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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 12:02am-12:15am CET

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thousands of google employees around the world have gone on strike in protest at the company's treatment of women the walkout comes after news of sexual harassment at google emerged ok to several top executives also on the program bearing the brunt of u.s. sanctions in iran are already changing ordinary lives as european companies pull out of the country and bunch of times school kids are busy cutting a passage for themselves towards running a business and there are a few years. i'm crystal coburn bill and good to have you with us staff at google offices around the globe on thursday staged an unprecedented serious of walkouts in protest at the company's treatment of women employees are demanding several key changes in how sexual misconduct allegations are dealt with at the firm last week google sheaf. disclosed that the company had fired almost fifty employees including thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years but in one case
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the culprit had received a multimillion dollar payout despite his misconduct organizers of the walkout for real change have hit out at what they say is a culture of complicity dismissiveness support for perpetrators of sexual harassment and misconduct at the company at the tech giants e u headquarters in dublin hundreds of employees took part in the hour long walk out. fighting to courtney. one of the many google that are walking out today in the fall of. eighty four. or miss. similar protests were organized at google offices around the world last week the company disclosed that it had fired forty eight employees including thirteen senior
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executives for sexual harassment in recent years in london bad weather kept most of the demonstrators inside but some braved the elements to take the protests to the public. so we walking out to support fully any workplace it's up to the rest and to ensure that the right is protected. google employees in singapore and tokyo as well as in cities in the u.s. including new york and the google alphabet headquarters in california also walked out one of the key demands of the workout is an end to forced to arbitration which is used to stop complainants from suing or going public demonstrations come after a new york times report allege that google is still paying a ninety million dollar golden parachute to a senior employee who was dismissed for sexual misconduct in twenty fourteen. let's bring in our man on wall street and scored against what do investors make of much
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of the work force of a global company just walking off the job. now well i mean we see overall a pretty tight labor market and we also see a fight for talent specially in the id industry also a wall street is on the hunt more and more for. people meaning that employees at a company like google do have certain leverage and it's not the first controversy that we're seeing result of google this a year earlier they had to pull back from a contract with the pentagon where actually google employees have left and then there's also the controversy about a possible censored search engine for the chinese market to where also employees have actually said that they're not happy with this development either soul all of that theoretically could have some impact on google's businesses even if wall
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street overall is not too concerned in regards of google and this and the stock price at this point and yet another news u.s. president donald trump says he has had a cold very good talk with his chinese counterpart on trade now do people on wall street see an all of the brands there in this bitter trade dispute the two sides have been having now you could clearly tell when this. actually got aired earlier today that the stock market did react to quite a bit specially companies who do some business with china like kater pillar of boeing for instance they did pretty well also chinese stocks being traded here in new york like ali baba for example picked up her so yes there is hope that maybe an escalation of the trade tensions can be avoided if there's going to be true remains to be seen but overall we had a very strong start into the first or the first trading day of november yes court
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in new york thank you. i after the closing bell apple reported another record breaking quarter profits left by thirty two percent to over fourteen billion dollars the tech giant says earnings were boosted by gains in digital content and service a sole to i phone users the outlook of or is less optimistic c.e.o. tim cook said sales for the crucial holiday quarter could miss wall street expectations blaming weakness in emerging markets and a certainty whether apple can keep up with demand for new products shares lost four percent in after hours trading. washington is toughening its approach to venezuela nicaragua and cuba and u.s. president donald trump has begun by ordering fresh sanctions on venezuela he is not targeting the country's gold industry washington fears venezuelan gold exports are undermining efforts to put pressure on the south american countries president
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nicolas maduro and his government americans will no longer be allowed to trade in venezuelan gold washington has already imposed sanctions on several venezuelan officials as well as its oil industry. the u.s. is also reimposing sanctions on iran from monday next week that affect the oil and gas and banking sectors washington will penalize countries and companies that do not halt iranian oil imports although it may give some nations in a little more time european for firms have been pulling out already and the average people of iran are now feeling the consequences. said the de s.m.c. is once again looking for a job the thirty four year old iranian will soon be unemployed again that's because her employer german manufacturing giant siemens is leaving iran and if they can climb the economic situations very difficult it's not just affecting foreign companies but iranian ones as well i've been writing job applications since i was
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told i was going to lose my job but i haven't had a single reply yet. seppi de has been working in the h. r. department examines for three years before that she worked for a norwegian company but that company also pulled out of iran because of the u.s. sanctions so every day as says she is reliving a bad experience. on a match about since i am no use i've had trouble even getting up early in the morning it's so demotivating to have to put so much effort into something only to be let go and there's nothing we can do. sippy day it does her shopping in the evening but that is especially hard for her prices skyrocketed in the last year and now she has to consider if she can afford even the most basic foods like milk the shop owner has now gotten used to his customers looking at the prices very closely. i don't they want the prices of gotten so high that my customers often
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pick up a product only to immediately put it down again after seeing the price now they really only buy the necessities. in recent weeks and months currency the reale has lost about eighty percent against the dollar import goods have now become a luxury even the instant coffee which seppi day has decided to splurge on today. back home she watches the news the future of her country depends on international politics especially on decisions made in the united states. to have hard money we the normal people pay a high price we're losing our jobs and we can't afford to pay the rent anymore the nuclear deal is signed and now one of its signatories is pulling out i still hope it holds up and we can once again look to the future. has little hope in the european union's plan to develop
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a trading platform with iran too many companies have already pulled out of the country and it's people like her whose lives are in the balance. this. new legislation in germany now allows consumers for the first time to jointly sue companies for damages and a consumer organization made use of the new legislation on the very first state filing a lawsuit against fox like according to the plaintiffs fox wagon deliberately cheated drivers by using software that manipulated emissions results b.w. diesel owners can sign up to the legislation for free as losses have been common practice in the united states since the nineteenth century in its dirty business scandal v.w. had to refund the full purchase price of vehicles to most cost. how old were you when you got your first job while in thailand a group of primary school students are already picking up a useful trade cutting hair from barber shop gives kids
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a leg up on. potential future in running a business and students a discount or. a quick trim here will run you between fifteen and thirty cents depending on your age the barber himself he's looking forward to his thirteenth birthday no this isn't your typical barber shop bump and boom barber is put on by a primary school in the china province of central thailand the three barbers received a six week training course from a volunteer now they're giving discount cuts for fellow students a tremendous side the school would cost five times as much those who don't have the money can do some small volunteer tasks in exchange that saves parents money and it gives students a leg up for a future profession. the shop is run like a business revenue is ploughed back into operations the barbers take home a small cut as do three staff members hygiene is also an important part of the business as is upkeep of equipment and customer satisfaction it seems pretty high.
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and there sure do look happy with and remark. thanks for watching wherever.
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