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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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be our guest. managed by from. this is d. w. news line from crunch time for british prime minister theresa may actually presents a draft breaks it deals with senior ministers. for its personal prime minister. we'll bring you the latest from london also on the program. new ones about germany's economic boom as the economy shrinks for the
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first time in years so what's behind the decline. i'm voters in the canadian city of calgary rejects a bid to host the twenty twenty six winter olympics despite widespread nostalgia of the last time the city played host to thirty years ago. welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may is facing one of the biggest days of her political career she seeks cabinet backing draft a deal on the terms of her country's departure from the european union but senior ministers and britain's parliament are deeply divided and the deal struck last night between the government and brussels will be subject to intense scrutiny and criticism the prime minister faced m.p.'s earlier and a rowdy parliamentary question and answer session the leader of the opposition was just walk out of the voices challenging mrs may over the deal. last night the e.u.
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usually breaks it negotiates a report to be told the twenty seven european ambassadors the u.k. must align their rules but the e.u. will retrain all the controls is that a fair summary of the prime minister's deal prime minister can i say the right honorable gentleman as i have said all along throughout these negotiations what we are doing is negotiation good deal for the united kingdom we negotiate. we're negotiating a deal that delivers on the face of the british people that takes part control of our money or of the waters that he shows we leave the common fisheries policy we need a customs union we need to come in like a cultural policy we pretend that we protect jobs we protect security and we protect the integrity of the united kingdom you give over to governors they called reset in london welcome nicole so we heard the opposition leader jeremy corbin
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accusing the prime minister of caving in to brussels what did we learn from mrs may in parliament today. well up next it wasn't dominating the discussion old zotero colvin and some of the m.p.'s had a few questions about it and manish to heat up the discussion in the room as we just sold jeremy colvin also wanted to know if that was progress on new trade deals for the u.k. or whether there would be any possibility of you need a lecture lead to withdraw from any possible backstop agreements at the irish border that also drove another question but i know the m.p. who wanted to know it out of the northern northern island would get special treatment due to this new trough that nobody really has seen yet if that were to be the same for scotland so if they would get any benefits from it many more questions will come at the prime minister she didn't answer these on so very clearly now bosh wants the details of the trough to really known then i guess they will ask more
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about what ifs and buts and also about that they will probably ask about it once they know what the cabinet meeting is bringing now so the whole country including the prime minister's old party is incredibly divided on this issue did mrs may look like she has her party behind though is not another battle she has to fight but it has been a very bumpy year for three some may as repeatedly some of the party members within the conservative party have shown that they don't really support we remember two very prominent examples x. for his secretary boris johnson walked out of the cabinet just in sama also david davies who was seen again yossi to fraud for the u.k. walked out on her just because they didn't like the ideas that she had about how breaks it should be done and these are only two examples of that is in a division within her own party and each time it is some sort of rebellion from her
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own rose it will be more and more difficult for the prime is actually to game up against them. all right nicole reese in london thank you so much. thank you. just follow the directions to this deal that we still haven't actually seen yet let's get more on the british government reaction from the. honest alex forrest whites and welcome alex so what has been happening behind the scenes since the announcement of the deal was made last night well tourism is currently holed up in downing street with company ministers trying to thrash out an agreement with them she has already had one to one meetings with all of them last night on this morning because there are some key bricks it is within her own cabinet within those i ministers who are very pro bricks that they do not want to compromise that is the possibility that we could see some resignations off to this meeting today we have
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the international development secretary penny morton who we know is very pro bricks in concert and we have estimate phase the work and pensions secretary so we are now just waiting to see whether the cabinet is behind her or whether some may well quit now that the biggest stumbling block in this process has been what to do about the border between northern ireland which is obviously part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is a separate country and will remain in the u. we don't know the full details of the deal but what have we learned about xix issue on this well obviously they're trying to avoid a hard border between the two and it looks like the way around this is to keep the whole of the u.k. in a temporary customs union and to try to make sure that northern ireland has to agree to certain regulations of the use now this is it worrying to those unionist m.p.'s there were ten do you pm piece within or the not into
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a propping up to raise amazed minority government they have made it very clear that they are not happy if they are treated differently from the rest of the u.k. and they are concerned that this temporary arrangement may last for a very long time and have a lot of support within. those bricks it is the jacob riis morgues and all those who are also very concerned about it and they have expressed that already on the other hand island itself the republic of ireland the prime minister there has has as trying to reach out to those unionists today. has promised that dublin will respect the territorial integrity of the u.k. but whether that will be enough to secure agreement from those unionist m.p.'s remains to be seen ok so kind of to the left of the cottage to the right if mrs murray defies the odds get so ministers to back this deal what's next well first of all it goes to an emergency summit within the e.u. and it looks like that's going to be held on the twenty fifth of november then it
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goes to parliament in westminster and that is the big problem we've already had jeremy corbin's labor party that's the main opposition party in the case are not likely to support this deal she has those bricks a tear m.p.'s who hate any compromise the former foreign secretary boris johnson i've already mentioned jacob greece mark the form of brics that secretary david de fit david davis plus there are those m.p.'s who do not want to see bricks it will i think it's going to be very difficult for to raise the may and of course the clock is ticking i think for slicing thank you so much. well take a look at a couple of the other stories making news around the world now u.s. vice president mike pence has told me in mosque leader there is no excuse for the violence that has caused hundreds of thousands of brick injured to flee a country which depends was meeting on sunday suchi on the sidelines of a regional summit they also pressed for the release of two jailed reuters
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journalists only. california firefighters have been battling a new flare up in a huge fire burning outside los angeles blay said this on ventura wreck outtake it's one of the largest to hit southern california in recent memory at least forty eight people have been confirmed dead in fires and across the state exact number of missing is unclear. three israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned over a ceasefire with the palestinian militant group hamas the truce was agreed to to end the deadly escalation in cross border violence that followed an israeli raid in gaza and least eight palestinians were killed in fighting over the weekend after having gone lieberman was one. was one of the first to hawkish members of the israeli government and he had demanded a much tougher response to palestinian rocket fire. much more of the cease fire combined with a deal with hamas is a surrender to terror. there's no other way of defining it no other meaning but
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a surrender to terror. and mr lieberman's resignation has rocked the world of israeli politics and could trigger early elections now there are doubts about whether the ceasefire will hold there are reports that a fisherman has been killed by israeli fire in northern gaza palestinian officials say the twenty year old man was working on the beach near the land maritime fence that separates gaza from israel this was where he was shot in the stomach israeli military has made no comment. women across the island have taken to the streets following a controversial trial goes over twenty seven year old man acquitted of raping a teenage girl it's not thought but the protests it but it is not the man who brought the protesters out is his lawyer the reason the evidence she asked the jury to consider during closing arguments she said you have to look at the way the girl was dressed she was wearing the thong with a lace front following the comments women flooded social media with pictures of
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films with the hash tag this is not consent protesting against the idea that the way a woman dresses can be used against her in a rape trial ahead of today's protest the w. caught up with susan dillon co-founder of the online protest movement and member of the social media group i believe ireland she points out that a woman's choice of underwear has no bearing on sexual consent. it's been very upsetting and treatments for a lot of us the answer it tim's and survivor is on our page and it sends a message that they're somehow they're doing something that's bringing us up upon themselves and they're sending a message and through their clothing or their interactions. that's telling their attacker it's ok to do what they've done and and i guess that's putting back on them and shame and blame and really hurt us. susan dinner
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now germany's economy has shrunk for the first time since twenty fifteen gross domestic product fell by north point two percent in the third quarter more than expected growth was stifled by global trade disputes and problems in the country's car industry analysts say the data is another wake up call german economic growth is not guaranteed exports were down and imports up in the third quarter that's trouble for an economy built on strong exports a major part of the problem has been a bottleneck in car deliveries by german automakers the result of new more rigorous you emissions rules but there are other issues political ones global trade disputes are threatening the bottom lines of german companies both b.m.w. and di miller cited trade uncertainty in their latest earnings reports briggs it is also threatening a chunk of german business with the u.k. analysts still believe the german economy will grow this year but the news figures show that the country's political stability and low unemployment with
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a weak euro currency don't guarantee a strong economy. like few other nations the german economy relies on overseas consumption at a time of growing uncertainty it only makes sense that it's feeling the pinch. the international olympic committee struggles to find a host cities for future live big games is dealt a major setback overnight voting in a referendum residents of the canadian city of calgary will themselves out of hosting the twenty twenty six games concerned about the cost. lead fifty six percent of them to reject the proposals from calgary d.w. correspondent tessa valter how small. it was a companion market with joy fear and emotional debate with the yes side extremely well funded in comparison to the no complain that had very little money. calgary's legacy was changed by hosting the hugely successful winter games in one thousand
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nine hundred eighty eight the prospect of reviving the spark in twenty eighteen has polarized the people i've always dreamed of shining on the podium singing the national anthem with the battle but to think that every twenty twenty six years here cause we. do is in exact same situation i was standing on top of that board you see the national anthem is a very exciting prospect but that the polls not everyone was so positive i'm voting no today because i don't believe city council has presented us with a budget that is accurate and i'm worried that taxpayers are going to be paying for this for the next twenty to thirty years the i.o.c. has struggled a lot in recent years to find cities willing to spend billions to host the games recently they come up with a new plan the olympic agenda twenty twenty claiming to reduce costs for hosts they keep on telling people to keep on telling potential host cities that they've changed but there's no evidence that they've changed. ultimately the cost of over
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three billion euros was simply too high the answer him calgary was no. the no here from calgary makes another low point for the future of the olympic games popular support is shrinking but she leaves the bidding process to those golf . letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. listen.


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