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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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to bridge. the track scoop report starts nov seventeenth on d w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin could the united kingdom finally be on the road to brags that downing street briefs cabinet ministers on a drug deal thrashed out with europe but it's likely to be a hard sell of an emergency meeting in london later today also coming up a tentative hopes for a ceasefire after the latest upsurge in violence between israelis and palestinians
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hamas supporters celebrate after militant groups in the gaza strip agreed to stop attacks if it is real does the same. plus the hip hop artists taking politics to thailand's streets. we meet rappers against dictatorships the group behind a viral hit calling for an end to the country's military regime. voters in the canadian city of calgary reject a bid to host the two thousand and twenty six winter olympics that's despite over calgary's hosting of the games back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. below i'm terry martin welcome to the program we begin with the hope of a breakthrough over briggs it after nearly eighteen months of negotiate. asians the
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european union and britain have struck a draft deal on the terms of a u.k. withdrawal agreement british prime minister theresa may has already summoned cabinet ministers for one to one talks to brief them on the terms of the deal they're due to debate it later today may faces concerns from some of her colleagues and opposition from both the remainer the nationalist right. the conservative parties jacob riis mark has had this to say about the draft breaks that deal. for we've heard is true this fails to meet the conservative party manifested and it fails to meet many of the commitment to the point it was to make it would keep us in the customs union and to factor in the single most privileged this is the states which is a failure of governments because it was there and it was a failure to deliver on. the conservative party's jacob riis mark there commenting on the draft bragg's it agreement well for more now let's speak to big it must in london because what exactly is in this draft bragg's
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a deal do we have the details. we don't have the details yet and that's interesting you had jacob riis more on the right if it comes out of the party commenting on something that he hasn't seen i believe he has seen it so we've had all sorts of reaction and speculation already but no we haven't seen the drouth the procedure is that naturism is going to show it has already showed its i mean this is going to present it to the cabinet and then it will go back to brussels with a sort of tentative reacts and and say yes yay or nay so we are accepting it as a government on not so for this deal to get off the ground the very get theresa may first time to sell it to her cabinet how likely are they to accept it. that's the million dollar question there are several in the cabinet who are so-called great city is so they really want the hard cuts from the relationship
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with the european union and there would be the fear that some of them awards be more on jay caprice morgue site and think that whatever it's reason they will have fresh doubt with brussels is probably a closer relationship than the ones on the one they want they want half more or less the only a free trade agreement and they're not really willing to compromise much and that they want to be able to do their own trade deals they don't want to be bound by any rules in brussels and they're fearing that they could be something like a vassal state what is said so the question is how many of them are going to be willing to compromise and how many of them are not and will we see any resignations and the course of the day so teresa mayes cabinet is clearly divided on the subject of this deal what happens if those cabinet ministers reject the draft agreement.
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well then most likely its reason they will try to go back to. try and renegotiated also depends on what exactly they have to take to if it's just some small of mine the point or whether. it be principle which makes a reasoned job the reason may still be beyond the law and say it really is the question how exactly it pans out and all the play colleges will say between the cabinet ministers and are they. maybe coordinating some revolts against a reason they which would really make have a very very difficult or it's not mine not mine the issues that they're going to have a try to iron out of brussels they're good thank you so much for now i'm sure we'll be coming back to you in the course of a bigot must there in london. palestinian militants in gaza including hamas have announced they will halt rocket attacks on israel if israel ceases its
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latest bombing campaign cross border violence flared up after an israeli raid in gaza over the weekend palestinian militants responded by firing hundreds of prophets into southern israel killing one and injuring dozens israel replied with airstrikes which left seven gazans dead egypt reportedly brokered the cease fire overnight. celebrating in the ruins these mass supporters this is a victory they gathered in gaza to cheer the militants military. the group's t.v. station my line rubble. but how mass managed to fire hundreds of missiles into israel. and he says he's ready to respond if the truce breaks down. well with as we are committed to it as long as the israeli occupiers are but our hands are on the trigger if they violate it. disgraced
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disgrace these israeli practices shout that burning barricades a symbol of the discontent to see these truces we amass and night after the rockets rained down people don't feel safe here they want they government to protect them. and let the army here. we don't have any security any confidence. it's amazing that you know we're such a strong country we have all the ability to strike within a day but for now it seems to be no fusco this time he's really tanks stopped at the edge of the gaza strip. international negotiators brought a day and night of violence to an end. but right now with little peace process to speak of it may be just
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a matter of time before sides are back at the brink. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today california firefighters have been battling a new flare up in the huge fire burning outside of los angeles the blaze centers on ventura county it's one of the largest to hit southern california in recent memory at least forty eight people have been confirmed dead in the fires across california the exact number of missing is unclear. u.s. security forces have been fortifying a border crossing with mexico in preparation for the arrival of a large group of central american migrants the trump administration has dispatched troops to the southern border vowing to stop the migrants from entering the u.s. most of them are still in central america central mexico rattle. the high security trial of mexican drug lords york english money known as el chapo has begun in new york city because money faces eleven criminal charges including drug trafficking
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conspiracy money laundering and running a criminal organization if guilty the sixty one year old could face life in prison . a group of around forty ghana suydam seekers rejected by germany has arrived back in kabul following their deportation since two thousand and sixteen germany has deported almost four hundred afghans as part of its controversial repatriation policy human rights or groups say it's not safe to return them to their home country. a bomb goes off then the familiar scenes of rescue rubble and the dead dying and wounded another fatal day in afghanistan like on monday a suicide bombing killed six people in the capital kabul nearly one hundred more were killed elsewhere around the country the united nations estimates more than eight thousand people have been killed and wounded during the first nine months of
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two thousand and eighteen alone. still the german government has not budged on its deportation policy afghan refugees can be sent back this human rights groups strongly disagree with and are trying to stop i was this from amnesty in tennis in our view that germany is violating international law and the european convention on human rights by deporting people to afghanistan i mention it's committee one that's because those laws prohibit deportation to unsafe countries the german government however says parts of afghanistan are safe even if the country as a whole is not the government is more cautious when it comes to its own citizens visiting afghanistan violence affects all parts of the country according to the foreign office has longstanding travel warning german authorities are tight lipped when deportations are carried out often at night and out of public view for the most recently reported deportation flight federal police would only tell t w that a quote repatriation action was in the works the interior ministry declined to
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comment so as quote not to endanger the implementation and success of a repatriation action groups like amnesty international want deportations to end. we recently submitted a petition with nearly thirty thousand signatures to interior minister horst say home for not demanding an end to all deportations to afghanistan indictment. the interior ministry has yet to respond to the petition. for more on the story let's bring in our political correspondent hans but tons first of all tell us about the deportations that germany carried out overnight that we know who was sent back to afghanistan and why. no we don't we don't have any specific information on the people that would a portrait it was reportedly about forty people what you have to think about is that these forty deportees are normally accompanied by a box to policeman per person to prevent them from causing injury to themselves all
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to other policemen or other deportees so there would have been something like eighty policemen and forty deportees on this plane to kabul which landed there this morning and what we also know is that a large number of these deportees normally come from bavaria because that state tends to deport more people to afghanistan than any other federal state in germany and that is because other federal states only deport people afghans who have committed crimes while in bavaria people who have simply no right to stay in germany even if they have been here for years will speak german well have a job they are deported from bavaria as well now as we saw in our report their hands these deportations are very controversial does the german government really consider afghanistan to be a safe country to which people can be deported in good conscience. in fact it does
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for officially that's obviously a very controversial question has been discussed in german politics by the german politicians for several years with a lot of controversy but the german government has officially decided that certain areas of afghanistan especially including kabul the capital city can be regarded as safe and as a result people from afghanistan can be deported to their country to those areas especially to kabul to the capital city you also have to see that in the background to this there is an agreement between the state of afghanistan and germany and the european union as a whole which tales that afghanistan received i think four billion euros in other words quite a large amount of money from the european union and from germany in exchange for receiving these deportees for allowing deportees to be flown into that country so there are interests on both sides of this deployed taishan for them to take place
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thank you so much for that political correspondent hans blunt. to thailand now but i will rap here that has captivated the country's youth it's by a group calling itself rappers against dictatorship which gives a hint at the song's content and calls for an end to the country's military regime installed after a coup four years ago it's a risky subject to tackle but time music fans have been lapping it up. on the cell phones. in the streets in the cars. the beats of a rap song reverberating throughout thailand. but. me or in english what my country has criticised this thailand's military government
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and the lack of freedom. they make up. but. in a country under a military dictatorship that has struck a chord especially among young thais the song got more than twenty million clicks on you tube in just a week and. it's sort of the voice between ages a young adults you can think that contact. we can only talk amongst ourselves but we have no liberty or rights to speak out freely if you do speak your mind it will only be bad for yourself. and you can change anything anyway anyone. not daring to speak out is something the group rappers against dictatorship wanted to change that's why they wrote about it. but we think that anyone can use the phrase what my country has gone the title of the song to speak out about whatever's
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on their mind what they think is the matter with our country and we hope that people will start being more critical when it comes to politics. i. speaking out against the powerful has never been without risk in thailand but since the latest military coup four years ago it's become even more dangerous. also for rappers against dictatorship the police had first declared they were investigating the group for a possible violation of the so-called computer crime at the could get them five years in prison with the announcement got the song was five million clicks into the authorities have since backed down. the lyrics don't contain anything that insults anyone personally that's why i never thought the song would draw attention from the authorities when the police started talking about it that's really when it became so popular.
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on the outside thailand looks like a peaceful country. but there are deep divisions. time and again the country has been on the brink of civil war. for now the military government is keeping a lid on things but below the surface it's starting to heat up again. there haven't been elections in more than four years is scheduled for february but what will they be worth if society doesn't change. people should develop a critical mindset in their everyday lives. i think if that were the case they would actually be less conflict within society conflict happens when people don't accept that others have a different opinion. if we could get their reach a compromise instead of fighting with those who don't share our opinion. but that
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would be an important step towards a better future. but there's a long way. to be. to boston heartache reporting there now the international a limpid committee struggle to find host cities for future olympic games was dealt a major setback overnight voting in a referendum residents of the canadian city of calgary ruled themselves out of hosting the two thousand and twenty six games calgary has hosted the winter olympics before back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but this time worries about the cost of the event led fifty six percent of voters to reject the
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proposed bit. from calgary d.w. correspondent tessa all to has more on the non-binding vote that the city council is considered certain to fall. into an internal six album warmly welcomed. it was a companion marked with joy and emotional debate with the yes side extremely well funded in comparison to the no complain that had their unit to money. calgary's legacy was changed by hosting the hugely successful winter games in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the prospect of reviving the spike in twenty eighteen has polarized the people you know i've always dreamed of going on the podium singing the national after the battle but to think that every twenty twenty six years here calgary if there is an exact same situation i was standing on top of the forty zero zero national anthem is a very exciting prospect but at the polls not everyone was so positive i'm voting
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no today because i don't believe city council has presented us with a budget that is accurate and i'm worried that taxpayers are going to be paying for this for the next twenty to thirty years the i.o.c. has struggled a lot in recent years to find cities willing to spend billions to host the games recently they come up with a new plan the olympic agenda twenty twenty claiming to reduce costs for hosts they keep on telling people to keep on telling potential host cities that they've changed but there's no evidence that they've changed. ultimately the cost of over three billion euros was simply too high the answer hume calgary was no. then you know here from calgary marks another low point for the future of the limbic games popular support is shrinking which leaves the bidding process to those countries willing to host the games either way with or without the democratic support of their population. over the monica and roman the
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you are still tussling over the budget that italy's proposal is sticking to its current absolutely sticking to its guns its big big spending budget plan terry drome did not meet a deadline set by the european commission to present a revised a budget plan one that would be in line with the e.u. stability rules brussels rejected rome's initial plan which though in deficit spending at two point four percent of g.d.p. italy has the second highest density to g.d.p. ratio in the euro zone the international monetary fund warns that into these heavy spending care which is substantial risks and could market turmoil. deputy prime minister. make clear where his priority was. i can only say that we are working on a financial plan that includes more jobs more rights for retirement and less taxes if not for everyone at least for many italians if the european union likes it will
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be happy if they don't like it we'll stay the path any way. below retirement lower taxes and the basic income for all italians that's what the populist movement in italy ran on and that's what they want to deliver and it will be paid for with new borrowing the budget raises the deficit to two point four percent of gross domestic product but italy already owes two point three trillion euros that's one hundred thirty percent of its gross domestic product more than twice the limit stipulated in the euro stability pact. the concessions to brussels a small. of course send a letter to brussels and he said that if we increase income from real estate from the sale of public real estate we'll be able to make more money by cutting and selling everything that isn't useful we've clearly stated that our objective is to maintain a deficit of two point four percent and we've committed ourselves to keeping the
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deficit to two point four percent. while. selling off a few buildings is unlikely to calm down anyone in brussels hours before the budget deadline passed the i.m.f. also criticised rome for the current state of the economy with low income levels and high unemployment. all right and for more let's cross over now to brussels to our correspondent band. so refused to submit a revised budget plan as was widely expected how has that gone down with you officials. the u.s. official was staunchly opposing this budget from room because the simply the numbers don't add up the debt level is too high and the approach is not sustainable and they also oppose by the fact that italy's in total defiance of all european roads it's the first time that the this is a budget that is completely rejected by the e.u. commission and it's a first time that the government is not cooperating with the commission to find
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a solution and so. on for a showdown with italy so what's next what does this show include. well the commission can as early as next week launch a so-called excessive deficit procedure and advise italy formally to come up with new proposals and to get down to two to straighten out the numbers the estimate for growth for example of that level but this procedure can easily take six months or more and the plan here bus is to take it. until after the european elections in may two thousand and nineteen and the commission also needs to support from other member states but it will be a very messy procedure given that the populace right wing government really will not cooperate so far well it'll be interesting to see how the markets react in the
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meantime of course brussels has a lot on its plate these days also busy with breaks it in apparently there's a draft a deal on the table we already talked about it earlier in the show about the difficulties that to to reset maze expected to have in getting her cabinets approval for the deal let alone politicians approval but what do you hear from the new side how much optimism is there. that officially that you felt the silent there's no prove of the studio no bird to this deal actually exists to the officials here in brussels keep fingers crossed that the procedure as this very delicate procedure in london will take place and in officially the people here is a very very close to a solution but this has also be approved by the e.u. twenty seven member states which will gather here this afternoon and tonight to see what comes from london but this optimism that this deal can be done if london is
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agreeing and so in brussels all eyes on london well right they get in brussels thank you so much. phone calls and texts within the european union could soon get cheaper after striking down roaming fees for travelers last year the e.u. now has sky high international calling costs in its sights until now you know or hasn't affected the cost of calls and texts from your home country to another country but that's said to change the plan calls for a cap of nineteen euro cents per minute regardless of whether a call is placed from a landline or a mobile phone charges for text messages would be restricted to six cents if the legislation passes the new limits will come into force next may. and a nineteen carrot pink diamond has sold for forty four million euros auction house
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christie's in the swiss city of geneva known as the pink legacy the jewel size intense color and cut to brought a bit smashed of the previous record for prized carriage in the category large pink diamonds are extremely rare and high demand has led to stratospheric crisis with similar stones recently put out for sale. as a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the cabinet of british prime minister theresa may is due to debate a draft to break that agreement in an emergency meeting later today may has been individually briefing ministers on the deal which was reached between british and even negotiators on tuesday. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin we'll have more from you coming up at the top of the hour see you then if you kept.
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