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sinan thing is just the children who have always been the way and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. time they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made some minds. i want to walk into a new week of your remarks with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way to all the cultural hot spots in europe here's a look at what's coming up. in areas like tronic music producers on the shelves are returned with a new album. intrepid spanish fishermen risking their lives for
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harvest crews barnacles. groundbreaking how tennis icon steffi graf one a gold plan. will head off the show with a pioneer of electronic music. now he's sold over eighty million albums to date and serves as an inspiration to countless musicians and d.j.'s forty years after his successful album equinox he's just relieved release the sequel we're not infinity nashar has always been interested in the future and his new album is no different now we talked to him about it and how rapidly developing technologies impact his compositions. electronic music pioneers john has released a new studio album titled equinox infinity it takes listeners to
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a futuristic world and is the continuation of his one nine hundred seventy eight work. so when i did the first equinox. we were all hoping about the future we had the kind of appetite for the future a vision for the future where do any of the after the year two thousand and everything would be because would fly in there we think would be amazing and we do have been slightly disappointed with the two thousand happened and now it seems it seems that we are getting back to this kind of vision of the future. the concept albums ten tracks describe the world as it may look in forty years. in particular the effects of artificial intelligence and ever increasing digitization on mankind are central themes.
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he has had a fascination with machines and innovations throughout his musical career in one nine hundred seventy six he achieved his international breakthrough with his album oxygen and. beyond any of his twenty's used synthesizers to create new and never before heard sounds. today the album has sold over twelve million copies. music for me like it was like a cooking cooking frequencies and loops and beats and with forms in the in the rather tactile and sensual way. and i think that has not changed and became much more popular but this is still the same thing when when when you see d.j.'s these days they actually cook it in front of over in front of the turntables. over the
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past fifty years has sold more than eighty million copies of his music. his concerts are visually spectacular as well. in one thousand nine hundred seven more than three and a half million people came to his show oxygen in moscow his biggest concert so far . in april twenty seventeen he gave a concert on the shores of the dead sea as part of a campaign to save it from drying up. his album equinox released in one nine hundred seventy eight is also well known for its cover by artist michel grant. the watchers as our calls them look toward the future. in twenty eighteen they do so again they are expected to see one of two extremes on the one hand
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a life in harmony with technology an artificial intelligence on the other a dystopia in which human beings are ruled by their machines. i decided also to release this album with two different covers symbolizing the two potential futures i'm convinced that human beings could only survive the twenty first century if we are evolving good faith both with an environment and technology . now age seventy jummy shows or doesn't see progress as requiring the sacrifice of the tried and true he brought this insight to the production of his new album he used to do the art digital production tech. and more for the sickly notes infinity i used some of my early sizes from the sixty's and seventy's which is great today is actually the fact that you can mix. the way the
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world and the the digital world. admits that he spent more time with machines and technology than with people even so infinity stands as a warning we need to be aware of the effects technological progress will have and decide how much room to give it. and we move on to a brief look at other stories on the cultural scene starting with the carnival season which got underway here in germany last week and more on that at the top of today's express. germany's carnival season kicked off on sunday. tens of thousands of revelers took to the streets and carnival hotspots to ring in the so-called fifth season.
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highlights will include colorful street parades in many cities around germany. the merrymaking season ends on ash wednesday. restaurant guide his name to both johan is king and young chefs of the year to work their magic at the. five star hotel on the north sea island. commended the duo for jointly developing an authentic northern german cuisine. but another german gourmet chef has been awarded one thousand and a half talks by the french food critics officially making his berlin restaurant of the same name a world class establishment. the michelin guide are the world's best known restaurant guides. the song pompey dumas like in southern spain had to do lots of huffing and puffing
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for its new exhibition under the title build the here inflatable architecture and design it presented blowup objects from the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's. at the time inflatable furniture objects and even entire buildings were becoming fashionable the exhibition will run until february tenth two thousand and nineteen. next up one of the most sought after interior and hotel designers in germany estero berths this berlin base designer has made her mark on several major hotels here in the german capital and now she's added a restaurant to her repertoire or we hear from her now about how she approaches her various projects. bester brute says roof terrace is her pride and joy it offers panoramic views over the rooftops of berlin she designed it for
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herself and her professional and private partner pay to green bag that store brute's course is in high demand as an interior designer both in germany and internationally. the harm of i love creating spaces that people will use later. when i created my very first. we worked on it for a year straight through. and then to see all the people dancing even on the countertop made me think this is such a gratifying job and i love architecture of carbon he really i stick to it. her own apartment has appeared on the cover of a design journal and then september twenty eighth she received the best of interior award for her residential designs. history don't see invest time ready to move again because i've gotten to know so many new materials and i have so many new
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ideas. it's wonderful and important i can try out new things that otherwise wouldn't do for a building contractor. the qualified architect and her staff design bars private residences and restaurants and movie theaters as well. as store books clothes was born to russian jewish immigrants in haifa israel but she grew up in berlin. she designed the hotel money in downtown berlin including its jungle like garden in the atrium. the third here the thing i thought you know i want people of every age to feel comfortable here where they're hipsters all. small town residents. they shouldn't be afraid to come in i wanted to be open and welcoming to everyone. so.
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today it's more important than ever for a hotel to speak it's guest's own language to represent the city as well as to add something new to it. that stir groups cause his latest project in berlin is the l.a. book a restaurant. ok is a fish salad that surfers brought to california from hawaii and now it's catching on in berlin to the atmosphere esther has created here recalls the laid back californian lifestyle it seems to have copy imaginations of design fans the world over. and. i think it's always important to work with surprises so everything doesn't end up too harmonious and unchanging. so we've come up with a few surprises for the real rooms for example this bryce orange red restroom with an entrance in the perfect contrast in color blue. is happy to
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see interior design gaining importance in berlin she gets her best ideas while sitting on her terrace her garden of eden as she calls it the perfect spot to plant more i catch in projects for the german capital. now right time to take a trip now thanks to a viewer request from peru olga gar wrote in to us from lima and she would like to know more about northern ireland so today we are heading to belfast now for decades the northern ireland conflict kept visitors at bay but tourism has picked up again since the one nine hundred ninety eight peace deal now visitors are flocking here to discover the delights that belfast has to offer. well lonely planet recently named it one of the world's best the regions to visit in two thousand and eighteen now belfast is in many ways a brand new city with a host of attractions here are some of the highlights.
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the best way to start a day in belfast is with breakfast incent george's market it's worth a visit just to see the impressive architecture of the indoor market that opened in eighty ninety six a typical breakfast terrace the else to fry was good and northern ireland is the potato red the sort of bread and this little thing here which is called back to the road you can't buy these things in england you can't buy these things in scotland are sausages have on our east augustine called the west and dulles is saying we. are setting off from desmond hand the taxi drives past the city's vast collection of miracles they're relics of the northern ireland sectarian conflicts known as the troubles which flared up between catholics and protestants in the one nine hundred sixty s. and continued for decades. the old you'll find that republicans are celebrating
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also some of their dad and some of things that happened over the years or so well for example you would have over my shoulder the regular how the larger public of commerce figures that by public stance were made to nearly one half of them died as a result of a protest. high fences and will still separate many parts of the city and that residents. on the belfast docks is the shipyard where the luxury liner titanic was built a museum commemorates the didn't ship. the height of our belden as the c.m. high titanic was from came to prominence deck from the bottom of the ship to the top one thousand feet and the yellow funnels on board titanic of the yellow stacks they were roughly an hour ninety feet on top of that at the end. the ted tannic belfast was opened in twenty trough for the hundredth anniversary of the ship's
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only voyage alongside replicas of various cabins that's the last known photo of the titanic a large part of the exhibit is devoted to the linus construction. or . the sweeping viz of belfast head to the victoria square center a few stories up from a shop in concourses as a glass dome but with an average of one hundred fifty four rainy days a year that can be no guarantee of good visibility. nearby belfast city hall is a playful building modeled on other city hall stating from the height of the british empire. the windows depicting historic events and stained glass are a must see many of the marble clad holes on the council chamber are also open to
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the public. just outside of town fans of the hit television series gain of thrones can visit familiar locations in reality like the dark hedges beech tree lane and the council ward they can try their hand at the bow and arrow in the original sashing. if it's too far back you might hit the side of her face or nose which we do already i need them still needed . and when night falls in belfast it's time for a pint of beer at the corner pop there's a pub on almost every corner on the bit of luck it will feature life arash music.
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all right time now for something to eat into the goose barnacles are on the menu this delicacy is harvested by brave fisherman on the gleason coast in northern spain now perhaps one reason that these men are willing to risk their lives for these crustaceans is because goose monocles are worth their weight in gold they can cost up to two hundred euros per kilo we take a look now at what goes into serving up this spanish specialty. here on the coast of police here antonio to head of a yawn is braving the elements to harvest the local delicacy pets a bit better known as. they're found on rocks like these which makes collecting them both difficult and dangerous. would be harvesting them is very dangerous the waves can smash you against the rocks or carry you out to sea. but they're worth the effort goose banneker's are delicious and in great demand but strict harvesting
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rules apply antonia for example is allowed to collect no more than ten heroes per day provided the ocean is coming up. near the bottom of the too much fear of the ocean can kill you because it makes you nervous but you need to have a certain respect for it when the conditions are right you should stay clear of the rocks. many restaurants in the town of said they are for the see if we delicacy they usually cooked insult water and served. they were popular but pricey treats especially at christmas time. were sure a dog locally taste like to see them are. going to really juicy it's the taste of nature out of growth it's an education exclusive product something you treat yourself to just once in a while obviously she was. back in the harbor antonio options of his daily catch he earns about thirteen hundred euros per month selling the crustaceans even if the price for them fluctuates today he's only got smaller specimens earning him just
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under twenty euros. some days you might make five hundred or six hundred euros other days conditions are so bad you can even put out to sea especially in winter. and so each evening and turning on scans the ocean to gauge if it will become enough the next day to go out and collect. one of the world's most expensive delicacies. one hundred years ago women in germany won the right to vote now in light of this we are profile filing extraordinary female individuals who have made an exceptional contribution in the world tennis legend steffi graf is one of those women now she is one of the most successful tennis players of all time and the only player to this day to have achieved a so-called calendar golden slam that's when you win all the major titles plus gold at the olympics in the same year graf officially retired from the game in one
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thousand nine hundred nine but her impact on the sport continues to this day. nineteen eighty eight was the year for steffi graf first she triumphed at the australian open. then she took the french open. the next king wimbledon and she remained undefeated at the u.s. open. then to crown it all she won olympic gold at the summer games in seoul. and even have so few nobody thought i could achieve that so early i'm sure they'll be in losses again at some point that's completely normal. prof was three when she held her first tennis racket. she was coached by her determined father peter krause
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. at thirteen she started taking part in grand slam tournaments her rapid rise ignited nationwide tennis fervor in germany along with the successes of boris becker who grew up nearby in a town and bought in for timber. yard mines it would fall and it would we had a really good tennis association and bond with great trainers and a family like environment. it started with my victory at wimbledon and one nine hundred eighty five and then check the card up and i won her title just. to not get a ticket to want to thank her breakthrough pain in one nine hundred eighty seven when she was only eighteen. at the french open she unseated martina navratilova to become the world number one. she's six three my quick and fast and i knew how to play the game really no weakness i mean her back and she was always there for her it was a huge weapon but she neutralized everything with her bike and as well because she
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was such a great mover. in one thousand nine hundred eighty. he crossed made history when she won the golden slam all four grand slams and a limpid gold in the space of one ten a season a feat boris becker couldn't batch run it would get me governor just wasn't good enough if she did better than me in eighty eight i was glad to win even one grand slam a year and she got loads of those they could basically i'm off to. russia is still the only tennis player to have completed the golden slam in one calendar year this and i think there are so many outstanding athletes especially in recent years i'm sure somebody will manage it again. this summer. or i'm not going to make it i think she will hold on to that record for a very long time since. these nine hundred eighty nine germany's tennis fever reached its peak thanks to the joint forces of steffi graf and full respect.
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that was when we both won wimbledon on the same value in july the german president because i want to buy it circa was there in the royal box and it was a special moment for germany and it's. moments that a torch with. alongside her golden slam steffi graf holds another record she was ranked world number one for three hundred seventy seven weeks longer than any other tennis player. thanks by the mid ninety's she suffered increasing interest her father's conviction on charges of tax evasion was a further follow. rush made a comeback in june one nine hundred ninety nine winning the french open against martina hingis in one of the most spectacular matches of her career thank you ever felt like she got nervous she was just you know she was very fair it was a pleasure to play against her like it up i think it's
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a lot less in august one thousand nine hundred nine steffi graf announced her shocked departure from the sport thank you. knew i would get emotional. she withdrew from the public eye and married american tennis star andre agassi they moved to las vegas and started a family. she set up the foundation called children for tomorrow that supports young people affected by war and displacement. toughies and i enjoy my foundation very much i feel like i'm exactly where i should be right now i consider myself very lucky she always was privately when she was playing surely did the absolute minimum because that's that's who she is so i wish she would support the sport a little more but you do what works for you and this lifestyle obviously works for her so well part of her. to figure out a role model and sporting pioneer. and
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finally before we go we want to let you win on this week's drop in the spirit of this series pioneering women we would like to know which woman is your personal role model just go to our website for all the details on how to purchase a bait and you could qualify to win an exclusive your own max watch and with that it is time to say goodbye as always for me in the rest of the career max thanks for joining in and tomorrow. next time on your olympics prince charles turns seventy on wednesday most people his age are well into retirement charleston still waiting to take over as monarch eternal crown prince is known for his social consciousness and love of organic farming the king in waiting next time on your.
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i'm secure in the flame war. and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances are being what's your story. i'm one of them is a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are
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trying in all ways understand this new culture. are nothing. there's little or nothing yes you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. that the world offers information they provide the opinions they want to express to you dumb on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.
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my. much. much. much. all we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria must start so millions can live.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin germany's chancellor merkel and her vision for the future of europe she is due to talk about her hopes for the e.u. in a speech to the european parliament will be going there live in just a few moments.


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