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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja vu news wire from berlin they're being called the most important midterm elections in a generation and the most fiercely contested president has made his final appeal to voters telling them tuesday's poll will determine the fate of his agenda. there's only one way to stop this democrat lettuce short on a merger sovereignty you have to vote republican tomorrow afternoon for the democrats former president obama also says there's more at stake than ever before.
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the curator of this country is we know who we don't know who's on the ballot. while those polling stations set to open in a few hours we'll explain why these elections matter not just in the u.s. but also here in europe. also on the show fears grow over the safety of some eighty students and teachers kidnapped by armed separatists in cameroon faso shakers say they will not be released until their demands for a new nation are met. and they still hold concentration camps all thousands die there and as one of the suspects in garza goes on trial here in germany today accounts are viber tells you wu why it's so important to talk about the cops. and in football the champions league returns but one big name will not be playing liverpool's third on security will not be on the field against red star belgrade because of fears. i think albanian background will spark violence.
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i'm brian thomas great to have you with us americans are voting in one of the most crucial midterm elections in decades today some thirty six million americans have already cast their ballots an early voting and that's far more of the same time in the last midterms donald trump is calling the poll a referendum on his presidency. early voting has begun for the u.s. mid-term elections and early polling suggests it will be a record year for turnout. and it's all because of this man he's divisive and he's energizing for those that love him and for those that don't this election is why they've been seen as a referendum on the man everyone can't look away from if he doesn't say so himself . i mean who ever even heard of mid term they don't even know what it is i've had
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a lot of people say i don't know what big term is but now i'm watching every single minute and i'm going out to vote but the key is you have to go out to vote because in a sense i am on the ticket you got to go out to. republicans our town seeing a booming economy. and accusing democrats of being weak on migration democrats are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country overwhelming his school yard spittles and your communities. like us networks have withdrawn this trump ad about a mexican migrant convicted of murdering two police offices it originally claimed democrats allowed him into the country and c.n.n. called it racist. the democrats' not so secret weapon former president barack obama has been on the campaign trail taking aim at the president's often
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abrasive personality. the character this country is on the belt who we are is on the ballot what kind of thank you. what kind of politics we expect is on the ballot how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot how we treat other people is on the ballot. so out there are likely to be swings to both sides across america in deeply conservative texas a surprisingly strong showing for democratic rule seeking election to the senate conversation with. just a few weeks ago democrats felt fairly sure of recapturing both the senate and the house but poll suggests the race is now wide open. well it is completely wide open to talk about that with me this is you know as having read the head of
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the times a lot of relations program of the german council of foreign relations good morning thanks for being with us winning these midterms are getting far more attention here in europe than midterms in the u.s. usually do what's what's behind that i think it's because we're so puzzled by donald trump isn't how he acts the very disruptive policies the pressure on the allies in europe. the possible damage he does to the political system in the u.s. so we're wondering how he can survive this kind of a different approach in policy his own policies partly erratic partly in a certain way to to. improve the position of america in the world as he says without possibly doing it so it's interesting for us and we wonder whether checks and balances work whether the political system in america is working and whether he's now getting tighter control and oversight from congress with new majorities
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possibly ok this vote being called the most important in a generation if not longer by members of both parties let's take a look at at what's at stake. the midterms are first and foremost about congress and they can make or break a president's agenda republican control of both the house of representatives and the senate has made trump's life relatively easy so far but if democrats flip one or even both houses the good times may be over the entire house all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election as they are every two years republicans currently hold two hundred thirty five democrats one hundred ninety three seats that's a lot of distance to the two hundred eighteen majority mark but democrats hope that the slew of republicans leaving their seats this year along with enough anti trump fury among voters will deliver them to the house so all eyes are on the thirty or so toss ups races that polling data have is too close to call on the senate side
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republicans rule with the slimmest of majorities fifty one of one hundred seats sounds like good news for democrats only thirty five seats of those are up for election most twenty six are ones democrats and independents allied with them need to defend that makes victory harder polling data suggest maybe just six seats in all are toss ups as the minority party democrats have been limited in effect of lee resisting trump but what if they win in both the house and senate they could block his agenda and introduce their own they could investigate the myriad allegations of abuse and misconduct facing trump. in the senate democrats could reject trump appointees up for important positions and they could impeach a long and fraught process that starts in the house and ends in the senate democrats have history on their side as the president's party usually suffers in the midterms whether that trend stays true won't be clear until ballots are it.
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has been under constant criticism here in germany from members of. he's since he's taken office since he's been in office over the last two years what a shift in the balance of power in congress towards the democrats improve relations between the united states and germany with that mind. i wouldn't think so we would possibly gain a bit more trust in the checks and balances system in the trust in the in the leading democracy but it's hard to foresee how trumbo would react would he if you. would see his own legislative agenda blocked as all of those projects blocked by congress would he then step up the sort of internal civil war that he's starting the inflammatory rhetoric the polarization that he's using to to reach out to his base because he's bored he wants to be reelected and twenty twenty or will he look for like foreign theatres and start wars to the outside which is not so easy
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he's also a price rise in the worst to the outside that is quite a claim i mean he's stepping up the escalation with iran he has. embraced the north korean leader but it's really open whether this would lead to denuclearization i don't i don't see that. that donald trump is looking for. a failure in his foreign policy he wants to be the strong man he wants to to to be seen as somebody who gets things done and he doesn't want to go into failure so so he might pick his enemies. at that point in time this might also mean for us for you for a for us europeans that he's trying to squeeze more for the u.s. in terms of trade relations or in terms of burden sharing in nato and that is a more a more plausible scenario ok so should the democrats take power there is
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a very real concern in europe the donald trump could become more active on the foreign policy front and that would include dismantling some of the global institutions he's very much opposed to part of. what he calls his anti globalist agenda on trade and nato do you see that as you mentioned as being a real threat it is it is a threat but when you look at what the americans do they support nato spend more money for defense and deterrence. in the un skeptical about certain things but they're not withdrawing completely so there will be a shifting reshuffling of resources from from the american side and a lot of bad rhetoric but i think on base the europeans have people in america to work with so i think riga head of the times a lot of relations program of the german council on foreign relations thanks very much. and here on the dub you will be having extensive coverage of the midterms throughout the day bringing you all the latest results and europe's perspective on
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these crucial elections you can also fall those updates on twitter it's to cameroon now where separatists come and have kidnapped seventy nine students and three staff members of the school separatists in the angle of own region are fighting an armed campaign for independence from the majority french speaking country the kidnappers say the students will only be freed after they achieve their goal of a new state. this footage purportedly shows the dozens of students kidnapped it was released by the perpetrators. taken to school and media on the loose. last evening. one member of the separatist group who is filming the boys also appears on camera before turning it back to the children. telling them they will be going to school there now. i'm going to school yeah.
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the kidnapped students are from them and in the western english speaking part of cameroon separatist groups like the boys are waging an armed struggle for independence in the majority french speaking country. groups have long vowed to destabilize the region and have attacked and killed teachers for disobeying orders to keep schools closed the armed separatists broke into the school building before dawn and abducted the children from their dormitories as well as three stuff members. the local governor came to the school to meet with some of the parents assuring them their children would be brought back home despite what's happened. to stage government we're no sir and. didn't get. to the next. student in the back to
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run back to the classrooms. but disagrees and then god. the incident deepens the atmosphere of fear and is likely to lead to more students staying at home in the future. this is d.w. news still to come on the show as a nazi concentration camp guard goes on trial here in germany we meet a woman who survived the horrors of the holocaust. but first we have some of the other stories making the news around the world today the trial of notorious drug lord walking guzman known as a chopper was said to begin in new york under tight security he's accused of leading a criminal enterprise that sold vast quantities of cocaine and smuggled billions of dollars into mexico by thanks in peru a truck crashed head on into
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a passenger bus on monday local media reports say at least eighteen people are dead among them twelve women and child the bus has been traveling along a highway near lake titicaca. christie's auction house in new york has revealed several paintings are expected to haul and millions of of dollars during the fall season the offerings include words from ben gotten the caso also among them the edward hopper painting chop suey it is said to sell for as much as one hundred million dollars. wells to pakistan now where the fate of a pakistani christian woman is back in the hands of the country's supreme court is a must hardliners have filed an appeal aiming at reversing her acquittal on blasphemy charges a c. a b. b. spent eight years on death row before a supreme court ruling found her innocent last week but she has effectively been stopped from leaving pakistan pending that appeal speaking at
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a press conference in the hague her lawyers said he'd fled the country fearing for his own life after a hard line violence erupted following the acquittal. d.w. spoke with pakistan's information minister short while ago and asked him whether a sea of v.v. was safe to remain in pakistan given the islam is violence and the intense anger over this case. she is a she has been particularly is. the security around our industry at least. i think we are quite confident that she is she is really a serious face she is popular cool to see and she is obviously not did not do this to be at church but because of for security she is. she's under under security and a lot more on the c. beebies cases details come in here in germany a ninety four year old former concentration camp guard is set to go on trial today
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he's charged with involvement in hundreds of merk murders at the east of hoff concentration camp prosecutors say the defendant knew that people that were being murdered and must be held accountable one survivor in that camp has made it her mission to tell her story and spoke with did abuse tanya kramer sometimes it just is difficult to tell her story daughter of wood says as a child she spent several years in the statoil of concentration camp her parents and her sister were killed in the holocaust born in poland doris how many flat the jews get involved so to lithuania from their door of us deported to the state of concentration camp near done thick i can only tell you what happened in the in the years sings that i will never forget i will never forget that i was hungry day and night i will never forget that and my mother that from hunger because
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the little piece of bread that she gave to me. it is estimated that over sixty thousand people were murdered insta tough gassed executed or killed by extreme labor conditions and frequent epidemics. remembers both the fear and the daily violence off the nazis what they did it's not he was not human you dancer or a child in their heart can of water the learned you know downed make a child. pick up a twenty killer cement which i had to pick up and i couldn't so i was beaten up only a door and her brothers survived the holocaust in is version got married and raised a family since then she has made it her mission to talk to children about her
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experience. syncs ridgeway what the germans put on our shoulders. it's incredible therefore i sing there to ever knows it and when it or ever knows how to share it with others i think they should that because i need that way we can prevent another holocaust it is important for her she says to speak out for the many other children who didn't survive to keep them memory alive. time for sports now and football's tempi inslee takes center stage again tonight chris harrington is here to talk about that from the sports this morning for us thank you morning brian one very important team they were the runner up last year liverpool they're travelling to belgrade to face red star but they are leaving at
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home a very important player and if a listen yes twenty six year old midfielder jared diamond she kiri he was born in kosovo ethnically albanian a coast both fought a war of independence against serbian forces in the late ninety's and the serbian government refuses to recognize kosovo's independence during the world cup she kiri who plays for switzerland instead of albania he made headlines because when he scored a game when he goal against serbia he made an eagle shape with his hands which symbolizes the albanian flag there's an image right there the two headed eagle and that was a viral moment i'm sure many serbians do not forget you know so liverpool and company felt that it could be a distraction a lot of unknown unknowns hey coach if you're going to talk at a press conference yesterday on why he decided to leave kerry behind is a listen that's what you have to play for. everyone
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to focus on that. because the situation people all know better. the situation is we decided not to bring sharkey said if he's old to play a lot of games for us but not tomorrow that's all. ok very clear decision about why he made he would resign why he did this now there's still a lot to play for in this group but just how close is it halfway now halfway now a group c. is this tight is a can of sardines right now particularly at the top liverpool lead the group but napoli is right behind they trailed by one point here's a look at the standings here group c. as we can see. napoli a five points p.s.g. has been underperforming that's why they say their four points now these two teams face off against one another tonight in napoli the last time they faced off p.s.g. got lucky and scored a late equaliser they have not been living up to their potential head coach for napoli carla and lucky things p.s.g. can walk away but clearly he's going to favor his side of being victorious but it's
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a must win situation for p.s.g. if they're going to take themselves seriously and secure in advancement to the knockout stages but it will be a firecracker no doubt about it ok briefly if you could this legal leader's door and also in action tonight against that let it go can you tell us about that yet in dortmund right now is on fire you know not only do they lead the domestic bundesliga here germany but right now they have eight goals they have yet to concede a goal but this will be a litmus test it gets at let me call madrid there's no doubt about that because it's in madrid this competition homefield advantage is very important but to dortmund advantage let it go is a bit wounded at the moment they're missing diego dean and diego costar but according to diego simeone a their head coach they're going to stick to the script but i do expect dortmund to blaze the pitch like they've been doing enough think they're going to win this one ok well we'll be getting back to that i'm sure in the days ahead chris harrington thanks so much for that ok. the u.s.
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olympic committee is taking the highly unusual step of moving to shut down the country's governing body for gymnastics now this fall's bostrom forms following a sex abuse scandal u.s. gymnasts have won a slew of medals at recent lympics and world championships bud usa gymnastics was plunged into crisis when team doctor larry nasser was sentenced to life in prison after being charged with molesting more than two hundred fifty journalists. let's get our business with gary hart now and around shot out of the worldwide banking system that was our brand the swift money transfer system. blocked access to key iranian by swift says the measure which was announced on the first day of u.s. imposed sanctions on iran is necessary to maintain stability of the global financial system during a first round of sanctions in twenty twelfth's with also disconnected iranian banks but later readmitted some of them still prohibiting the transfer of u.s.
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dollars belgium based swift as a co-operative used by eleven thousand financial institutions worldwide now let's bring in our financial correspondent susan talking about the sanctions against iran there was an e.u. initiative to avoid sanctions last minute a law european companies to keep trading with iran what's come of that. nothing i have to say those plans are stuck in an ounce mint mode our federal government and bird in the ministry for the economy wrote in a letter to members of parliament that none of the initiatives which were announced in order to protect german businesses or european businesses against the negative consequences of the american sanctions against iran are effective neither the special purpose vehicle which was supposed to be some sort of bank or exchange allowing to continue the transfer of goods and money between iran and europe nor
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the so-called blocking statute that the european union has passed and which penalizes european businesses who follow the american sanctions and now this is particularly embarrassing in the case of swift which is as you said a corporative based in belgium it is subject to the laws of the european union itself says that it's neutral but quite obviously knowingly swift now is ready to infringe on the european law the european blocking statute for fear of the consequences of infringing on american law obviously the board of directors of swift is nervous of being black listed by the americans remember. many of those board of director members bosses of large bags it's the first day of sanctions come of any of the reaction on the market as the your prize for example.
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well the oil price has not shown a negative reaction of course the sanctions have been communicated way ahead so markets had time to get ready for it also the waivers that the americans have given to several countries that allow to continue to buy iranian oil having an impact there comma booze in him frank. thank you very much for this analysis. it is an unprecedented standoff between the e.u. and the member states government the european commission rejected italy's budget proposal italian government is so far refusing to draw up a new one at that meeting in brussels on monday eurozone finance ministers have supported the commission's view and asked italy to come up with a new plan. the eurozone finance ministers are hoping for a compromise between italy and the european commission without some fear there
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could be dire consequences for everyone. the wise path is a path of dialogue exchange of views to find the best solution for the eurozone as a four fold it into the government and for common currency because what is a stake now is come on current. italy wants to increase spending to both states economy rather than save but that violates your rules says the european commission . it's not the commission versus if it makes no sense the commission is there to make sure that the new moves. are respected because when one member personal perspective it has an impact on the others romo has a few days to respond to the demands from brussels the european commission has given italy until november thirteenth to redraft its budget. unless all your
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business you're watching the news from a lens that's more news coming i ask the top of the album before you go here's a look at our top stories that we're covering for this. news live from berlin there's more news coming at the top of the os thank you very much for watching.
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a wall dividing rich and poor. lima capitalist through. a city where social divides a strong. home to extreme wealth and extreme poverty imagine a city with barbed wire keeping the classes apollo's little three thousand next on d w. and countless consuming conflict for and for
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our country which are. thirty. but challenges failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting. mediators succeeded in reaching agreement it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight the long road to peace. in forty five minutes on the dollar. i think everything challenging first on her make a muslim. so much different culture between here and there still challenging for everything. from a seven year was worth it for me to come to germany. my license to work as from an
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instructor to shine our two children one hundred dogs just one of the toughest. what's your story take part sheriff on info migrants dogmas. this week on global three thousand we take a look at how people live around the world from a corrugated iron hot to an apartment or even a mansion when it comes to security and it's.


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