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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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bialik trends. managed by for. you. this is deja vu news live from berlin and moment of truth the most important to us in atomic midterm elections in a generation built with a climax after a fierce campaign americans are casting their ballots we'll tell you what's at stake and why the poll matters also coming up the nazi concentration camp should hold was a place of pure horror and if the trial of one of its guards begins in germany a camp survivor tell you why it's so important to keep talking about the past. and
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cameron's president told the begins his seventh term in office with a pledge to confront the country's english speaking separatists even as the hunt continues for dozens of kidnapped school children. i'm sorry so much kind of good to have you with us in under two hours the first polls will begin closing and what have been called the most crucial u.s. midterm elections in decades donald trump is not on the ballot but the vote is being seen as a referendum on the u.s. president's agenda survey suggests the republicans will keep control of the senate and that the democrats could take back the house of representatives and that would put them in the position to push back against the president's policies but the battle promises to be tight. it's the american public's first chance to vote since donald trump's election back in twenty sixteen the midterms
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a widely seen as a referendum on the president after a divisive first two years in office for almost two years but you regret that you wish on you that you could just take back a redo well there would be certain things i'm not sure i want to reveal all of a but i would say tone i would like to have a much softer tone i feel to a certain extent i have no choice but maybe i do and maybe i could have been softer from that standpoint but he hasn't turned down his rhetoric in the midterms campaign accusing democrats of being weak on migration. democrat charles rising chair there the after care of it over illegal aliens to pour into our country overwhelming the schools you are spittles and your communities. people democrats are hoping to achieve a blue wave after crushing results and twenty sixteen. i feel
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confident that we will win it's just a question of what the size of the tree is no people asked me how is it a wave or tsunami i said all of those are drops of water these races are very close across the country so in this election even usually safe seats are up for grabs in deeply conservative texas opinion polls indicate democrats better o'rorke who seeking election to the senate could do surprisingly well. just a few weeks ago democrats were hopeful they could win back both the senate and the house but polls suggest the race is wide open. for more on the midterm elections we're joined by tracey when bush is president of the ohio black republicans association in youngstown tracy thank you so much for joining us on our program what is it your take on this midterm election where you're expecting here. i believe that we're going to have a red way i think that we it's going to be type it's going to be close but the
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midterms usually swing to the opposing party but i think president trumps and this economy and what's going on here it's going to take us further and we may keep the house why do you say so because some of the polls show that we're expecting more of a blue way but the democrats would take the house back what indication do you see that that's not the case that people that are coming out here in the mahoning valley which is a democrat stronghold is really really high and they're coming up the president front and to support the republican ticket which is unusual but that is a bellwether sign saying that the republicans still have momentum tracy do want to ask you before the two thousand and sixteen presidential election you had been on record as saying that donald trump had denigrated the republican party and also that he offends me as an african american and then you join the trump campaign team
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what changed your mind about the president adams following the media i was following what i heard and i was not researching the everything that i heard as i should that when i began to research what was going on when i began to look at president trump and his stance and when i sat on the convention floor and i listened to his speech and i said oh my god he must break the system what do you say heard that anything from the local level it's not too much well what is it that he said that convinced you tracy. he said that he wanted to give america back to the people and not to the politicians and that's a very very dangerous place because the politicians like being in control when the people are sleep but if you give the country back to americans then the americans have the ability to spot which means giving it back to the middle class giving it back to the everyday person who can participate inside of our republic do you think that donald trump has done that given america back to the people i think he is
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giving it that it's a process there's a long way to go but i think he's taken great strides you see money moving you see entrepreneurial spirit going on the tax cut when you look at the opportunity zones which are a part of the tax cut which comes and actually identified with underdeveloped places inside the country that's a positive thing when you see people going to work in america we see traffic that's a good thing and we need that because people here need to go to work so trace you're looking at donald trump's economic record the economy is doing well but what do you think of his midterm strategy to focus on emigration as a centerpiece of his campaigning what is that the right strategy. i think it was a part of the right strategy i would say focus on the the finances and the income but the immigration is that is that is a problem and we need to understand it's a weight on our system and we want people to come to america but they need to come
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in the right way but bringing seven thousand people just up in a caravan doesn't make sense we've got to cut that out and congress needs to go to work and do it job congress has been going to work and all they've been doing is fighting with each other they need to go ahead and sit down with each other and actually quit playing politics and do what's right for the american public tracy when you talk to voters what really is driving them to the polls is it actually immigration or is it other issues like health care like education i think it's emotion. leave the emotional wise this election system to the point where you don't want people who are going based on emotion based on what's on the dollar and that's not healthy but that's what i think is right tracey winbush president of the ohio black republicans association in youngstown thank you so much for sharing your views with us here. thank you. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world
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a florida man accused of mailing bombs to prominent democrats and other critics of donald trump has appeared in a new york court to face criminal charges cesar say ark was denied bail and faces up to forty eight years in jail if convicted. the united nations says dozens of children at a hospital again in yemen could die as fighting closes in on the port of hard data the hospital is the only functioning one in the area and is treating children with severe malnutrition the war in yemen itself where he produced the world's most worst humanitarian crisis the spanish coast guard says at least seventeen migrants have died trying to cross the mediterranean from north africa in the past twenty four hours rescuers picked up more than one hundred others and took them to the enclave of. the funerals have been held in the psyllium city palermo for nine members of an extended family killed in a flash flood over the weekend the family drowned when the village that they granted was swept away three other people were also killed by flooding in the same
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region. now some one hundred ten thousand people were imprisoned in the former concentration camp tof and over sixty five thousand of them were killed one survivor daughter has made it her mission to tell her story now living in israel she spoke with tania kramer about why it's important to keep talking about her experiences there. sometimes it is still difficult to tell her story dogwood says as a child she spent several years on the start of concentration camp her parents and her sister were killed in the holocaust born in poland doris family fled the jewish ghetto in was so to lithuania from their door of us to puerto to the studio of concentration camp near done thick i can only tell you what happened in the in the years things that i will never forget i will never forget that i was hungry day and night i will never forget that and my mother died from hunger because
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the little piece of bread that she got she gave to me it is estimated that over sixty thousand people were murdered institute of gassed executed or killed by extreme labor conditions and frequent epidemics. remembers both the fear and the daily violence off the nazis what they did it's not he was not human you dancer or a child in their heart can of water the learned downed make a child. pick up a twenty killer cement which i had to pick up and i couldn't so i was beaten up only daughter and her brother survived the holocaust in is version got married and raised
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a family since then she has made it her mission to talk to children about her experience. they'd sing sledged day what the germans put on our shoulders. it's incredible therefore i sing that whoever knows it and when it all ever knows how to share it with others. as they should. because i need that we can prevent another holocaust it is important for her she says to speak out for the many other children who didn't survive to keep them memory alive cameroon's veteran president has been sworn in for a seventh term following elections marred by violence and allegations of fraud bia has ruled the majority french speaking nation for thirty five years ruled out secession for some troubled regions where the english speaking minority is calling
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for more independence. now on the eve of b s n r gratian seventy nine school students were kidnapped in the eye and will phone region a massive hunt is now under way for them the government is blaming the separatists but it's not yet clear who is actually holding the children. this footage purportedly shows the dozens of students kidnapped speaking into the camera they say they were taken by separatists but that can't be verified. it was. media on the blogs. last june and. one alleged member of the separatist group who is filming the boys also appears on camera before turning it back on to the children telling them that they will be going to school they're now all of us still here. i'm good to school yeah. the students are all from by men in the west an english speaking part of cameroon
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separatist groups like the amber boys are waging an armed struggle for independence in the majority french speaking country. in the past they have attacked and killed teachers to disobey orders to keep schools closed but this time the group says it wasn't involved and accuses the army of staging the whole thing to discredit them the children were taken from their dormitories before dawn. along with three staff members. the local governor came to the school to meet with some of the parents he assured them that children will be brought back home. despite what happens yeah. just to govern your nose and. where to make sure. the student the book to brag about to do classrooms. as
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good but as good as a man in that regards. the incident deepens the atmosphere of fear and is likely to lead to more students staying at home in the future are just one sports item for you in football liverpool's hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the champions league have suffered a blow they slipped to a surprise to no defeat at red star belgrade a striker milan pub called scored both goals for the hosts the defeat means liverpool now face a tough task getting out of a group that also features napoli and parasangs from. a reminder now of our top story that we're following for you here on. in less than two hours the first polls will close in the u.s. midterm elections the vote is being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency and there have been signs of higher voter turnout
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a dime and democrats are hoping to take back control of congress. they turn to do have you for continuing coverage of the midterm elections in the u.s. frank off will be up later tonight. so. the u.s. midterm elections a battle for control of the u.s. congress a referendum on the trail the president's if you. will
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a blue wave of democrats shift the balance of power in what's at stake for europe in the world. join me on the line.


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