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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin today the end of the first world war marking one hundred years with a warning that peace is once again at risk in paris the french president led commemorations marking the moment that the guns fell silent in the great mood for more than sixty world leaders listened as he purged patriots not nationalist to take a stand and protect the peace will go live to paris for more and remembering the
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past to avoid a repeat in the future those leaders are now gathering for a peace forum hosted by french president mcgraw but u.s. president don't trump says he won't be taking part d. w. news special coverage continues right now. i'm burnt off in berlin it's good to have you with us one hundred years ago the guns fell silent at the time that the cabbie larry to describe the horror that had just engulfed the world did not even exist the great war as it was known then would later be renamed the first world war or today europe is commemorating the armistice which took effect a century ago today bringing the first global conflict. two words end in paris
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french president emanuel macron welcome to sixty heads of state from around the world the gray clouds and drizzle an appropriate backdrop for a somber ceremony to remember the nine million soldiers and civilians who paid the greatest price in the great war. more than sixty willed leaders gathered at the arc de triomphe in paris running late they missed the exact moment when one hundred years earlier at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month the guns finally fell silent but the message was clear never again given extra resonance by the location the tomb of the unknown soldier a silent symbol of the sec refined of the millions killed in conflict. with the weather in paris perhaps appropriately wet and gray french prisoners among the commemorations he spoke of the day significance and the tragedy of war so many.
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cities on this very day the french and that allies celebrated their victory. they had fought for their homeland and their freedom. and for this they had made huge sacrifices and suffered untold hardships they had suffered a hell a hell no one can imagine. that this was on the coaching team there were readings from the time of the armistice drawing on the first world will still stink wish literary and poetic tradition words read by one of today's young students recalling the day a century ago when the great war ended seem. a good idea. and he came out you know him ask the interest on the. desk the war is over in iraq and in an hour we will leave. we will never have to come back here.
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and from the french president a determination to build for the future. at this you known as a spy. or let's just build a rather than a fear is against each other soma. together we can avert threats. the picture of global warming poverty hunger disease inequality and ignorance. we have engaged in this fight and we can win it lead to spirit for victory is possible to live it to i perceive it. in the first and light of the second world war the french capital paris playing host to only enemies today together and reconciled order the means and modern day rivals as well for the events of today in context i'm joined here in the studio by my colleague simon young and we're also joined from the french capital paris by our
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correspondent max hoffman max and we start with you we had a rainy day in paris a somber setting for the ceremonies that just concluded and a warning amidst all of the remembering that peace is again threat. you know that we still have the rain and you're right that was basically the essence of the manner of my calls the french president's message in a speech and it seemed like he was talking to some of the leaders that were sitting next to him when he held that speech of course a great stage for him because it was the only one who got to say something with trump and poutine looking on he talked about the dangers of nationalism he said it was the absolute contrary to patriotism and patriotism is something he said we need we favor but it doesn't mean that we should just basically ruin everything that was built up after the second world war and he referred to the multilateral institutions like the united nations and the european union and it was really
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a call to continue building those institutions in order to keep peace in europe and so i mean we've got what sixty eight international leaders coming together to commemorate one event and you have to wonder though did they all take away the same lessons. well i that's unlikely isn't it because of course different people have heard different things these leaders are gathered because their citizens were involved in one way or another in the hostilities a hundred years ago and of course that was talked about as the war to end all wars well we know that promise wasn't it wasn't kept wasn't fulfilled and president mccrone today trying to nonetheless draw the lessons and saying that you know we must learn to work together on all the problems that face us not just now but for the future and it's not just about war and hostility he was talking about
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poverty and inequality and you know health problems and challenges that face people around the world we should come together he said putting aside and national differences and work as one nation together will we know that president trump has a different view of multilateral cooperation and many of the other leaders there prefers to go their own way as well said and of course indeed the european union for its part is in trouble at the moment in terms of what it stands for and where it's going so there are many questions but tried to provide some ounces. in his address to the french president. he didn't only talk about the events of one hundred years ago he spoke at length about applying the lessons of the past to the present in the future and he also made some remarks that well he seemed pointed at president thought will trump let's take a listen. patriotism isn't it's not just opposite of
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nationalism disunity it's all nationalism is a sense of this trail patriotism when you say our interests where some protests about the authors that are to strong his own party has carried the nation to be the greatest it is it destroys its moral values not just what makes a country right so i mean pose the question to you because we lost our signal there with with max what the french president just said there it sounded like a direct rebuke. of donald trump and his america first here well i mean i think the french president was. following a difficult line a difficult balancing act between what needs to happen on this day a day of commemoration looking back of course to the history and remembering the pain and we could say again that this is a time now we've entered in a new era in the sense that there are no people who at actually witnessed nine
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hundred eighteen one still alive he even said so that is that has moved on and we've got to draw until the lessons so used he was making that type of speech a commemorative speech but as i said he was also talking about policy issues political issues that face the world today and he talked about new ideologies and so on i don't know that it was only donald trump you also have led to putin of russia there who are the one indeed the turkish president as well they've both challenge to you know things that would. until relatively recently thought to be you know commonplaces of the the general international consensus has been disrupted by several leaders and as i mentioned europe to. show signs of wearing of where in tashan i say and you know we talk about brics it is well of course you
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know he wasn't making a political speech but he was referring to challenges that should be overcome and he was doing more than just making a speech he was also extending an invitation to all the leaders to attend the paris peace forum which is now taking place created by the french president it's a platform for talking and discussing the the biggest challenges that are facing world and global security is supposed to be up there on the same level as the munich security conference the or the economic forum in. in davos. can we expect changeable results from this well that's a question is always aust isn't it when there are these international forums and i think the best answer really is that you they not intended to produce tangible results i might be proved wrong the self named maybe they'll be big promises and big and big commitments but it normally the idea is to get people together to have
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them make some keynote speeches to have some of the officials perhaps sit together and talk more concretely about things that can be done but to in effect make it more difficult for people to go back against the train that is does imply there in other things that they do when they go back to the national capitals they're not supposed to just go back and forget all about it and get on with their own idea these international this sort of summitry that we see all the time it's intended to get people to make commitments and that has been successful in some in some respects to create an international consensus and i don't know trump is not in sending that sends a signal of what. to me it's a it sends an extraordinary signal because you know if you have there in paris on this particular day it wouldn't be contentious i don't think even from you know
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let's say for the supporters of the old trump in america would be contentious for him to at least you know give it his his blessing by attending for an hour or so but he's chosen not to do that he'll be in the skies again the right some young will be back talking with you a little bit later we have live coverage of german chancellor angela merkel speech to the global leaders at the peace forum that is coming up a little bit later on in this hour to stay tuned for that now young people from kabul which is a city in western germany even have embarks on a pilgrimage to belgium to learn about some of the soldiers who lost their lives fighting in world war one and they've discovered that many of them were high school students just like themselves. these young people are journeying back into the past on the battlefields of flanders it's the first time high school students go because burma and pissed off centers have seen the trenches. the site has been
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cleaned up and restart but one hundred years ago this was hell on first. nearly ten million troops were killed in the first world war but more than one hundred thousand died in the first battle of alone in october and november one thousand nine hundred fourteen many of those who perished were young volunteers of just teammate just. the horrors of the first world war have been recalled every evening for the last ninety years in the center of interest the last post is the british ceremony hundreds of visitors attend among them tonight the students from casa. poppy rees for the dead a time honored tradition. the next morning the youngsters get an idea of just how many military cemeteries in the area. along with young footballers from england
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they are planning to visit some of the mass graveyard still hold ceremonies of their own. music of the first world war to inspire them. the better and christopher going to the german military cemetery at long amuck they're free search the lives of some of the soul just buried there they include former players from the football club patterdale members of the club who are here today want to include some music in this ceremony was ahead of the singer patricia hammond they found a song written by a german soldier on. whiston trucked. to five point zero zero. you can imagine why you have to fight in the sun in the trenches were going some of the time the past seven years and i'm very pleased to hand them
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over to the boys from liverpool who called. the mood to somber but the students try to stay light touch it. smarter there are of course a subsetting what can you say the first world war was especially the trench warfare . they had a lot worse than us but we have umbrellas but they had to crawl through the mud they had to sleep in craters with rats running all over them off or you got there was a get over this stuff it's quite something hearing about it in them being there for the ceremony it brings it home to you that so many people lost their lives in the war. it's another quarter of an hour on the coats until they get to learn about the military cemetery the students have written their commemorative address but this still refining some details. i know for you probably one of them was high notes been closed down i was still sure to be. old was ever was and he had lived so he
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was pretty still lying there but he did leave that part of it is all i would say is .


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