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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin european union lays out the next steps in britain's withdrawal as breaks it gets real chief negotiator michele bania hands over the draft deal to the council president on toast he says european leaders will meet in ten days time to sign off on britain's divorce. also coming up the battle continues against wildfires in california while blazes raging in the south of the state in the north investigators scour the ruins for bodies so after the most deadly fire in california's history. and mexico blends migrants from
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central america the helping hand the human caravan trying to reach the u.s. find solidarity on the route but not everyone is happy to see. well i'm terry march and welcome to the program we begin with the latest on britain's departure from the e.u. and some breaking news just coming in breaks that secretary dominic rob has just resigned from the british government over its traffic bragg's it deal the move follows the e.u. announcement that they will hold a special summit to seal the brakes of agreement on november twenty fifth that's ten days from now at a press conference in brussels this morning european council president bill tusk heaped praise on michelle bunny at the chief negotiator chief rex and. it or so
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said that funny had limited the damage caused by britain's impending departure and had maintained the interests of the other twenty seven countries that will remain in the e.u. after franks. well let's first cross over to our correspondent bigot mosse who is standing by for us in the london bigot so we just heard that the brags that secretary dominic robb has resigned from the recent mase cabinet what does this mean for the prime minister. this is really a bombshell announcement that has only reached just just minutes ago for two reason may this is really big trouble because she had hoped that she would have a cabinet behind her and she had on until now more or less with one junior minister resigning but this is the one minister that reason may really be needed by her side when it comes through the rest of the bricks of negotiations and you know he was
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the one who was also involved who was crucially involved in the negotiations with the e.u. so if this man who was always a committed brick city isn't what you always wanted to advocate brax it if he is not behind tourism a then this is really big trouble i have here his resignation that he says he cannot. he just cannot support the backstop arrangement with northern all and he cannot support also the sort of indefinite feel that this has he says no democratic nation is ever signed up to be bound by such an extensive regime and its imposed externally without democratic control really really hard and something that will be very difficult for to reason may already today very difficult indeed to stay with us we'll be coming back to you in just a second and the banks are coming in fast and furious on bragg's it we just heard
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from the resignation from from the british prime minister's cabinet in brussels itself we've also got several announcements let's listen to what the chief negotiator for the european union michelle had to say earlier today. what we have agreed negotiate through slaveowner. is fair and balanced. fixed into account the ukase positions organize as though we grew old only caution and i'm sure a new bolder and i'm divine and lays the groundwork for and i'm sure new ship. and that was of the e.u.'s chief negotiator michele banias speaking a little while ago we have with us our correspondents bear get mass in london and in brussels we have max hoffman max and ask you to comment on what we just heard
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there the chief breaks of go shares are for the e.u. it sounds like michelle obama is saying that from brussels perspective right sits on the right track. well with the stepping down it just shows that the real front line no longer is here in brussels at least it's not between may and the e.u. it is in the u.k. itself and let me just remind her what this is about robb stepped down it's about the so-called backstop big it just mentioned in the backstop is an insurance to make sure there is no hard border between northern ireland and ireland and it would have been an insurance that kicks in if the e.u. and the u.k. cannot agree on the nature of their future relationship free trade area for example or customs union and that backstop in this withdrawal agreement draft says that it would be a customs union between the e.u. and the whole of the u.k.
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but in definite meaning that to get out of this customs union both sides would have to agree and that is something the brics a two years have criticized very harshly those plans in the past now this doesn't mean that the e.u. is on the right track for drugs that of course although they have managed to have this withdrawal agreement agreed on five hundred eighty five pages of an agreement that is positive for the e.u. but if the recent may is able to do anything with it in the u.k. to get the backing of her parliament and it looks like she has to get a serious step backwards now with the resignation of the many then of course those five hundred eighty five pages can just put be put in the worst best ok so what's next is just saying they're big get the ball is now very much in britain's court as we just found out today we've got to resignations already we've had
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a junior minister the northern ireland minister shelley resigning early and now dominique robb the u.k. breaks it minister in chancellor in rather the prime minister's cabinet what is she going to face theresa may in trying to get this break the deal through parliament. that is looking very very much in doubt at the moment i think with domenic rob missing we might see out the resignation today of course this is speculation but it's hard to see how this severe damage can be limited for two reasons to lose the one that really was crucial in these threads of negotiations who has a lot of. we would assume for him to said this is not in the u.k. best interest i think it's going to be big indeed so the course of action would have been would probably still be there. making the statement. in front of
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parliament that it would be a debate we will that wait anxiously whether. it's all going in there was speculation that over time so within the next hours people from our own party m.p.'s from tourism a zone policy would. have no confidence and i think stepping down after a minute rob has definitely increased the likelihood of this happening. thank you so much for now. for us there in london and in brussels max thanks to you both. now let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world today lawmakers in sri lanka's parliament have exchanged blows leaving one prime minister one member of parliament hospitalized it's the latest escalation of the political turmoil that has left the country without a prime minister or cabinet fighting started when the prime minister claimed the speaker had no authority to remove the prime minister from off. the face of
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around seven hundred thousand refugees is uncertain after some refused to leave their camps in bangladesh and return to myanmar bangladeshi authorities had planned to start treating the refugees who fled more than a year ago following a military crackdown there human rights groups say conditions are not yet right for the rich to return safely. california now where investigators are counting the dead from that state's worst ever world wildfires at least fifty six people have been killed by the blazes so far with authorities warning that some one hundred thirty are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes in the north and south of the state the authorities say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. in the sierra a fire is still burning outside san bernardino in something california fire crews
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are hard at work to tamp down the flames here to stop it from spreading again. further north in the destroyed town of paradise teams of forensic scientists a sifting through the rubble searching for human remains. finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to flee the flames. one person one night a narrow escape was ninety year old patty saunders. everywhere we went all around. in front of and then we kept stopping we couldn't go to the trough it would stop and then we finally got to a place where you couldn't go forward. but i looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise in that beautiful angel farm with the big holes and he was throwing everything he was making up for hours. nearly a quarter of
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a million people across california have been forced to leave their homes in the last week. as firefighters begin to contain the blazes and workers start repairing the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to make communities. but the crisis is far from over. back in the south one blaze has flared up again in the santa monica mountains firefighters have been able to keep it away from residential areas. but the vegetation is so dry that it could strike with disastrous consequences at any time . hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the u.s. mexican border city of tijuana they belong to the first of a number of migrant caravans of have traveled about a thousand kilometers to try to escape poverty and violence in their homeland they now hope to gain entry into the united states but the u.s.
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government has sent thousands of troops to the border to stop them defense secretary jim matches has visited troops in texas on the us mexico border u.s. president has threatened to close that order but majority of the migrants are still pushing on through mexico many people there are showing their solidarity for them but not all we asked mexicans how they feel about the exodus. some bread a warm meal or even salts migrants are getting help from individuals and institutions like in this hostel in mexico city from the vienna haiti it is one of those who turned out and today she drove a van overloaded with clothes for women and children. that he went on it's gratifying that a lot of people are helping that it brings out the humanity in us and it pleases me to see the difference we are making it up with apple yet we're all very proud to be mexican me at least of the said. mexico has seen migrants bound northward travel
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through the country for decades this is a chance for to express solidarity with foreigners. that it did that that is we have to deal with this acutely painful situation to reach out to people passing through. you know on this see that. colombians and hundreds think that we reject them we have to support each other because we are all human beings and we feel for them. but these people haven't been welcomed by everyone. some have begun lashing out at the migrants. then i have no problems because they don't if i come here to contribute in that welcome he seems not to having a day at the beach didn't throw away the food we give them but they keep their big . numbers but many of them are drunk your in a ding in public everywhere. cannot cope with receiving them in the hope that from
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now on officials check their papers and give them what they deserve and give us what we deserve their human rights are apparently worth more than ours and. some of the migrants have felt that lack of sensitivity during their journey. but even so most say mexico has offered them good care. now one person insulted as we don't like thoughts but i guess we have to accept it we all invading that country. makes a co has received us very well with very proud because it is given us all they support we have not. closing. mexico a country divided like so many others by migration. before we go just reminder of our top story today britain's brags that secretary dominic robb has resigned from
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the government saying he cannot support teresa mayes draft rights that deal he's the second minister to resign over the agreement today. you are watching g.w. news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour sumi will be with you then. thanks for watching. what do we want. when do we want to know the percent of americans at some point will experience hardship listen.


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