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it's in history in every one small. piece of mathematician that i was trying to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t w. hello and welcome to a keno special on women in cinema it's been one year since me to kick off a revolution for women across the world and arguably nowhere was more impacted than hollywood where it all began me to also expose the massive disparity in who gets to tell what story so on the first anniversary of me to celebrate one hundred years of
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the women's suffragette movement we've put together our favorite seven films by and starring extraordinary women we start with some kickass amazonian warriors. harry jenkins is one of hollywood's highest paid female directors on this film she commands an amazonian army. to superman here comes home wonder woman and not before time. and it's early in princess diana is tasked with saving human time and bringing world war one to an end the film proved a big draw at the box office. human i hear. i could tell you to tell me the truth is really actress gaga daughter plays the title role. help me joy.
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will die. soon after the premiere and it was clear that be a sequel patty jenkins will direct a gal gadot again with a second film june in twenty twenty. and the lead approved at the box office that the world is move in ready for female superheroes. britain in one thousand and three we have been still alternative but to define this government meryl streep place. suffragette and an impact cursed he was at the forefront of the fight for women's voting rights the hollywood actress loves playing complex characters. i don't look at them as strong women weak women oppositional women i do like difficult women or at least the ones that are difficult to understand i do like translating. never surrender.
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never give up the fight. women are exploited as cheap labor with no rights the film shows why the suffragettes were prepared to risk their lives for the cause so it's tough for us women as it's ever been but i'll do whatever we can however we can't call us national windows. so one hundred years on a woman's right to vote is taken for granted but back then women died in order to get it. five turkish sisters are at the center of mass down the film starts with a glorious afternoon at the beach at the end of a school year. but the innocent fun causes a scandal in the village. and there are harsh consequences down home becomes a prison with uncle as jailer panic at that east against her will one sister is expected to marry
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a man she barely knows. but the goals are about and flee. the film takes aim at a patriarchal society that treats women as goods. and. enough time is a harrowing portrayal of what it's like to be young and female in turkey today. one of our next three films was almost never released. a story of tender love between two young women was banned in kenya where it was made and where homosexuality is outlawed we also celebrate the fiercely independent thinker and political theorist tanakh and played by the magnificent up of a look over and directed by mcgovern different hotter but we start with bend it like beckham the comedy was hugely popular for its upbeat take on the life of a daughter of sikh immigrants and her battle to escape tradition.
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an immigrant indian family in britain and a young girl with a sporting passion. chichi he was touching you but he's handsome know that feeling of a young girl anymore and you showing the world your all star high it was. one of the sisters getting married in traditional indian fashion jess prefers to bend it like david beckham the comedy head from two thousand and two has a clear message stay true to your dream despite the obstacles and the expectations of others. just so. was the film shows the conflicts faced by young and the current women growing up in a world very different from their parents. its
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authenticity comes as no surprise as it's close to the directors i'm story during the child i even got members of her family to act in it. her books were revolutionary her ideas change the world how hunter was one of the great philosophers of the twentieth century life nazi cause. in one hundred sixty one she went to jerusalem to follow the trial of high ranking s.s. officer of. the man who organized the mass deportations of jews to get others and extermination camps and nazi occupied eastern europe. famous book about the trial coined the phrase the banality of evil. a clane german director got into from tata was inspired to make this movie monument to the great finger of god and. the real actor playing opposite ireland in the film is
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he's the non-thinker the one who lets the feeler do the thinking and act and is thinking for herself their opponents up just birds of a mind when at first they're mourning but it has in turn outs you want to start on . a common best and then kind of the mourner shitty for up given evan are unfair so then see if it became more an intellectual witness to an analyzer of the last century on that's. the idea of a passion and thinking is at the root of albums philosophy this movie is a portrait of a woman who was fearless and beating her own path. to. make a pact that we would never be like any of them don't they're. going to be
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something real. something. too confident women who fall in love. the movie or a few breaks or to build in kenya. despite being the first canyon film ever to premiere to come first of all it could not initially be shown in its homeland. would have been your father bought in the film was banned in kenya because homosexuality is illegal there in the making of such films and even persisting such films is punishable by law after law. director one of the hugh went to court to appeal the ban and she won. you see in the film the women become victims of intolerance and violence there shunned by society and oppressed by the church you know what can i wow you don't want to. see the current course of our young. with i don't temporarily lifted a figure was finally shown in kenya and to standing ovations it's
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a film which against only odds won a victory over one hundred thirty year and in just. to give. a nod to our number one the piano by writer director james campion is a testament to what happens when women tell us stories it's a haunting utterly unique tale the entire in the life of the lead character given voice without holly hunter ever after in a single word the film picked up over forty five awards worldwide and jane campion became the first and only female director to receive the palme d'or at cannes campion herself comes from new zealand which incidentally was the first country to give women the vote back in eighty ninety three.
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she speaks only through music the piano is her point of contact with the world. she arrives in new zealand to weather man she has never met before. they can't. push what took clothing on them are very difficult issues i read film for the time telling its story from a female perspective. it does feel very undemocratic and women do notice you know time and time again we don't get a share of representation there excuse me for that you know the guys to see it all the cake see i. think ada has feelings for another man but as powerless to escape the violence of a husband. that. looks like. jane campion became the first female director to win the
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palme d'or at the khan film festival the film also picked up three oscars including best actress for holly hunter to have truly spellbinding portrayal of the data. it. took. place. and those were passed no favorite wonder woman but there are so many more right to us and tell us who yours are and what you think we've messed with love to hear from you and here's to the future to strong brave female role models who change our world bit by bit because it's amazing what happens when the tide turns.
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i think we. know that. on a. reliable day. to students first class except. possibly. automotive history.
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the story. of the first war of the more told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the african perspective from the perspective to keep on the arrow boy. t w dot com slash w w one. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival hooks and i could be lunch for today just like that. the reporters travel to nairobi and work and meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. place what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class walking the response to that statement should be yes we all start in class walk here because
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we're tired. actually disrupt and you go to play bridge to play the trucks snoozers report starts november seventeenth on d w. playing. alone we're going to drive with an e w motor magazine coming up putting suni cars to the crash test. a vintage car with a futuristic design the cord a twelve a seat and a new porsche panamera g g yes.


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