduce the impacts of climate warming you know if we can stay at one half degrees ill massively reduce the changes if we get two degrees then we'll see really really quite large impact changes for people all over the world i don't quite understand your your answer there because. science is the saying that we will not hit that target you are saying the target is even further away because the situation is worse despite this you say it is still worth trying to achieve it even though we know we can't i don't understand why. well it is a question of mitigation or adaptation essentially if we want to try and hit those targets we might have to adapt our lifestyles massively or attempt to mitigate you know we can actually bring in engineering answers to reduce c o two now obviously what we're trying to look at here is climate sensitivity and what they're finding
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is the approach biomes of what the i.p.c.c. estimates are so it still doesn't change that the increases are a. need to to address these questions but it doesn't change the fact that we can mitigate or we can adapt we've got to choose which of those are the options really just makes the whole thing a lot more urgent what will this mean any fact what year we see and experience. well as the oceans warm which we know they're warming they've been warming rapidly since the fifty's and nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's as they start to warm well of sleet there will be thermal expansion in the upper part of the ocean which will raise sea levels a little a little bit but they will begin to affect the big ice sheets of places like greenland and antarctica where we see increased rates of melt now we'll also see changes in the way that c o two is taken in by the ocean so the moment the ocean
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absorbs about twenty five percent of all global c o two emissions now that will change because it starts to see it starts to warm it can take in less c o two now that means that the atmosphere is going to build up faster in c o two which of course atmospheric temperatures to rise as well ok and we've seen that here on the year now some of the effects we see recently which are highly magnified may be a product of this in the oceans warm of warming faster than we thought previously and actually you know that that's a really important finding obviously we need more data to really understand the implications of this one study there's a lot on what sort of point measurements being taken out there are good talking to vacuum i get it we're all pretty much do know as we do something now professor chris. university thank you.
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kind of stuff rafa nadal and novak djokovic under pressure to pull out of an event in riyadh next month as far as allegations of the saudi arabia murder journalist jamal khashoggi and its istanbul consulate roger federer has already turned down an invitation to a country that is desperate to shift the spotlight. they're vying to finish the year as the world's best player rafael nadal and novak djokovic are two players at the top of their game and major star attractions which is why they've booked to play this exhibition in saudi arabia a country now firmly in the spotlight after its alleged involvement in the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi. not to mention its role in the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in yemen. a collision between sport in geopolitics despite increasing attention on the actions of the saudi arabian government both
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players gave choreographed responses this week. the situation. had a commitment to. journalist last. something happened. so of course we're trying to take in consideration everything all the options but right now i can't say more because as i said just a question before we have to get more information. on what's happening so we can make a rational decision whether it's good to go. world wrestling entertainment is also holding an event in saudi arabia this week despite the controversy there's no intention here to cancel business is business. in its quarterly statement w w e acknowledged a heinous crime but said the company has decided to uphold its contractual
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obligation to saudi arabia's general sports authority and stage the event. attracting big name athletes and sporting events is a major goal for saudi arabia neymar and his brazilian teammates were in town last month for a friendly match with archrivals argentina images like this are priceless p.r. for a country trying to grow its sporting image both abroad and at home where fans can see their idols up close but one saw a lot like hope this will just the beginning and that in the future will have more games in every region. not that it was the usual stuff and all that a lot although it was an indescribable feeling to watch a world class game like this and still out of brazil or a very famous team some of the same team or a well known as well it was a wonderful game i mean they did that for its general sports authority saudi arabia has invested heavily in sports if the exhibition goes ahead djokovic will pocket one million dollars each for their participation big money but at what cost.
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it was indeed doubly news from berlin still to come germany is not going to back away ukrainian counterpart in kiev spearheading efforts to prove the country lation is with europe will find out how effective she has been. on the indian women who just want to work how they're pushing back against sexual harassment in the country . those stories up plus sports i'm business on the. non-prescription doesn't necessarily mean safe. contacts drinks and some painkillers are poisonous to baltimore who are set to model for a new drug it likely wouldn't get approved today with us over the counter drugs
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concocted by a pharma industry that long piece politicians and lose doctors a billion dollar headache in forty five minutes. six first day at school in the jungle. for first climbing less of a minute doors grandma was arrives limited to join the regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. interacting returns home on t w don't come to tanks. was a human made. the first local disaster of the twentieth century. war to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. but. number
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marks the hundredth anniversary of its. what has humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything out of the book is real peace and civility the book nineteen eighty-four not for god w.'s november focus. this is day w.'s live from berlin one from google these are top stories at this hour divers in indonesia have found the flight data recorder from the line at plane that crashed on monday killing one hundred ninety nine people hoping a device will set lights on the course of the tragedy like. germany said chancellor
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is in ukraine for meetings aimed at strengthening ties on continuing peace efforts in the country's east and a makeover has been meeting with president. reporter shanker in kiev ukraine officials say the meters are focused on discussing flashpoint issues including the controversial expansion of a russian gas pipeline and the ongoing conflict in crimea transamerica and mediated the minsk peace agreement between russia and ukraine three years ago and it has been repeatedly violated. skidmore w correspondent nicholas conley and the ukrainian capital welcome the two leaders met and held a press conference what have we learned good evening phil well today's press conference was notable for what wasn't said as for what was said we kept on waiting for the difficult issues between kiev and berlin and there are some like the north stream to pipeline that jim is dealing with russia that ukraine hates and also maybe some criticism from angela merkel of the slow pace of reform
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here the slow fight against corruption but it didn't come instead angler merkel was at pains to stress germany's commitment to ukraine to its territorial integrity to mention all kinds of positive social sort of societal projects language learning science and should bring the two countries the only time it really got serious was when they spoke about eastern ukraine and all that merkel was adamant the mint's process frustrating slow as it is was and is the only show in town at least that's michael's opinion on this all right what will give him and she's played such a pivotal role in trying to mediate that particular agreement to why has it not succeeded the problem about minsk is that it proposes lots of very worthy and very worthwhile steps to a political solution but it doesn't give a clear roadmap of how those should happen while the shooting goes on the front
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line for it in any case it's not going to start no political reform is going to stop while soldiers and civilians still that keep being killed but even if they could implement a more. a more stable ceasefire it seems unlikely that either side is really willing the separatists in ukraine government to show weakness to compromise to go take a step towards the other side in terms of offering up concessions so for now it really does seem log jam said and didn't disagree with that there doesn't seem to be any kind alternative in sight and five years ago ukraine was all of the news because of the mind on revolution pots and which was prompted which was prompted in part by a desire to align more closely with the e.u. is there still much support for this nie well the polls all show a huge majority for the membership but when you talk to people and ask what they really think it's realistic if they'll see it in their lifetime the whole question
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looks a lot more difficult lots of people have been disappointed by what they see as a lack of involvement in gauging it from the european side with ukraine since my down and there is a growing tendency to just give up and to not expect any real change on that side having said that it's when you ask people what alternative they see they don't really in the majority have some kind of vision of how ukraine could be an independent unity somehow between the european union and russia so it's a difficult one emotionally that if you want to get in but in the analytical brains many people are clear that the europeans aren't in a hurry to let them in. nick conley in care found here. well busy season from crystal cove but we're off to tokyo where the travel network is feeling the strain that's right i've got a staggering figure for you twenty million people use tokyo's public transportation network every day leading to overfill trains but eagerly during rush hour there's
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even special staff signed with the task of cramming people into the overcrowded carriages now as the japanese capital will holds the summer olympics and less than two years some people are now fearing this is verse to the olympics could cause the network to collapse. this is the kind of overcrowding the tokyo subway passengers have to contend with every day. and it could get worse when the city hosts the twenty twenty summer olympics. if you want people in you know my commute every day so if there's a big event and it gets busy the worst case would be that i won't be able to get on the trains that's what i'm worried about. the most according to a new study tokyo's transportation network could buckle and collapse. on your question because right now you can be a low train carrying double its capacity but there's a chance that that number could increase by one hundred fifty percent during the
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olympic games. that i mean. that's why the city of tokyo is looking at different ways to avoid a worst case scenario. to prevent a situation where visitors cannot move around due to heavy traffic we're looking at different measures for the talk you'll twenty twenty games. such as having people take time off work or maximizing the system. that just a business term is a campaign the city has already tested he said means time difference it's an initiative to encourage flexible working hours to reduce congestion during rush hour the government says more than eight hundred companies have taken part. in more than one million visitors are expected for the twenty twenty summer olympics in tokyo and they won't all fit in the trains no wonder train operators want to deploy
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more of them. how old were you when you got your first job in thailand a group of primaries school students are already picking up a useful trade cutting hair the saw from barber shop that gives kids a leg up on a potential future in running businesses and students at discount her. a quick trim here will run you between fifteen and thirty cents depending on your age the barber himself he's looking forward to his thirteenth birthday no this isn't your typical barber shop bump and boom barber is put on by a primary school in the china province of central thailand the three barbers received a six week training course from a volunteer now they're giving discount cuts for fellow students a trim out side the school would cost five times as much those who don't have the money can do some small volunteer tasks in exchange that saves parents money and it gives students a leg up for a future profession. the shop is run like
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a business revenue is ploughed back into operations the barbers take home a small cut as do three staff members hygiene is also an important part of the business as is upkeep of equipment and customer satisfaction it seems pretty high. real suitcases and child proof sockets are things that most people take for granted nowadays but what many don't know is that both these innovations were first presented at the inventions and new products exhibition in nuremberg another eight hundred products will be presented in the seventy's edition of the event this year one of the ideas could make our work is far more of that. say goodbye to back problems with this task system. office work while lying back that could make the work day more comfortable and increase motivation that the inventors say even youngsters us going point to the invent a fair coming up with creative ideas for everyday use. like pegs that can be used
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for a jacket who are innovative water bottles. and if i mean if this is a family bottle i can fill it with different drinks attach it with the velcro you have to cover so that two people can drink from it. more than five hundred inventors from across the world are presenting their ideas and creations around one third of them will make it to market others will be abandoned or developed further most patents are registered by universities all major companies only eight percent are from private inventors but they enjoy the attention here. the f. in they are meant to try to solve everyday problems so he has to be in touch with what's going on to know what moves people victim to lloyd the maker of this biological air filter system wants to create a clean indoor environment the moss would help clean the air and add a bit of green. spec to sell now and women in india are battling harassment
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by christopher thank you. india has been rocked by its own made two movements on twitter of a recent weeks women maybe in the country's english language media have been alleging sexual harassment by influential editors and reporters but what is the me too movement made for female reporters far from the country's megacities d w correspondents on the family car has been to the north of city of agra about two hundred fifty kilometers from delhi. queuing up to put an assignment saloni on the works for the television news channel. she's one of the few female t.v. reporters in the consumptive city of one point five million people. after graduating with a diploma in journalism suddenly struggled to find a job one t.v. station refused to hire her another said she could anchor but not work in the field so lonely refused to give up despite the challenges i mean. i the men i
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come across in my work police officers even reporters say things like come and have tea with me spend time with me meet me after work i'll drop you home some of them are really forceful it makes me uncomfortable and scared i block these men's numbers on my phone i'm here because i want to be a reporter not because i want to spend time with men. but. today she's interviewing a group of men in a park she wants to get their views on women empowerment and gender relations at a time when india's me too movement rages on twitter many female journalists in india's big cities have alleged sexual harassment by senior editors and colleagues . news of those allegations has also put a down to the men here have strong views about it you may lie yes these women who are speaking out were not oppressed or subjugated their professional qualified
7:42 pm
women why did they stay silent for so long and why if they suddenly found the energy to start screaming me to media i don't think men are capable of harrison women the way it's portrayed in the me too movement the women making these allegations are just seeking publicity they want to be famous. you know i get going to marry for saloni to have a cement on the job is very real but she says she can't speak of men with money i can't afford to make enemies of the men who harass me what's the point of making a complaint if it's police officers themselves harassing me who do i complain to and who can i complain to about saying you reporters. it's a question that the loonies boss dismisses ricciuto hunt started news twenty four a year ago he says his company has a zero tolerance policy but he still hasn't set up a complaints committee as mandated but india's workplace laws against sexual habits
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meant the decision to hire a female reporter at his channel is rare or not but your hands reasons have little to do with the quality of the only finally he was want to see a female reporter i want to see how she talks how she reports they're attracted by that nowadays you see that everywhere even if you go to a shop you'll see that women are appointed at the sales counters or at the checkout it's a way to attract customers for us to having a female reporter is about increasing our viewership and our ratings. for families in small towns like our girl there's an easy way to deal with the me to account stay at home in this conservative neighborhood few women work outside their homes so long as parents come from a village in north india with girls are not allowed to wear jeans on phones laugh loudly. even speak with lawyers saloni has fought hard to get away she now has big dreams saloni wants to get out of entre and join a national t.v. network in duty to get better training and work experience. oh
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every day school students in ghana learn computer skills without computers early this year one teacher of limited pictures to facebook showing how he deals with this lack of resources richard koto draws the computer screen on the blackboard to teaching students how to use programs like microsoft word the post captured worldwide attention d w spoke to him for half a spoke show what happened next i tell you how i did it spitting it out of it i'm someone who loved it can because it did them off the book so i was like all let me just take it pick up with it they love how good does it things and people start this weird interest. it's been about and today i feel proud to be here so i wanted to rip the whole set up. well here's this week's episode of what happened next is liz show
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a welcome liz what happened how did richard koto go from no computers the whole classroom full of the. well phil so many people are shared those photos that he had posted on facebook one of them is a tech entrepreneur from cameroon her name is rebecca and one chunk she's very influential on social media and this is what she tweeted she said hey microsoft africa he's teaching microsoft word on a blackboard so surely you can get him some proper resources and the thing is that microsoft actually responded they donated twenty seven laptops to this school and then other people also started sending computers and laptops to the schools right now they have about one hundred and that means they have to fully equipped labs one is at the school and the other one is at the community center in the village nice so he now has computers but what about other students got it.
7:46 pm
well so the students have regular subject that is called i.c.t. your information communications technology they expected to pass that subject but many schools especially in the rural areas do not have computers the government is not providing the necessary equipment and that means the students really just have to visualize everything they have to memorize everything and then use that knowledge in their exams and richard awkward told us that that is really a big challenge especially for the teachers it's a problem well the end of the day to get up go to school fast. so whatever means whatever afford that you have to take in order for them to be better like this in the future. we do it. and of course our viewers can get the whole interview with richard on this week's episode what happened next they can find it on facebook this show thank you.
7:47 pm
just noosa still to come we'll take a look at the war. the documentary that prime minister night in leipzig shows the way syrian refugees in germany witnessed the war back home in real time on the mobile phone. to have a factor in the second round of the german cup there were tied wins for us here dortmund and shall cut again second tier sides of the by labor coups and i produced the performance of the night hundred motion clock back five no way. nothingness six two drubbing of braman on sunday late accuse him of back in the golds fairly freely and bronze. kevin fallen sets up the chimney forward to scold after just five minutes. it seemed like every time they were in glove box half late accuse miskolczi. to yet thought i was a visit to second just before the break. despite got back stepping up again in the
7:48 pm
second half late accusing showed no mercy coming but let god be with his side stood in the sixty seconds minutes. flat backs collapse late accused on the counter-attack and that robbie got on the scoresheet again on seventy four minutes . late accusing the rampant club played in finance to have the final nail they got back scoffing five nil the final score as late as yours march into the last sixteen. football jobs byron munich could be in hot water i mean potty photo posted by defended jerome botha on twitter it's in the photo that was the club was also posted also posted later by brazilian defend ruffin yeah i wore a traditional arab headdress and if i was stash while holding a box saying danger social media users criticize the choice of cost you. since
7:49 pm
tweeted that he was them says intention to hurt anyone's feelings. documentary called for war on my phone which has been co-produced by i think it has its crimea tonight that the international documentary film festival in leipsic robin merrill from a culture desk is here to talk us through its welcome rabbit a film that shows two different worlds connected by mobile phone yeah i mean it we're talking about the civil war in syria and we're still raging at seventy is old and a lot of syrian refugees in this country and or in other countries around the world and they're speaking all skype being family members who they've left behind and it really is a phenomenon of all time that people can sit in the safety of a well in this case small town in germany and skype and see pictures of
7:50 pm
what really looks like a a wall movie all my screen but it's actually a real war that's taking place and rather frightening i think and. quite disturbing has to be said and anyway let's see more about the documentary the war on my phone. whenever her mobile phone rings the war is there again. zena fled from aleppo with her husband and daughter they now live in the small german city of all violence in the state of rhineland latin it they are far from home but the horror in their homeland always returns the parallel worlds and all violent and aleppo are brought together in the film is in a speaks with her friends on her phone while they film air attacks on aleppo.
7:51 pm
they know my dear assad's air forces are flying air raids nonstop. airplanes in the sky and us under them. more on my phone a film by director elke is as a has no commentary rather it watches and listens it's which is back and forth between germany and syria and in doing so creates an oppressively realistic feeling for all that is happening the suffering and the air raids and john was imprisoned in syria he was tortured and released he is now safe in germany but his best friend is still in jail they were students who joined the opposition movement. but his friend has been sitting in prison without any charge for five years he was able to smuggle a mobile phone into his cell they talk on the phone every day so i'm john's friend
7:52 pm
will be able to endure his confinement. the film is a portrait of syrians who took flight they're already preparing for the end of the war they are gathering film footage even i as propaganda for the time when war crimes might be judged in a court. but until then they are trying to get their families out of the war zone like who negotiates with human smugglers for safe passage for her mother. i'm asking you can you lower the price my mother's old and ill have to get her out of there urgently. the film doesn't outstanding job of showing the schizophrenia of our world the horror of war. and in a delicate mountainous region. it is extraordinary anyway then it's nominated for
7:53 pm
a prize we should find out whether it's one bit later this evening and incidentally it will be shown on d.-day december the eighth and if people can't watch it on december the eighth it will be available on a website at the w. dot com to watch for the future ok now at this year's festival at pays tribute to the film director veta head song it does indeed he's sort of one of germany's grace living film directors pap's best known internationally for his movie fitzcarraldo back in ninety two which was about obsessed with trying to build an opera house in the amazonian jungle also there was a documentary made to the film that we see itself it is almost as famous as the film because i mean i have so himself was a bit obsessed in taking this thirty three hundred ton boat over a hill in the amazon jungle and he didn't like special effects at the time so he actually physically did it. this is right up to date this is its latest
7:54 pm
documentary film which is about gold the choice of and it's a supporter of a long interview with him a bit different to the normal interviews with politicians or state statesmen that are rather hard hitting it so much sort of pleasure friendly chat gets much more personable for instance when gold which off talks about how he misses terribly misses his wife raisa and. it's a very as i say is very personable but there is a side to him he's a big fan of gold patrol so it's a bit sycophantic really but it makes a change. from the usual holiday hitting stuff that's his latest anyway it was a premier. league on the first day that ok and i'm presuming that we have o'toole's more about this and we do so actually of course about the film the war on my phone of course a lot about that and i'll be on december the eighth as i said and a lot more about the festival that d.w. dot com slash culture. thank you so much.
7:55 pm
it's time to remind you of october stories out this hour divers in india means you have found the flight data recorder from the zion airplane crashed on monday killing one hundred eighty nine people i hope the device will shed light on the cause of the tragedy. google employees around the globe have walked off the job today protesting what they see as the tech giants lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct employees stage walkouts in new york dublin london tokyo and singapore. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our out from google player from the awful story you can access to all the latest news from around the world as want to push notifications planning breaking news and also used to send us some photos and videos. to chill updates more of the top of the hour of five golf on if you don't have the option you can't wait for a minute and
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a half men that's always the website that's sat d.w. dot com himself the good debt.
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non-prescription doesn't necessarily mean safe. but heart attacks strokes and. pain killers are poisonous to the baltimore harbor said tomorrow a new drug it likely wouldn't get approved today because of the over the counter drugs concocted by a pharma industry that lobbies politicians and woos doctors
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we i come from get lots of people in fact more than a bit in egypt it was not just democracy give me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the two finishing the book is fried chicken but named after the for the fun in one and i remember thinking at the time the sublime in bulk and what happens if people come together and unite for a little. when i do the news i often confront difficult situations for conflict between disaster i see despite my own shop to confront a nightly jazz on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most to food security oppression passion i.c.c. and. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people
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have to be at the constitutions my name is on the top sheet on and i work at the data. load. more. research. to. determine. this is g.w. news while i get from berlin tonight scientists to sound another climate change alarm this time the world's oceans are in peril a major new study shows the earth's oceans are warming faster than previously thought which could be disastrous for the world's ice sheets coral reefs and all sorts of marine life also coming up thousands of google employees around the world
8:01 pm
go on strong us to the company's treatment of women it comes after reports of sexual harassment implicating several top.


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