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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany's chancellor merkel and her vision for the future of europe she is due to talk about her hopes for the e.u. in a speech to the european parliament will be going there live in just a few moments. i'm sorry so much kind of good to have you with us germany's chancellor angela merkel is preparing to set out her vision for the future of europe but she will be speaking shortly in the european parliament in straw spoke with president mcauliffe
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france merkel played a central role in marking the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war of the weekend she spoke out against the dangers of resurgent nationalism and the need for countries to work to get rid of your she's due to address the problem in the next few minutes and we will of course be listening in live to that . let's talk about what we can expect from the chancellor we have group of politics with us here in our studio and our brussels bureau chief max hoffman is at the european parliament in strasbourg for us max let's start with you as we said the chancellor it's expected to outline her vision for europe's future to e.u. law makers there in strasbourg what are you expecting to hear from her today. yeah vision is probably a big word for what i'm going to back to will have to offer here at least the parliamentarians we spoke to are not expecting a grand vision she's never really done that she's somebody for bret pragmatic steps
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but she has made a couple of things very clear in the past especially now and you mentioned it on wednesday for the come immigration of world war one she she's a strong supporter of the european union peace project she will probably talk about nationalism as she did on sunday the dangers of nationalism that if more countries in the e.u. walk down that path like for example hungary or italy it could be very dangerous for the foundations of the european union we know that she's repeatedly called for solidarity especially in the migration crisis and she's also in favor of the reform of the euro zone but in small pragmatic steps and i think she will mention all these things during her speech here in book max we should say that this address is part of a series of speeches that we're seeing from european union leaders including the french president tomorrow my call what is the aim of the series. so. you see the european parliament comes to strasburg once a month that's when they have their plenary session and that's probably the biggest
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arena that exists for the e.u. to discuss you topics politics even if the parliament doesn't decide on every topic it is you know with all those departments that you have your all those members of the european parliament it's a formidable scene to talk and that was the idea behind it from the e.p. president. need to give to give this stage also to leaders of the european union in the game to have a more you know informed democracy but also in the game maybe to connect the institutions more to the people because that is one of the problems that has been identified in the e.u. that was haven't strasberg what happens in brussels doesn't necessarily touch the people back home in the different countries with their leaders here on this stage might help at least that's the think and max we're keeping a close eye on the plenary session to see when the chancer does get up we'll be going to our live as she starts to speak but i want to come to you now and ask you
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about this you know we heard max a chance a michael's not one for visions what are you expecting to hear from her today on that something we heard also very much today a million men don't go america is not the one that puts visions but if we look at the timing of this speech i mean this speech comes just after she announced that she's not going to run for party leadership anymore which many here understood as this is the beginning of the door no fungal americal to power not only in the party but also as a chancellor and also in europe and so many expect some. extend visionary speech speech but some sort of a legacy that she drools what is important for how policy what has to be what have been her goals in europe and so to to lay out a policy field in which her successes could work onto that could be especially the economic part if you look at the timing to do. source of the day when the ultimatum of the e.u. commission and for its lead to think over the budget and under america has always
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been very strong on budgetary optics but we can just see there on the right hand side of the screen that chancellor merkel has entered the room she's a taking a seat she'll be briefly introduced rupert as you were saying you know she this is a comes at a really interesting time for the chancellor as she's has announced her phase departure from german politics homeport and i think european policy has been to her in her time in office well under the backlash. many times been dumped as the most powerful woman of europe and she and the french president she has seen and had time have always been also dumped as the european motor germany and france are the two strongest nations the lead nations of europe even though many in germany don't like this word of leading but in the end it's germany and france that lead together in the european union especially now after the british have announced that they want to leave the you next year. or you preens politics have always been very important they have been really important during the time of the economic crisis especially
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the euro crisis and the you well i'm glad medical had a very strong stance on the. budgetary politics saying deficit spending come to be the way the way many countries in europe are going for for very long years also germany. has always had a very strong standing on this type of policies max let's see if we can just bring you in here as we're making the waiting rather for the german chancellor to get up to speak is there a sense in brussels also there in strasbourg that this could be the start of a new phase in the e.u. politics as we've just been talking about the german chancellor stepping down from the head of her party and also saying that twenty twenty one will be her final years chancellor. you know she's getting ready to speak here at the parliament until you tell you i need the president of the european parliament is introducing her right now but to get back to your question i think we've already answered that face some time ago because of course it has not gone unnoticed in brussels or in
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strasburg that merkel has lost some of her power back home of course it's still germany so the most important economy in the e.u. but we've been hearing from behind the scenes that she's more caught up in national politics than she was in the past that she's not into the details as she used to be as she used to be so this is a different phase with a weaker germany all right well let's go right to the plenary session and listen to any introduce chancellor merkel. for the end of this year it's also if you want to achieve a good solution on me going to show we need to invest more in africa we need that plan for africa we need more money in africa i gave him a change thanking stereo's against poverty in favor of growth not and you can only say sure but the new
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modern the cooperation between europe and africa for this we need also a european foreign policy we did opium defense this is in very important for us is very important for the future a little p.n. you know thank you just all for being here and you have the full. thank you. yeah because they are you get there it's open. to get happens events this all appears i meant leave on when you are kayani to get up to the dental fusion pharmacy one song called if you want. to get the diamond up on it
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it will come as. one town. for costumes to shot on. you about again when you want to get me about again and again. to all of us i need to see if you know. describe your in unification. and examine the scene a sparrow detonated and this was ten years before the first time actually shows you the european heart. the european community was still in a sense influencing a lot of the achievements such as the internal market. with visionary projects but the foundations have been laid to and hundreds of years of wars and dictatorships for the citizens are fewer. and for the first time they have. a stable and peaceful future ahead of them to day i'm here with joy but also with
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gratitude in front of the greatest parliament of the world. thank you for. not wanting we have seven hundred fifty one members from twenty eight countries representing a half a million people approximately seven percent of the world's population in this house we feel in the heart of democracy beating canada by twenty eight countries and this describes something which is so important about europe its star city this is one of the greatest strengths of us in europe because despite our diversity we have a commitment to unity to compromise despite our different origins that despite different opinions what we are doing here is to come to results
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which are to the benefit of our community it's a year since i last spoke to this house in twenty years seven germany took the presidency of the council i talked at that time about the diversity which brings us together which does not to separate us about the peace which we have to defend about the facts that we endure a pet need to believe. i talked about freedom and diversity being connected in europe i spoke about tolerance i also mentioned the fact that charter and is the so of europe it is an indispensable basic value for we are opinions and last year we have experienced how much the world. strange that and we have experienced also how so all of europe is being affected the
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global political economic and technological challenge which we have to face. moving forward such a more and more rapid pace we have experienced a series of crises we have experienced international terrorism violent armed conflict and you might ration movements which have had a serious impact on us in europe and of course digital progress has considerably changed lifestyles we are experiencing the results of climate change and only seeing values called into question the united kingdom is a country which is soon going to leave the european union and this is. and. i think that turning now to the shutdown here for the west the tears start i think
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that we can afford a floor time for. thank you to do this when all of us bottoms are gym membership of the european parliament. we are all realizing that it is very difficult ever more difficult to balance development but also we are experiencing the fact that said it's becoming more and more difficult to speak alone on the global stage to push out interest forwards and that's it becomes even more important that we stand side by side as europeans and that's the european union more than ever needs to respect the interests of its own members and that. we need to understand that tolerance is the soul of europe that is essential compose. and so what makes us europeans are. only together with you can we
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develop to ensure but truly also take account of the interests and needs of others as well as i've been to if that's true and. bring it to the core if you can sort it it out. without which we cannot be successful and this solidarity is based on t'other and and turn it represents our strength as european which we can find nowhere else there are three reasons for this first of all aside our he's a universal value we have to work for each other it is essential recruitment prerequisite for every operation for family and fulfill it just flora supports the sensations as well as for a community such as the european union solidarity is
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a component of the european that treaty it is a central feature of our values. it is a core list and if you are open it supports an economic development and also helps us combat youth unemployment. and we are faced. with terrorist attacks or other attacks on our about here's a we have the european crisis the so-called umbrella which was to cover us in health us and help to solve our financial problem you say we have a few examples here which demonstrate how individual countries of the european union and citizens of the european union in that difficulties but they do not stand alone so we have a few examples of this but on the other side of the causeway we have national issues which always have an impact on the community as
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a whole and therefore secondly sunlit r.t. is always linked to commitments of the community and the principles based on the rule of law in my country the rights of the opposition and civil society. are added. slee affected if press freedom is scuttled but a state based on the rule of law and the rule of law in general is something which is not just national but this for all of us for the best. thank you know. of course can only operate properly as a community which is based on law and when those laws are applied and individually we try to deal with problems then we compromise the strength and stability of our europe because our common currency can only work
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properly if each individual member shares the responsibility. thanks very much but you've got written fargas who actually tries to jeopardise the agreements of europe on individual insurance for example human rights policies or. is adversely affecting the entire european foreign policy and europe can only be a voice to the world if it works together. that in an instant salutary twenty. minutes about and always means that we have to overcome national egle with them and i well aware of this i am from germany and i know that this is not always been the case for example in the early years before two thousand and fifteen we took too long. to realize that the
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issue of refugees was an issue for the whole of europe and not just any. and in order to understand. this we have to realize that this is a common european task and thirdly using solidarity for everybody means that we have to deal with our own interests with a view to others we have to respect this but this is not something that contradicts looking after our own interests quite to the contrary for example we need to work to combat migration problems with countries this is an issue which mr thai owning also just brought up we have to look at the same time ensure that. people on the spot have living conditions improved because it is often because
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of difficult conditions that have a feature which europe are now looking at climate change this such has economic and social consequences that is crucial that we travel there so it's useful for europe and for industry international countries produce less greenhouse gas and our whole system becomes really run but it is also important for all europeans if they develop that stability with a viewers and it's useful for only at the end if everybody participates in protection against climate change it's going to help or europeans if we tackle together those who are affected by. immigration. accepting refugees by different member states on the basis of their democratic development
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and their histories has triggered off different reactions solidarity means that we should do salute to find a common approach to tackling this and. subsequent results work together as a community so solidarity is a universal basic value it is a responsibility for our community and sunday territory is also in our interests the interests of our well being so unity and determination are key for us i would like to raise three issues which i feel are particularly important first of all. foreign and security policy as europeans we notice that we can develop and we can defend our interests when we work together only a stronger europe is going to be able to defend its values and interests world
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wide and. didn't fall by the times when we could rely on our past this means that we as europeans now have to really take our fate fully into our own hands if we want to defend our community thank god. that. in the long term we have to develop our foreign policy more and we need to think this through we need to try and do it without people working on their own behalf for the benefit of our citizens. had other people have suggested
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that we establish european security council where changing presidencies are the member states where decisions can be taken more rapidly we have to create a european intervention force or so. that we can tackle issues immediately on the ground we have already achieved cooperation in the militarists here that is good and we are going to continue to support this but what we should do and this is really important if we look at the developments of the past years we have to work on a vision of one day creating a real true european army. of all i don't i wish i was here. it's all ok
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then john clued you in gotten for a few yelling o'clock. some years ago already said the common european army would show the world that i will never again be war in europe but i'm not saying you can't see a child cause or not i can mention we can be a good friend succulents to nature to be with thousand to one thank you i was going to get a loan for league but soon it off you. lot easier to cooperate with us if we have more than one hundred sixty different weapon systems and the us has only fifty or sixty and if we had we realize that all the different instances need training and education and if we
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could work together and pool our efforts together then we could work together with nato with a european army. thank you christiane let's you know let. me start. chauncey. i'm really serious about this is great i've been knowing some people. i'm going to follow the. who would we thank you very much i mean we we can all figure minds i'm a infrequent. so we need the common development of our moment systems within europe and this of course means a difficult task for the federal republican jon benet because we are going to have to develop a common european arms exports policy. that's the latest in gentleman let's now
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come on to the economic issues this is the basis of our strength and is the prerequisite for opposition in the world because if we're not economically strong we're not going to be politically strong and i am very pleased to have looked at or shown close junkers plan the investment fund which has had a considerable impact over the past few years and has five hundred billion euro is invested. twenty twenty three hundred fifty year already in the pipeline and a good program for better investment is something which is really important we've been working on it for a long time and i think we should be talking about this now the three hundred fifty million are a real contribution to improving prosperity in europe and of course. when you want to stable and. all that stuff a little tougher if you as
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a stable europe with wellbeing and for its citizens also needs a stable economy we need to develop our part monetary policy better we're working on a banking union germany and france have already made statements on this and i think that we need to link very closely to the. effort on this we have to look at responsibility and control a banking union and then later a european ensurance system and this is something which is going to reduce the risks of national country of national country governments because of course what we're looking at here is something which is two sides of this thing point but here the european council at least germany is on the boat together with france. is going to be able to make more progress. intensive discussions over the past few
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days are now digital taxation for example you participated in that i know. you many is not asking when what i thought. we feel that this guy's without saying but the question is how are we going to do this and i think that what is important democratically is to take the comments of the commission on board and to look at how in an international context we can also get an international solution we are looking at minimum taxation but if that doesn't work we can't wait forever we are going to have to work on it in europe independently. and. if well yes with us and if we look into the future and think about lifestyle and well being we have to realize that it is not the same today as it was
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. one hundred or one hundred fifty years ago that inventions always came from europe and a lot of inventions and innovations that now come from asia and from the united states and then of course we have to put the question to ourselves and to how on our continent we are going to determine the mobility of the future. we have to look at the fact that for example chinese companies are investing in germany that's fine but i want to make sure that we are strong in europe that we want to be able to master the energy of technologies of the future we have got the european instruments for this we got everything before us of all of them i think what we've got to have a quantum computing we've got to look at to the development of artificial intelligence and this is still possible because we have
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a strong industrial basis in europe that we can build upon we have to veil ourselves of that and research and innovation for central focal points for future wellbeing and the third and. area colleagues which i should like to refer to is immigration and refugees. during our crisis we had to overcome many hurdles and come to a common solution but we've been successful in many areas but the issue of immigration is something which is not yet brought europe together as i would like it to this is a real cost topic an issue which reflects on our relationship with our neighbors and we've got to find common approaches we have made progress that we all agree that we need. border protection force and. perhaps.
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saying that we have. free movement and then start working on who comes in who comes out then we find out that we infringing the principles of that once again it's true that we've developed from tax the commissions will say nothin in our good but if everybody wants to retain that international responsibilities and doesn't want to give anything away they can be as big as good as they want to pay but they won't be able to do what they have to. do my we have to work on this to get. it to mislead and. i know about we also have to think through. some of it. development economic development and how we can participate.
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and they have excellent results compared to what we have to here's a guy because individual member states with a commission. don't work in an individual member states and have achieved more than you and they will do individually i think we can learn a lot from that at this is just part of the way down the right and i think that for we also need to develop here a planet coming here asylum policy if everybody takes decisions individually and then only can be surprised but countries from a particular country know about a certain country immediately and then we get a secondary migration we have to make an effort to ensure that we have the same common playing field for the internal market and even our issues such as the right to asylum and humanitarian responsibilities we have to deal with some we have to deal with these issues together we have to have a problem economy and i'm
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a ladies and gentlemen i was just given you three examples of many that i could have come up with. and the fact that i have really hit the nail on the head is demonstrated by the protest noises the type in harriet. i think that people you know need to. really tackle. difficult problems these buttoning problems we need to tackle the issues which are facing else but this isn't mean that there has to be everywhere it is. not every problem in europe is a european problem. solidarity and that's all but. your deal. with things where it is necessary and when it does it does that in a decisive infective manner. i think it. gives us our best chance
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to lasting. lasting wellbeing and a safe and secure future in paris at the invitation french presidency when we think that the first world war came to an end the hundred years ago once again we should think through what happens in fact countries don't have a respect for each other and what happens. if a country is. the associations the league of nations in that case collapses thank you dr it is the other appears to shorten it to one and therefore we should not. hear a play and opportunity because if we do. not adversely affect not just ourselves but the generation nationalism and egotism should no
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longer have a position in your. thank you on our own to literally take tolerance and solidarity represent common feature. and colleagues it is well well we were fighting for thank you. thanks .
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all right welcome back you've been watching chancellor angela merkel deliver an address on her vision for the future of europe a wide ranging speech to european parliament lawmakers in strasbourg she stressed the importance of europe's unity in diversity and talked about the various challenges facing the e.u. she also said it was time for europe to take its own foreign and security policy into its own hands including the eventual vision of a european army and i want to talk about that now with our idea of you politics correspondent here with us here in the studio and money is with us in strasburg who's been following all of this for us max i want to start with you and i want to write in that point there was really an unexpectedly lively moment or several moments there on this question of an eventual european army to listen to cheers but also some boos and we saw merkel respond and say i must have hit the nail on the head there what did you take away from that. yeah there was a lot of opposition in the parliament probably the most she's ever experienced in
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this institution because she's spoken here a number of times but this gives you a feeling how the atmosphere not only here in parliament but in the european union is changing and it might change even further it might just be a first taste of what will happen next year after year a-p. and elections if there are even more right wing populists or other extremists that will be part of this parliament but of course there are some topics that have a lot of opposition much more than others and one of them is a european army you could tell of course that project. the opposition to this project comes from a different side than the protests that we saw when she talked about migration for example of course are going to back it has become the symbol of unchecked migration for many although if you look at the facts that is of course not entirely true but many parliamentarians here especially from the right wing populist camp are trying to make a living out of that criticizing baikal stigmatizing her as the one responsible for
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all the problems there are here in europe with migration but she made exactly the opposite point she said if you want to get a hold of this problem if we want to solve this problem then we need solidarity and not nationalism yet max as she really said we have to tackle these a burning issue is that she called the report i want to ask you for your take you are sitting and saying oh we haven't seen that before that kind of opposition the boos that we heard as she was walking out especially after speaking what did you make of her words and the opposition that she did see there. in the first place at all i'm used to this this is palm and. we look at the whole speech especially at the beginning of the very beginning of the speech was very much on. how important it is that europe stands together that you have finds a common ideal find back to the way of the common idea and she also gave in strong notion on homeport and it is to. think of what europe actually stands for.
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and this is something i think we can say this was some sort of a legacy under michael tried to give to us to point out what is important of europe one of the most important points of europe and then i actually thought ok this is more like a speech this is going to stick to the common point of view they're all heard of several times and then she turns into the points why is this so important to to be have a common idea of europe and then she came to the european army and this is something we haven't heard before from o.b.o. the european army first was mentioned by him on my my call and the only thing i. heard so far was well. become a joint intervention force would be a good idea and that was more or less it and now that she's saying i have the vision the european army a true european army would be a good idea this is something where we need to be heading to this is something really new and probably she has lost in some way. let's say though the bandages
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of being. in office now that she's more or less on a farewell tour already three or she is free of speak up and to to say ok this is something i am and visioning and now you have to make it this question of the european army is there support for that here in berlin. six the security policy in germany has always been sold very much within alliances and germany has always been very fond of being within the nato alliance of course being within the european union germany is very much for lying on the on its allies and so the idea of a european army in itself as very many people following that idea but of course there's always the question what does it do to the other line alliances just yesterday you told t w the the secretary general of nato european army could be a good idea but only within nato and that's a strong feeling many germans have too and she did emphasize that and i think we do
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have a clip of the chance or speaking specifically about the responsibility to nato let's see if we can a listen in to that. it is just taking a moment to pull up there but in the meantime maybe max we can finish our heritage of one day creating a real true european army. thank you. thank you thank you. thank you god. some years ago already said the common european me would show the world that i will never be war in europe but i'm not saying anything against nato. and i think i could mention we can be
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a good friend succulents to nature. thank you thank you ari there it is that exchange we were just talking about and max if i can bring you back in now you know we heard from rupert that you know we are expecting a bit more of a legacy speech rather than a visionary speech you set yourself said that the chancellor isn't really known for her visions was there anything though beyond this question of a european army that you really took away here that was indeed visionary. this was a speech about relevance european relevance and also about peace and you could tell she was still a little bit under the influence of what happened over the weekend relevance because she said only united can the european union make a claim on the global stage also in security policy for example that's what she said a european army but she connected to the topic of peace saying a european army would be the best proof there is that there can be no more war in
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you know the boundaries of the european union because you have a common army how are the different countries going to fight each other and the relevance part was very important to her not only for the security policy but also economically of course economy being prosperous prosperity is something that the e.u. was founded on it is probably still the most relevant part to this day that's why she talked about the banking union but she also insisted as the scientist that she is originally on research and development on the changes we are seeing in technological area in the digital areas she also she talked about breath taking changes in our way of life so she had she connected all those different topics over our king here to say all of these things mean that we need to be more united if we want to stay relevant on the global stage and if we're united this will also be the best recipe for peace for continuing peace in the european union also said that you know tolerance is the soul of europe that solidarity is a universal value and talked about countries that don't respect that solidarity
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only taking away from the european union who she's speaking to their. well i would say she's speaking to. especially countries in eastern europe like hungary and poland because she said the countries that threaten their own rule of law and nationally that threaten the press freedom of the press in their own countries are not only threatening that within the boundaries of their country but also in the whole european union which of course she said cannot be the case because if you don't share the same values if you are no longer a community of the rule of law then the whole foundation for the european union evaporates which probably also talked a little bit in the direction of italy she definitely did that when she talked about budget control saying there needs to be solidarity for countries that are in trouble but at the same time that needs to be responsibility meaning that the different countries need to get their own finances under control and if you know the situation we have at the moment with the italian budget which is not in line
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with the rules of the european the european commission and the european union in general and we are in to supporting a huge fight over that with the populists that are now governing italy that you know this was directed in that direction max there's certainly plenty of words there she had about their internal and external challenges that you just mentioned that are facing europe rupert coming to you know you know one of the the big points that has been made in france is that chancellor merkel until now hasn't really responded to french president amount of icons vision for reforming the e.u. and we didn't necessarily hew much from the chancellor on that front either did we i mean it is there is not much support here in berlin for some of those reforms and what do you expect to see from the chancellor in her remaining time when it comes to plans for perhaps reforming the e.u. well there have been made some some little steps already and some say in an interview i gave in summer two to two big german newspaper already was the answer
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to an on women call but in the end it's to germany is to lekki to giving this to give this on and. on some could over it could say well behaved. speech was at least a try to give a little bit of this on so the problem still is that many germans have a problem with integrating more into the e.u. especially on when they're looking out the bookmarks just told us about italy about the budget problems some countries have this is one of the major concerns here in germany that germany has the stronger nations have to bail out the weak coupons especially when the weaker ones don't have the budget deficit discipline the germans always also proud think they they had in the recent past and. so this is one of the things by the e.u. reform doesn't really get on so well and this is something i want one of the problems also anglo american always had because her way of doing politics has
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always been a very small only using very small steps and the speech today was at least giving a notion of where it could lead to if you used if you had if you would use the biggest ups definitely very interesting speech from the chance for today in strasbourg well our correspondents are privy to all with us here in the studio and max hoffman in strasbourg as always good to talk to you both. and we're going to move on to some other news now to the middle east the most serious cross border flare up between israel and the palestinians in four years international mediators are calling for restraint after gaza militants fired hundreds of rockets into southern israel in response to israeli air strikes on targets in the gaza strip at least seven people have died a funeral start taking place in gaza the violence was triggered by a botched israeli military raid in gaza on sunday we'll hear from our correspondent in gaza in a moment but first this report. people in gaza woke up to a scene of destruction. this was all that was left of the t.v.
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station run by how must. the israeli military said it was a strategic target it gave a warning that the strike was about to happen but the attacks still cause panic among local residents. as soon as we saw the rockets we ran away from the house we are civilians we don't have weapons and rockets so soon as we heard the shelling we escaped. fear also on the israeli side of the border. most of hamas rockets are intercepted by israel's defense system but some missiles have hit residential buildings including this one in the southern israeli town of ashkelon one man a palestinian laborer was killed here people in the city are afraid and we have been living here in adversity in a southern neighborhood for many years through at least four rounds of warfare the
3:48 pm
buildings are very old the building where i live has no protection no protected area no shelter no protected stack case. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has sent troops reinforcements to the border with gaza and he's now weighing up the country's next move there is a lot at stake. last night's therapy of violence between the two sides is the worst in more than four years and threats to derail recent peace moves the united nations and other countries in the region are urging both israel and hamas to pull back from the brink before it's too late. our correspondent tanya kramer is in gaza we spoke to her earlier and asked her how she sees the situation in gaza developing. it's very hard to tell you at the moment because it changes all of our it was a very difficult night for people in gaza of adults across the border and south in israel there have been seven and strike in the area in gaza city in the past hour
3:49 pm
with the intent of rockets again launched to its rather gaza minute. paxson has but in the morning that they would expand the range of rockets if it so it would not stop hitting gaza but had carried out over a hundred dreich throughout the gaza strip. the gaza strip is going to. depend on this community on the over three hundred seventy rockets against communities and seven it sir. reporting for us earlier from gaza let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines from around the world russian opposition leader of lexi novelli says he's been barred from leaving the country in a message recorded at a moscow airport the kremlin critic allege he's being prevented from traveling to the european court of human rights which is due to issue a ruling over his detentions of only serve twenty days in prison last month for
3:50 pm
organizing anti kremlin protests. libyan leaders are discussing united nations plans to stabilize the country after seven years of turmoil it's the first time representatives of libya's rival governments of factions have met since main the talks are being hosted by italy and come a week after the un abandoned plans to hold elections in libya in december. french prime minister and what has led a ceremony to mark the third anniversary of the paris terror attacks some one hundred thirty people were killed when a gunman and suicide bombers stormed the bought a clown concert hall a sports stadium and bars on nov thirteenth two thousand and fifteen the so-called islamic state claimed responsibility for the attacks. and the u.s. think tank says it has identified at least thirteen undeclared missiles base bases inside north korea the center for strategic and international studies says pyongyang has been upgrading several of the remote sites there were port could further complicate diplomatic efforts to end north korea's nuclear program. a
3:51 pm
wildfire in northern california has now killed more than forty people making it the deadliest blaze ever to hit the u.s. state officials are unsure how many people are missing but it could number in the hundreds firefighters are working to tame the flames of what's being called the camp fire it's reduced the town of paradise to ashes in southern california two major fires are burning near los angeles threatening homes and infrastructure two people are confirmed dead there and thousands more have been forced to evacuate. in the line of fire blaze up the hillside in simi valley california as it needs a freeway becomes not it's a moment of life or death for these motorists soon firefighters managed to downsize the flying but the speed with which these fires spread shows how combustible southern california is right now. i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last. maybe seven years we every year seems to get worse
3:52 pm
highly flammable the region is in severe drought los angeles potch knows a prime focus. and high winds have been whipping up the fly they've been moving rapidly. off and they're so fast that firefighters can't one resident's that the blaze is on their doorstep or there was no notification came so fast it was not enough time to really. think it's not their fault they could possibly be everywhere it's counting the costs in this corner of malibu barely anything remain standing malibu is one of. the areas and it's been among the hardest hit residents are in shock. we have a lot of friends their houses are gone all malibu park is gone.
3:53 pm
we're very lucky we only had one house in our family we. can't save destruction a new fire breaks out in a thousand oh yes this is the third there in awake. the first place broke out last. hours after a deadly mass shooting in a thousand. many residents had little time to grade before being forced to flee the . tributes have been pouring in for comics creator stan lee who died on monday at the age of ninety five he was a creative force behind marvel comics and together with artist jack kirby dreamed up by comic superheroes like the avengers and the x.-men please writing in imagination helped transform transform comics as a john. he was the man who revolutionized comic books stanley superhero of the marvel universe helps create iconic characters that have gripped
3:54 pm
generations. he's really an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow any kind of dream no matter what it is and he gave us these cool superheroes that everyone can kind of look up to no matter who you are incredibly like. these days kind of one and taught me how to read you know it's like. one of the greatest of all times to for the comic books. while at marvel in the one nine hundred sixty s. lee helped to reshape the comic books with complex characters and sophisticated plots but his most famous character almost didn't come to be here is lee recalling the time he pitched the idea of spider-man a troubled teenager to marvel my publisher said stand your blush there he said first of all nobody likes spiders she can call it heroes bite him and secondly a teenager can't be a hero we can only be a sidekick and lastly be said you say he's got all kinds of problems don't you
3:55 pm
understand danny de niro heroes don't add problems at troy very roads and their job is what i. did know what his fans wanted and his relationship with them is an important part of his legacy. his work is fun to see he says which of. our top story that we're covering for you at this hour german chancellor angela merkel has called on europeans to stand together and solidarity to confront the challenges facing the continent addressing the european parliament in strasbourg merkel urged her fellow e.u. leaders to reject national egoism and be iterated her calls for a common european approach to migration policy the chancellor also said europe must take its fate into its own hands on foreign and security policy calling for the
3:56 pm
creation of a real and true european army. thanks for watching everyone back in just a few minutes the be . mobbed. blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah blah but. the.
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mood. you're a me i'm the fuel for nuclear power is a hazard for humans in nature and. in the united states nuclear waste is contaminating soil and water to trump administration is planning to open new mines . local people are fighting it tooth and nail majure the toxic legacy broke loose up to fifteen minutes.
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this is day to be in his life from berlin germany's chancellor merkel has spoken to european union lawmakers about her vision for the future of europe it includes what she calls a true but european army as an observer guilty u.s. president donald trump was called such a suggestion insulting. also coming up in gaza funerals are taking place for the palestinians killed in israeli born airstrikes overnight come.


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