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tv   Eco Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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dns and series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. from people make finding about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people call the thing they need. as a journalist i often talk about these topics and that finds me less helpful to them i actually staff my day by checking balances all those jokes finding out what people have talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask and confront above questions about my country and about to book that describes i keep going to the state my name's not diesel and i work at.
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it it's been a part of the. plane to play lists to claim it to to. to stay w. news coming to you live from berlin the deadliest fires in california state history at least twenty nine people die across the state ten hundreds more are missing the governor of california says this is now the new normal also coming up hundreds of thousands take to the streets of warsaw to mark the sun tenorio polish independence but many members of nationalist groups are joining the celebration. plus a landmark in german democracy it's one hundred years since women here gain. the
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right to buy a look at that sea change plus the history of europe's suffrage. and in sports lewis hamilton wins the brazilian grand prix to clinch the constructors' championship for mercy is the world champions tale with all of the season. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us authorities in northern california say the fires that went through the city of paradise and surrounding areas have now killed at least twenty nine people that puts the blaze among the deadliest in the state's history and officials also warn that over two hundred people remain unaccounted for as dry winds fanned the flames. from paradise to the inferno prius when no protection against the wall of flame which swept through this town in the sierra nevada foothills. these
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nasa images show the fire that razed paradise the most destructive fire in california's history governor jerry brown offered this stock prediction this is not the new normal this is the new abnormal and this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next ten to fifteen to twenty years and unfortunately the best science is telling us that dryness warmth drought all those things. they're going to intensify. meanwhile to fire fronts in southern california i would . after a weekend lull in the winds which had fanned the flames they picking up speed again and. we're starting to see another series of santa ana winds that are going to start blowing here and working their way south for san diego this house is very
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concerned we have over eight thousand federal state local firefighters on the front line with thousand on the ready care for the next event. the california fire department has warned of explosive fire behavior with gusty winds overnight and into monday morning all for more now i'm joined by valentino martelly she's a journalist based in los angeles while fires are not uncommon in california but they're rarely this deadly why have so many people lost their lives in the fires this year. well unfortunately first of all i have an update now this is the earliest group of fire have or have been in the state of california back to the total number all victim is now thirty one twenty nine in the fire in north the california the council fire and two now in mali bill and while we
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speak some area are now a republic relating while a new blaze has started in some but never been counted that make now four count is that are dealing with the four major wildfires to answer your question paula. california about a drought then about a very rainy winter and then about a nother hot summer so this is a make so terrible condition in fact you know the funny thing and sad thing the same time when we talk about the golden hills of california those are brush brush that turn now it's brush that is bury and slam a bowl and therefore make a perfect path for the fire when specially when the some town and wind which is this way noun is explode ok so it's kind of if there are pics storms up your way what are those stories still. not yet wondering what authorities are are doing to
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bring these fires under control how are firefighters our firefighters coping with this situation. there are five thousand firefighters right now some healthy come in from neighbor states from oregon to washington state to help because they are exhausted i just want also to point out that i think it's very important especially for the county have been to have been the first place starting on thursday together with the norther fire right next to cars and noakes where a lot of fire. i there we're still struggling in dealing with the shooting that has happened on wednesday night so this is a some of them are very exhausted and even if the wind yesterday gave them a sort of home they are they are it's spread i mean we're talking about hundreds thousands all acres all of all territory and you have to think about this
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california is four hills and some of these fields are able to reach by it so they have to use helicopter and some of them are and the fire runs faster when it's going to help them down the oh ok also things are getting forced because a lot of people have been moving to california in the last ten years or so. the house are very packed our very next to each other when humber john from while our house to another that's unfortunately difficult to control and tina thank you so much it was journalist seventeen m.r. chevy talking to us there from l.a. . some of the other stories making news around the world today six palestinians and an israeli soldier have been killed during an israeli special forces operation in the southern gaza strip the dead include a commander of the military wing of hamas the islamic movement which runs gaza israel says a second soldier was wounded in the fighting. in the u.s.
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the controversial recount of votes from last week's florida senate and state gov elections has begun officials have until thursday to report the new results republicans who led after the first count have accused democrats of attempting to steal the elections. politicians in sri lanka have staged a candlelit vigil to protest the president's decision to dissolve parliament they say democracy is under threat after the president sacked the legislature and ordered fresh elections last week for like his main political parties are challenging the move in the supreme court. leaders of poland's right wing government have marked the nation's send ten or a with a military parade far right groups also staged their annual independence day march through the capital warsaw more than two hundred thousand far right supporters were joined by neo fascist activists from italy the ruling euro skeptic law and justice
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party says it rejects anti-semitism and racism but critics accuse it of quietly siding with the far right party one power and twenty fifteen and poland has since become increasingly isolated in europe the middle allegations of a tilt toward authoritarian rule. for correspondent monica joins us now from warsaw monica a rather militant display there of nationalism from protesters many far right wingers among them is this the image the polish president is trying to project for his country. was certainly this is not the image that the polish officials would like to present to the war. but what's happened yes what happened yesterday was really scary there was. quite aggressive group among the demonstrators bottles and fireworks and.
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against of them a call to counter demonstrators and police man a european flag of european union union was burnt on the streets and the people who shouted. down with the european union. so this is a scenario that the police officials wouldn't have of course they didn't want to have such a scenario but it happens now and now they have to be in consequences. i understand that the warsaw city authorities try to prevent the march taking place because of all right participation in the past if that's the case why didn't the national government then decide to join the marchers. well that's not a conservative government has
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a lot of come along with ideologically with the nationalists and that's the reason the why they didn't have. this controversial decision. mayor of the city of war so is a liberal and she was concerned about not only about security but also about first of all about this radical. radical ideology spread in these marches every year also last year. but then the conservative government took this decision because they are also concerned that the nationalists who are becoming stronger and stronger every year that they can take the voters from the national conservative parts of the society and we have elections not only european elections and the coming here but also parliamentary election and that's why there is there is
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a call in this right wing parts of society ok thank you very much our correspondent. there talking to us from. western leaders have condemned elections held in separatist controlled areas of ukraine washington branded them a mockery of france and germany said they were unlawful and illegitimate elections were to choose heads of government and lawmakers in the self-proclaimed donetsk and luhansk people's republics neither of which are recognized internationally. this is the passport of a state which no one recognizes the lou hands people's republic in eastern ukraine it's a document macau took a chunk i was using to vote i could. put it where can you use this passport. in the russian federation. people's republic of the donetsk people's republic and
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crimea. it's election day in the donbass now team has been allocated this polling station the only place we can fill there's an official watching every interview the q. by the way is for cheap eggs. i was born in the soviet union and ukraine was my homeland until the war started and i'd like to go there. but that's not possible for many people after four and a half years of fighting between russian backed rebels and ukrainian troops. pensioners have to cross the border by foot to get their pensions and goods across the same way. people in new hands complain of high prices. imports from russia are expensive but. few people want to talk politics there's little choice anyway only candidates in new hands can the next cup pro russian western state say the elections harm the peace process. ukraine talks of treason. there are no
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recognized independent observers just russian politicians the far right european parties like germany's k.f.d. . you know it's a chain because dreams of international recognition for the seem unlikely to be realized. now is a right that many of us take for granted the right to vote but it isn't a privilege that's always been given to everyone for centuries politics was for men only but today today marks one hundred years since women here in germany were given suffrage the right to vote our next report takes a look at what shape that change in europe beginning in britain for. the arrest of women's rights activist emmeline pankhurst outside buckingham palace and emmy davison throwing herself in front of the horses at the king's dopy iconic images from one thousand nine hundred thirteen. the struggle for women's suffrage in europe is just heating up. in germany activists
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like helen erlanger and clout etcetc in were a driving force to get the vote women had been banned from even attending political gatherings until nineteen zero eight. from one thousand nine hundred fourteen external factors shaped the role of women in society the first world war had begun many say that women's contribution to the war effort back home helped secure them to vote in one thousand nine hundred eighteen in britain and in germany. after the revolution women throngs to the streets to vote for the first time in elections to the weimar national assembly in january nine hundred ninety. late comers to the table of women suffrage with spain in one nine hundred thirty one france in one nine hundred forty four and italy in one hundred forty five and in portugal women were barred from voting in national politics until as recently as nine hundred seventy six. and although it's not uncommon to see women at the helm
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in european politics today take a wider view and you'll see the struggle for total equality is still far from over . just the political editor mikhail justice minister a couple of barley for her thoughts on a one hundred years of women's suffrage here in germany nyssa barley one hundred years of women suffered how difficult is it still for women in politics today. it is still not as easy for women in politics as it is for men because it is still we still have to do better as in society as a whole i guess and we are confronted with more with more prejudices and then men now concerning books concerning the way we speak and sending our voices and it's
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more difficult of course so which factors would have to change to enable women to pay a greater role it has to become just a normal thing that women lead as well imposed politics as in economics as everywhere else so it's a matter of development and as politicians we have to do everything we can do to enforce that now what would you tell women what do they have to do differently to play a greater role well first of all women should as anyone have a look at who they vote for so women are voting for women i think first of all is not a bad idea. but of course not every woman is a feminist and not every woman supports. women's women's.


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