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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin one hundred years since the end of the first world war the french president and the german chancellor make history with a joint visit of science where one of the bloodiest conflicts of the twentieth century was officially brought to an end. by their end goal for the entire communities in california at least nine people have been killed and hundreds of thousands of residents have been forced to flee their homes including us celebrities living nearby.
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welcome to the program i'm called aspen europe marks the moment one hundred years ago when the battlefields fell silent at the end of world war one the leaders of france and germany coming together today in a highly symbolic ceremony president emmanuel mccall of france and german chancellor angela merkel later brief and unveiled a plaque in the forest at the armistice clearing in. the moment highlights the special alliance at the heart of europe after decades of reconciliation between the former adversaries into world ors. inside the replica of the railway carriage where the armistice was originally signed the two leaders then wrote in the golden book of remembrance theirs will be the last signatures in the book meanwhile world leaders are gathering in paris for the main ceremonies marking the end of the first world war culminating at eleven am on sunday morning
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the very end of the conflict. let's turn now to max often he is in paris for us max a historic occasion a highly symbolic meeting today between those two former enemies of course now strong allies. he's hosting some sixty world leaders at remembered ceremonies this weekend how significant is this bilateral event between the french president and the german chancellor the huge bang with which this marathon commemorative week will go out is of course the meeting of the sixty to seventy heads of state and government that will be here actually behind me at the that's the all for you can also already tell there's a lot of commotion rehearsals you already see dignitaries walking around so a lot going on very important that will be the message to the world but of course what happens between france and germany is that the core of what happened in the last one hundred years it's at the core of europe and that dues to nations can live
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in peace together was of course symbolized by the mother of michael and i get back a. highly powerful message coming out of compiegne it's the first time that the french this french german couple has been there as president and chancellor since the second world war does it gets much more symbolic than that. max a lot of discussion as well about this joint commemoration as you mentioned by miracle him across and the way that this really echoes two of their predecessors can you tell us more about that. you've had pairings in the history of france and germany ever since the second world war that have been very powerful the first one without a doubt being a child a goal on the french side and called out a no on the german side but the one that probably went down in history the most off also i mean so all in the french side and head would call on the german side when they commemorate at the first wall war in one nine hundred eighty four so seventy
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years after the start of the first world war in holding hands both one on the one side him cold very tall also meet all the rather small french president on the other side that went around the world because back then you really had a lot of reconciliation to be done because a lot of people from that time were still alive this is no longer the case and the french german friendship is taken for granted that's why there's not as much a reconciliation work to be done from my call and medical but still inscribed in that history those pictures we saw today from compiegne might might go down the same stretch now colon and it's a wrong you know they came from this generation of post-war leaders they lived through world war two for them european unity this was really the difference between born peace literally the difference do you think merkel and mccraw have that same awareness. they have the same awareness you just have to think about the
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biography of the german chancellor for example going to mecca grew up in east germany which was controlled by the soviet union as a direct result of world war two and in the new michael has made it pretty clear this week with all the different venues and sightsee as it is the visited during this commemorative week that he thinks it's a very important topic what both are trying to do apparently is try to remind us of what could be europe as its worst with the world wars and that's not that far away although world war one hundred years nobody really who fought in that war is still alive but world war two right afterwards you still have better and who fought in that war it's not that far away so they want to take this and maybe gain some traction for to remind people in europe what's really important a piece. of versus war life versus death take some of that energy and use it to maybe create a little more unity within the european union going forward president mccall
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himself i mean he's been on the six day tour of different towns and villages that were affected by the war in france he's really been engaging with this anniversary pretty strongly he has been engaging in this probably a two fold reason for that first of all it seemed to steam and we've heard that in backgrounds that it's really important to them with the sinking popularity that he has at the moment in france that he needs to find a link to the population again so that's why he went to eleven different regions he talked to people and mostly in regions where also you know the right wing populous so pretty strong and all the other side of it of course was to try to remind everybody how far the german french friendship has come in the last one hundred years thank you very much max hoffman there live in paris. u.s. president donald trump had planned to visit a military cemetery in france to pay respects to the american soldiers who died
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fighting in world war one but the white house scrapped the plans due to bad weather president mcchrystal had earlier held an apparently cordial meeting with donald trump at the elise a palace this after the u.s. president described french calls for a joint european defense force as quote very insulting on twitter and demanded that europe has its fair share of nato in california and nine people have died and hundreds of thousands of displaced as wildfires continue to rage in multiple locations on thursday flames engulfed the town of paradise in northern california driven by strong winds and fed by a parched landscape the blaze destroyed thousands of homes their separate fires have forced two hundred thousand people from their homes in thousand oaks in ventura county on friday the entire city of malibu also had to be evacuated. malibu home to the rich and famous but it's wealthy residents have been ordered to leave for their own safety as residents took to the highways and fled
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a wall of fire swept towards the pacific ocean. emergency services struggling to contain the wildfires more than two hundred thousand people have been evacuated from their homes and strong winds stoking the flames. another one to sunday so there's not going to be any really. can't tell you there are far potters in our first responders are doing all that they can to protect lives the proper environment. eight hundred kilometers to the north another wildfire is raging flames have already consumed the town of paradise more than six thousand seven hundred homes have been burned here making it the most destructive blaze in california's history nine people died trying to escape and many of those who survived left with nothing. so i was just coming up the street in my neighbors and again i don't feel led by a. group of that so.
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we walk our as a lost our business in a matter of seconds only thing we got of our credit cards and our bank cards we had virtually nothing when we're starting over president trump is blaming california foot poor forest management and he's threatening to hold back some federal aid payments right now the residents of california have more pressing concerns. and with us from los angeles is journalist jason camp a donia jason we want to ask you how dangerous are these blazes where you are they're extremely dangerous the fire has now jumped from malibu into los angeles city and that fire is burning just behind me here about twenty miles up the coast it's hitting a very densely populated area right now so fire crews are stretched extremely thin
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trying to protect life and property right now the fire in malibu is about seventy thousand acres and hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes are there any signs i mean you mentioned the difficulties there are there any signs of california firefighters are getting closer to really bringing these blazes under control. right now the santa ana winds have calmed a bit so last night we were getting wind gusts of up to forty to fifty miles per hour right now there are coming to about twelve to fifteen miles per hour so that is helping also the cool temperatures here in southern california are actually really helping these guys out there and the problem is that when the wind gusts pick up will carry an ember from one home or one spot and then and then throw it about a mile or two away and then that creates a spot fire and then the fire catches up to that and that's how fast this fire is
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moving we've got agencies from all across southern california coming up to help us today we're not exactly sure if they can get any containment right now so people are still evacuating p.c.h. highway one the main thoroughfare through malibu has been backed up since yesterday afternoon but still sounds like dangerous conditions a journalist jason keva donya in los angeles thank you very much thank you. let's get you updated now on some the other stories making news around the world thousands of central american migrants were back on the move saturday a special mexico city subway trains with members of a caravan headed to the u.s. border to the north of the city to continue their journey u.s. president the military to the border to prevent the migrants from entering the turkish president. says his country has shared recordings related to the death of journalist jamal khashoggi with saudi arabia and other countries the ship she was
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killed last month after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul riyadh admits he was murdered in what it called a rogue operation. a political crisis in sri lanka where the president has sacked the country's entire parliament and called for fresh elections the u.s. britain and other countries have condemned the move it comes after the president was unable to hand a controversial ex-president the job of prime minister. sri lanka is used to political turmoil but president mathew palliser is seen as moved to dissolve parliament has triggered outrage across the spectrum. meant last night by presidents who he says is a blatant violation of constitution it follows two weeks of chaos after a serious enough fired prime minister ronald wickramasinghe and replaced him with former strongman mahinda rajapaksa seen left that lead to an intense power struggle
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many ordinary sri lankans are angry and may be what i say is get rid of this lot and let a new group of people run the country the opposition accuses syria scene of dissolving parliament and when it became clear it wouldn't back rajapaksa they say he's gamble is just an effort to buy time so very fact that this parliament was dissolved at a time when we were preparing to show a majority that president has violated the constitution yet again the country's largest party has called the president a tyrant and said it plans to fight the move in the courts. braman of suffered a third bogus league defeat in a row on match day eleven a lesson player scored a hat trick for gladbach to grab all three points in other results so far dusseldorf thumped berlin freiburg also at home often high managed to squeak past
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shook out one in nuremberg and of course the day's big match that's between dortmund and a buy in munich is currently underway on over one the derby on friday and there are games in life sick and frankfurt to look forward to on sunday. and just remind of the top stories we're following for you right now german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel marks one hundred years since the end of the conflict once described as the war to end all wars then build a plaque at the sign for the armistice that ended world war one. as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the. photos and videos. you're watching the news live from berlin stay tuned we have more at the top of the hour and you can check out our website or all us on twitter at the good news.
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letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening.


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