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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 11:00am-1:00pm CET

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and. the call to remember those whose lives in names were lost a century ago when the war meant to end all wars the last post sounds at the mitigate memorials of the missing soldiers from the battle of the post in belgium one important moment a marker as europe and the world remember the millions who died in the great war the first world war the war that ended a hundred years ago today. in the french capital
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paris more than sixty world leaders are gathered to mark this intent of the nineteen eighteen armistice president michael mccall is arriving at the ark triumph france's main war memorial to lead that commemoration we'll take you live to paris the belgian city of the present and later london where major british ceremonies are also taking place steve w. news a special coverage begins now. i'm bored off it's good to have you with us europe is marking the moment one hundred years ago when the fighting stopped on the battlefields of ward world one when what the british were poet real food over and called the monstrous anger. of the guns
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the study rifles rapid ravel finally fell silent a defeated germany signed an armistice with the allied powers ending a conflict that drew in around forty nations and left some sixteen million dead soldiers and civilians of french president emanuel mccraw in his cabinet and military leaders are gathering at the heart of triumph in central paris for a national military commemoration they are being joined by about sixty heads of state and government from around the world including german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president double trump for an international ceremony to commemorate this intent of the world war one armistice that came into effect at eleven am paris time on november eleventh nineteen eighteen the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleven month. or with me here in the studio is my
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colleague simon young we're also going to be joined from the french capital paris by the correspondent max hoffman and this is indeed prince belgium to help us cover this momentous occasion max we're going to start with you two major events there in the french capital today to mark the centenary of the world war one armistice more on looking back in one looking forward to tell us more. and we're starting here with the one looking back the bells are ringing at the moment to mark what you just mentioned the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh hour right here so it's exactly now one hundred years ago that the armistice to end. world war one came into effect and this is of course the part looking back where we're expecting about sixty five heads of state and government arriving just right behind me not sure you can see it with all the rain but for example the u.s. president is here and the bus with the rest of the other leaders is also all riving
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there will be music there will be recitals from students who will recite the passages from letters of soldiers of different nations who fought in that war we expect that to be very moving and it will conclude with the relighting of the flame of the so called unknown soldier was murdered underneath the ark to trade off which is behind me so that is this part but it might even michael the french president has tried to get something out of this also for the present and the future to make it relevant for our days and that's why he's organizing a very high level peace forum here in paris with almost all of the heads of state in government or at least a large majority of the ones that will be here at this event also attending there to promote multi-lateralism to remind the people what brought those those years of peace that europe has enjoyed ever since the end of second world war by the way something that was not the norm in the past but the exception of such a long for
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a long time of peace so this was very important and later in my call the only really knows civil absence of the western world leaders to that form will be donald trump you know he's not a fan of multilateralism but to sum it up arching trying to get to remember what happened back then and trying to forge a message for the future out of that. and let's take it over to you the first more more battle of hundreds of thousands of casualties in about five different gauge may talk to us a little bit about how the armistice is being marked there where you are today. brant actually we have just reached the peak of today's ceremony here the last post is going to be played by the fire brigade from belgium as it has been played since nine hundred twenty eight so let me show you a few of the pictures from my camera man can zoom in of what we see here this is
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quite a ceremonial moment we're standing under the many in gates it's the key gateway or memorial site if not the key memorial site winston churchill once said about the side this is the most sacred place for britain in all of the world to hundred fifty thousand british soldiers died in each per cent and round in flanders fields and all around in this memorial site you have the names of fifty thousand more than fifty thousand british soldiers engraved who have died in an unknown place. ok thank you very much the media brings over simon hughes in the studio with me simon we see the commemorations of where the fighting actually took place and where the fighting indeed one hundred years ago but we know that there's one point of all of this commemoration today is to think about the situation of world peace today
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moving forward we know that sixty international leaders are gathering in paris to talk about the only war but also talk about what lessons do you think they will be drawing from a business that took place one hundred years ago today. there are lots of lessons to draw but of course people have talked about and talked about back then the first world war is the war to end all wars and as we know the history of the twentieth century and continuing today has has shown is that that sadly was not the case so as max mentioned prison micros got his piece for him today but it's just one of of dozens legion a legion of initiatives down the decades to try and learn those lessons of course back then there was a new order in europe a new order in the world the league of nations and the american president woodrow wilson was it was key behind that and mentioning the american president of course
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president trump is that the focus of many people's concerns here in europe today the way that he's disrupting the international order so. what lessons will they seek to learn well from the european perspective certainly how can we cooperate better in these uncertain times and ensure peace in the future we were looking right now at live pictures we can see the fridge president and the german chancellor among world leaders now arriving for this centenary commemoration you see them right there. it's hard to actually make out there some other faces because of all of the. simon how much fear is there today the. one hundred years ago or being. you know you talk about for example u.s. president. and he's not going to be at the peace form later today and there is
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a rejection today of multilateralism the multi-lateralism that many say is responsible for the peace that we have enjoyed now for so many decades well i think you're right it's crumbling in some places it isn't of course the european union project which was really born out of the second world war but the second world war was arguably a direct result of the first world war. you know that tradition of international cooperation in europe continues and countries like germany of course continue to and france i should cite particularly is the the stand at the center of the european union project even in these times of brics it when the united kingdom is a major european country is taking a different path so there are concerns but for instance we saw yesterday those unprecedented images of the president. at the site where the german
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defeat in the first world war was signed in that railway carriage near paris you know. that a sign that you know reconciliation between those two nations at least has come a very long way and it forms the foundation of the european unity the most obviously expressed by the european union and it's important to that if you're doing a comparison of how geopolitics were one hundred years ago compared to today a fundamental difference is the german french alliance and friendship today that did not exist one hundred years ago. absolutely and of course in many ways it was that animosity between france and the german reich. that was one of the key. the key factors which launched the first world
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war indeed the whole european map all of the powers that were hostile to one another russian empire. the prussians in the area and these these empires that actually have been swept away by history. those nationalisms which which were really the kind of the essential starting point for the first world war to happen and you know those nationalisms were date until relatively recently until we've seen you know the rise of nationalists and population in different places in europe in recent years and and that i think is concentrating many people's minds in paris and around europe today and we're seeing these live pictures if you're just joining us now you're looking at live pictures from paris at the arc of triumph and you're seeing there the german
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chancellor along with the french president. to his right is his wife standing there you can see her they are gathering for these commemoration of events which are scheduled to get underway at any moment now let me go back to get. to ask you there were you are in belgium and has this sense of learning from the past how much. how present is that where you are when you've covered the events leading up to today you also covered the events four years ago when the commemoration of events were held to mark the beginning of the first world war so talk to me a little bit about lessons learned do you do you see. hear that mentioned time and time again. absolutely brand what i can tell you is that i've talked to a number of people here this morning there was a huge poppy parade going through the town with a lot of military from the u.k.
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but also with belgium representatives here and over all this is for for belgium this is not only a comment aeration off the people who have died in the second world war but this is also a celebration of the european project of the if you want solutions for the future for the children many people here said to me you know what we have to take away from this is mainly that there can be reconsideration now one has to understand that unlike france this in belgium has never been referred to as the great war so you never had this country all take identification was something that united and nation as it did for from those in belgium for belgium this was mainly a meaningless killing of people which which means for. belgium was mainly. regarded as as from that from the german side just as a step or an army that stopped their march towards passage paris coming from
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germany. and max in paris let me ask you drawing these lessons from a hundred years ago. what is the role of french president macron today he really is trying to position himself as a leader in making sure that the lessons of one hundred years ago are not only remembered but are also put into practice is an. a minimum i call embarked on an unprecedented tour of world war one memorial sites this week he started on sunday last sunday in strasbourg and then he went to eleven different departments those that were hardest hit by world war one and some of those by the way are coincidentally also departments where he's facing a lot of trouble where the right wing populists are very strong so you get what
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he's trying to do first of all he's trying to get the remembering intensive remembrance going all over the country at the same time talking to the people there that are not happy about what he's doing so again trying to build that are between the past and the present it didn't really work in some places it was sort of a hybrid situation he was sometimes in facing a lot of criticism and that kind of blew away the the yet in syria that you would expect for something like this commemorating an event like world war one but one thing's for certain he's put a lot of time and a lot of energy in it and this right behind me where all the heads of state in government have now arrived at the heart to charm was supposed to be the culmination of this whole week and like i said earlier he's really trying to get something out of it for the president out of this remembering that's why he's taking off this piece for later on in paris and it's a very high level meeting with a lot of heads of state and government with the u.n.
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secretary general and you can say that it's getting the best possible start we'll have to see in the coming years if it will really stick around like others let's say for example the munich security conference or the world economic forum in davos you know that's a good point to make it's been reported that he's trying to make this piece for him some something equivalent to what we see with the the davos the world economic forum in davos and the munich security conference he wants it to be at that level on the burmese to be seen if you'll. that if you're just joining us we are watching . for the centenary of the one thousand eight hundred armistice day one hundred years ago today the armistice was signed which ended the first world war you see right now live pictures of the u.s. president donald trump and the first lady. arriving along with other heads of state you have come together for this commemoration you can also you see the french
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president you can see in the background there is the canadian prime minister. the u.s. president. he is generating a bit of headlines in the last twenty four hours. one reason he was not the events yesterday because the white house says because the weather was inclement but he is also not staying for the peace for which president. it has organized and is hosting what does that tell. well i think. trump is somehow out of step with many of the leaders gathered here and this is a huge gathering of. he stands. in line at the moment but actually out of line on so many things in the. i mean i
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can understand frankly the optics that he thinks he's sending by flying away from from an international peace forum when it would have been a few extra hours for him to at least give it his blessing it was reported. conversation in october and. president did not even mention the piece for the president which insinuates she thought that not to have the u.s. president. i would presume to to peer into the mind but i but i do know that there has been this falling out yet again over the question of military cooperation in europe and. president. has put forward again in the last few days the idea of a european. cheese something that has been proposed
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a number of times and. i would say he suggested that it might be needed not just against countries like russia or china against the united states it's been said by the i think that he was he was misinterpreted with that but the point is that donald trump took exception to that of course the key from the american point of view is that what guarantees peace in europe is nato and what guarantees nato is united states money and he wants the thought is to pay out more. these live pictures now we just saw the russian president vladimir putin he just arrived and the the irony is mr mccone has invited some world leaders. whose interest it is not to see the european union succeed and. mr putin is one of those and yet he's going to be at this peace for starting later
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today well indeed of course russia is a european power russia needs to be brought in from to any such international project i mean i would say that the the outlines the ng's in the methods of this peace for completely up in the air and it will be interesting to see later on when . there is among the opening that event what she has to say and how she how she sort of gives it direction but of course people like. me already present everyone believes attending today's ceremonies you know these are people who are there by virtue of the fact that the empire has that succeeded the nation's no one now hades competence in the war and you know if you're asking the question have the lessons of that time been learned well we have we have hostility we have
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open tensions and that makes some people feel uncomfortable and others would say well you know i mean if we didn't have the tensions we wouldn't need these programs in these forums in these dialogues to you know it's a result of them so. the presence of blood to be approaching at this event at this peace for later today does that tell us that the the attempts by the west to to punish him if you will for for example for the. for example or for the suspicion that that he knew about the chemical weapons attacks on british soil earlier this year those attempts have. not achieved what the western powers wanted to achieve and he is there standing alongside mr yeah i don't i don't know that it would be possible not to have invited him. to this event. given for the reason that i mentioned that russia is obviously
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a country that. you know he citizens lost lives and that's really what we are commemorating here. but you know again and again the international community the european community who have looked for ways to send that message that it believes in the basin in crimea is unacceptable and that they will not let that go. if you're just joining us you are watching live images from paris the ceremony for the since entering of the nineteen eighteen armistice marking the day today one hundred years ago when the armistice was signed which ended the what was known then as the great war but became known as the first world war let's go to max it's nice to have max with this next on i assume you can see the same thing that we can see can you talk a little bit through about what is happening right now can you see president macro
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at the moment we we have at the moment we have. the president in my room a caller on the ring the troops and as they're playing the must see is so the french national anthem in front of the arc to turn off. this is the part. where a minute and i call it like i said is honoring the troops going around the alex it's real and if you know your military history in france then you can see the different parts that are represented of the army of the military here later on then the musci is has just ended as i may add later on we will have recitals from students. from different parts of france that will recite from from letters that were written from soldiers of different nationalities that fought in world war want to. some of those recitals and it's interesting because the two parts it's you have
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very different perspectives depending which country those soldiers belong to for example you have german recitals you have also of course french ones in there and the other part is that it's of course extremely moving to think that now you know if you went back in time one hundred years now they would have stopped fighting after four years of what most here in france think was the most horrible and intense war ever to be fought on french french soil the difference of course between world war one and world war two being that most of this was fought on belgian and french more than friends especially seoul and world war two in the end was fought on on german soil that was the main difference that's why you have this difference of remembering that's why it's called that gone the other great war here in france and the germans have a much much closer or a much more haunted memory of world war two because course it was ended on on
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german soil so we'll also have music here brant later on for example from johanns a bus that we will also hear the famous boldero and it will end by the relighting of the flame above the grave of the unknown soldier which is who was worried underneath the octave tween off which is a story an incredible story in itself back then. the idea was born after world war one two to honor all those that you just couldn't identify but you knew they were french soldiers after world war one and then they had a choice of eight different unknown soldiers and one of them was going to be burdened in the theater it's going off and they were chosen by another soldier who you know stood in front of those eight coffins and chose one of them and of course because he's unknown we don't know at all who this person is not but the flame that's above his grave has been. relighted every evening ever sets a goal. and if you are joining us right now we're watching live pictures of the
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ceremony for this incident of the nineteen eighteen armistice my original one hundred years ago. on this day in one thousand eight hundred the first world war ended let's just listen in now as the ceremony gets underway should mark one of. omo.
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oh. and if you're just joining us now you're watching the gobi a news special live coverage of the ceremony for the centenary of the nineteen eighteen armistice the armistice which marked the end of the first world war one hundred years ago today the french president in my remarks long taking his seat now
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with the official gallery just completed what was the national of the french portion of this commemoration and more marks now the beginning of the internet. little ceremony it's important to note that said the majority of countries which sent troops or workers for that matter to the western front of the first world war are represented at the highest state level of the arc of triumph today we've got about sixty world leaders and it's and as you see right there the french president the u.s. president the russian president you can see the canadian prime minister there all the way at the back of your monitor. and international kind of. international event. and it comes at a time to. maybe we can ask max about this this is
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a time max when emanuel microland at home. very unpopular. but on the international stage he still has some capital some political capital that he can use doesn't e. yes spread but if there was a time you know to to listen to what's happening i think this would be a good time because what we have is you know the famous cello player playing. sarah palin from the cello suite of you lots of us so i would suggest we listen in a little bit if you don't mind yellow thing let's do that fine you can see maybe i think you could actually get a better view where you are then but now we see our cameras are taking notice and we can see you know your mom performing let's listen to it.
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let me know if i'm just going. to have to pay out and i get. movies to play from shift to. funny as it is tell me this is fifty pieces this and that twenty question or sabbat in their media look. out and say these and you can't take us ten times until no measure out of that they don't have kind of made up to this from dulce. and i yeah come on
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team one you decision. dalmiya. started off all said you're just talking to my she said no vomit to snuff songs that we as. live leaves like our viewers use to check up with you know where to start is just i think ideal weapon for the november one thousand eight years later multiple console churchill and i worked for him and by a woman in there being read by his high school students in your phrase age english yeah my chinese and german just what were listen cute what did i do you know mr sibal you fall to the t.v. no fall yeah sure why you could i johnny depict. his what the dream is just an old night there now i realized that i was putting on myself the struggle will continue to vest still going to. fall but will still be spilt because i measure school much more than any tribe who gets that the war it's finally over. we will not take them
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up again. i still have a lot of anger to spell on this point but. there's a trim on the body there at the end the only bullets it's been issued it's over. testimony of a british soldier charles neville artillery officer. my darling parents today has been perfect the wonderful we got news of the obvious this i hope last night this morning i got ten minutes to sort out to the top of a grand parade and describe moans so i got everybody i could let my hands on to scrub the mud off the streets were packed with wildly cheering civilians checking up and carry on only like a foreigner can. all the streets and the square was a blaze of color mostly of course the bell and colors red yellow and dark
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union jacks french flags american flags in fact every conceivable flag of the allies. nor divonne paws on. it when you're like kind of result the point is one thing you can change plans that you agree on tiptoe tongil one child see. e.g. tele hall who. toshi been so they know. it's a tele call who. kosher bins are you pay. sure to fill its own tell you send him. taunt simply taunts the. launches to you she she actually says good. good to you josh and she even says if i shall hope
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to what. five thousand five hundred seemed to slow down to show home. to. now. just. because it was a one day course no washo sure why chung show hall so watch no one. chances are just the thing you could sit through this is c c fellas this year puts it in the class the failure so close in on says john cho call hall to china you.
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mood louis move .
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the air. i did what he said for three thirty second division nov eleventh one thousand nine hundred in the parade where hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the us england canada france australia italy and economies. each
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soldier had arms full of french girls some prying other slack. each girl had to kiss every so. each soldier had his arms full of french girls some crying other slack. each girl had to kiss every soldier before she would let him pass. there is no where on earth i would rather be today than just where i am. i have had many an old french couple come up to me crying like children seeing you grand americans you have done this for us. i only hope. the soldiers who died for this cause are looking down upon the world today. the whole world there's this moment oh. real joy. to the
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heroes are not here to help enjoy it. and take them off just about. their peak ists and. this is us to understand that not as good soldiers there because the war is over the noon hour we will eat. we will never have to come back this time summed up above them and the standby of not is nothing but i'm not standing side by side and there's we gaze into the distance a light fog you know curves it just rolls over the ground and we can clearly see the line about his intrench is that i did for him one hundred one times fear the sleep. one sets and now
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a bonafide just so with all of this is going to be done for hives that estrus simply sit the seedings behind his gradually one think of the fears that are specific i feel that in our time everything will have disappeared and disappeared to the point that one might believe it never existed how can we comprehend this and we who are here who should laughing crying out for joy feel heaviness in our stop. no. need. to mind as june fourth is this just a mistake he's been. led to his cecille self to. share. of them washing my face and i started to shoot was icky as a rookie would want them for years as it is that far as to my you're learning these
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incredible news leaks our son that would hear the bells to ring out while they find that i'm sick with happiness i cannot write. just some of them something desperately with joy. shine measuring the poor for yet another name as her express is all doctors just enormous emotion there is joy of this first day of the armistice. soonish good to help people because to the very depths of my being sick false and this incredible thought. john doe not one more time i will follow. truly country immense lead to the front in the silent six years. we have shall see nothing but silence. the boys our great tears. as i think this is our love for.
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the kid you know three time grammy award winner time magazine calls her the first african diva the guardian newspaper named to one of the hundred most influential women in the world she was recently awarded amnesty international's in basad of conscious progress and now the keynote address from the french president mr mango macro mr mccrone now taking to the podium.
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to say it's not. just going to get all the to be able to get city. so not a new city. just fairness to cease fire ted aside a couple on the morning get city. so not in the city. this is a limit on. the edges of the field to qualify he says to deify not to moan that all this let him possible to believe fund all that there was no one straight to believe but amnesty in the anti visitors'. pieces they don't own the body not just some of your most. it's kind of avoided in fact out in the trenches at forty the bells
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don't. send the message across. the country on the eve of the november i'll say it's eleven o'clock in the morning if the. song don't one hundred years ago tonight will surely. come. the fall is the exact hour in paris. all france c sixty four simply hear the bells ringing as we had to ring across the entire country today for the fun back then it's widely advertised as. a for long and dreadful and devastating years of combat just don't get it but. i had them yes was not ted says you'll send me before you ever get. and tried full wars continue each car away for years and then subsequently put here on c.n.n.
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which that same day the friendship of it i think that allen celebrated their victory it's a good bit to pull off but he had photos he put in the land and they had fought for freedom because some people said not to be sixty feet it makes every possible sacrifice for pat you and i had gone to tremendous suffering they had gone through a hell of a something which no one can really imagine. divil you on a stone you must take fail with me like nicety most cultish to come but i think this would still be illegal to get sole chairs i think this is all ga from france and its religious also present people from our contribution not only empire and from all over the world for france represents everything it was beautiful sure the world is a tradition there. was someone who dies with the last ten minutes just before the damn list has a pretty. much of it in there. is such
11:54 am
a shame on us the carnage something we had sold risked in promise to personally look at it from you can't be limited can't pass a country we had to call her nobody knew that drilling or in the american shopping thank you for me who died in the very first few weeks shows if. she's. from russia in two days and all of the others to please all of the many many others. ok to those others who are our fallen they don't really know we should shut communion on the can rates their names on every organ or else. from corsicana look using force to the balance of what you just spend your weekend potions to the spanish part of one single friends the countryside of the city all the classes the colorists fail could it all mean everyone separate side by side
11:55 am
and that heroism. is what has made us want to support us show just those four years and europe was on the back of committing suicide at the time ten times humanity had plunged into the lap or red flag of this and i say let's come into hell that swept up all of those who were five take on all sides and of all nationalities. bit of east. after. this the track people kind of those who had been killed. those who had vanished the search for a missing combat us those who were wounded and injured in france but across. all the other countries as well families waited in vain come months. for their
11:56 am
husbands yes brothers fiancés of song. you to stroll their relatives out to return these amazing. women struggles to. ten million for talent say is six million. and your church three million which seem to often up six million orphans. millions and millions of a lecture series one billion shells fired in france. and that was in france a lot of the police you could come but don't have it took to the world discovered dreadful to see the numbers of tests. and the tears at the time were placed by the cheers of the survivors don't even know about the entire world to come and. take up arms across france from all over the country and from all over so
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when we are trying to trace our ally and they came to fight and places his name they don't leave nine villages whose name we did not know from across the seas to miss you people all over the world she talks of the stench of the shell trenches the tesselation of the battlefield the cries of. that night the destruction of flourishing landscapes when nothing was left but the burnt out skeletons of the trees. many of those who returned had lost their youth their they'd lost their ideals. they'd lost their taste for life it if you like many were disfigured are blinded. i had lost limbs if i could say thank you. shifted oh no sheeple no don't don't i'm into effect
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question were plunged into the same song of songs. sixty nine thousand yes some. one thousand one hundred years ago seems like a long long period of time and yet in many ways it was yesterday just don't did it take to foster city week but i brought over if you don't succumb planned in france with a must read harald i've seen the fields of the battlefields which by the land and the sun is still great have seen villages which were devastated mostly pushed no longer soldiers with inhabitants to be built and today stand by stand when they bear witness to the madness of humankind i've seen many that he did notify monuments across the country memorials along let's have names of friends run alongside foreigners came to die in france. i saw places only from there
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all the soldiers. in coming or grapes. where's the. french and german soldiers makes i saw this if you don't which people as who in this dreadful place still winter had killed each other just to gain a few meters of gas the traces of that war jimmy us have never been my tyrants reforms not in france but you more you know in nor in europe nor the middle east and nor in the memory of human beings all over the world no no let us remember. that has never forget honestly feel this the second feasts remember those sacrifices calls us to be worthy of those who died for us died for us to be able to live freely not often when you are sick you give it to the. plastics you let us hold high spirit these ideals of admiration of france.
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generous nation as a project if it's france as the bear i fear personal values expected tarka hours that was the exact opposite of national and who is on duty a country looking just a small interest school patriotism is an extract opposite of nationalism disunity its own nationalism is a sense of betrayal of a patriotism when you say our interests whereas in french about the author's defeat that so destroys security has carried the nation to be the greatest it is it destroys its moral values not as what makes a country great its moral values that history members a cook book. claims to have state trained one hundred years ago to the time the something this year not from. some parliament i must say years
12:01 pm
before the most hideous. was played out on. the. left thumb buttons for pretend. so. what is right see we will. only struggle for what hewas right to cease with years of support such that. we are honoring today that is what sustained them and see their struggle so it is those values and those few virtues bush gave them of strength because that is what was the loadstone in their hearts just look on the lessons of that great war to put the citadel up booked for to not be those but for one country and resentful to another. he just there must never forget the past where richard in the past tells us to
12:02 pm
think in the spirit of the future and of what is most essential to treat. the criticism not on traits lippy on the tried to instruct. us she was at that unless you're not they came up with his present forms of international cooperation that's your tour empires apart he recognized a whole host of nations a dependent they retreat borders. they even dreamt back then of a political europe united. a humiliation the. economic and moral crisis a great student of revenge gave rise once again nationalism and to terror in a sense war came once again as twenty years later and devastated those roots pathways of peace. today. people of the entire world said they are here on the sacred to the sun. tombstone our unknown soldier this
12:03 pm
another infantry man a symbol of all of those who died for our homeland. forty three shots. you can see so many of the leaders of the world to me to hear that i streets said to pick one but also did not. it's true to some but he choose then shut can't do it if it's just that it will be in the footsteps of has their country tired inside great war those young people found it set at their death but they're celebrating near a world that finally returned to shore tears from p.s. where peace and understanding between people of these gains the upper hand. over come back street where the words. clearly words from a larger than weapons significance. and reconciliation
12:04 pm
is more important fair than disagreement on where the enemies of the past. found was finally succeed in attaining genuine peace you know. let me see feel free for that it might be that you see this here in the friendship city full of passion our continent between jam the nation and france this will to sort of construct. the european union. and south africa just gracious that a union of people has entered into freely and openly which will deliver a step from our civil laws not come. when we have gone i should nations parenting a spirit of cooperation to defend the common shared good of all worlds. is your destination is inextricably in this entire length a world that has drawn. the right lessons from
12:05 pm
it's a world based on the interests of nations such as that express the chairperson i. cities of the book as long as there are men and women of goodwill. will be upheld let us relentlessly without shame for without fear be those men and women of good faith. just. to g.'s i know that. demons reactor actually had already. chaos once again. there's the take up skin tourism. all right touchy matrices look at it twisted religion where akeley heads as well. that's just some pieces that we thought we had finally gained. from the blood so our ancestors of
12:06 pm
a. threat once again let us today once again food in your eternal loyalty what a pretty there's a tribe for us to our followers once again maybe this shared with goodness only has nations to set some peace above all else we know just how challenging the taste we know how significant such as we know how important it is let me turn to one of the political leaders here today and say on the eleventh of november two thousand and eighteen we must affirm not fulfill for our peoples. the city that we share and ominous for sponsibility limits pass on to us from. our children the world the previous generation was a southerly track tough for you to pose in the cold let us bring together our hopes and share and pull those hopes of course your brother to say on our fears together
12:07 pm
we can become overcome the threats just poverty climate change the. disease. you said. ignorance if you want to we have started to wage that battle and we can will match we must continue without trace possible all these products a little bit some declare you to say to kill the controller to get there we cannot right citizenship with. treachery six that is undermining your just. contemporary song. obscurantism you can try to say this. because such and such just your blossoming of arts culture education medicine which i see unfairly across the world as you know we want it to be poked in faith and if we're willing to move towards that our world southern verge of a new lease on peace your era
12:08 pm
a new fact the civilization focusing on all of the aspiration wishes it is something else human kind pretty left you know that has moved away from our fascination with being inward looking with being intolerant with being here ready for touch would be an error of it is to teach. us and future generations but quite rightly expect us to bear historical responsibility for that point the finger of blame at us for a moment in your mall today that has reached dignity. stand up to the judgment of left homes face the future challenges their countries france knows how much she tried to do to all gone from you don't you those competence and those competence from all around the world. it passed on before that great the false said the crispy god the france. with respect to cities pays
12:09 pm
homage to. the fallen from other nations as nations they once fought we are now side by side. the city trash gone from just so you can turn emo. it could be human put in there wrote. because surely that is how our feet released us have trouble coming by bush from similar for not learned to see where our fallen lie so we can create three substations new together we want to. also in the same direction if we all want this with our entire store then the family are going to twenty eight hundred years sort of after i wouldn't who scars are still visible all over the world i would like to thank all of you for coming here today to express what we discovered paternity and to see. protected take the path mentioned i hope that this meeting is not just coming together for me
12:10 pm
one day may this for trying to beat only fear. my friend anymore because it calls upon us to fight then a fight that is worth fighting for peace. to fight for a better world. the level of peace between the posts and between states. now live the freedom of the world call it friendship between peoples faults long live fronts. thank you for bringing his you know address. the highlights of today's ceremony for the centenary of the knights one thousand on this was one hundred years ago today.
12:11 pm
the first more more ended. and now pronounce blair out before by the european union youth orchestra.
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. and if you're joining us this is g.w. news special coverage of the ceremony for these intent of the one thousand nine hundred armistice today one hundred years ago the first world war known as the great war ended and we just. urge rebels belair which was formed by the european union youth orchestra. and now you see. the french president there. at the flame. of the unknown soldier. those are the students behind him he read the testimonies from people from not
12:28 pm
distant one hundred years ago. or out. for president as you see you paying tribute. to the unknown soldier gave their lives for their country was first put forward in one thousand and sixty the during the first world war.
12:29 pm
the the the day after the armistice was nov eleventh one thousand nine hundred that put an end to the war the national assembly in paris decided to in turn the body of an unidentified soldier in the pantheon. thank. you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to to thank you lou to thank you
12:30 pm
thank you lou thanks to. all thank. you to zero. to two little digital
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. and if you're joining us you're watching t.w. news a special coverage of the ceremony for these intend to marry of the one thousand
12:32 pm
nine hundred eighteen armistice today one hundred years ago the great war the first world war ended the eleventh hour the eleventh minutes of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month more than sixty world leaders are attending a moving and solemn ceremony in paris to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war german chancellor angela merkel joined french president emmanuel my phone for the armistice commemoration ceremony along with targets president wretched tie affair to one the canadian prime minister justin trudeau u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin among others they gathered at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the base of the arctic tweel france was at the epicenter of the world's first global conflict and the main message to come out of paris today is that we should not stumble into war once again the ceremony was
12:33 pm
punctuated by classical music and soldiers' testimonies read out in different languages and hearing that the war had finally ended. all right we want to go now back to paris our correspondent max hoffman he has been watching the events there on the ground max. the main takeaway from what the french president had to say today of the me get your take on that the thing that stuck out here to us was him saying nationalism betrays patriotism and that we should all be patriots of peace. that is probably the main message coming out of there and it's consistent what he was going to say later on during the piece for that will be the first edition here of the pair's piece for him which is to promote will tie it laterally is to remind everybody which kind of institutions made peace
12:34 pm
possible at least here in europe during the last the last decades and he mentioned for example the united nations he mentioned the european union so he really made a case for multilateralism and that was really pretty clear message to people like the u.s. president on trial was opposing multilateralism has been favoring a bilateral approach to things that have been my call really stood for here as the only one who spoke and with an audience of sixty five heads of state and government he really used that states to hit home that together these leaders in his eyes at least could be much more successful could achieve much more than with the approach that is favored by people like donald trump and a man's dick do you think that there were other world leaders there that mr mccone was speaking to especially when he said the legacy of peace is again at risk. probably blood in your cruiser would come to mind right there has been playing
12:35 pm
a very dangerous game at least of the european union for example in parts of the pro for example parts of the ukraine but i mean the european union if it comes to nationalism doesn't really have. look beyond its borders there's a lot of trouble right populist. governments that follow the course of right populism within the european union for example hungary also believe great have they gone north which is for the two sides currently it is a menace but. it's not just something the union can point outside it's at what they're doing that's wrong and it's also within the european union and so you could certainly say this message also fits fits within that europe but i think it's the same message he says we need to stop bickering and to go together and max i want to just ask you i don't know if you saw it but during the
12:36 pm
speech by mr macro on my sales of beanie. sent out a tweet talking about. a migrant being in italy who had been arrested and charged with rape raping the the i guess the owner of the home where this migrant some had been living but it struck us that cell vini would tweets that . just. the same moment that we were getting the message from the french president about not letting certain things such as populism or not letting the issue of migration full europe a part of the question there being a do you think that his speech is going to fall on deaf ears when we see something like seventy s. tweet. i think this weekend is sort of a breather from a lot of conflict lines that we are seeing in europe and outside of europe because
12:37 pm
after all you have leaders like p.g. county trump and of course many leaders of the european union come together here. they have their own troubles outside of this context that room at the moment you mention migration that's certainly one of the most contentious issues that becomes the european union and the united states' security policy and trade it also comes to mind if you talk about the relationship between the e.u. and russia in the first conflict parts of ukraine would come to mind but it seems like here at this moment this was bigger than that you know this is largely we're talking about a war that ended the lives of ten million people and money and michael mentioned it in that speech and it seems like you that all the leaders present here understood that course they understood that they were willing to give everything else for today for this moment of rest and that's because their view that's why do here just
12:38 pm
by being here they're basically cementing that they're willing to give the reader whether things go completely back to normal tomorrow you know it seems like like i said it's a it's been a hundred years but all the other conflicts we're talking about all the other problems they're still there they will reemerge yes it is important also to note that the good message from president next fall and it is not just preaching peace he's also hosting this peace forum which begins later today and at that forum the leaders world leaders people from n.g.o.s even the media all types of actors on the global stage are getting together to talk about finding solutions to issues such as migration right. now there's a good start. that peace corps of course is very high level with different panels including different heads of state government the speech but none of my call but
12:39 pm
also a speech by the german chancellor i'm going to back up and after that you have a number of different workshops dealing different topics that might not seem like the solution to the problems of most peace but they can. pick. up. ok unfortunately our signal there seems to be weak let's see if we can go over to georg as he is standing by in belgium in the press can you hear me i can hear you brant ok good let me ask you i mean i'm sure you were listening in on the speech by mr the french president what did you think was the biggest takeaway from that speech. i couldn't hear much of the speech to be honest because here in belgium there while mr michael was speaking the
12:40 pm
key ceremony took place this was the day when a special last post was played at eleven o'clock. four in main memorization off the end of the force world war this was a key ceremony here for the british and for the for belgium of those two nations really celebrating here the memorial of this terrible war because that's bear in mind i'm standing here in ether which was along the western front the most deadliest spot the spot where germany for the first time used lethal gas clearing gas entering the warfare it added to the horror of all of this first world war fare and there was a very special moment here you see the men in gate the key memorial gates for british soldiers who died in flanders fields here and they release thousands of poppy flow blossoms during the ceremony and they blew the wind blew them through
12:41 pm
the gates into my direction and it was this way that british soldiers and allied soldiers were heading towards the frontlines towards the trenches where many of them didn't return argue boxes there because belgium thank you in london a national remembrance service was held at the center's house queen elizabeth the second watched from a nearby balcony as prince charles laid a wreath on her behalf the ceremony was attended by the german president from daughter steinmeyer who joined britain in observing a two minute silence marked by eleven chimes from big ben bell in the nearby clock tower of the british parliament. let's go now to london my colleague to give moscow she joins us their lives a big it always a solemn occasion for britain but this year particularly so.
12:42 pm
well this year it's definitely a big a ceremony this day is being mocked every year in the u.k. and it goes to show was an important day this is it was the war the great war when it's snowing in the u.k. and it really was the wall that tore the heart of the country you could say one in four of the male population joined the army almost nine hundred thousand soldiers in the whole empire died so this is the war that each year is being remembered millions of people are wearing poppies in this in this time of year just to remember the fold and soldiers though those that sacrificed and i think there's still a lot of high regard for those people who were fooling in the in the great war and the festival in all these soldiers from across the empire. and the german president or the shining martyr today laid a wreath the fact that he's there in the fact that he was invited in just just
12:43 pm
repeating the commemoration events in the u.k. vet is unprecedented isn't it. yes it is unprecedented former presidents have taken part in other ceremonies but not in this main ceremony here in london and it's been described as a historic act to resign my has said that she was looking forward to well commemorate the peace and celebrate the peace that has been between germany and the u.k. . of of late of course after the second well but this is a celebration of peace and many people have remarked that it's really poignant and symbolic that the. german president is participating in this really big ceremony here in london where you can see that as adults of people i mean here in st james's spagnoli all the way down to buckingham palace and on the other side the mall there
12:44 pm
are streams of people they couldn't really watch the actual ceremony and white told but they are looking at the screens that are listening to the music they have been bands from all over the country military bands civilian military bands that have come to london so it is a big celebration the solo but still a very important celebration here in london and we talk about. peace in europe the end of war without talking about the european union and about the the unity of the continent when we talk about their own breaks it is the are the big i really at the moment have been told to be a little bit about the tensions over break shit today. well the british government i think was trying everything they could in order not to let rex it in
12:45 pm
a way to stab this commemoration i think they're trying to make it it's no it's political in the daily politics kind of sense but really for them it's a bigger occasion which really draws spec to a long history but of course in this context i think it is important to point out that the european union here in the u.k. was never seen as the peace project that it has been seen for example in germany and france so you didn't have any big political speeches like we've had from president mccomb this is taking this ceremony away from the from the daily politics and trying to. sort of back to the roots of it of course it's also the main message here in london. that piece is important but really trying to not talk about breaks at an older difficulty that the british government is facing at the moment trying to negotiate with a european partners the relationship of the brics it. could begin in paris there
12:46 pm
are some sixty heads of state world leaders they were all invited by the french president but the british prime minister theresa may she is not at the main celebration or the commemoration in paris do we know why. i think that this is always historically a very much a national celebration here and yet in the u.k. a national calm in the ration maybe better to say so that wasn't much talk about why prime minister may is not in paris i think one is concentrating here on the reconsideration also with germany by inviting the german president here and making it a national a commemoration rather than a european one. kate bigger. joining us from london there giving us the british angle from the state of commemorations there thank you.
12:47 pm
but one hundred years on from world war one it's like a sea still lingers in the former battlefields of the western front in more ways than one farmers in northern france and belgium are still at risk from tons of unexploded munitions buried deep in the soil u.w. correspondent catherine margins sent this report on how authorities are still carrying out so-called iron harvests in flanders. it's harvest season and for flemish farmer. that means long working hours he gathers several tons of leaks in potatoes every day. this is west flanders belgium's westernmost province. when farmers here harvest their crops they often also make some unusual and potentially lethal finds.
12:48 pm
the net is latest discovery is a grenade dating from the first world war. my dad could have told you if it's an english or german carnate. but i conned this isn't dangerous there may still be some explosives in science but the detonator is gone. dinero knows there's always a risk some of these munitions can still go off and lethal accidents aren't uncommon still the farmer says he's not scared he's grown used to the annual so-called iron harvest. i was still a kid when i first found in unison it's normal here it's all from world war one. more than almost any other area the belgian town of the press still carries the scars from the first world war. military cemeteries are dotted throughout. this is where the front line was here some of the war's most bitter battles were
12:49 pm
fought one hundred years ago on what today our fields. capella military base sergeant major geno lom play is planning his ordinance disposal squads daily operations it's only eight am. gino says the units already received thirty emergency calls about unexploded world war one munitions. today we dispatched two teams just because of the workload we have one team who will take the opposite side and one team will take the lower side this was better terms for this is for the brits were or the french or the belgians troops or you'll have different types as i mentioned. this squad heads to a construction site where workers discovered munition. they assessed the situation before were allowed to get a little closer gino and his team say there are twelve german grenades and one
12:50 pm
british shell all date from world war one. they could contain toxic chemicals. so i guess there are not fires about here i have one i can save at the safety pin and i can say that's not fire this one here still safety pin and. sometimes the fuses so bad some danger so i have to do my estimate here you know what can i do it's a toxic yes or no you don't know and for what you're going to get so that's why you always have a look and then you you determine your training you know the dangers this is what i can expect it's just a normal gas mask it's a filter that protects us to the most of the toxic. agents were it's estimated that some one point five billion shells were fired during world war one most of those that didn't detonate about thirty percent of all shells are
12:51 pm
buried somewhere in the soil in and around the town and. they pose a deadly danger and locals are regularly injured. thanks ordinance disposal squad is very busy. tell me it should be done within three days so it's a grievance of doing the ministry of defense and the balls and governments. they bring the day's haul back to base per year they receive an average of two hundred tons of unexploded ordinance. the military buries the munitions on a special site and destroys them through a controlled explosion. pocatello can dispose of chemical weapons too using an elaborate procedure that safely neutralizes the toxic gases. later geno lom cleft gets another urgent call yet him and
12:52 pm
his team is called to the french border to recover yet another unexploded grenade. one hundred years have passed since the end of world war one but its legacy is still reality for people here it lies buried in the soil locals have had to grow used to the threat of unexploded ordnance like farmer. who has learned to cope with the constant danger. lurking in his fields. the constant danger lurking in his fields and today we heard from the french president of the constant danger of forgetting what was sacrificed simon in the first world war. two the view was he talking to was his speech aimed at today do you think well i mean it was an extraordinarily wide ranging speech the kind of vision of international cooperation that president mccrone built up based
12:53 pm
on the memories of the first world war of course he started with these sort of history lesson talking about the pain and the suffering the victims the millions of victims not just the military victims but also the civilian dead of the first world war and he said that in one thousand nine hundred year it was on the verge of committing suicide i thought it was a very resonant phrase and even then he said when we think of the history it seems like a long time ago but in some ways it was yesterday and of course that he's moving towards the idea that we must learn the lessons we must take the pain of that time and allow it to guide us to the future and he pointed out that even immediately after the first world war the first sort of shoots of international cooperation the the international order that we have today would being thought of the league of nations and so on and he even said people began to dream of political europe back
12:54 pm
then so you know he started to sort of make this political speech that you were talking with max about earlier and it's it's a fine line to trade he went on to say that you know we see now the cooperation between germany and france and their will to construct european union the united nations he said was another sort of milestone on this on this path. and now he's saying what we must do is pass on our hopes to the to the next generations to tackle problems even name them poverty climate change inequality ignorance you know these are pretty big themes so you know he's talking to the to the the children of the world if you like the future as well as the political leaders who range stand in front of him and i thought it was interesting that he finished with this very positive idea you know we're looking into a few cherry said that you know the arts in the sciences medicine and so on it's
12:55 pm
all blossoming across the world he painted a positive sort of view of globalism which of course is one thing that has got some people worried in these times that's true you have to wonder you know if the u.s. president if the turkish president the russian president if they were listening to that speech carefully simon thank you very much. let's just give you a reminder of the story that we're following this hour the big story of the day the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month more than sixty world leaders attended the movie and solemn ceremony in paris today to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war they gather that the tomb of the unknown soldier at the base of the r. and triumph france was at the epicenter of the world's first global conflict the ceremony was punctuated by classical music and soldiers testimonies read out in different languages on hearing that the war and finally ended. our special coverage continues again in two hours when it take you to that piece for him that the french
12:56 pm
president has organized and will be hosting the german chancellor will be speaking there we're going to carry that live so join us again in two hours you're watching live from berlin stay with us.
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this is not the. nineteen eighties and the first morning is over but the worst is yet to come. the fall a lot of chaos poverty and instability. fertile nonresponsive and dictatorship. apocalypse never ending more.
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the news on this message gets a little on some since. the so-called shake up today's concert boosts buffett's. place. people have put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on t.w. . i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i said nothing with the temp of the budget i don't think deep into the german culture of. new jersey but take this drama day out east coast it's all about who am i right so join me for me to get funky help host. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. comes first so it's mostly just for the rich
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folks but for many poor people you know first their chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like you. know reporters travel to nairobi and look into you know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war the response to that state mr big yes we are starting to as want here because retired. and actually disrupt an economy the rich the truth susan report starts november seventeenth on g.w. .
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this is d.w. news live from berlin marking one hundred years since the end of world war one more than sixty world leaders attended a ceremony in paris marking one hundred years since the guns fell silent in the great from your bloody conflict that claimed millions of lives our correspondents are at the commemorations also coming up california's wildfires grow more deadly by the day the search teams combing through the remains of the town of paradise find more bodies at least twenty.


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