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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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so. too did get. a chance. to discover the i. subscribe to documentary on you tube. oh and welcome to drive the motor magazine on t.w. coming up v.w. environmentally friendly electric panel van kraft. customize porsche luxury on the island of good. and cujo sporty trio wait.
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this one says it does it and it is a genuine g.t. i even if the guy is small this is the pujo three oh wait the french answer to me w. gold g.t. guy and the leon cooper and all the sportiest models carry the badging for a grand three small injection but this relatively comfortable sports cars a big gentler and friendlier than the two all eight g.p.i. . car to start to examine admits that at first glance the three o h e t i doesn't appear to measure up to its competitors they've got two leader engines. lion asked to make do with sixteen hundred c.c.'s got to decide this is a cat laugh when it's forged pistons and piston rides taking the turbo chargers full force so the three. g.t.a.
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achieves one hundred ninety three kilowatts of performance enough to leave most of its competitors in a dust station. by coincidence peugeot's very first g.t. i also had one point six liters displacement the top speeds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour would have been far out of its reach at the same time the smaller capacity makes for better fuel consumption rates and testing six point five liters according to the spec sheet. at first andre thinks he can bring out the three d.s. full sports personality just by pushing this board drive mode but immediately the sound is fuller and throat ear and somehow artificial it's hard not to hear that this sound is coming from the speakers and state of the engine or they're exhausting he knows full well that other car makers achieve the same effect with real meanings this is a lie and when they can or on the second shot at us to. pull it off.
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for the sporty hatchbacks design peugeot's been playing with the color scheme the accents inside and out are in black and red. the g.t.a. logos are also emblazoned on a red background for about one thousand euros extra the body gets sent to town paint shop and takes the color scheme to the extreme with their we're all in black . twin tailpipes remain exclusive to. their three zero insincere ear makes a fairly unconventional impression as is. the sport seats include a massage function rare for this segment.
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a red centering mark on the steering wheel and hence a touch of motor sports where completed by the familiar red and black color accents here too. often must andre has noticed that the massive brake calipers inside the front wheels bear the words pre-show sport of theme that runs all through the car all its systems are tune to sports car performance a trio a g.t.a. truly has the dynamics are lots of driving fun. even if nothing resembling a lion's roar can be heard on the outside the occasional comments that make up for it. in the cup hundred points out the push joe is built in a mechanical thorsten differential lock to bridle the engines power even so it has
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to work hard to keep this lion from leaving its marks on the asphalt anyone looking for a fluffy house cat had better keep looking by but i don't lock it under the stiffening chief. of. the three o. h. e.t.i. does indeed seem wilder than many of its competitors and leaves the v.w. gold in the dust in terms of performance while the two tone color scheme turns heads when out and about it starts selling it online shares some of about thirty six thousand one hundred euros in germany. the v.w. crafter has become a common sight among the many commercial vehicles on european roads in recent years now an all electric variant can take the emissions out of the work day the eclipse to its electric motor puts out one hundred kilowatts feet every year claims a range of one hundred seventy kilometers three. as for it according to the new
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european driving cycle that works out to about one hundred twenty kilometers in practice. a crafter is made to meet customer's needs says dennis code house it takes in all the design and engineering features conceivable for a commercial vehicle was found. in city centers where such classic polluters as diesels are less and less welcome to eclipse or comes into its own it's ideal for careers with just six companies treats people of all kinds and shovel and taxi drivers who clock up the kilometers and turn out. many of the components that go to make up the he cracked or have already been tried and tested in other vehicles. them so much what dennis points out that it's the motor from the gulf and then
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a single speed transmission from the eagle at the transmission spend thoroughly revamped to handle the economy components in quality like the high time each that all outer dimensions and high interior as well as its long working lifetime to. be crafter comes into body styles of three point five ton version which takes a payload up to nine hundred seventy kilograms at a four point twenty five ton version hauling up to one thousand seven hundred twenty kilograms. the cargo of eight is robust and he quit with plenty of load lashing rails in ranks first at first glance there is no hint this is the electric version. that he points out the relatively small distance between lloyd's bed and under body of ten centimeters and explains that even though the. it will drive e-w.
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use the floor of the all wheel drive vehicle because they need the space to accommodate the batteries mind about that he want to bang on. any forty kilowatt d.c. combined charging station it takes the battery just forty five minutes to reach eighty percent capacity mobility analysis have shown that in germany transporters like this one average between seventy and one hundred kilometers a day taken from use records this range played a decisive part in the conception of the eclipse her especially in keeping its list price as low as possible the transporters top speed is capped at ninety kilometers an hour safety is another important aspect even beyond the assistant systems. you may call them dennis highlights the crafter special safety features the door has to be close to the driver's seat belt fastened before the motor will start any crafter starts just like a car with automatic transmission the ping sound and they're ready simple and they
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kate that it's ready to go. full stop. the hill and in think that somebody does stay in. the craft or is a quick change artist but no matter which body style it handles difficult road conditions admirably and this latest version is designed to handle the biggest challenge of all driving in town was zero emissions for a challenge to some car buyers maybe the lowest price over eighty two thousand seven hundred euros in germany for the crafters evolution while the standard crafter starts at a mere thirty four thousand five hundred euros. b.m.w. has rolled out the new head of its x. family the x. seven it's the largest beamer and. vignette measuring
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a good five point fifteen meters long just under two meters wide and one point seventy nine meters high this in addition to the model range is part of the current product offensive and the watch reset meant the x. seven will be built in b.m.w. splats and spartanburg in the us it will hit showrooms in early march twenty ninth jeanne. cooper has unveiled its electric racecar the eraser and twenty nineteen it will be entering the e.c.r. series the world's first electric multi brand touring car championship the motors are mounted on the rear axle and put out a combined five hundred kilowatts that's two hundred forty two kilowatts more for the cobra eraser than for the coopers gasoline powered t.c.r. version. if you. get my son's little ones but they're going to stick close needs of its nose and
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many view their cars simply as a way to get around but others want to vehicle that sets them apart one with a touch of luxury to clowes' a porsche boxster is already pretty sumptuous and expensive to boot even so people want something more for shoppers they were an opportunity to get it at the exclusive ice monophonic toward us to be dynamic this guidance what index was the model for two of. the porsche exclusive monophonic tour has customised this boxster s. and say one of a kind car. so like leather on the steering wheel is unique as is stitching that matches the exterior color scheme. porsche it is
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a new type of show room that has added to the company's global network of dealers in april twenty seventh seen on this resort island in the north sea porsches put together a special show for journalists once more another exclusive model is being introduced . upscale charm inspired the design of the porsche nine eleven targa for g.t.s. exclusive mundo funk tour edition it's elegant design features at an exclusive package stand out. the egg and green metallic bonding is highlighted by silky elements in white gold and shining silver. design alexander polo says miss target is really
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a special edition for the german market you'll notice lots of design mode teams that are reminiscent of the suit is a white gold roll bar and rams are really special. so what's the story behind the porsche exclusive monophonic tour what is it that makes this customization so special. they can get us and i think best janacek of course explains how the company's characteristic values are big. east on tradition porsche has long been customizing cars this way thanks points out a few examples including how the company granted one owner's wish to have a radio built into his three fifty six this craftsmanship is the top priority of porsche he sets as we are called a mano fire tour meaning we do everything by hand the cars are customized by hand. writes the dummy could stitches in the seat of post three that speak for a level of detail that she says that can also be seen in instrument pieces that
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were specially made for a customer from the middle east if you need them out of leather and a colleague had to use a tiny scalpel to cut the figures out and let light through that's real love of detail. good guys go there and it's a good sign of coming to this place that i said it ties with. horses worship songs that are cutting edge and offer car buyers many opportunities to configure their cars design them and even get a virtual preview. of what it would not you have barco porsche germany says virtual reality lets car buyers really experience their cars using a panamera she demonstrates how a car buyer might customize a car that explains that the large monitor makes it easy to imagine and grasp the look of the car inside and out. she moves into the interior to indicate that the
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scale is almost one to one and says dealers can work with the customer to choose whether to color schemes and whether to use carbon or wood action its. name via the flatbed tub or one of the post they call up it could not help to. cut you says virtual reality displays let customers get the feel of sitting in their car. so they can test options like door handles of gazi involves a little it's animated in actual size this kind of thing that they can look around and this side of they prefer light or dark leather. and even get out and look at the car from the outside i mean look at that from about how this is where it gets really says. this is where we can put together the car a customer really desires want to move his kite guns into the air that's out of things understand us as frenched. in addition to models that have been specially
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customized for customers the porsche exclusive monophonic tour also makes limited series in additions wallowing in luxury as materials with modern production techniques to achieve harmonious design concepts. as c x five is one of monsters best selling models as an s.u.v. it serves one of the markets most lucrative segments minus the updated the latest generation delicately to see x five looks pretty much the same making it hard for even the experts to spot the changes the real upgrade happened under the hood. contest three months or shapers has musters redefined the c.x. five suspension adding he can't really judge the field because he has never driven
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the s.u.v.s predecessor's never the less so the amount of those c x five gives you a nice comfortable right it's something like being carried in a sedan chair and it's really quiet it doesn't get better in terms of comfort. he turns the most powerful diesel was selective catalytic reduction or any. c.r. technology to break down nitrogen oxides the engine can deliver one hundred thirty five kilowatts of power and four hundred forty five meters of torque meaning the c x five makes the spring from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in just over ninety seconds. manoa says that a two point two leader diesel test model is fun to drive with this much torque when you hit the gas the transmission kicks down and the car leaps forward but the good thing is a gets good mileage after all it's a diesel and with a little your area injection it meets the new year zero sixty temp emission
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standard. that's true for the other of being labeled gasoline and diesel engines too. and profile the new generation since thirty millimeters lower than its predecessor but you can only tell when they're parked right next to each other the other changes are minimal altering nothing of a c x five is basic design. c.x. five offers for engine choices that all meet the latest emission standards. another novelty is a no like three hatchback. the interior is sporty with more than
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a touch of class matte chrome makes for an elegant appearance in picks up fingerprints just as easily as the shiny stuff. the seven inch infotainment says the really stands out a touchscreen selector knobs and voice controls can all be used to make it work the second generation features a new three hundred. sixty degree camera to help with parking and getting through tight spots. black and white leather upholstery is available. and there's plenty of leg room in the back. the latest mazda c.x. five starts at about twenty five thousand five hundred euros in germany the sports model we tested for cost ten thousand euros more. amenable says the c.x. five is a really good car all in all outside and in the design is highly elegant electronic
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aids like a three hundred sixty degree camera are really practical the only thing missing is an alternative drive and doesn't have to be all electric but it would be good to have at least one hybrid in this election. and the one nine hundred fifty s. the opel coffee chain was among the german automotive industries best sellers it offered executive class comfort at an affordable price that was open as concept and recipe for success and it secured the capitaine third place among germany's new car registrations after its little brother the opel olympia record and the v.w. beetle. that you're sick of as car test accused of our tells is opals history goes
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all the way back to eight hundred sixty two when adam opel founded a sewing machine in bicycle manufacture and eight hundred ninety nine he started turning out automobiles which led to an burgeoning economic expansion by the late one nine hundred twenty s. oval had a market share of forty four percent making a germany's largest car maker but then came the great depression and in one nine hundred twenty nine america. because general motors bought out opel but that didn't slow down its business success one bit i think it's up enough but that's kind of. in the one nine hundred thirty s. opel rolled upward in on who were to become the biggest car maker in europe excel in with such technological innovations as the self-supporting uni body starting in one nine hundred thirty eight following the overload limpia and the cadet the first copy tain also made use of this modern design of
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a six cylinder sedan continued almost unchanged right through world war two until nine hundred fifty three then it was time to find a successor. just as in the pre-war years the capitaine of the one nine hundred fifty s. quickly secured his place as the best selling german six cylinder car in three years of production this version alone found exactly ninety two thousand five hundred fifty five buyers. and even points out that every square centimeter of his modern poynton styling reveals the influence of the american parent general motors lots of chroma lots or shine at that time and absolute mustapha of commerce that includes the wrap around panoramic when she us the obligatory tailfins and the often rather one garri shawl two tone paint shop compared to some of its peers this model is fairly modest opal took on
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another trend from the united states just six years from one nine hundred fifty three to fifty nine the factory ruled out four different capitaine models not until the one nine hundred sixty s. had noble give up this kind of rather cash intensive transfer facelifts. this one nine hundred fifty five version of the capitaine differs from its predecessor in the flattened hood the oval grill and a larger tailfins and his successor sported a wind. shielded wrapped all the way around to the doors even more and shiny or chrome and even bigger tailfins. nine hundred dollars for marks or about double the list price would buy i lecture a version was separate front seats and imitation leather dash a make up here and lots of styling.
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i had a constant crystal points out the one constant with all the one nine hundred fifty s. copy it's a very quiet but very robust and line six cylinder two and a half liter engine and had powered the opel blitz and it sucked in fuel an air through only one carburetor that tended to limit performance by thirty nine hundred revs it had already reached its maximum output but it was the torch they gave the car its pick up and impressive at one hundred seventy do it meters that kicked in it's just one thousand seven hundred reps and made for a very decent acceleration. throughout and bush took. the three speed transmission with a steering column mounted shift lever was made for the shiftless driver and a very casual driving style fuel consumption averaged about eleven point five leaders not all bad for the time.
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in one nine hundred seventy after long and dependable service the capitaine was retired with honors from then on the top of the range belonged to the admiral and the diplomat while the up and coming opel commodore served the midbrain. yes that is the stuff concludes that for over thirty. here's the opal capitaine served well and admirably nearly half a million more built before the war it was a technological innovator has set new standards with itself supporting all steel body in the one nine hundred fifty s. the new generation capitaine became darlings of the rising middle class and symbols awash germany's economic miracle as the best selling six cylinder of its time the opel capitaine was doubtlessly a milestone of automotive history. in the one nine hundred eighty s. opel gave up the navy based meaning tradition for its opel models names like cadet
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commodore and admiral a tradition that had actually begun with the opel capitaine. and next time a driver. rolls out its t. cross and amsterdam. and we take a peek inside to see our production plant in my post screen see and then on dr.
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the. superstars in kenya. those of a generation pyramids she jones. the comic tells of the trials and tribulations of growing up finding a job and love the heroes speak the language of young pinions and give them because
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it's to shape their own future. three thousand and thirty min on d w. this is d w news while i go from berlin to bring in our correspondent of the harms are rudy's and joins us from rio de janeiro we are here to find out what happened to debbie is sonia dean she is the head of the environment has seen it with me if either of you correspondents sandra has a mind fairy and we do have some of breaking news of coming into us now it's all about perspective closer up w. news. thank you for joining us. state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check you with
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