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tv   Treasures of the World - Petajavesi - Upon these Logs We Built Our Church...  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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even. the little league. only. the little league major league. my first vice like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by the social don't remember something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to albums by cycle of my home and it took me years the fight . finally the game bob and mental by me and by psychos and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more afro creates more girls than writing i'm biased
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as knowledge i want to reach out to those women back home where bones by their duties and social norms and inform them about dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i work i just need to. cut. the. need summer in finland as a cue to make the most of the short run intense summer enjoyed in these latitudes it's a time. i'm of weddings and festivities the weddings in particular are for an occasion
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to celebrate the regional traditions as in the good old days friends rome the bride and groom to church to the old church of. the means the big pine tree by the water and the phrase suggests the essential features of one of central finland's loveliest lake districts. when the old churches had to have a z. was placed on the unesco world heritage list its appeal was enhanced to new couples who wish to marry here in the brief summer months after applying plenty of time in addition to services and christenings concerts were held here to. for england carry to architects from home cindy there were personal reasons for
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deciding to marry and petty of a.z. church in those great grandmother was married here to a century ago almost to the day. land. for generations couples have married here in this way petit of a.z. gets its first mention in historical documents in seven hundred twenty one the year in which the northern war was ended by treaty.
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the in. western finland remained in the swedish sphere of influence and so it was that the people of had to live a.z. apply to came frederick the first of sweden for permission to build the chapel they originally needed their wish was to worship in simple fashion in a church of their own. was. two years later frederick the first replied that in view of conditions and petty of the gladly gave his most gracious consent to his subjects petition but the chapel soon proved too small within a quarter of a century the population quadrupled so the congregation decided a bigger church had to be built. but the ground plan was a simple one drawn by jaco lebanon who had
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a name as an accomplished master carpenter and builder of churches it had to be submitted to the swedish court for approval though and the first unofficial response was that the plan was undependable and unacceptable two years went by without a positive response tired of waiting the people of pity of a.z. resolved to build the church on their own responsibility. by the summer of seventeen sixty three the members of the congregation had got together the stones for the foundation and the timber require for the structure under yako eleven ins guidance and following his original plan the shell of the church was erected in just thirty five days. through. the chronicles that a horseman brought five thousand iron nails to pet a u.b.c. and received a sack of grain in payment. but it was some years before the church was in its present form
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a form that's remained virtually unchanged. had to give a z. is one of finland's finest surviving wooden buildings the tower which is visible far and wide was not at it till decades later by lebanon's grandson it was larger than was customary and designed to take bigger bells the heel of which can be heard far across the water in the forests. the church is built on a cruciform plan with arms of equal length the lofty roof is covered with tar shingles. wooden churches of this kind were often built in waterways visible from a distance they also served as land mops. the architectural styles practice at various periods and most of europe tended to
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reach the north of the continent after a time lag thus the cruciform grand plan named well hark back to renaissance influence architectural drawings of stockholm churches were used as a basis for the changes local carpenter builders wanted to make in the spirit of their own traditions. timber has always been the most common these building material laden timbers horizontally a method of construction borrowed from russia became the norm in northern ecclesiastical building. the foundations are quarried stone and on to them were laid only the sturdiest finest behind him birds for greater stability holes were drilled in the wood and heavy rivets passed through the most important tools and construction with the apps and the plumb line moss and linen were used for insulation.
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the church of pedophilia raese has a number of entrances. plan on one of the doors the following and coded words are engraved enter here and find happiness and tranquility and the strength to resist the powers of evil. to clear proportions of the church and the artistry of the many details remain and chancing. the old wood possesses an almost magical attraction.
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lallana divulging over the crossing eloquently tells of the skills of the builders the octagonal q below was built by the very finest craft patterns that drew on regional tradition. to twelve joiners and then master builder eleven and were justifiably proud of their work and left their initials at discrete points on the roll to. am. in the early nineteenth century the church underwent further change an extension to the east end was converted into a sacristy the choir window of the altar was no longer needed the painting was placed to cover it since there are no more changes have been made to the church it has neither she nor electric lines.
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the simplicity of the church interior suggests how close. the congregation identified with it a decorative canopy once used at a wedding now serves as an altar call the embroidered inscription tells of the miracle at the wedding feast of qana when christ turned water into wine. these regular strokes of the bell usher in finland's greatest annual festival the twenty fourth of june is midsummer and the feast of st john exactly six months separate the birth of st john the baptist and the birth of christ the two christian feast days are closely linked to the summer and winter solstice says from june the
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days begin to shorten from december to lengthen again midsummer's day the saying goes brings a blessing for the land and livestock and promises a good harvest. the day of the summer solstice is a day of festivities throughout the country the congregation of petit of a.z. marks the occasion with a service singing hymns under citing poems in praise of the summer the age old verses betray a robust pride in the homeland. hine forests cordyline meadows birch trees flowers on the highlands wild strawberries great lakes of clear water. warm july not give thanks to have been born in the heart of finland the dawn of life
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broke here and here let my grave be to. morrow. i shall known for it all one day if ever i should leave i. was. gone gone. lord. i was. on. the small church of petty of a.z. is a memorial to the simple faith of the people and the skills of the craftsman who built it its a sanctuary place of joy and purpose of spirit and so for all its age it's remained
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young at heart. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. subir is pushing ahead with luiz to join the european union the brussels who so far and impressed with its
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reforms my guest this week visiting is the fabulous foreign minister i'm now for the beach. why so little progress on so many keep issues. conflicts so from now on t.w. . have you heard. caravaggio is a line. around. my performances of his most famous paintings are entrancing millions of. stage and on the internet. all tungsten it's become a new star. kind of talk show. your romance sixty minutes.
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great yourself with t w z interior design channel on. my. subir is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting balin is the serbian prime minister and not burn that bitch why so little progress on so many key issues.


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