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nineteen are you. going to w.'s november focus. this is deja vu news live from berlin the dangers of being a journalist in the unmarked increasing numbers of reporters in the country are being locked up simply for doing their job why is de facto leader aung san suu kyi so determined to silence her critics we have a special report also coming up a family making waves in one of sailings toughest races a couple will compete against each other when they set off across the atlantic this weekend but the most difficult part might be leaving their little son at home.
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i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for joining us two journalists in myanmar jailed in connection with the reporting of the ranger crisis are expected to file appeals this week the workers reporters were alone and were sentenced to seven years in prison while investigating the massacre of revenge of muslims during a military crackdown last year many countries condemned the trial but as the dummy of southeast asia correspondent austin heartache reports it's part of a wider push by the government in myanmar to stifle freedom of the press. a workers' strike on the outskirts of yangon. things get heated when protesters confront the police. lying to its in why is right in the middle reporting it live on facebook. but situations like these are not the
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dangers journalists like him fear most it's criticizing the powerful which has once again become a present danger in me and mark a risk blankets and why has to weigh up carefully whenever i have to publish a news and story i need to think. three times. that this story my security a district can love me in the deal when many kids that i thought he went to went to hide the real situation the information so. so they also had already our tried to address the threat alone and just only too well the two reuters journalists were sentenced to seven years in prison after investigating the involvement of me and maher security forces in mass
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killings in rakhine state these are the walls of yangon's notorious insein prison back in the days of military rule that housed many a political prisoner nowadays more and more journalists have to do time here not only well known and also whose case to international attention there are many more just recently three journalists were arrested and brought here because they reported on shady business deals by the end on regional government and its head of human tame a close confidant of state counselor and nobel peace prize laureate aung san suu chief's three journalists have been released on bail but the incitement charges so far have not been dropped if convicted they face up to two years in prison. de facto leader on sense suchi was once the figurehead of the democracy movement in her country a symbol of resistance against the decades long oppression by me and mars' military rulers now she heads a party into government that alongside that same military details press freedom
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intimidates critical voices. so they are lying runs me in march first investigative magazine he says the laws like the official secrets act the two reuters journalists were charged under need urgent reform as things stand he says journalists remain under threat. even when we use in our phone we very nervous who are sent which if a mission to my for everyone can sent so if a mission for to me if some official. fall some secret to finish in the fall it will be valid into the say secrecy so i very we are very nervous not only me but also my family also very worried about that's the last threatening journalists like they are lying are currently under review a spokesperson for cities party told us but it's not only the interests of the media the civilian leaders are considering they are also careful to avoid
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confrontation with the country's powerful military that report from southeast asia correspondent boston heartache and he joins us for more on the story happy to see you we mentioned that we're expecting the journalists to appeal their prison sentences this week how likely is it that their sentences will be overturn it. well it's a bit hard to predict the outcome of a potential second trial we'll have to wait and see if that second trial should actually happen if that's any different from the first trial the first trial was widely criticised for different reasons than me just give you an example one of those one of those things that bad critics pointed out is that apparently the judges didn't take into account the testimony of one of the witnesses there a police officer who admitted that the two reuters journalists were basically lured into a trap by the police they were given documents that allegedly contained state secrets
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and then directly afterwards they were arrested for being in possession of these exact documents and that's only possible because there is this law the official secrets act that has been in place since colonial times and that basically criminalizes the possession of secret information you don't even have to do anything with it just having it or being in possession of it is already a crime and that's what they were charged for now. she's she said that this trial and also the verdict was in line with the laws and that really shows that the laws are really the problem here that laws like this official secrets act for example but there are others telecommunications laws for example defamation laws as well and there are so broad critics say that they easily lend themselves to silencing and intimidating critics and they say that critics say that these laws have to be amended and if that doesn't happen then it's really hard to
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see how things will significantly change then we bussin what about on sunset she you know she is the nobel peace prize laureate a former pro-democracy activist but some say press freedom has declined since she took office tell us more about her role in all of this. well it is a surprise or it was a surprise for many to see this development really because many people inside and outside of myanmar thought and hoped that things were going to get better that things were going to move more towards more freedom and more democracy but as you say it seems that the opposite at least in parts has happened so many journalists for example in myanmar say that they felt they had more freedom under the previous president tame saint who was a former general then they do now another reason is why is this happening there's a lot of finger pointing at the military saying it's their fault they're the ones who really wield power in me and maher and that they have been very sensitive
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especially since the onset of the crisis but it's not only the military because it's the government too if you take for example case against the three journalists who were recently arrested for criticizing the regional government that's led by the. party and they want they're the ones who press these charges so that was their decision so that that is really a development that not only surprises but also disappoints many so we are at our south-east asia correspondent thank you very much for your boarding. now to some other stories making headlines around the world german chancellor angela merkel is in warsaw for a joint session of the polish and german cabinets relations are tense between the two neighbors for lin thanks the polish government's judicial reforms could undermine the rule of law while warsaw fears a german russian pipeline project could threaten polish energy security. police in china say an on board fight between a bus driver and a passenger is to blame for
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a deadly accident at the country's southwest the bus plunged off a bridge in the city of ching chong chong ching rather thirteen bodies have been retrieved from the water two others are still missing a freelance japanese journalist who returned from more than three years of captivity in syria has apologized for causing trouble to his government to pay yasuda said he traveled to syria to see for himself what was really happening but was kidnapped by militants after crossing the border donald trump says central american migrants who threw rocks at u.s. border troops would be treated as if they were armed the u.s. president told journalists a group of several thousand migrants moving north toward the border had already thrown rocks at mexican police and that soldiers should act as though the rocks are rifles the migrants are fleeing poverty and violence in their homeland trump has deployed thousands of troops to the u.s. mexican border. let's get more on this story with more that's from the ngo medico international he is in mexico with this convoy maurits you have been with
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them on the move on foot for weeks now what are the conditions like. the conditions . of these people traveling about seven thousand people who are traveling all from the working mother. and the rose family the city services people who are really not in conditions to travel don't have trouble. walking with. really bad she says my has to say and they are exposed very. early on that. when they get to the camp in the afternoon the first thing they do is to provide some some shelter from the sun canvas. and it's really. really revise infrastructure that we see and people in the
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night there are going to rain and floods. so it's really difficult for them to move along mark i want to ask you about what we heard the u.s. president donald trump say that u.s. troops would fight back if immigrants in this convoy throw rocks at soldiers have people there been reacting to that. people taking notice of that as a man from. trauma speed. has gotten. the. direction. people don't really care about and besides one has to save us or two thousand five hundred kilometers away from the current mall so it's really such talk and it's every day. to provide the things for their basic needs so that not only geographically the best
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moment it's far away that way but it's really difficult to sit in on the next day. morris with all these obstacles that they're facing how determined are they to reach the u.s. do they still think they're going to be able to cross the border i think so yes absolutely determined to find a place that provides. safety. they may not really know what to expect from the future know very well from what they're fleeing people who are getting away from miserable living conditions with no jobs or jobs don't provide not enough to two feet of snow so that's one point the other point. all. of them combination with this coming.
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as their threats for their lives against any of the people in this care are ok ma it's coming from the ngo medical international speaking to us from mexico thank you very much thank you. one of the world's top sailing couples so we'll go head to head against each other this weekend sam davies will be competing against her partner walmart and asio in the who told him the thirty five hundred mile journey from france to the caribbean will be a tough slog for the couple especially because they have to leave their young son at home. some davies is one of the top female sailors in the world but the britain is about to face her toughest challenge not only must she take on the atlantic ocean alone she must do it against her part of. the jew are among over one hundred solo sailors taking part in the four yearly. and the couples living
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together as being a help rather than. when you're preparing a race in a single handed race especially. many people. really understand what's going on to talk to. position in that way. exchange quite a lot of our ideas. to get better together. the worst part is leaving their son in the care of grandparents while their boats battle the waves on route from brittany to guadalupe. when i go to sea i do so because it's my job and sam to and we feel no guilt. but we have a seven year old boy and every time we prepare our departure the most important person is him. so you need a more present. for the pair are getting used to their new quarters for the next
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week or so but there is always a reminder of home. you're watching news care hard all first we'll have your business headlines coming up in one minute. frank food. international gateway to the best connections of air road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services.


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