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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the dangers of being a journalist in myanmar ever more reporters in the country are being locked up simply for doing their job whine is de facto leader also in sochi so determined to silence her critics with a special report. also coming up. i'm going to michael and her cabinet are due in poland for what set to be a tense meeting among the issues on the agenda more souls demands for reparations for germany's occupation of poland during world war two. and spanish football joins
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barcelona are opening three youth academy in china as they look to recruit the asian messi and boost their bread in the region. following terry martin thanks for joining us two journalists in myanmar jailed in connection with their reporting help the rich crisis are expected to pile appeals this week the reuters reporters wall loan and were sentenced to seven years in prison while investigating the massacres of rohingya muslims during a military crackdown last year many countries condemned the trial but as d.w. southeast asia correspondent boston heartache reports it's part of a wider push by the government in myanmar to saif stifle freedom of the press. a workers' strike on the outskirts of yangon. things get heated when
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protesters confront the police. line tips in why is right in the middle reporting it live on facebook. but situations like these are not the dangers journalists like him fear most it's criticizing the powerful which has once again become a present danger in me and mark a risk like kids in why has to weigh up carefully whenever i have to publish a news and story i need to think. three times. that this story kind heart my security of this story can love me in the deal was in many kids that i thought he went to. to hide the real situation the true information so. so they also had already tried to address the threat alone and just only too well the true reuters
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journalists were sentenced to seven years in prison after investigating the involvement of me and maher security forces in mass killings in rakhine state these are the walls of yangon's notorious insein prison back in the days of military rule that housed many a political prisoner nowadays more and more journalists have to do time here not only wallow and enjoy also whose case to international attention there are many more just recently three journalists were arrested and brought here because they reported on shady business deals by the yangon regional government and its head if you maintain a close confidant of state councilor and nobel peace prize laureate aung san suu chiefs three journalists have been released on bail but the incitement charges so far have not been dropped if convicted they face up to two years in prison. de facto leader on sense that she was once the figurehead of the democracy movement in
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her country a symbol of resistance against the decades long oppression by me and mars' military rulers now she heads a party and a government that alongside that same military cattails press freedom in intimidates critical voices. they are lying runs me in march first investigative magazine he says the laws like the official secrets act the two reuters journalists were charged under need urgent reform as things stand he says journalists remain under threat. even when we using our phone we very nervous who are sent a mission to my for everyone can sense if a mission for to me if some official. fall some secret if. it will be valid into the secrecy so i very we're very nervous not only me but also my family are very worried about that's the last threatening journalists
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like they are lying are currently under review a spokesperson for cities party told us that it's not only the interests of the media the civilian leaders are considering they are also careful to avoid confrontation with the country's powerful military. who file that report joins us now bastion as we mentioned we are expecting the reuters journalists to appeal their prison sentences this week how likely is it that they're certain says will be overturned. just well terry it's very hard to see how the court is going to rule in that second case should it come to that and that second trial should it come to that. credit back of the matter is that the first trial was widely criticized also for example because one of the witnesses the police officer testified that the police basically set the two up they lured them into a trap gave them documents and then immediately after they were arrested and that's
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only possible because of this law this official secrets act which dates back to colonial times and it makes it a crime to possess state secrets you don't even have to do anything with them it's just the possession itself is already punishable under that under that law and the state council she said that this conviction is according to go off but the problem really are these laws they're so broad in this official secrets act is not the only one there are others as well defamation laws telecommunications laws in the easily lend themselves to intimidating and silencing critics and as long as they need to be amended that's what critics are saying and as long as they're in place like this there's there's little chance of things changing. you mention aung san suu kyi the former pro-democracy activist who is now myanmar's defied to leader some say that press freedom has actually declined since she took office was it naive to expect an
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improvement under her leadership. was definitely a surprise to many that things developed in the way they have many expected things to get better sense that she and her party the national league for democracy taking power that they expected that things were going to improve freedoms were going to going to improve and things were going to go more towards a democratic system but the fact is that it seems that the opposite is. actually the case many journalists in myanmar say that they feel they had more freedom under the previous president taint seign who was a member of the military or former general and so the question is why is this happening and many are pointing their fingers to the military especially within the government saying this is a military fault but it's also true that it's not only the military because if we consider for example that case that we heard about in the report of those three journalists who were recently arrested they reported on the regional government of
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yangon and that's headed by an energy member and they're the ones who press charges indeed they wouldn't have to do that so it is a surprise and also disappointing for many that are developing in this direction jerry buss in thank you so much d.w. southeast asia correspondent bastian heartache there talking to us from bangkok. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today police in china say an on board quarrel between a bus driver and a passenger is to blame for a deadly accident in the country's southwest the bus plunged off a bridge in the city of chong ching thirteen bodies have been retrieved from the water two others are still missing. brazil is set to follow washington's example by moving its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem brazil's far right president elect to show your boss and announce the plans in
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a tweet the controversial step was one of both scenarios campaign pledges. and u.s. president all trump has delivered a lengthy speech on his hardline policy towards a caravan of migrants traveling from central america to the us mexico border he said those entering the u.s. illegally would not be eligible for asylum in the united states he added that our new plan is being finalized to limit claims at the border illegal immigration affects the lives of. well there's just four days to go for the u.s. votes in midterm elections young people have traditionally been reluctant to cast their ballots this year both republican and democratic parties are doing all they can to secure the youth vote but they could be facing an uphill battle maya schwager reports. alexander vyas is nineteen years old the first year university student and she's from new jersey rather blue democratic state her vote is
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a prime target for both the republicans and the democrats but for young americans like alexandra who are gripped by politics the motivation to vote is low i really don't know if i'm going to vote yeah i want to vote it's just there's nothing pushing me there's no one there my parents tell me no but really i don't have anything around you'd say now you should know this registration this isn't. i think polls show that young people prefer democrats over republicans by a wide margin and largely disapprove of president donald trump that's good news for democrats if they can convince those voters to show up and in the last midterm elections only sixteen percent of eligible voters from ages eighteen to twenty nine voted me your needs and deserves a mutation publicans also know it's to their advantage to convince first time voters that their party is young and but it won't stop me from working hard america is an exceptional place and it's still a young country bridget the president of george washington university student
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democrats says her group has been running big get out the vote campaigns on campus sense the first day of the semester their goal is to convince young undecided students to vote this huge voting bloc i think the largest voting bloc just the most under-represented in terms of whether or not we shop to the polls so i think that if we end up showing that we'll have a large impact recent polling suggested young voters may defy expectations and show up to vote in significant numbers this year if so that might tip the balance of power in congress. could face some challenging discussions in poland today the german chancellor will be in warsaw for a joint session of the polish and german cabinets relations between the neighboring states are tense germany and the european commission or concerned that the polish government's controversial judicial reforms are undermining the rule of law meanwhile poland is unhappy about
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a gas pipeline project from russia to germany through the baltic sea nord stream to pipeline would bypass poland something warsaw fears could jeopardize holden's energy supply. well for more now let's cross over to course to washington where our correspondent kate brady is standing by our notions here in berlin sorry kate how serious is the current friction between warsaw and berlin. well the tension between by then and also certainly has worsened in the past three years particularly since the p.a.'s took power back in two thousand and fifteen and the polish government has been particularly critical of some big major german policies particularly when it comes to migration and also energy so there could be some big sticking points during these talks today another contentious issue that has a very guys come back on the scene again just this week is also yet more renewed calls from poland for more reparations from germany for the occupation of poland
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during the second world war so they said we're going to be some take a tricky subject to tackle today on the agenda well given there's contentious issues there's tensions kate what can we expect from the government consultations well there's going to be all manner of things to be discussed today whether it's economic issues questions over the future of the european union but what's really quite special about these bilateral talks is that it's not only the heads of government the polish and german heads of government who participate in these talks but also their respective cabinets so we're going see a very wide range of issues on the table today. earlier this week german chancellor angela merkel announced she was giving up her leadership the leadership of her party at least after eighteen years has this affected her standing on the international stage. they had their decision ready to step down as the conservative
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party leader probably not so much second announcement which came shortly after that she would be stepping down as chancellor in twenty twenty one could indeed have an impact on relations international relations in the coming years particularly when it comes to implementing long term plans like reforms for example but at least for moguls point of view it seems that things are winding down just yet already this week we've seen the german chancellor holding the africa summit here in but then she was in the ukraine yesterday and now poland today so at least for merkel it seems it's very much business as usual kate thank you so much our political correspondent kate brady there talking to us from our parliamentary studios here in berlin u.s. administration has called for a cease fire in yemen where the worst humanitarian catastrophe in decades could develop a warning from the u.n. the impoverished country on the arabian peninsula has been
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a war zone since twenty fourteen iran backed the rebels are fighting the yemeni government which is supported by saudi arabia twenty eight thousand people have died and nearly fourteen million are threatened by hunger and disease. this is a bitter harvest the leaves of this rough plant are all there is for lunch no bread rice or noodles to be had anywhere the members of the family have to fend for themselves. but you know aid organization has helped us. i've been asking for help for families who are suffering in the war. and the thought of. this family is one of many who have fled to the remote region of hijack to escape the fighting between the saudi led coalition and the iran back to some rebels. but the lack of humanitarian aid and means subsisting on less which don't really nourishing life. now you can chalk i know what this woman explains that when
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her husband still had work they could buy anything for their seven children rice fish chicken milk juice whatever they wanted. to have yet even. the family is far from alone many acutely malnourished children have been brought to have just central hospital the idea and i think she says this year the number of malnourished children is higher than in twenty seventeen. and i think is a different thing from. the u.n. fears that if no ceasefire is forthcoming yet more children will perish now the u.s. which has supported the saudi led coalition in yemen may be rethinking its position thirty days from now we want to see everybody around a peace table based on a ceasefire based on a pullback from the border and then based on chief dropping of bombs it sounds like a clear call to the saudis who have pounded yemen with air strikes for three years
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. spanish football club barcelona is opening three football schools across china's southwestern you nonprofits in collaboration with u.s. company ground a sports academy the project aims to forge the next generation of footballers in china but it's seen as a savvy marketing move to. enjoy. for these young lads the dream of being the next messi has just become a tiny bit likelier three barcelona football academies promise to bring the beautiful game to chinese youngsters. one in the city of cuming has already opened and will admit more than one hundred students aged between six and fourteen every year. barcelona famed for their player development will surely also have other benefits
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in mind china is a massive market for football the english premier league with its star studded teams is currently the most popular league. but the catalan club have begun cultivating the next generation of bossa fans and who knows if they heed the advice of their coaches these youngsters may once follow in the footsteps of their idols. sprinting legend you saying bolts quest to become a pro footballers on hold after his trial after his trial at australian side central coast mariners officially ended the thirty two year old jamaican and the a league team failed to negotiate a contract scored twice in an october friendly match but financial considerations meant the club could not afford to sign the eight time limpid gold medalist. tennis now and roger federer remains on course for his one hundredth career title
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after beating fabio fognini in to reach the paris masters quarterfinals the swiss great seen at the top and screen dominated throughout and he produced some memorable moments including this delightful dropshot the thirty seven year old progressed in straight sets after his italian opponent double faulted federer is ten career victories behind men's record holder jimmy carter says. business is now in bad up old just isn't worth what it used to be his know it we've got all excited when it broke through that one trillion dollar barrier but now the american takes on is full of back below the one trillion dollars in market value of warning on holiday sales taking a big bite out of its share price into a further drop in the stock executive said they'll stop releasing i phone unit sales the key indicator of quarterly success is it becoming less relevant as customers buy bottled products apple c.e.o.
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tim cook blames the poor sales for cost on weakness in emerging markets like brazil india russia and turkey. as the american chinese trade war rumbles on southeast asia is waiting in the wings for a boost in business a shift from china to other low cost production centers is already underway tariffs speeding up the process into danger is one hundred if but it'll have to invest in infrastructure to keep up use where the casbah claridge reports from jakarta. the singing of these caged birds in the indonesian capital is almost drowned out by the rumble of passing vehicles the metropolitan region is home to more than twenty million residents traffic there is a nightmare jakarta's air is heavily polluted as well the indonesian economy is growing by five percent a year but the infrastructure can't keep up experts say more roads are urgently needed if the country of two hundred seventy million is to realize its full
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potential it provides the upper limit for the growth clearly if you don't have mass rapid transport and all that stuff but in a way it does create an interesting opportunity or. you don't see that anywhere in the world except maybe very densely populated crazy traffic then the value proposition of. that only becomes very very attractive. there are sixty thousand motorcycle taxis roads they carry passengers and goods but there are no substitute for expanding the road network indonesia's government is planning to invest billions of dollars in the country's roads. a lot of potential the current government is focusing a lot of attention on infrastructure and investing a relatively large amount in certain projects that are also being realized. the
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study of jakarta is building a subway. the rapid transit system will have up to thirteen railway lines. there's no sense of optimism in the southeast asian country which is attracting many foreign investors last year they pumped a record thirty two billion dollars into the indonesian economy. joins us now from our singapore office how is the trade war affecting southeast asia would you say. well ben you know the the trick war is what is expected to be a long drawn one and so actually they're quite a bit of benefits as far as analysts have seeing in terms of shifting bases manufacturing bases or from china to. nations such as vietnam and it's also not just the trade war but we're also seeing benefits so just the
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anticipation of the upcoming transpacific partnership to be signed as well as the e.u. three trade agreement so this trade war is actually sort of benefiting southeast asia so the example the infrastructure in indonesia what about the rest of the region is its infrastructure up to speed to take on new business. well if a structure is indeed currently under build and our estimates that three hundred billion u.s. dollars is needed for. their infrastructure to be build up some estimate it's pretty at one hundred billion u.s. dollars every year until twenty twenty five but they're actually plans to make us want to be well connected. so that it's and hans lost just effectiveness as well as improve the region's a link to the rest of the world and title is also playing a part under its belt and road initiative which basically wants to boost trade by
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the building up infrastructure but apart from a road and ports at risk there also plans to build a structure for the digital economy we no longer buy in compact loading streaming things and so actually plan such as the one of the project that is building up every cable option linking to middle east and western europe and it has a transmission speed of a hundred g.b. so these are the ways that we're looking to build that infrastructure for the future. in singapore. hackers have seized documents on nuclear power plants prisons and travel networks in an attack on a french construction company according to research by ending your diligence i told and the french the moment the power space owns the whole company has confirmed the incident is still unclear who is responsible for the attack in connection with the investigations of rented severin daughter had already been confiscated back in july
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containing part of the data the joint investigations of the public prosecutor's offices in paris and cologne however have not yet led to the get it difficult of the thought the trains. were grappling with it the response from google chief executives and up to china as waves of workers around the globe walked out yesterday over the treatment of women on academic says the tech workers the dreams of silicon valley to disrupt innovate and make the world a better place of crashed up against a bunch leak a reality the share price of parent company alphabet is down by about one percent organizers of the walkout for real change have hit out at what they say is a culture of complicity dismissiveness and support for perpetrators of sexual harassment and misconduct at the company. at the tech giants headquarters in california hundreds of employees took part in the hour long walk out. there
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are so many stories that we've heard for so long and it's time for action can change real change that's why we're calling this. the movement for real change. similar protests were organized at google offices around the world including the web giant e.u. headquarters in dublin last week the company disclosed that it had fired forty eight employees including thirteen senior executives for sexual harassment in recent years. in london bad weather kept most of the demonstrators inside but some braved the elements to take the protests to the public. so we walking out to support fully any workplace that was something the rest went to ensure that the right is protected for rewarding. google employees in singapore tokyo and many other cities also walked out one of the key demands of the walkout is an end to for stoppard ration which is used to stop complainants from suing we're going public
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the demonstrations come after a new york times report allege that google paid a ninety million dollars golden parachute to a senior employee who was dismissed for sexual misconduct. and just before we go if you haven't realized yet he does have an app to go to the app store at all google play to download it and of course it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world so anytime you want from anywhere in the world push notifications as well the breaking news and you can use the data to send us photos and videos. and watching to w. news live from berlin i'll see you next hour.
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take football personally. i went to. the world cup one of my friends and a rising star in the bundesliga still guards most of moema. you come from. what future ambitions.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the announcement sent shock waves across germany angle americans preparing to leave politics after eighteen years she's stepping down as leader of z.d. human twenty twenty one of the latest chance to ship. will it be a bumpy transition and who might succeed that's the topic on. quadriga sixty minutes on. hold. a news analyst mr bush gets in the months of. us. all to take us out to these kinds of movies side by. people who put big dreams on that big screen.
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movie magazine sunday demi and. nicole because in germany to learn german english binnacle. why not learn with him d w z learning course because fake.


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