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tv   Doc Film - From Outsider to Celebrity Chef  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 8:30am-9:01am CET

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i think that we. don't. make your sport t.v. the smarter the d.w. force more to. find out more at the top costs more to the. folks. first clinging less of. doors grand the moment arrives to join the regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on t w dot com a tank. scars cover don't forget women in russia
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have to live with violence sexism and oppression. violence is normal and russia. where putin's patriarchy rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin russia's women starts november thirteenth. doubling. the financial markets i define myself as a man who of course. also has his fluid or rather feminine parts has the
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conflict woman doesn't exist for me. can't they i can't be blamed i have no problem to have the feeling that i'm not accepting the way i am if it weren't for those strict categories all the time. in. the palm cafe i need about two hours for pure make up and sometimes even three to four hours plus preparation time on the day before course i try on the outfits then i have to shave here and there was a c.n.n.
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hero as old so all in all it takes half a day but it's always fun and painting on your own face is also an art form really thing and i can see home some are now honey const farms. we have company ben through the history museum in vienna. the art historian also a first go i did too it was as a drag queen. a form of performance that uses the stylistic device of exaggeration to blood gender roles. to simply say oh my hat when i do this in a museum i have the undivided attention and enthusiasm of the people because they have come especially because of me but in the subway or the tram it's a bit more mixed some people are totally upset others find it super to texas i'm not if you don't home and say so with some you can tell that they even feel uncomfortable and don't like it but all in all i still find it important. and i do
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it even if the reactions are not consistently positive because i think that we should not push ourselves too strongly into any roles to stock enigma she horan took in sark and then in civilian clothes the twenty six year old german has been working at the art history museum since two thousand and sixteen not only with a struct queen towards the on a mediator has a stablished something new here in order to question typical gender concepts as a child i really like to play with dolls and polly pocket and chapter in can not gotten mitten and then made lots and i love playing with dolls with the other girls in kindergarten and little good spirit but i also like to play lego with the boys and build some rocket launching airplanes so i would say i was somehow opened for both without reflecting on and of course on a test of a perfect it's a hard thing to this. then takes a critical look at what just defined us typically man and typically women also in
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art and cultural history in his work examines the view of old masters on gender relations from raphael titian to correct you. what is striking is that it is mainly men who have made history and thus explain the world today this would be ironically called mansplaining. men and women society is used to cut to go using definitely male or female this is not always quite clear even if one would assume it at first glance. this is by part of me jenny no cupid making his bow many art historians already speculated whether their boy is girls and mixed and most people say well the boy is the one with the brown hair on the girl is the one with the blond hair and of
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course the boy is a prankster and the girl is acting coyly the boy forces the girl to do something she doesn't want the whole thing is of course problematic one could say the poor girl but on the other hand if it's wonderfully into the gender stereotypes we already have so although we can't rationally determine the sex of the two most people assume that it has to be a boy and a girl. calvin had to steam i think most people today understand that and when i walk around like
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this i don't want to be a woman but rather fictional character who somehow looks wild and interesting be viewed and unpleasant but i do believe that drag is the possibility for many people to try out their own gender identity. that is you know i initially didn't take hours to fill in for ben drac is disguising himself again with identity an art form and does not contradict the fact that he enjoys being a man. into submission and i find it quite casual that i have the great privilege as a man to just do my hair a little and it will do that's super easy going to something easy go i think. the boundaries between masculinity and femininity have always been blurred the so-called in between i eat into general people is also a theme in mythology and. in
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things of athena if there's an accounting in this cabinet there was a small gentleman with the hermaphrodite has a mythological figure from greek roman antiquity which has sexual characteristics of both sexes in those days there were men and women and people in between things. but it is also interesting that such gems were worn as pieces of jewelry so it was nothing strange one wanted to keep away from oneself as one from this found hiding vault. for a long time the world was divided into man and woman pink and sky blue whoever is different did not exist in official documents at the end of two thousand and seventeen the federal constitutional court in germany makes a groundbreaking belief not taking the third option into account contradicts the personal rights of intersexual people. the debate has long since broadened for example whether there should also be
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a good base causes heated debates especially among people who are not affected by it. yes i'm up next unsuitable plus that income but yeah don't mix so we keep notes on the benchtop piece and the i'm not going to decide what about whether behind it a question it does so and so. if you help give more specific and he said that so i knew i didn't belong i wasn't a real woman because hoba he thought if i'm honest i thought maybe i'm not a gender at all and i. come on a couple in effect us does what was my worst thought they'd get oh maybe i'm nothing one. in austria almost everyone knows the story of the ski will champion was actually a man be a legit daughter of corinthian farmers was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty
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eight with unclear gender characteristics and thus into generally into sexual are people who cannot be clearly classified into the categories male and female with regard to internal and external sexual organs chromosomes or homeowner structure. up to one point seven percent of the world's population are born this way according to the un. coming out and then ask any i remember when i was a little kid in our attic they had a collection of clothes i was so happy there and i dressed like a boy how does one want don't get so. i put on my pants up there and everything after three or four times the clothes had disappeared the attic was locked and there was nothing left to play with. and i was deprived of a lot of happiness back then me yeah. good food good moment when i.
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won the women's downhill world champion to idle in chile in one nine hundred sixty six and the chances of winning medals at the nine hundred sixty eight winter olympics were more than good. night. because she made a. huge range to me. it's like this role this erica role i couldn't play it one hundred percent because it
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was only an acting role i was only shown how a girl moves me and noah gets egged on b.c. i make a big ache to get a real girl moves differently though the soviets did same unit that there was only now i see how i walked with a handbag the quick steps and so does a comment not decoded agan and with a colleague showed me how to behave correctly the fact that the education you give us even if these are the mafia ultimate off of the comedies doesn't they name a him but they know. the nature and he come in to. visit his hands and say hey. you know it's. male female that was not even clear to see nega front of the austrian national team after puberty his breasts did not grow and his menstruation did not begin.
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usually instantly given to them and the worst looks were those of the men opposite really so i never wanted to become a man because they insulted me how can you now take on the other side of the sex constantly it's tough donna said that this is the slave the. been all to nine hundred sixty seven all runners of the as the austrian ski association would check by means of a chromosome test the result erika was genetically clearly a man according to she the v. wanted to persuade him to change his gender to a woman but above all the us we did not want to be deprived of the gold medal. and then if these big get the ground had been pulled out from under my feelings
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what i knew that only in sport i was somehow i was acknowledged otherwise i was a juxtaposition the one they smiled at pointing fingers asking are you a man or a woman saying frog beastie it's amandla that will have it. against the resistance of the family on the national ski association if we could do so many to have a male genitals so cheaply corrected. at the age of twenty really could begin a new long a first it like. they used to think of me as an ugly duckling and suddenly i was a handsome young man with a short haircut maybe bordeaux but it could have first my hair stood like that on
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the end like that on my sleeve cut. and of course at the i had a porsche because if i. had a new nine eleven s and a great col shunsuke only had a nine twelve well i mean i do know that there is a big difference in the stock wasn't that he's aware that i'm. void demanding yes so on i wanted to strengthen my personal i want to show that i'm a real man and many only wanted that and in public it was presented differently i was the big macho at least two or three girls at night but it was a nice time anyway great to have i seen it said lots of. parties outside made us think that all of the a for erica has been removed to turn it to eric. you know again i don't think. this came up of. east gale first austin when i'm walking on the street and if someone shouts behind me erica granted i
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can't control myself that quickly and turn around erica because a part of. i did this is the every case by media you might note in it she is a three time grandfather and married for the second time he only had surgery at the age of nineteen and usually relates. money into sexual children are still operated on immediately after birth without any medical necessity many suffer for the rest of their lawns. that is a stephanie in five it is better to wait until puberty and let the person decide for oneself with the support that they it s. than one that ended b s own and change. because only they know yet what's inside them i can tell you whatever i like yeah whether you will understand it is a different matter she couldn't her hand was is so what you have to feel something like that and that something else is on the us.
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s. daily. ethylene mess and it. is about this first life as erika that was embarrassing honey i didn't want to know anything about this life today at seventeen he still made her out of this life that was childhood sport i was supported on all sides what he's been interested in say in badly in my second life i am in my name was a big obstacle and i was kicked with feet and hands through some don't get paid if i had to go i wasn't allowed to be anything anymore and i think i was even more harm than at first mere i can get past this.


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