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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 3:30am-4:01am CET

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runs today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people he is and have a team that feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth. w. l o and welcome to drive with an e w motor magazine coming up world for me here in amsterdam as we w. unveils the new t. cross the french s.u.v. that's the ship began a seven crossed back and the latest version of the key a seat this sports way.
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think he a seed was never a dyed in the wool korean car developed in germany and killed in slovakia it was always aimed at european drivers and it succeeded so far as sold around one hundred fifty thousand units in germany alone but the length of four meters thirty one the regular she'd already offers ample space but the station wagon edition boasts even more. the third to go five door seat might has impress key a fan says our car man ronnie and now the station wagon offers a few practical features like a sensor controlled tailgate so that you no longer need to stand on one leg and kick to open it and you just need to have your key in your pocket move towards the car and then stop there for beeps. the car recognizes you and opens the tailgate.
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the trunk is very large for a c. segment vehicle he says it has six hundred twenty five meters of cargo space which can of course be expanded by folding down the rear seat. once the seeds are down you have a total volume of one thousand six hundred ninety four leaders that really is a lot says ronnie plus there are a number of compartments around the trunk practical for stowing smaller items. the seed sports waygood measures four meters sixty the exteriors leaves a respectable dignified impression though it does have a slightly youthful window line and integrated roof spoiler over the sloping rear windscreen and so no air outlets on the rear corners they hope when the car a more dynamic edge.
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on the inside key who puts in a commendable performance the workmanship instrument configuration and materials are among the best in this class the combination of the touch screen position high up and analog controls is particularly impressive. ronnie is driving the one point six liter turbo diesel engine version it fulfills the euro sixty temp norm and has an output of one hundred kilowatts according to kenya fuel consumption over one hundred kilometers is three point nine meters of diesel unfortunately runny can't really prove that as he's on winding country roads with steep inclines but the display currently says average consumption is five point eight leaders which is ok considering the roads on. this ford
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wagon is a relatively quiet customer well it does give a louder when you step on it the extra decibels are not enough to bother driver and passengers the diesel's top speed is however ten kilometers per hour lower than the gasoline driven addition this board's wagon kosovo's nero's more and the regular five door model. ronnie. finds the suspension in the two models identical both have a stiff feel that's not meant as criticism personally he likes it because he prefers the sporty right. to have a. driver's looking for more visual appeal and look forward to a shooting break version out soon now five door proceed the sports way it is more of a practical every day vehicle with a whole lot of love for detail. most
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wagon launch choose its new t. cross with much fanfare and a light show at three sites around the world the spectacle was already over in shanghai by the time a good two hundred international journalists and they have started and were treated to the show the t. crosses newest s.u.v. compact based on the polo. while the suspense grew hours before the premiere in sao paulo the reporters in amsterdam stormed the stage to get a closer look a world premiere on the three continents where the new t. cross is to be produced. it had been. bunched underspecified china south america and europe he explains v.w.
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wanted to show that this is a truly global car although tailored to the demands of each market in china it's made for the needs of chinese car buyers and south america for south american taste and and europe like this one for european conditions. this t. cross is twelve centimeters shorter making it better suited for city driving then it's big brother and t. rock that doesn't mean that v.w. simply shrank the to rock or in other words simplify the govt as you. there's a lot more to it. and side with the most important factor explains chief designer klaus bish off is that the proportions and ingredients his team needs are combined in a way that everything fits together large wheels short overhangs a tight build sleek contours all of which lends the final product to maturity which he believes is plain to see in the new t. cross. the mind in knowing t.
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was knowing if there's. a particular design highlight at the front is the way the lines of the grill and headlights are interwoven. the car expert close needs of its points out that a length of four point zero eleven meters places it among the smaller issue of e c a unique feature are the dual lines added by v w's close bishop he said another special point is that the t. cross only comes with front wheel drive since most of its buyers will only be driving in town on a made to invest at. a range of one four cylinder and two three cylinder gasoline engines and a four cylinder diesel are available with output ranging from seventy to one hundred ten kilowatts depending on your choice the power is sent to the wheels by way of a five or six feet manual shift hoary seven speed direct shift gear box european t. crosses below alongside the polo at the most wagon plant in navarro spain.
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their money of plots name once close gets in he sees right out of the interior has borrowed a fair few things from the v.w. polo you can see a bit of the t.v. rock in years well it features a virtual cockpit a sizable infotainment system that works both by motion sensor and touchscreen dream everything is top notch and state of the art. along with thing cutting edge interior the t. cross is equipped with comprehensive safety technology that for. on his system is standard fitted with pedestrian monitoring and this city emergency braking function . in the tail light shine red through a design never seen on a v.w. before a strip of black trim runs the entire breadth of the car and extends into the taillights . that's sums up his
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impressions of the new boats wagon t cross has a smaller more interesting and compact s.u.v. that will appeal to many buyers you can imagine many drivers choosing the t. cross instead of the polo or the golf the t. cross will start at around eight hundred thousand euros in the base version not at all steep well does this your money. in april twenty one thousand the first he crosses will hit show rooms in germany. b.m.w. presents the eight series coupe a sports car in the luxury segment at launch it comes with a choice of two engines one diesel unit and the more powerful m. eight fifty ike and strike a four point four leader gasoline powered be eight engine as a massive three hundred eighty nine kilowatts of output the eight series coupe a is
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already available for order its price tag in germany at least one hundred thousand euros. porsche is adding a g.t.s. sports through small model to its panamera family its beating heart a three hundred thirty eight kilowatt for leader v eight by turbo engine propose the g.t.s. from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and just four point one seconds that's with the help of the standard fitted sport pro package the new panamera is top speed is two hundred eighty. but as per our prices in germany started one hundred forty one thousand euros for. fendi has seven crossed back is the first of d.s. is sports utility vehicles to go on sale in europe previously the french car maker had only built its and shoe of east for the asian market now the second generation
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of their model range is led by a writing machine a top model and flagship for the relatively new brand. that's vital d.s. has been the premium brand of the p.s.a. group since two thousand and fourteen explains car review are underway with it but till now their models haven't really lived up to that description d.s. is trying to change that with a tactically shrewd s.u.v. model one advantage is that it's easier to win over buyers as long as s.u.v. mania continues unabated another is that the blend of premium and s.u.v. promises higher profit margins when you push the tradition i know we're given. from an engineering standpoint the d.s. seven cross back is based on the same e.m.p. to platform as the opel grand land x. the peugeot three thousand eight and others that saves on development costs even so our test card was for nearly fifty thousand euros a one hundred thirty kilowatt diesel engine is paired with an eight speed out of
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miami transmission and meets the euro sixty temp norm. when the car doors are open to the headlights put on a pretty light show and the higher trim levels are least l.e.d. headlights almost always cost extra and aren't available at all in the base model the d.s. logo is prominently displayed on the grill and again modestly on the taillights. andre realizes a premium car maker normally includes lots of switches adopted from a lower priced models to save money but d.s. resisted that temptation the entire center console looks like a very independent creation especially when compared with the show or said when
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a thing like the diamond motif runs all through the car reappearing here in the stylishly done switches and even in their arrangement it's more reminiscent of premium brands like horsham and b.m.w. then of its own sister models yeah and cream you're mocking me paltrow it would be a movie of additional t. if we missed. the diamond theme turns up all around the interior even under the door handles. as well as in the digital instrument cluster on this witches and the infotainment system it creates an overall harmonious impression. that's very sees nothing that much above average about the space in the rear seats but it's good enough for him and he's positive there's room for improvement he can move
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his back rez back electrically which would allow him to sit back and comfort in cruise down the longer stretches. of the vs seven cross back is a car for individualists looking for something a bit different the display for the digital instrument cluster can be customized but only was style variations on the diamond motif for a more comfortable ride the d.s. seven's camera scamps the road ahead and continuously adjust the dampers to smooth out the bumps. as far as andre's concerned the d.s. seven is the first car in years that deserves to carry the legendary name d.s. premium features and designer combined with comfortable handling and exciting new ideas and automotive architecture he's interested to see what the premium french brand will put on the market in the future. by the way in manuel chose the d.s.
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seven for his first official trip as french president. say a factory in montero spain fifteen kilometers inland from barcelona this is what it looked like when still under construction in the one nine hundred ninety s. even back then the production facility was touted as one of the most modern in europe and officially opened in one thousand nine hundred three plenty of processors were automated already a most of the labor was still done by workers on the line who were supported by machines. the very many of the processes have been completely taken over by robots especially complex tasks that require high precision welding the roof on now the factory has
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seven thousand staff working in three shifts. another labor intensive job is the painting specialists used to do a lot of the early coding and leave only the finishing touches to the machines but now the task is completely automated robots have a precision no human hand could match. but if there are still some jobs that can only be done by people among them final inspection and quality control that requires a trained eye able. response even tiny flaws but even more humans are still needed they now get lots of technological support for example from delivery robots they can never get the factory autonomy. some years ago and as in the five thirty two war with information on the control room and we would work it out so if i was in the installation with a problem and i will more information i had to use the well because it's time so
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what we did two years ago is into the public ok where they might have all the same information that the phone for just in this stuff so you they want the problem they can move for this problem here and move for the detail ok so it's an improvement in the form. of people and they never spent all that ok i have the talent i have the details but i don't want to bring the topical but they so why do we do it is in so this is my world where the warchest. receive the same information . that you can see here ok when no problem occurs them he said to send to these marwood and now i know that something is happening and i have to go through the thought of it for the. man helps ensure that production keeps flowing to smoothly and seamlessly is possible. this is another example of
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a president who had gone to the ball they still didn't say oh ok didn't like the file cabinet and so now the month and it has all been for miss one all of this i mean that in this book ok you can see that the both. have a lot of the commentators and we have one both for each calving and in the fight but he still thousand votes by the way this would be so worth it decentralizes up one day so on and now i can actually buy and i have. very often they say but they still hold water. first of all i have to take in would like to go and so. ok and now i did take that same wheats having it i and the information on all the components and. problems are not and now this is the final comment that alley ok with the comment out. i know what's going
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on and then on the phone but i am and i gotta know for the local news is in the server ok so now i don't have to use the book i had that one days on. and all the workers have the same birthday. that keeps everyone up to date on the latest developments the company is also forward thinking when it comes to preventing injuries on the assembly line. given we're so skeletal and it's now more conscious explains that an exoskeleton is a mechanical e that helps keep workers from over exerting themselves during assembly performing movements like this raising the elbow causes strain for. this kind of device takes over and helps workers carry out assembly tasks much more easily. without it that they begin working at six critical points along the assembly line he explained
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it's and making improvements to adapt them to the cars. has a biomechanics lab where the company studies these exoskeletons to aid workers he says. they've significantly reduced injuries and they help see how to improve the production process this is how you and i mean what i do but if they so. he can as a whole the assembly measures are effective up to twenty one hundred new cars and they roll off the assembly line here produce. your view should via road train or ship the dealerships all over the world. the legendary al for a male logo back in one nine hundred seventy one to grease the radiator grille of a front wheel drive compact for the first time the alfa suit the italian automaker hopes the car would help attract new customers and they wanted to stimulate the
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local economy too as our classic car expert christoph bauer explained when we did that modeled our street in car design or rudolph was given the mammoth task of creating the car he'd previously worked under for a man porsche on the v.w. beetle and had hoped develop the giulietta for alfa romeo in the early one nine hundred fifty s. riska made plans not only for the car but also for a new factory opposite and possibly on a doco near naples and he quickly dubbed the car the alpha suit the alpha of the south. bruschetta was well connected in assembled a team of former fiance engineers starting from scratch they designed a compact car that was very progressive for its time it boasted plenty of space and aerodynamic shape and sporty performance there was just one problem. they didn't cut the rust christo says it quickly ruined the office whose reputation by the time
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the first vehicle inspections rolled around some parts had completely rusted through and a few offices were completely unsalvageable after just four years as because staff at the alpha plant spent almost as much time on strike as they did working so body shelves sometimes spent weeks sitting around in the salty sea air and rust said in even before they were painted. the company's quick fix of filling the vehicles hollow cavities with synthetic foam just made things worse it soaked up water. like a sponge producing more rust that was a shame because otherwise the alpha sued is a well engineered car. it's got the kristof explains that it was the first alfa romeo to use front wheel drive while safer than traditional rear wheel drive it can make for dual driving but not in the office suit it's fun and great on curves thanks to rid of riska and
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his great suspension with macpherson struts at the front and have pressed steel rear axle i'm usually for a front wheel drive model it tends to oversteer due to the negative camber at the front normally only seen in race cars once get songs that i guess about it. except for a hatchback the office who would have all the ingredients which would three years later make the first most wagon golf such a success. says the office hudes design was decades ahead of its time with a short overhang so well for a long wheelbase and combined with a steep fastback makes for heaps of room inside and that was head designer rudolph riscos intention it was almost two meters tall and wanted to build an italian car that would seat four central europeans comfortably the body was styled by none other than georgette though john both designer of the first v.w. golf this aston. the elf resumed shape is very
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aerodynamic a compact boxer engine allows for a flat hood and a low center of gravity the sloping rear also optimizes airflow and improves handling. inside the car exudes a sporty kind of purism plastic and rubber are used to create a clearly arranged in air going to make cockpit the lack of creature comforts allowed alfa romeo to sell the car for an unbeatable prize. it's equivalent to around four thousand euros. crew stuff is also impressed by the compact boxer engine with one point two or later up to one point five liters oh q.b. capacity from the start they left enough room to increase capacity. the first officer from one nine hundred seventy one sixty three horsepower out of one point two leaders of q.b. capacity the car christophe is driving has
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a one point three liter engine with an output of sixty eight horsepower you can even rev it to seven thousand rpm for short periods so the little alpha was able to live up to the great expectations buyers had of an alfa romeo soon the car maker expanded the office would range to include the jardin at the station wagon in the spread sports kupang of over one million of these cars were produced a few have survived if krista finds it tragic that today people only associate the office issued with rust because this car was arguably the most progressive of its time created in the one nine hundred sixty s. it was still state of the art in the one nine hundred ninety s. its design anticipated the shapes of many compact sedans built years later so rust or not christo says the alfa zuid was a stroke of genius and a milestone in automotive history the office of spartan interior coupled with his progressive technology added up to great driving pleasure at an affordable price.
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next time on drive it a sporty new incarnation of the porsche panamera g.t.s. . and as sleek sedan we put the audi eighty five through its paces. see them drive it. come come. come come come. come. come come come.
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come. come come come come come the. cutters comes. on. come. the murder. some love. others hate the book six why do disappointed supporters still back donald trump the books two years after his election we take stocks the usa the trump phenomenon the boozy move on w.
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go. bold. the first school in the. first clueless. gore's grand moment arrives join the arena taking on the journey to freedom. in tribute judgment. entering into and returns home. the u.s. midterm elections a battle for control of the u.s. congress and a referendum on the trunk presidency of the. war to the change in the balance of power mean for europe and the more revenue coming as the results come in join us here for special coverage of. the u.s. and midterm elections and another unique.
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it was a human made cuts of. the first global disaster of the twentieth century. the more to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. number marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what has humankind learned from the great new york. as it learned anything at all. is real and impossibilities. nineteen eighteen not forgotten w.'s november focus.
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it is it's ten pm of the usa you. taking control of the. sources. of the u.s. .


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