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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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messages are spreading like wildfire and thousands of followers are joining us. on the streets. in egypt. stores joining me on the w. . texts. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way around europe to all the cultural hot spots here's a look at what's coming up. on usual library a belgian baker and his passion is collecting sour don't start or. unique ability of musicianship can make his guitar sound like
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a very useful instrument the. inventor talents of a designer who revolutionized the fashion world with the mini skirts. we kick off today show on a sour note with sourdough bread that is it's the oldest and most original form of leavened bread now making the dough is quite simple all you have to do is combine flour water in a glass or plastic container cover it with a breathable lid then let it sit in a warm place for at least twelve hours and while you have the ingredients for a good loaf of sourdough bread while in belgium one specialist has created a library of sourdough starter let's find out now why he has cultivated this unusual passion. these jars filled with sourdough starter aren't just sitting in any old fridge they're exhibits on display at the parata sourdough library in belgium and they're all alive four degrees
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celsius is just cool enough to keep the microbes in check for the collections head ecologists met these exhibits are more than just a number these are. this sound was my first one in noise we got in from san francisco in one thousand nine hundred nine francisco or didn't you know and from all of the starters here in the library. this is the one closest to my heart and tell us never forget your first sourdough. if the forget forget. the smiths library now boasts one hundred fifteen specimens from twenty countries the oldest dates from eighteen eighty six and the new west he's just bought back from spain. every sourdough is different depending on where it was made and what kind of flour to ferment the starter needs to rest and be fed regularly
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with flour and water it makes the dough rise and gives the bread its likely sour taste thousand five thousand years ago everyone who baked brand worked with sourdough bitit then as not there are still many different kinds of sourdough. but unless they're handed down from mother to daughter father to son or make it a baker. they'll be lost forever. to ensure that old recipes and ingredients are preserved this matter travels the world in search of saladin specialist from canada he brought home started though used by miners during the gold rush that's still alive today. he learned the methods people used in the salad to school in britain. and in greece he watched country folk make bread . some of those luck to acid bacteria help spread keep longer and has health benefits dismounts quest for sourdough takes him to three or four countries each
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year which is does really it's always nice to be able to discover new things in china for example you can find plenty of things we don't have in europe china they don't bake bread with sourdough like we do instead they make steamed buns. ave a good dump. parata sourdough library is located in the village of sanct feet in eastern belgium. here the team from the belgian bakery company peralta's has been producing sourdough and everything that could be made with it for more than two decades. this bakery located next to the library is only used on special occasions for instance to show product developers from around the world what kinds of bread can be made with sourdough and maybe even inspire new kinds of big goods. the most important thing for us out anything is the story
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they love to know where it's come from how long it's been around they love provenance that's really what they're looking for is the story behind. this kind of redheads bring me from my childhood time when my grandmother made the rio bread in our times and it's really nice flavor and delicious it's something which definitely that italian people love so much sourdough and myself we have a family business we produce bonnet on and we have our hound sourdough that we refresh since i don't remember when to keep his exhibits alive the smack refreshes his starters every two months with flour and water he keeps the. get samples and various types of flour making sourdough is a science in itself and takes lots of patience. for shootin and me there is different types of lactic acid bacteria some money produce lactic acid and others
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make acetic acid the temperature is pretty important. and depending on how often the refresh the sound it becomes more or less sour used is the movie or mere zala. you can even use sourdough to make waffles in belgium called the smith makes canadian style ones the way he learned to on his visit to the yukon naturally he used the original sourdough starter and he can't resist tasting the results. so far it. looks like it is our bread of course tastes even better with cheese which of course goes well with wine in them brings us to the new border layer which has just been released more on that at the top of today's express. the exposure les nouveaux season the young french red wine traditionally becomes
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available in shops on the third thursday in november each year some two thousand visitors from the beaujolais region just north of produce this pretty treat annually each year bottles are exported to over one hundred countries. on wednesday experts from the university of cambridge confirmed that two brands as exhibited by the fitzwilliam museum in cambridge were in fact made by michelangelo each of the specialists for years of extensive research to verify their authenticity. the sculptures are the only surviving bronzes by the renaissance master they had been attributed to michelangelo since the nineteenth century but outside remained. due to a lack of historical documentation. icelandic film director benedict ellingson has won this year's knox prize awarded by the
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european parliament its president antonio thai gandhi presented the trophy in strasburg for ending songs political comedy woman at war the film tells the story of a fifty something eco warriors fight against an aluminum plant in iceland from nepal beat out sticks by austrian filmmaker of all kinds fischer and the other side of everything from serbian director militarily which looks prize was introduced in two thousand and seven the e.u. parliament created the award to shine a spotlight on european films to touch on current social and political issues. like . most bands as we know it consists of various members who have their individual instrument to play but with the italian guitars lucas trick and you only he himself is the entire band when he plays it sounds like three guitars plus a drum and bass we met up with him at a concert in berlin to hear more.
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there are no other musicians hiding backstage every sound you hear comes from. guitar. he's playing british band gorillas song feel good ink all honest. i always thought the guitar is such a little used for meant a little bit weak that is good for your bedroom but to have one thousand even twelve thousand people in front of you just listening to these little instrument it's kind of magical and i always felt like sharing the stage with others it's what most people do and it's amazing but i was really just keeping this all for this little guitar although my self. knew all the began playing the guitar when he was ten over tiny italian musician
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has developed his own style. along with his own compositions he performs covers of famous pop and rock songs. like this one from electronic music group the prodigy. i try to play at the same time melody harmony bass line and drums. are many. bass line. and drums. and i together.
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little became famous overnight back in twenty fifteen when his version of the ac d.c. classic thunderstruck went viral. his version of can't stop from the red hot chili peppers was also a hit altogether his music videos have racked up more than one hundred million views on you tube and facebook. i remember releasing the video. on you tube the views got pretty crazy and or started receiving constant requests from all over the world and at the beginning i really didn't know what to do with this concert requests like you do want to play on this date in florida and i was like ok how do i even go to florida. for one concert how much money do i have to ask i really don't know what to do so it was like a big wave against me. now stricken tours the world at his biggest concert to date
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he performed in front of twelve thousand people in tel aviv. one of luca's biggest role models is american guitarist andy mckee bikies technique inspired luka and modern fingerstyle guitarists the strings directly using their fingertips make your nails or picks attach to their fingers sometimes like with luke a strike in nearly they perform on very unusual instruments my aim is to have independence between like a piano player. he plays a custom made triple neck guitar which allows him to create multiple voices simultaneously like in his cover of you to use with or without you. two three. touring with three other guitarists here the. playing in berlin as part of the international guitar night to work.
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dispel the guitarist also marveled at lukas unusual style someone who really doesn't know music you seem to do in these amazing because it's pretty and when you're musician you see him and see. you thinking about so much different things so you know it's amazing. his success is also due to a lot of hard work but doesn't this dampen his passion for playing. you sold this with lots of love for guitar it's at a certain point you need to put all the job aside and say ok now we go back to the roots it was just me and my dream in my bedroom and you go back to. next year lucas took a new only plans to put out a new album which killed record using a new and very special guitar. continuing
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now with this week's series pioneering women today we get to know mary quant whose invention caused a scandal in the early sixty's the fashion designer was responsible for introducing the miniskirt was first pictured in the one nine hundred sixty two edition of british vogue and it sparked outrage from both conservatives and the church soon after though the mini skirt became a symbol of female emancipation and a must have in almost every modern woman's wardrobe i myself even have a few well the mini skirt made that mary quant a fashion icon it's still as popular as ever no matter the weather. london in autumn even at low temperatures there are plenty of mini skirts around.
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mary quant invention is almost sixty years old but it still makes a specific fashion statement. for freedom and beauty and they get a little bit of flirting i'm sure like back then people would think it's not cool because like we're very conservative. but what been noted is cool for women to work and wanted i think must've been really controversial but it's really cool that it's invites. the british fashion designer sparked a genuine revolution in the early one nine hundred sixty s. . quantz original many skirt hitched up hemlines to at least ten centimeters above the knee and became a symbol of a mensa painted women in one thousand nine hundred eighty six she was awarded the order of the british empire for her work the mini skirt changed beauty ideals. the new mini was soon personified by a certain leslie hornby better known as twiggy with her bob hair and slender figure
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the model quickly became a style and cultural icon of the swinging sixty's the mini skirt was a polarizer as soon learned in her own shop from the beginning it fell. in there with among a lot of young men to bring in my girlfriends and raving about everything and there were not a lot of sort of. on the window with. rage. managed to do what few fashion designers had done before she changed the site with a piece of fabric. i think it was all really down to mary she was an art student she didn't want to dress the way her mother did which you know up until then really had being kind of the way things were. during the one nine hundred fifty s. to peace and samples were in fashion quanta was creating for
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a new generation and had her finger on the pulse of the sixty's in particular that of england's artists and musicians. today her designs have long since become classics her favorite dress the banana split was even honored on a british stamp in two thousand and nine. it's the perfect black dress and it comes really out it's black and can be put in a high. cut right through it. and so it flows right up so it just shows up in. london's victoria and albert museum has been collecting an archive in quantum design since the one nine hundred seventy s. because it was clear even ben that her work was revolutionary some of the museums hundred or so pieces are in its permanent exhibition kwan's forte is light sporting codes like these it's wearable fashion for work or having fun.
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american reaction against that very grown up tailoring that english fashion was known for something completely new things were changing anyway there was a different feeling in the air with people who were fed up with. the younger generation with. clubs and players that you could if you were young woman and go straight off to. the mini skirt wasn't quantz only fashion coo she also became the first designer to use vinyl and dresses and shoes. she also. takes credit for inventing waterproof eyeliner and strapless broads plushy popularised colored and patterned hose and it was quaint who created the
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short shorts known as hot pants like the mini skirt that since become a signpost in fashion history. the designer was quick to export her fashions to the u.s. and japan her shops carry dresses cosmetics and bags all under the mary quant name in two thousand she sold the label to a japanese company and withdrew from public life but her best known creation the mini skirt is still a fixture in the fashion world and. fashion designers like germany's giteau maria kuch mar include short skirts in many of their collections. because there are young people and everyone who's young and shelter ready i'm here also wants to wear a mini skirt and. it started as a scandal and turned into a symbol of rebellion and emancipation today the mini skirt is a classic and a recurring favorite on the catwalk. mary wrote a chapter
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a fashion history all her own with just a small piece of fabric. berlin house one new york as well and now the north german city of hamburg is getting one i'm talking about a museum of illusion since the beginning of time people been fascinated by magic and trickery and how new attraction truly takes visitors on a magical mystery tour. nothing is quite as it seems at hamburg's new museum of illusions. thousands of installations feature quirky optical illusions the deceive the senses. museum manager nicole you know lots garbage discovered a cool concept in croatia and brought it to hamburg as ever in you know it's bring out my inner child it's a combination of many factors and everything is based on science and us that there's. the optical illusions per plant visitors and spank their intellectual
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curiosity which is the main idea behind the museum the vast four hundred square meter spaces brimming with games puzzles and optical illusions of all kinds some fifty exhibits are on display. one major highlight is this rotating vortex tunnel which makes you feel as if you're losing your balance. if i really like the word text tunnel arc it makes me feel a bit dizzy but i still keep going through it and make hits totally love it up my nick and i know for a living sticker. at other museums the rule usually is don't touch but here visitors are encouraged to try out all exhibits for themselves it's all about the disconnect between perceiving things that our brains can't fully process fascinating stuff for kids and adults alike.
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the lot of the it's great for people who might not like visiting museums this interactive museum is something different it's about having a fine arts. and their view of the world might get turned on a tad quite literally. now for something for all you do it yourselfers out there today our resident d.i.y. expert is going to teach us how to fold or got me and i am going to try it as well so there you go. hi there is tension have you ever heard of origami it's the ancient japanese art of paper forwarding often into complex shapes such as animals but also geometrical forms you can even be used to decorate a wall. you need
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a full paper about thirty to forty pages in different colors. and double sided sticky tape. that said we can already start first of all the paper up diagonally from the bottom right to meet the top edge to midpoint. fold the remaining piece to the right and really smooth down the photo firmly then unfold it again. and then fold in the left hand side piece again this time the bottom is split over that piece. and then unfold it. and then fold the paper over so the right hand and she meets the left one. and presto firmly on the crease. then unfold it again. now pulling all the corners so they meet in the middle.
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and open it up again. then place to fold of the left hand side on to the right one and full the diagonal line in the parts of how to. open it up and press the diagonal line up words to calm a triangle. and then fold down the tip of the triangle into the middle. you could already. so you got the pyramid shape this emerging. would carry on with the upper right hand corner. to the next crease. and this creates a flap to tuck in when the shape is finished. and their ship paramount make about forty of them. and then at the top and side it's sticky tape to the surfaces self the shape. now you stick them on the wall you can choose the cuts in yourself. stand out the board cycle. in this project the choice of color is
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very important if you'd like a different color combination simply look full color palettes online and get inspired. well i don't know how she did that luckily christina my german colleague knows how to do it i really i mean more brag but if you want to see that video again along with other creative d.i.y. tutorials then go to our youtube page we are out of time for me and the rest of the crew here in berlin is by for now and was big and tomorrow. next time on your own tax code artist johnny carson has created a stunning three hundred sixty degree panorama of the ancient greek city of paragon . it depicts everyday scenes from one twenty nine c.e. and impressive architecture from the time including the famous paragon altar the
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huge mural goes on show in berlin this weekend as the parent of montana ramma next time on your own. blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah.
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blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah. blah blah blah. blah. blah. blah. blah blah. blah she coughs like. football is a simple game football a simple game. not really competent twenty two majors a ball for ninety minutes. to mr mccollum let's talk about even this move there lot of it. it's difficult to understand we will give you the answers at least we'll try . to bring her name is. live for i just wish double wave.
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more of. this abuse d.w. news lawyer from berlin to bring in our correspondent ophelia harms a really strong so from four years you shall know we're here to find out what happened with you think of your correspondent founder of islam and we do have some of breaking news coming in from this now let's get more about this. w. news thank you for joining us. sometimes in books more exciting than real lives. raring to. go. what if there's no escape. list. and most treats. they make the commitment. they find solutions. they inspire.
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africa conflicts stories about people making a difference shaping their nation expand their continent except for the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their calling and sixty w.'s multimedia series food for a couple. dozen dogs. to flood.
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plain. the white paper two senior u.k. cabinet ministers have resigned in protest over a draft bret's a deal secured by prime minister to resign may press secretary dominic robb and work and pensions secretary esther mcvey said the draft did not go far enough and breaking ties with the european union.


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