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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is d. w. news from berlin tonight google's searching for a solution to sexual harassment thousands of google employees around the world staged a walkout today in protest of the company's treatment of women it comes amid reports of harassment implicating several executives managers also coming up a major new study says the earth's oceans are warming faster than previously thought which could be disastrous for the world's ice sheets coral reefs and all sorts of marine life plus divers in indonesia find one of the black boxes from the
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plane that crashed on monday just minutes after taking off from jakarta investigators hope that it will help to explain the tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people. i burned off it's good to have you with us it is a search result that google would rather us not see google employees around the world have walked off the job today protesting what they see as the tech giants lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct employees staged walkouts in new york dublin london tokyo in singapore the last week the c.e.o. of google disclosed that the company had fired forty eight employees including
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thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years he also apologized for the company's past actions. organizers of the walkout for real change have hit out at what they say is a culture of complicity dismissiveness and support for perpetrators of sexual harassment and misconduct at the company at the tech giant's e.u. headquarters in dublin hundreds of employees took part in the hour long walk out. i voted to courtney open bobber one of the many google fights that are walking out today and the thoughts are with everybody with the very end any form of stop. or misconduct and. similar protests were organized at google offices around the world last week the company disclosed that it had fired forty eight employees including thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years in
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london bad weather kept most of the demonstrators inside but some braved the elements to take the protests to the public. so we will being able to support fully any workplace that is something to arrest them and to ensure that that right is protected or rewarded google employees in singapore and tokyo as well as in cities in the u.s. including new york and the google alphabet headquarters in california also walked out one of the key demands of the walkout is an end to forced dab attraction which is used to stop complainants from suing or going public demonstrations come after a new york times report alleged that google is still paying a ninety million dollar golden parachute to a senior employee who was dismissed for sexual misconduct in twenty fourteen.
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go to one of our from our social media you know in studio with this kind of a shocker we been hearing. still you know you don't expect this to be going on at a company like google but what exactly are these google employees of the fed up with well they're frustrated with what they're describing as a culture of complicity in sexual harassment and also protection for people accused of it and what's brought this all out into the open why these people are marching to die because of an article last week in the new york times and it reported that google paid to the founder of android it's android software a man named andy rubin and ninety million dollars severance package when he was accused of sexual harassment and the article reported that google paid this money just by finding the claims against him as credible he of course denies these and the articles reported that there were similar cases where google has been making
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similar payments and basically that's why these employees are. staging mass walkouts out of their offices today as the one sign it said what do i do with google i work every day in the company can afford these nineteen million dollar payouts to executives who harassed my coworkers with ninety million dollars what did the employees what concrete measures do they want to see ok so they want to what's called for and this is designed to stop people from taking their complaints public they want to clear a process for reporting sexual harassment anonymously insightfully at google they want the company to create a transparency report around sexual harassment to make that public they want a possible managerial restructure and they want an employee to sit on the company's board and they also want google to commit to equal pay for men and women this non-disclosure clause the. talked about recently i mean it's coming under fire yet
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again do you think our perception of google. should change or is it changing because of this it's hard to say i mean old habits die hard because what do you do when you when you want to find something out you log on to google and that's why over the past twenty years it's become so powerful and one of the world's most valuable companies because of. but it's starting to appear that some of the country companies around one hundred thousand employees are starting to question whether its commitment to do evil is genuine. this of course isn't confined to google we have to point that out the tech industry in general generally has a problem with an imbalance of men and women far more men work and take then women do and that contributes to what a lot of people in silicon valley describe as a sexist culture there's a big gender gap there for sure. of the media thank you. and
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here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world ethiopia has sworn in its first female supreme court president human rights lawyer me off. for appointment it builds on efforts by reformist prime minister abi ahmed to achieve gender parity in government ethiopia recently elected its first female president and approves one of the world's few gender balanced government cabinets women in north korea routinely face sexual abuse by officials that is according to human rights watch the rights group says the problem is so widespread that some women are not even aware that they are being violated and activists claim the country's human rights record is being ignored amid an international push to improve relations the man charged with killing eleven worshipers at a synagogue in the u.s. city of pittsburgh has pleaded not guilty to all forty four counts against him forty six year old robert bowers appeared in court today has funerals were held for
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several of the victims prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for saturday's attack at the tree of life sinegal a wave of severe weather in italy has worsened in the country's north causing widespread destruction at least eleven people have been killed many of them crushed by falling trees the storm began on sunday and brought tornadoes floods and mudslides. well scientists have given another ominous warning about climate change a major new study shows that the world's oceans are warming more quickly than previously thought the findings published in the journal nature mean that global warming may also be further advanced than previously stated scientists reach these conclusions after using new calculations of the gases escaping the oceans warmer oceans lead to the deaths of marine wildlife and coral reefs and calls ice sheets to melt faster.
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or earlier we asked oceanographer chris fogg will lead britain's secure university we asked him does this latest study reduce the possibility of ever meeting the paris climate agreement targets. well it is a question of mitigation or adaptation essentially if we want to try and hit those targets we might have to adapt our lifestyles massively or attempt to mitigate you know we can actually bring in engineering answers to reduce c o two now obviously what we're trying to look at here is climate sensitivity and what they're finding is who are the bounds of what the i.p.c.c. estimates so it still doesn't change the increases. need to address these questions but it doesn't change the fact that we can mitigate or we can adapt we've got to choose which of those are the options and that was
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oceanographer chris speaking with us earlier or divers in indonesia have located a black box from the lion air passenger jet that crashed on monday it's hoped the device will shed light on the cause of the tragedy in which one hundred eighty nine people died the boeing seven thirty seven went down thirteen minutes after taking off from the capital jakarta. the heat is on for indonesian aviation authorities there are under huge pressure to explain watch went wrong on the line of flight and this could help them one of the plane's black box recorders recovered among parts of the boeing seven three seven plane. now that we've retrieved the black box. we hope to unravel the mystery as to why the plane crashed. one of the salvage teams said they dug deep to find the box it was buried in the debris on the sea floor. examination of the wreckage
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continues but it's tricky and slow going much of the plane remains hidden beneath the surface. slowly the bodies of the missing are being returned to land the families of beside themselves entire villages banding together to support them as they grieve. once victims are dandified funerals can be held. identification presents a huge challenge for insect teams examined body parts and check fingerprints and dental records. clothes and other belongings are also helping confirming who died in the crash. the details are related to my husband's shoe we just wanted to be sure because those in charge of identifying the victims say we can help them with identification but they're not his shoes they're different they're red so i can confirm they are not his knowing why the lion air flight went down
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nearly fifteen minutes after takeoff might help a grief stricken families come to terms with the tragedy but it's likely to take a long time for investigators to analyze the black box data and provide answers as to why this new aircraft crashed into the sea. well supporters of a jailed shiite cleric in nigeria say security forces have shot dead more than forty five of their numbers since monday the islamic movement of nigeria has been calling for the release of its leader. but their protests in the capital have been met with live fire. almost every minute in the of a corpse arrives tearful relatives have gathered outside what is normally an islamic school but now functions as a mortuary they're still in shock. you know why don't you know
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i'm heartbroken that my older brother isn't here anymore. and thus also came here to say goodbye he watched as soldiers shot his twenty year old son before his eyes the father insists he was unarmed and peaceful. and you know what you saw it in the video. salute me shocked by the actions of the nigerian military not all soldiers behave like that it's but those who did this to me they're not soldiers. they're terrorists. have been. an ass and his son belong to the so-called islamic movement of nigeria a shiite group whose followers have repeatedly been targeted by authorities. three years ago the army a text the house of their leader threw him in prison and killed more than three hundred of his followers since then she had its demand the release of their leader
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shake. which was also ordered by of course but he remains in custody because the government still sees him as a national security threat and therefore less has between security forces and his supporters keep on escalating video footage shows that the latest protest started out peacefully then individual people threw stones and soldiers responded by shooting into the crowds the army says they were forced to defend themselves against a growing threat. this will bring is supported by iran. would have a lot of money. to do it's. to the. contrary is supporting the group that will count. this group if it is to be was a. down market experts fear this prediction could be correct but they also say the
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military could be to blame for a while and quick downs by the army are what radicalized almost a decade ago since then the jihadist group has killed tens of thousands of people. just before so they don't allow. you might push your group to go into. yes or just throwing out the history of the book which you which you which which you pointed out it actually started as a group just wanting the all space to practice islam as. you know. with brutal tactics that put them on the ground and then they decided to take arms and with us where we are today. shiite leaders still appealing for peaceful protest but in the wake of the latest violence it's becoming clear that some followers like mohamed are ready to give their lives for the course. with marriage i don't want it to be sincere i feel santa i lost him.
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but he died as a martyr. this is also my goal and that of my children it's a sign of success a sign that god has accepted our work. here because you know that. there was no time for now and says he'll keep protesting until their release is leader even if the government and security forces continue to choose violence over dialogue that heavy. all right christoph here now with the latest business news more pressure on books wagon that dirty diesel scandal just keeps getting dirty or as dr brende there is indeed more trouble brewing because as of today class action lawsuits are allowed for the first time in german legal history now a consumer organization made use of it on the very first day filing a lawsuit against fox why they say the carmaker deliberately cheated its customers
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with manipulated software those affected cannot join the class action lawsuit free of charge and twenty six thousand customers already signed up. one from hamburg is an unhappy v.w. customer like many others she couldn't sue fox vagal until now she's joined the class action lawsuit against the comic. that they'll be called to account now even people like me who don't have legal insurance have the opportunity to sue a big company. a new german law makes it possible for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit together in this case against a b w so instead of thousands of individual cases as of today a legal representative can file an action on behalf of several plaintiffs the german consumer association has filed a lawsuit against folks fagen for its cheating software on diesel emissions. lost
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considerable value and they possibly have higher operating costs above all there is of course a considerable loss of trust that's why we think the vehicle purchase price should be refunded in full. full sargon says no damage has been done to the customers the cars are registered safe and ready to drive but that might be up to germany's federal supreme court to decide if the class action is successful customers like. will have to claim the exact amount of damages themselves the legal dispute would then go to a second round. let's return now to our top story google employees around the globe staging massive walkouts a protest what they see as the tech giants lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct for more let's bring in our man on wall street. investors make of much of the workforce of a global company just walking off the job. now well i mean we see
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overall a pretty tight labor market and we also see a fight for talent specially in the i t it industry also a wall street is on the hunt more and more for. people meaning their employees at a company like google do have certain leverage and it's not the first controversy that we're seeing resumed google and this is a year earlier they had to pull back from a contract with the pentagon where actually some google employees have left and then there's also the controversy about a possible censored search engine for the chinese market to where also employees have actually said that they're not happy with this development either seoul all of that theoretically could have some impact on google's businesses even if wall street overall is not too concerned in regards of google and this and the stock
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price at this point and yet another news u.s. president donald trump says he has had a cold very good talk with his chinese counterpart being on trade now do people on wall street see an all of presence there in this bitter trade dispute the two sides have been having now you could clearly tell when this. actually got aired earlier today that the stock market did react to quite a bit especially companies who do some business with china cater piller boeing for instance they did pretty well also chinese stocks being traded here in new york like ali baba for example picked up a so yes there is hope that maybe an escalation of the trade tensions can be avoided if there's going to be true remains to be seen but overall we had a very strong start into the first or the first trading day of november yes court in new york thank you. the first smartphone with
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a foldable screen has long been seen as the next big thing in the tech industry now a little known chinese company called royal now presented the first foldable smartphone at a event in beijing when open the phone has a display bigger than many tablets first orders are going to be shipped in december the company says but the software seems to get confused when the screen is folded now that sounds rather inconvenient and it looks like competition is just around the corner samsung is set to unveil a similar device next week. how old were you when you got your first job in thailand a group of primary school students are already picking up a useful trade cutting hair the cell phone barber shop gives kids a leg up on potential future and taking care of the business and students discount haircut a quick trim here will run you between fifteen and thirty cents depending on your
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age the barber himself he's looking forward to his thirteenth birthday no this isn't your typical barber shop bump and boom barber is put on by a primary school in the china province of central thailand the three barbers received a six week training course from a volunteer now they're giving discount cuts for fellow students a tremendous side the school would cost five times as much those who don't have the money can do some small volunteer tasks in exchange that saves parents' money and it gives students a leg up for a future profession. the shop is run like a business revenue is ploughed back into operations the barbers take home a small cut as do three staff members hygiene is also an important part of the business as is upkeep of equipment and customer satisfaction it seems pretty high. spector brought now in five years since ukraine's made on moment the right christophe the german president for voter steinmeier has made
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a visit to the city of kent it's just over two months ago it was the scene of huge far right protests and assaults on forwarders the scenes shocked the rest of germany but steinmeier said that he was determined to enter into a dialogue with local residents in order to understand their concerns. the german president is fond of saying he likes to talk with people not about them he stayed true to that name in kemet where he appealed for more social cohesion emissivity the common as we have to return to a place where our personal opinions are absolute but exist in a society that is democratic and diverse and my we have to get used to grappling with different opinions without hate with at least a willingness to listen. and with the knowledge that other people's opinions exist not just our own and. can it's hit the headlines in august when
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a man was stabbed there allegedly by asylum seekers thousands of people took to the streets among them radical right wingers violence broke out. during his visit the german president sharply condemned both the crime and the riots that followed he said the prevailing mood had been abused to fuel hatred against foreigners steinmeyer met with thirteen chemists residents from different backgrounds and with differing political views they discussed security and migration among other issues . many in kenneth say they're unhappy with politicians and feel they're not being heard. it's great that he's here and it's nice that people are taking pot. but i don't think it will change anything people are very bitter. but maybe he'll be able to change things a bit so that candidates will be a bit to places to live in that's for many people say they doubt candidates can change overnight but those who met with president steinmeyer feel it was at least
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a good start. or the tennis stars will feel the doll and novak djokovic are under pressure to pull out of an event in riyadh saudi arabia next month this follows allegations that the saudis murdered journalist jamal khashoggi in there is stamboul consulate last month roger federer has already turned down an invitation to a country which is desperate to shift the spotlight to sports. rafael nadal and novak djokovic are two players at the top of their game and major star attractions which is why they've booked to play this exhibition in saudi arabia a country now firmly in the spotlight after its alleged involvement in the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi. not to mention its role in the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in yemen despite increasing attention on the actions of the saudi arabian government both players gave choreographed responses
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this week of course i'm away off all the situation. but i had a commitment since one. journalist lost the life i was and something happened. so of course we're trying to take in consideration everything all the options but right now i can say more that through its general sports authority saudi arabia has invested heavily in sports if the exhibition goes ahead djokovic will pocket one million dollars each for their participation big money but at what cost. or for instance iconic eiffel tower words which golf it's like for a minute this evening to denounce crimes against journalists and to honor those reporters who have been killed members of the n.g.o.s reporters without borders gathered in front of the tower holding photos of murdered journalists including.
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who was murdered earlier this last month rather at the solti consulate in istanbul . you're watching the w. news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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one dream gone international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the announcement sent shock waves across germany angle the madness for tearing to leave politics after eighteen years she's stepping down as leader of the cd doing twenty twenty one in the latest chancellorship will will it be a bumpy transition and who might succeed that's our topic on how to get. quadriga sixty minutes on g.w. .
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in january twenty eighth. we met a chinese mother looked. same for her son after he was sold by human smugglers. now we're back with tang ching ching and she's still looking. we accompany her to police stations quite friends always snitches will tensioning jane never see her son again. the whole story didn't report her on detail his. scars cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression seeing that violence is normal in russia. where putin's petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here intent have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on d w. in nov twenty sixth team the us presidential election results shocked the world no one would have predicted that just two years later the midterm elections would reach new heights in campaign spending and new depths in the depravity of divisiveness well lose dreaded november night so they are upon us again five more until america decides on america first i burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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