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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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did you. cherish the image when you wanted to double. your. business news live from berlin mocking one hundred years since the end of world war one more than sixty the ceremony in paris one of the guns fall silent in the great wall of the bloody conflicts claimed millions of lives. many of those leaders gathered at a peace forum hosted by french president emmanuel across the german chancellor
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angela merkel opened the event with an impassioned plea for world peace saying it can't be taken for granted. and thousands of firefighters continue to battle three large wildfires in northern and southern california and strong winds are making it difficult to contain the blazes which have killed more than two dozen people. i'm christine welcome to the program. europe has been mocking one hundred years since the fighting stops on the battlefields of world war one and yesterday in paris heads of state from around the world gathered for a somber ceremony around nine million soldiers and millions more civilians lost their lives in the conflict. more than sixty world leaders gathered at the arc de triomphe in paris running late they missed the exact moment when one hundred years
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earlier at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month the guns finally fell silent but the message was clear never again given extra resonance by the location the tomb of the unknown soldier a silent symbol of the sacrifice of the millions killed in conflict. with the weather in paris perhaps appropriately wet and gray french prisoners remember macron led the commemorations he spoke of the days significance and the tragedy of war it's an image. of the city on this very day the french and their allies celebrated their victory they had fought for their homeland and their freedom. and for this they had made huge sacrifices and suffered untold hardships they had suffered a hell a hell no one can imagine. that those of us on the coaching team there were readings from the time of the armistice drawing on the first world wars
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distinguished literary and poetic tradition words read by one of today's young students recalling the day a century ago when the great war ended. seem like i'm not a good idea. and take money out of musk but i just found that there the war is over and i must stand in an hour we will leave. we will never have to come back here and from the french president a determination to build for the future. at the zoo known as is. well you know just build a hopes brother the no fear is against each other. together we can avert threats of the the specter of global warming poverty hunger disease inequality and ignorance that we have engaged in this fight and we can win it lead
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to space hewett for victory is possible to live it to i perceive it. over in the first and one to the second world war the french capital paris playing host to only the enemies today together and reconciled our chief correspondent max often was at that event that the op to trawl this morning hi max europe remembered one off its defining days this morning what was the moment like for you that this was not really a military event that might have come as a surprise for some this was almost a pacifist event the bulk of the whole ceremony was taken up by a lot of children we almost saw more children than we saw soldiers and a lot of music so those parts really gave us a lasting impression there especially i thought bull liberal by maurice robb well
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not only because rev al himself was a very impressive personality who also participated in world war one but also the way it was conducted and presented by the european union youth orchestra with a lot of verb with a lot of passion to me that was the highlight. maxwell for france this victory turned out to be somewhat the country stuff it heavy losses needing to its capital nation to nazi germany nine hundred forty how all the french remembering on this to stay. in one room i call really tried to take ownership of this common aeration he had a marathon week starting last sunday going to eleven different departments with mixed results because interior policy interior french policy got in the way sometimes but he certainly put his stamp on the ceremony here behind me at the arc de triomphe today on sunday he really managed in the speech in front of all the
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other world leaders to highlight what was important for him a multilateral structure in the world and patriotism versus nationalism he really worn what was up ahead if more and more nations turned towards nationalism and what was interesting of course is that he said that in front of leaders like donald trump from the u.s. of blood in your putin from russia so really michael try to take this call and gather great nor as it is called here in france and distill a message from it for the president but also for the future all right. chief europe correspondent max often in paris for us today thank you. and preventing end of a catastrophic conflict like will or one was the theme of a major gathering off leaders in paris this option in the event aims to highlight the importance of international institutions in preventing and solving global conflicts russian president vladimir putin canadian prime minister justin trudeau
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and schools of other world leaders took potshots at u.s. president donald trump did not attend. angela merkel address the forum warning of the risk nationalism may pose to global peace than the peace we have today and that we need to accept this as something natural. is not a natural anyway but we have to keep defending it. with god because and let me share my thoughts with you today on this day of commemoration you know not soon i'm concerned that i go back there to learn by nationalism and pick up that we might again in a way act in ways. as if we could just ignore our into. all right let's take a step back now and look at the big picture i'm joined now by and by he is a professor of modern history at berlin's free university mr malcolm thank you so
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much for being here with us today we heard from both leaders machall and mccrone off the dangers of nationalism and of europe returning to the sort of fanatical nationalism that preceded all ball one how do you weigh the risks well i don't think there will be returning to the pre-war nationalism the national extent nationalism in the years before nine hundred fourteen before the first world war but there are of course indications that nationalism is on the rise again i mean if you look at some states such as hungry poland and in particular the us america first i mean the writing is on the war and so we should be considered what lessons should we learn from the mistakes of people back then well i think first of course the first world will point and highlights the dangers of nationalism extreme nationalism and impurities in. and second if you look at the at the outbreak of the
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first world war. you can ruin that what. what impact misconceptions misunderstandings between the governments of major powers can have so what you can learn is we need more empathy we need openness we need open diplomacy we need talk we need negotiations we need to understand the of them. you know it's been a century of course since the end of world war one this is a conflict that's. referring to some of the some argue that it made world war two almost inevitable has europe moved on from the sort of traumatic twentieth century . where the second world war was not inevitable of course it was indirectly related to the first world war in particular it was strongly related to divest side treaty with left major powers dissatisfied and this was one of the roots of the second world war i think we have learned. some lessons i mean if you look at the franco
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german law arms since the late forty's and early fifty's. europe as a whole i think has has has improved their relationships and the european powers have moved on on the path towards we conciliation rapprochement all frizzed in the west and then after the fall of the war in these two even before in the seventy's and eighty's and to these two dettol. so i think that we we have learned some lessons and we should keep them in mind this is would be should really observe i mean the first war is not me history you know we had the jim chancellor angela merkel talk about the international institutions and how they are important and we're talking about one hundred years ago in diesel a deadly conflict that claimed millions of lives how important are international institutions to preventing something like that ever happening i mean they are very
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they are very important because i mean they bring people together they bring the major powers together they have a they opened their offer a platform of negotiations for a platform of understanding of talks and perform of nationalism i mean we wind creating with win situations not seeing the other nation as the enemy the citizens of the of the nation as the enemy but try at least to understand the other and this is what i mean the major institutions much later institutions like the united nations or the european union are good for. all right. full billions for university thank you. giant wildfires continue to rage at both ends of california at least twenty five people have died in the blazes most of them in the northern mountain town of paradise which was almost entirely consumed by things over one hundred people are still missing there more
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than a thousand and five backing the fi is in southern california thousands of them evacuated officials say strong winds could worsen the situation in the coming days. for the latest on those fires we're joined now by janice chase and company in ridge on the beach at los angeles jason. on the beach in los angeles tell us about the fi is near you. i'm about forty minutes or so south of the fires and as you can see behind me the smoke is completely engulfed the south day down here in southern california the helicopters are up the airplanes are up and they're dropping massive amounts of water on the flames the problem that they're running into is people are not evacuating when they're being told to evacuate and about one hundred fifty one hundred fifty homes have been destroyed but that number is
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expected to climb firefighters just can't get into neighborhoods it's still too it's still too dangerous jason what about the weather conditions it sounds as though they are feeling the fi is. it's absolutely correct the winds are expected to gust of about seventy miles an hour today later on this afternoon and that's exactly what's happening is now firefighters have to chase this fire towards the coast and they can't catch up it's just bringing embers from a fire in one area and they can carry the winds can cherry the embers about three miles and then you've got another fire there right now the fire here near malibu is standing at about one hundred thirty square miles it's a massive massive blaze and firefighters are doing all that they can those winds are expected to continue through tuesday. and what is the situation in northern california. it's complete devastation where the fire that burns on the camp
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fire has destroyed in incinerated hundreds of homes and thousands of homes actually and people are had to evacuate and they were told to get out at a moment's notice people left behind their cell phone they left behind their i.d.'s their money and people are now stuck in shelters hoping for the best and hoping that at some point firefighters can get a handle on that fire and they can see if their homes still standing. jason can put down your reporting for us in los angeles thank you. on sunday frank fish put on another stain a performance to be three nil and close out match day eleven here the rest of the results from the weekend leipsic and three nil dortmund down. by an incest day's class. suffered a defeat in iraq this time against those little front been for one private fan at home oftentimes. to one step off one. and head of
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a one the dobie on friday. you're watching. him for more at the top of the hour and you can check out our website will follow us on to see you next hour. on. the. climate change so. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing the rules are meant for the better so. much for the. w.


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