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violence is normal in russia. where putin's petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction hundred years ago. the people here don't have a clue that feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts november thirteenth to double. the. time i want to welcome to another exciting edition of euro max as usual we are making our way around to all of the cultural hot spots in europe here's a look at what's coming up. surreal
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a romantic look at fading images of paris. by conic a movie tribute to the late queen singer freddie mercury. created in the icelandic restaurant and its many to me the dishes. we start off in the city of love paris it's beautiful architecture lends itself easily to romance but one french photographer feels that paris is old charms are quickly disappearing due to gentrification so all share has set out to reimage the city in surrealistic fashion the results are a fantasy filled paris with free floating images there's a closer look. i'm sure this can fly. is a dream or a time traveler i'm something of
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a magician in his universe houses can fly. it's all the time has left its traces like on the rusty shutters i'm interested in houses that are either on their last legs or that are said to be rejuvenated i try to capture that short moment before they are renovated i suppose like that one right there is a bit too much but after that happens they don't really interest me anymore daughter i want to i say. from the french capitals famous and elegant boulevards you'll find the modest streets filled with the houses that interest the photographer. with a little digital help he breaks the efi bones and lends him an air of surreal lightness it's a paris that will soon drift away for ever. before for i've been heavily influenced by photographers like all bad why no nice it should be in place great poetry in their photographs so i asked myself where did the stuff go from that i couldn't
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find it any more and i wanted to so i set out to look for it and found it again for example in all chimneys roofs windows and street scenes. driven by a desire to give a fading era new life the photographer wonders around my new mountain baby is a multiethnic district in eastern paris. the first of all sometimes you just have to open a door for things to get interesting. the twentieth always been off the beaten track for tourists to the french capital gentrification has set in but she and looks were traces of the old paris in hidden by ways. from this little street likely dates back to the. early twentieth century it is i did use a technique. when
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it was on the cutoff control the places like this have grown rare so if you come back in two years it'll be totally gentrified august and your it's already started in. the buildings over there have been renovated already. so. a little boutiques and design studios have moved in with the. in the face of accelerating urban renewal show ever striving to capture the spirit of the corset documenting the buildings and the details that make them unique they facades signs and graffiti then he makes sketches tiny individual elements together into an evocative entity. which you can see instantly whether the house works in space liberated from the ground on his bus or. the photographer's work is also a nod to motion picture history it's been influenced by film starring only
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schneider directed by physical feeling me then venice all. his nine hundred fifty five classic the red balloon was shot and. pieces on just nostalgic. they also tell the stories of the people who lived behind the often decaying for sonce. and you more people come here from all over the world africans algerians chinese it's a real tower of babel interest. that's the quarter strength of the office it's riches. only saying positive things about its where i live after all but i'm not naive i call this building the grand illusion it's about the hopes and dreams of the migrants who have crossed the mediterranean to try and reach paris but wind up here in bellevue. this quarter here also helps keep the poverty and misery of paris hidden. in projects that can take months to complete
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she added pieces together his photographs on the computer from as many as three hundred to tell beings. is currently wrapping up the total volume that will hit bookstores this month. and it is a famous building in the district that he brought back to new life. this house was up in the local park. it's a kind of light house a castle one of the most beautiful homes in paris you couldn't miss it then in the one nine hundred seventy s. or eighty's it was torn down but even unremarkable architecture has a right to keep on living to survive. the paris of yesteryear even if it disappears it will never be entirely lost. and has made sure it will always be just on the verge of floating off into the distance.
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well paris has many sides to it and one includes a close relationship with tokyo especially when it comes to the arts more on that plus a sample from the prodigy's new album all coming up and today's express. a giant work of art is now a show in the french capital as part of the city's current paris tokyo arts season located outside city hall the installation by japanese architect c.e.o. she tawny is a ferocious folded square cloth traditionally used for packing gifts inside or more for roshi's fashion by big name artists like annette mrs j. the jump all go. some two thousand coral singers from twenty seven countries are performing a concert for peace in berlin. the event marks the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war the group will sing the arm to man
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a masterpiece it was composed by sir karl jenkins who will also be conducting. the work addresses the pre-war period the conflict itself and its consequences images will be projected onto screens to accompany the music. electric punk band the prodigy have released a new album and the sound on no tourists is as a price as ever this is the seventh album for the british band since they formed in the early ninety's. the team will be taking the new album on the road for the european tour kicks off
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in gaston. as the saying goes the good always die young and that was certainly the case for british singer freddie mercury who died at the age of forty five due to complications from hiv and aids but now he's been resurrected on the silver screen fans of freddie mercury and his band queen can get an up close and personal look at the singer's life and career in a new bio pic. freddie mercury the late front man of queen but the singer in the bum the subject of a new movie the human rhapsody. what is the charismatic and it magic and flamboyant singer who has a real life steals the show. he just can reach you almost as if you're the only person in the room no matter where you are watching that stage from any row hitting
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everyone all the way at the back of the room and it's that exchange that i think makes him one of the most unique and remarkable and revolutionary artists are time or any time. drummer roger taylor guitarist brian may both also portrayed in the movie were closely involved in its creation. it's a production that was some ten years in the making the resulting movie features an outstanding performance by running a lack as freddie mercury. the story also takes audiences to munich with the musicians recorded a number of group and solo records. here to mercury lived life to the fullest as depicted in this video first solo single.
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actress barbara valen seen was one of the singer's closest friends at one point they even lived together a situation that her children at least quickly got used to. each of my daughters to for themselves sometimes i'd have friends round and they just would drop when they saw freddie mercury in his underpants in the kitchen. and i never even introduced him. to all i had to say was yes that's him so. that. the end of time in munich coincided with a low point in his life. the singer solo career was floundering. the film shows them increasingly surrounded by the wrong kind of friends we all felt we want to portray a pretty nice humanity to train him as a human being and nothing for he would say number one it had to be entertaining and i think you have to laugh you have to cry and i believe people will think it's.
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pretty t.v. and rhapsody takes us on an entertaining journey through the queen's saga a musical tribute to one of the biggest bands in rock history and certainly one of its most colorful one talented performers. were story paintings is painstaking work and even more so if the artwork has been damaged by fire and smoke and that's where our restore garo infeld comes in handy now his work involves paying close attention to detail as well as a steady hand not an easy job but the results are certainly rewarding. head to a store mit has pointed carefully inspects the painting. just two weeks ago it was totally blackened by smoke. but then even fed managed to restore parts of the two by three me so painting. now the colors have begun to shine through again.
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to name we have shades of red next to shades of green next to shades of blue. and they all go together to create a moonlight that most people would imagine as grey it fascinates me how it works you know i think. everyone in the hamburg workshop works in a meticulous way. one prerequisite knowledge of paints and techniques. this masterpiece but also elease moonlight over the killer third from nine hundred ten will have to be swapped centimeter by centimeter to be restored to its former glory. the process is painstaking tedious and demanding. but he is born and meanwhile has an appointment at the gallery he registers every crack every flaw in the surface of
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a priceless original. them on an organ after you view the original in person and then look at that image is a reproduction on a computer or in a catalog there's a world of difference ones after the impact that has this much weaker and reproductions i don't think you can even compare the count everything we see just leaving three pages we forget again immediately the direct experience is totally different disciplines and comes on those. experts need a very nice touch to the story damaged original work in fact can go through some ten thousand cotton swabs on this one painting it takes some days just to find the right so. you have to immerse yourself in the work of course there are phases when you're occupied with your own thoughts to me it's always a beautiful experience. well i like working on the same task for
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weeks. the repetition can be meditative can be very beautiful. restoration isn't just about. contemporary art also. frustrated that many young artists today no longer make their works to last. practically and restorable. even. will always be works needing restoration at the end of the day i don't believe the restores profession can be rationalized away summation for example i find that quite heartening. i'm very grateful to be able to spend my life with this profession it's also my hobby. even if i couldn't work in this field i do exactly the same thing after my regular job. and i'm very grateful i can do it it's wonderful.
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i love restoring masterpieces and accel it says you have to be an artist. your remarks is very active on social media and facebook is just one platform where you can find out more about the program this is where we post lots of fun web videos and photos so here's more on what you'll find on our facebook page. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we'd love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback
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visit d.w. euro max on facebook. time now for something to eat and all this week we have been taking you behind the scenes to some of the more unusual restaurants on the continent and today is no different for the final episode in our series indulging experiments we're traveling to iceland to visit a chef who thinks there is no such thing as too much to made up while the entire menu is based around the red fruit the restaurant goes through around a ton of tomatoes every day they even grow them on site with a little help from an unlikely source volcanoes. these really is an outstanding project a restaurant in a greenhouse in the icelandic village of recalled the menu at the pre-payment restaurant is all about home grown tomatoes and not much else from some are so why
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scream to tomato take to tomato water. and of course bloody marys the concept is clear. one of the most popular dishes here is tomato soup made in served by head chef ulan secrets and the costs around twenty euros per plate but at least it comes with homemade bread. this is the fifth year we started with about five thousand. last year we were a bit like hundred forty thousand maybe something like that and i'm hoping for a one hundred seventy eight thousand this year. it's working well it's it's not stressing us up anything it's all just to have a really really good organization. one of the more than twenty staff members is janice trinket from germany before relocating to iceland the trained business administrator had a well paid job now she shows visitors around the greenhouses and explains how to grow tomatoes in chile ice lands. and if that will be
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via everything it's all about making the most of the conditions we have here the natural surroundings the geothermal energy. water the cold waters of the light the green energy that we use those are the natural conditions we have here in iceland. about a ton of tomatoes are harvested in these artificial tropical environments every day that's a fifth device land's total consumption. as it lacks again and i thought that i like being surrounded by nature i love horses and writing that was the original reason i came to iceland as a tourist to go horseback riding and then i made friends here so i kept coming back and then i was offered a job. here here and i think even. business is booming at the pre-payment tomato restaurant in iceland and there's always plenty to do here. and that of course brings us to this week's draw we have asked you to tell us about
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the most unusual food that you. we received lots of responses but there can only be one winner and this time around it is john schissler from pennsylvania now john says the most unusual thing that he's eaten is snapping turtle poor little turtle but congratulations to you john you have won yourself a euro max watch and we will get that off to you right away ok now staying on the subject of food clean simple and no frills has been the recipe of success for the restaurant robbing tolan oka in the finnish capital helsinki the head chef there cooks almost exclusively with regional produce now this includes of course fish and meat of all kinds or for today's cart he has prepared something in keeping with the changing season hearty roast wild duck legs cooked in butter and served with a brace pumpkin are on the menu so one of fifty.
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evident on the knocker restaurant has been located right on the old harbor in the center of helsinki for many years the local simply call it. how do you do who has been head chef here for seven years. and knock knock why is there support of this this aura in helsinki no question in. the restaurant specializes in finnish dishes the team led by forty four year old rule who prepare what is called new finish cuisine. i want to keep it like a roach on the on the on a nature of more not too much like a bling bling things on the plate on a lot kind of simple afford but very good mother. finland has plenty of woods and water being close to nature is a part of daily life. the environment here is quite pristine
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and offers locals quite a number of high quality ingredients. much of it is homegrown or found in the forest. a seasonal also meal pumpkin and wild duck is a very popular dish at the naca. things start on all the skin. of their listeners and this not not the right reading best was after way a little bit when mr wetherell is a little bit colder on a day to day that they like a little bit more on. the fight this very very tasty. unusual who often hunts the food he cooks himself including a mild duck and what it says ling on his stove the only thing he uses is pasta. we have a best butter in a holder of the feel of anything. anything that's cruel. to bother faced and there
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was a very clear a very pure as this all the father. even the broth made from wild duck but this is begins with brown. this is my of my friends from quadrille call because this was for us right now. the mushrooms here come from the woods close to helsinki. the vegetables like cabbage and corn come from local organic farmers. there are all wonderful roasted whomping. the one pumpkin and the roasted pumpkin seeds are placed back in the shall the vegetable side dishes trimmed with cost cuts rather than pound. the wild duck legs and breasts are placed in the oven for a few minutes after they have been browned on the stove then this stop.
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this is a wild duck on a not. even though it's very pricey it's become fashionable to drink a fine wine with a good meal in finland. the locals wine selloff is mainly european wines and demand for them is growing rapidly. they are selling a lot of racing winds burgundy sharda ness which are also in finland a big thing especially chrome the shopping area and when the dark winter days calms everybody are starting to think all how wonderful glass that's underway. you know because many of the changes with the seasons there are four mains and too
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many. he's the choice is restricted but it's almost exclusively finished. passing he has in the meantime become a center of mean finish cuisine which is also described as a new low tech cuisine the for whatever it's called it's always about the interplay of the simple and the sophistication of the flute. now if you feel like having a go at that recipe yourself you can find it on our website and with that we are out of time but don't forget to tune in again tomorrow for our highlights show and the best picks of the week as always for me my wonderful producer peter wilson and the rest of the crew here at euro max thanks for tuning in for seeing him soon. next time on your own max the highlight shows with exploring portugal surfing hot
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spots in a mobile hotel or. discovering the smoky side of the scottish capital edinburgh. and finding out why spain some tiago to come is much more than a place of pilgrimage this and more next time in your max highlights. of the.
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on. the boat. in the. small farmers are becoming smart from the weather extremes in india threatening crops. this worsening problem not many still live in hoods of many at. the start of casey is helping out the company bill is inexpensive much of the
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greenhouse provides valuable tips for cultivation eco africa thirteen. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair is that. the german language head now a lot of this gets me and make up much needed to in truckloads of say you want to know their story. and spur fighting on for a little information for margaret. that that. the be. the best. of luck. love music
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we. got you covered. hopper exploration to double up played. golf. played your smart t.v. smarter with the g.w. bush more to play sunday more than double dog cost more to the. earth's plate homo tubes of species slain the whole of the worst cities and. the young girls are big changes and most start with small steps but the idea is to tell stories of could induce people into innovative projects around the world blames the church used to manage certain ships and resources should play into interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want them took such a. losing channels available to people trying to catch a plane and were determined to do something here for the next generation the idea
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was the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all modern place. blame bodies . this is good news live from berlin the final push to reach voters just days before the u.s. midterms voters are being hit by a badge of political ads from both parties we asked experts to tell us which issues are revealed the minds of americans and take a look at presidents past and present hoping to influence the results. of u.s.
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action stopped on their way back to iran as promised by u.s. president donald trump often falling to kill the brand new deal they said to his hard on monday targeting.


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