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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin the dangers of being a journalist in myanmar increasing numbers of reporters in the country are being locked up simply for doing their job is the de facto leader aung san suu kyi determined to silence her critics we have a special report also coming up supporters of her jailed shiite cleric in nigeria bury their dead after the military opens fire on a demonstration in the capital the army says he and his group are a threat to national security but critics fear the crackdown is producing
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a new generation of radical. hello and welcome i'm the thought she. to journalists in myanmar how jailed in connection with their reporting of the rohingya crisis are expected to file a piece this week the roaches reporters valon and charles who was sentenced to seven years in prison while investigating the alleged massacre overhang of muslims during a military crackdown last year there was widespread international condemnation of the trial did obvious southeast asia correspondent boston hotting reports that appears to be a wider push by the me and my government to stifle the freedom of the press. worker strike on the outskirts of yangon. things get heated when
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protesters confront the police. lying tits and why is right in the middle reporting it live on facebook. but situations like these are not the dangers journalists like him fear most it's criticizing the powerful which has once again become a present danger in me and mark a risk blankets and why has to weigh up carefully whenever i have to publish a news and story i need to think. that this story and heart my security of this story can love me in the deal in many cases that i thought he went to when to hide that will be a situation of true information so. so they also have the authority our tried to address a threat well known and just so only too well the two reuters journalists were
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sentenced to seven years in prison after investigating the involvement of me and maher security forces in mass killings in rakhine state these are the walls of yangon's notorious insein prison back in the days of military rule that housed many a political prisoner nowadays more and more journalists have to do time here not only wallow and enjoy also whose case to international attention there are many more just recently three journalists were arrested and brought here because they reported on shady business deals by the yangon regional government and its head of human tame a close confidant of state councilor and nobel peace prize laureate aung san suu chiefs three journalists have been released on bail but the incitement charges so far have not been dropped if convicted they face up to two years in prison. de facto leader on sense that she was once the figurehead of the democracy movement in her country a symbol of resistance against the decades long oppression by me and mars' military
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rulers now she heads a party and a government that alongside that same military patel's press freedom in intimidates critical voices. they are lying runs me in march first investigative magazine he says the laws like the official secrets act the two reuters journalists were charged under need urgent reform as things stand he says journalists remain under threat. even when we using our phone we very nervous who are sent who if a mission to my for everyone can sense so if a mission for to me if some official. fall some secret to finish my for it will be valid into the secrecy so very we are very nervous not only me but also my family also very worried about that the last threatening journalists like they are lying are currently under review
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a spokesperson for cities party told us but it's not only the interests of the media the civilian leaders are considering they are also careful to avoid confrontation with the country's powerful military. that. joins me for nasa to know it is journalists are to appeal against prison sentences this week what other chances. well it is a bit early to speculate on the outcome of a potential second trial but if it should come to that been a lot of it will of course depend on how the judges weigh the evidence and weigh the testimonies of the witnesses in the first trial for example there was one witness a police officer who admitted that the police basically set a trap for these two journalists they gave them documents that allegedly contained secrets state secrets and then directly afterwards these two journalists were
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arrested for possessing exactly these documents and that's only possible because of a law that dates back to the colonial era and that criminalizes the possession the mere possession of secret information you don't even have to do anything with it you don't have to publish it or anything like that just possessing it is enough so you can be charged under that law and there are many other laws like that the defamation laws for example telecommunication laws that are very broad and very vague and that easily lend themselves to silencing and intimidating critics still a lot of observers are saying that these laws have to be changed and amended because as long as that doesn't happen it's hard to see how the situation can improve in myanmar emerita and thus it would. rule in all of this the full of toward democracy activists is described as mean must de facto leader but some say press freedom has declined since she took office she is really in charge what does
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she do to the military. well the military of course in myanmar holds a lot of power and they have a long track record of cracking down hard on on critics on critics and on on dissidents but i think blaming it all on the military even though they play a big role blaming it all on the military is only one part of the story because the government has its part to play as well if you look at examples for example at that case of those three journalists that we saw in the report as well who were arrested for criticizing the yangon regional government that is led by the end of the by a member of our own sons to cheese party and they're the ones pressing these charges now they don't have to do that they could have chosen a different path they could have said ok we'll try mediation through the press council for example they chose not to do that and that quite frankly does not only
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surprise a lot of people and it has over the last three years but but also it disappoints many in me and maher every day d.j. of these south-east asia correspondent boston hadzic thank you very much listen take a look at some of the stories making news around the was john tickle militants in egypt ambushed two buses carrying christians on a pilgrimage killing at least seven on their reach the city of minya that's a whole lot for the vet coptic long history the attack is the most serious assault on the coptic christian minority in more than a hero. the man known as the father of the of gone taliban has been killed in pakistan muslim cleric malar hoc was known for teaching some of the top leaders in afghanistan's radical movement unknown attackers killed him reportedly at a madrassa an islamic school which he ran in northwestern pakistan. potency this is this country will likely pull out of her united nations migration pact following
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similar statements from austria hungary and the u.s. pulled into also wants to reform its justice system something germany fears will downgrade the rule of law the announcement came amid tense discussions between german and polish leaders in warsaw. to nigeria now where supporters of her jailed shia cleric are bearing friends and family shot dead by security forces they say the army killed more than forty five of their supporters during protests earlier this week these lawmakers movement of nigeria has been calling for the release of this leader. but the military insists he's a security risk. has this report. almost every minute another corpse arrives tearful relatives have gathered outside what is normally an islamic school but now functions as a mortuary they're still in shock. that when you know
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i'm heartbroken that my older brother isn't here anymore. when i'm out on us also came here to say goodbye he watched as soldiers shot his twenty year old son before his eyes the father insists he was an armed and peaceful . i don't know what you saw it in nigeria i'm absolutely shocked by the actions of the nigerian military not all soldiers behave like that and it's but those who did this to me they're not soldiers. they're terrorists. have been. an ass and his son belong to the so-called islamic movement of nigeria a shiite group whose followers have repeatedly been targeted by authorities. three years ago the army or tech the house of their leader threw him in prison and killed
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more than three hundred of his followers since then the shiites demand the release of their leader shake sakhi which was also ordered by of course but he remains in custody because the government still sees him as a national security threat and therefore less has between security forces and his soup. just keep on escalating. food it shows that the latest protest started out peacefully then individual people threw stones and soldiers responded by shooting into the crowds the army says they were forced to defend themselves against a growing threat. this will bring this supported by iran. have a lot of money to do it's. the. group that. this group if it is nope it was a. them are experts fear this prediction could be correct but they also say the
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military could be to blame while unkrich downs by the army are what radicalized almost a decade ago since then the jihadist group has killed tens of thousands of people. before they don't allow. you might push a group to go into into. yes or just throwing look at the history of the book which you would you would you pointed out it actually started as a group just wanting their own space to practice islam. you know and that degenerated with brutal tactics that put them on the ground and then they decided to take this where we are today. shiite leaders still appealing for peaceful protest but in the wake of the latest violence it's becoming clear that some followers like mohammed on us are ready to give their lives for the course. with. marriage. to be sincere i feel santa i
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lost him. but he died as a martyr. this is also my goal not of my children it's a sign of success a sign that god has accepted our work. because you know you can. that was were there was no time for now and now says he'll keep protesting until they release his leader even if the government and security forces continue to choose violence over dialogue. in sport american simone biles has become the first ever gymnast to win thirteen one championship gold medals and she visibly won the final three medals while suffering from a kidney stone the twenty one year old seen here in politician last saturday when the individual voted and the artistic gymnastics and world championships that broke
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the record set by i believe you said bitterly in one thousand nine hundred six it was the americans third gold medal of the week putting a hard way to keep a possible speed of six golds in. and with winter foster approaching in korea it's time to break out the region's favorite fomented vegetable kimchi thousands gathered in the south korean capital seoul to shed extra large helping of the korean calgary classic it's part of a charity event volunteers prepare more than one hundred tons of kimchi for the homeless koreans traditionally stock up on kimchi in autumn because the fermented cabbage keeps well in winter. it's also rich in vitamin c. and seems to help keep up your spirits through the cold months of the. all year long haul on that. if you're watching the
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news still to come a cheese maker and switzerland is investigating with the music can affect the taste of this cheese yeah we'll have that story and more coming up in business. news coming to you live from berlin to stay with us. what's coming up for the. the book is playing you'll have plenty to talk. to sleep every weekend here in. germany.


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