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already. digital. twenty two dollars. this is news live from berlin a court in tampa makes in the store ruling for the first time two leaders of the brutal camaron range are found guilty of genocide two men were on trial in connection with the deaths of nearly two million people during the regime's reign of terror in the one nine hundred seventy s. . also coming up britain faces another day of turmoil as prime minister theresa may
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stepped up efforts to defend her controversial break the deal but with members of her own party calling for her to quit can she survive and where does the country go next. and back in again germany's national soccer team defeats russia in a friendly after a rough year the football squad is trying to reconnect with fans of all ages and if youth program paid dividends with two of its youngest player scoring goals is it a possible turning point we'll hear from our sports apartment. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us it is being called cambodia s nuremberg moment and the last few hours to leave leaders of the regime have been found guilty of genocide by a un backed tribunals the court ruled that you sumpin the no one child were responsible for the murder and slate. torture and persecution of nearly two million
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cambodians between one hundred seventy five and one nine hundred seventy nine it's considered one of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century the verdict is the first official acknowledgement that what the khmer rouge regime did was genocide as defined under international law when. it comes let's bring in our southeast asia correspondent boston hartford joins us on the line from bangkok busto what more can you tell us about these two men. was a meeting on terror was hope was deputy he was his right hand man. and two of them on the head of state so they were both really influential figure in the command rouge regime that ruled cambodia from one hundred seventy nine to ninety eight and then from i think in the time excuse me to nine hundred seventy nine and in which it's believed that one point seven million people were killed now now both of them are already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity other crimes against
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humanity if they were convicted of a previous trial but both of them have in the course of your trials have the night any responsibility for these crimes to me. thank you how significant is this verdict for cambodia. well i think it's for one i think very significant for the average of the khmer rouge regime and i think you can see that if you look at the numbers over the course of the trial which tracked on for for a long time a three thousand people came to pen to watch it in person from the places around the country because they think it was important for them to see how justice . is being done at least to some degree because of course it's only two senior leaders who are standing trial here their war two more were indicted but they they died in the meantime because the trial dragged on for so long but there's also
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been a lot of criticism because people are said they have been called for more child more people to be investigated and indicted and also questions why is only coming almost forty years after the end of the khmer rouge regime now are we going to timor to plea not because the prime minister of cambodia when ten we've been in power for thirty years he said it would be stabilize the country and he strongly opposes any further trials in the old almost unlimited power and cambodia so it's very unlikely that we're going to see any further trials but at least in this trial it was as you said before it's an acknowledgement that the crimes committed under the clear regime were in fact genocide and it might also carry implications for similar trials in other countries and other crimes that were committed in other countries i think for example we are. bastion hard i think for us thank you very much.
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british prime minister theresa may is a stepping up efforts to defend her controversial breaks that deal today made us of the country will be plunged into a deep and grave on certainty if the draft plan is abandoned but she is facing a backlash from her own party and calls to be replaced so can she survive or get the latest from london and brussels in a moment but first a look at how events unfolded yesterday it was a tumultuous day in the history of bric said but more turmoil is likely to follow on thursday several members of parliament resigned on the hours after prime minister theresa may and now instead of her cabinet had agreed to the terms of the deal. the first and biggest blow was dominic robb quitting after only four months as burke said minister but we do need to change and he's not the only one thinking this way resistance is coming from within may's own party reducing the chances of the agreement being voted to parliament it's eighty four in all it's going up by
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the hour will vote against it is therefore mathematically impossible to get this deal through the house of home. and if that wasn't enough may might be facing yet another challenge jacob riis smaug a vocal hardline bracks a tear submitted a letter of no confidence against the prime minister but what we mean is a leader who will say to the european union it is impossible to divide up the united kingdom it is impossible to agree to a situation where we have a perpetual customs union this is not wretched this is a failure of government policy it needs to be rejected this is nothing to do with this may respond to the chaos with another press conference demonstrating determination and dismissing calls to step down if we do not move forward without agreement nobody can know for sure the consequences that will follow. it would be to take a path of deep and great uncertainty when the british people just want us to get on
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with it this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and i'm i going to see this through yes. from a the clock is ticking next week she'll have to face e.u. leaders and without a problem enter the approval of the brics a deal her days as prime minister could be numbered and we are delivering let's bring in our correspondents for more on this story barbara vessel is in london and max huffman is in brussels good morning to you both max let's start with you in brussels the clock is ticking for theresa may what can she expect when she faces e.u. leaders next week well compared to what she's facing back in london it'll be a walk in the park no seriously she probably is going to have to face some criticism over the deal as well although you have to sort that out amongst themselves but we've heard in the last days that france for example is not at all happy about fisheries not being included in that deal in germany is worried about a level playing field meaning that companies in the u.k.
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and companies on the continent will face the same conditions if they are in the customs union later on but like i said it's a different animal than in london it's not her personal faith that's on the line here in brussels e.u. has a squabble among themselves in the goshen among themselves figure this out if they really can back the deal or not in the most likely scenario is that they will back the deal negotiated with three some of his cabinet meanwhile her political fate is on the line in london that brings us to you barbara she a truth that may sound a defiant last night and she has staked her survival political survival on the steel will she be able to see it through. we just heard max saying this is a different animal here in london and i tell you sumi it's a ferocious beast because rumor has it that the do you p.t. the northern irish union party that is propping up our government is ready to walk and sort of. go away from her government unless she is replaced and somebody
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else steps up as prime minister now that was certainly sort of blow up the whole the whole government here and make it impossible for two reasons made to go on and the second bad news is emerging last night as she had a talk with my two god of the environment minister one of the leading faces of the leave campaign in two thousand and sixteen he does not want to be breaks administer for anyone he doesn't want to own this deal and he might also be ready to walk from one thousand to resign so nothing but bad news this morning all right well we sent our reporter out on to the streets of london to hear what people had to say about the turmoil there let's take a look. chaos anger and confusion not just inside parliament but on the streets of london as well for the people here outside westminster the bracks a drama is anything but it done deal and then spray bottle. until
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recently removed. it is now we. must agree now it's time to go back to the country give them a choice do you want this deal that the government's negotiated or do you want to remain within the your opinion. is just ridiculous as a willing to kill. and you opinion stay definitely say the original vote was made without all the information that people needed really to make the decision people's votes no. across the city it's all i saw in the case politicians and their heated bricks acho down and it's not just remain us who don't like the deal franks of tears on happy to. the politicians find food. and. some of them in the middle the end of the day the
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referendum was a binary choice was winston churchill said a majority of is enough. i voted to leave i'm not going to lie but right now i would stay we need to fight the fact that. the difficult compromises haven't united the two sides of the debate on the country breaks it is in remain assumed to be further apart than ever but on one thing they do agree this is not the deal they want for their country. our barbara we heard there this is not the deal they want for their country what exactly do people there say is the problem with this agreement. the problem is disagreement is that it pleases absolutely nobody is she has achieved a reason made the impossible the seemingly impossible to come back with a deal that is rejected from all sides opposition and many people in britain say
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this is not good enough this is still going to wreak economic damage and plus we don't really know what's in the arrangement for the future all these are empty promises different six years say this is much too close to the european union it's breaks it in name only it doesn't mean that we're really leaving and the people in the middle middle are angry and confused about this whole rigmarole this whole chaotic image that the government presents at the moment at the moment iran or just a spy here in the very early morning down at the thames and he yelled she's a goner as she is off and that seems to be moot the mood among many many people here in london and in the rest of the country that's to reason may who's trying to battling on to battle on can't really do it right max coming to you with that kind of opposition in london could we see the e.u. negotiate another agreement that has better chances of being approved by the
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parliament the british parliament there those are two different things first one will be renegotiated deal the german chancellor are going to mco made it very clear that he does not see any grounds for that she says we have something that was negotiated that you agreed on and the british government agreed on so why should we go she added but even if they renegotiated it seems very unlikely that they would be able to offer anything that goes through in the house of commons and coming back to all that criticism we're seeing of the deal especially in them but also within the european union i think the german chancellor angela merkel said once if i get criticism from all saw it's means i did something right because it means i really fell into a compromise right our correspondents max hope in brussels and barbara vessel in london thank you bill. let's catch up found some other stories making news around the world north korean leader kim jong un has allegedly visited
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the test site of a new tactical weapon it was the state media is first mention and months of a new development in the country's weapons program and is likely to put a strain on relations with south korea and the united states. the number of people missing in california of devastating wildfires has double to more than six hundred local authorities say the death toll now stands at sixty three search and rescue workers are looking forward names as firefighters are still battling wildfires across the state and iconic swimming pool painting by british legend david hockney is sold for ninety point three million dollars in new york the winning bid at christie's auction house that a new record for a living artist hawking painted the work called portrait of an artist pool with two figures in one nine hundred seventy two. german chancellor angela merkel's recent announcement that she will be stepping down as the leader of her christian democratic party in december as fail to improve the
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party's image that's one of the main findings of a new survey by the german public broadcaster a r d meanwhile support for the social democrats has again dropped to a record low with many voters switching allegiance to the greens let's take a look at the numbers now if elections were held across germany this weekend of the survey shows this is how things would stand chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.t. c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc is unchanged at twenty six percent the greens are flying high at twenty three percent they're up six percent the only party improving its ratings clearly the number two political force in germany right now the far right a.f.d. is down to what fourteen percent as of the social democrats the junior party in the coalition their one percent down only in fourth place a record low for the s.p.d. meanwhile the left party gets nine percent one down and the free market business friendly f.d.p. is on eight percent down. so what do these numbers mean we have a political correspondent who's brought with us here in studio to tell us more
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about this one we saw there the greens are just three points behind the conservatives would it be too bold for them to dream of a green german chancellor it would certainly be a bold stream at the moment after all to be able to do that they would have to overtake the christian democrats. party and the rise in recent months has been so steep invented at the moment it seemed pretty unlikely that they are going to overtake the christian democrats on the other hand there are people leaving voters leaving the christian democrats also changing to the green party the green party is not only profiting from the weakness of the social democrats so it's a completely impossible but at the moment it seems highly unlikely ok so that looks unlikely to hans now the new figures come into a battle for the c.d.u. party leadership there are three main candidates in line for the top conservative job whoever wins will have a good chance of becoming the next chancellor of the survey shows who german voters would pick for that job that michael's going to leave after eighteen years let's
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take a look forty three percent would go for an a good comp callen power or a k.k. as she's called it she's currently machall secretary general as a new party leader thirty two percent want a lawyer millionaire and former politician mass to succeed merkel only twelve percent prefer the current german health minister spawn. you know hans looking at these numbers are self has kind of handpicked a.k.k. as her successor this new survey shows she's a favorite among germans as well but what about in the party exactly that's the problem this is a survey of voters but in fact the new leader will be chosen by delegates from the party will organizations and those two groups are not exactly identical so it's not quite clear at the moment what extends to what extent and they'd come on by all of this is a difficult difficult times was there for germans as well to what extent her
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support within the party is a strong as this is the three candidates in fact presented their positions for the first time to a party congress or a party gathering last night and there to the feeling i think in northern the northern german city of new back among c.d.u. members was fairly mixed a.k.k. did come out on top i think but there was also quite a lot of sympathy for the other two parties party candidates and i just basically can if you look at the survey around a third of city voters said that they thought that the party was too conservative the other another third said that the party is not conservative enough whoever takes the job as the head of the party how can they deal with that well this is the shows to what extent i'm glad merkel has positioned the party right in the middle of the political spectrum and has been very successful with that two of the major candidates that are being offered as alternatives are going to michael now like you to take the party much further to the right while a cake
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a symbol is going to continue the policies of i'm going to go so it's unclear at the moment i think probably will have to wait and see all right our political correspondent hans brian thank you very much. all right switching gears to some sports news now in the struggling german national football team three goals in a dominant performance last night against russia germany fielded a young and relatively inexperienced side for the game in leipsic it was twenty two year old leroy sunday who grabbed the first goal in the eighth minute of the match to put the hosts in front but this was a friendly match against a russian team that did surprisingly well in the world cup but they couldn't keep up with the germans nicklaus scored in the twenty fifth minute and serge gnabry added a third goal near the end of the first half germany held for him for a three no victory a gymnast first since their disastrous world cup campaign earlier this year let's
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talk about this friendly with russia with tom dinoire who's here from good of you sports so how big of a victory is this for germany well you know i think it was probably appropriately in fact it wasn't necessarily a breathtaking victory. but it was adequate and you know germany are far superior team to russia and you might not think that after seeing how they performed at the world cup as you mentioned russia really overachieve and germany as we know were very poor but their players are used to playing at such a high level. and we would expect to see them being dominant over russia now in the first off they certainly worked with a resource brilliant performances from young players like your son a who got his first goal for the national team card have a very impressive his first off the germany on surge cannot be scored again it's very encouraging that you're awfully nervous continuing to put a bit of faith in these young players. in the second germany cond of took their foot off the pace a little bit the tempo of the game slowed down quite
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a lot russia was able to fought their way back into a germany were less clinical going forward so you know some encouraging signs but. we probably wasn't to get too carried away would you explain netherlands in a nations like match on monday but do you think that the coach is breathing a bit easier today definitely i mean like you said. it was the first victory for germany since their disastrous world cup earlier this year and that's very important of course to get germany back into winning ways but the netherlands will be a much bigger test they're a far better side than russia and that's where the result really really matters now . i think what's going to be very interesting in that game is to see whether or not live continues to be you know deployed the tactic of using his younger players he has been known on occasion to sort of buckle under pressure and revert to his favorite old friends the players that he won the world cup with i think that that would be a mistake if he didn't i think it would be wise to continue to employ the young talent. what's also has to be said is that if france playing the netherlands
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tonight and if the netherlands when that game then germany will be relegated out of the nations league group so germany is no it's not even in their own hands so that's the one to look out for tonight all right i'm going to give you support thank you very much. to tennis now in the last men's tournament of the season where australia's dominate teen claimed its first win of the week beating the shit corey in straight sets japan's number one player had beaten roger federer earlier in the round robin stage but has since altered a team won the first set easily and sure he was clearly frustrated he rallied a bit in effect and that the team kept his nerve to win it for. the. art of get back to the heated debate about the u.k.'s withdrawal plans from the e.u. it looks like financial markets still haven't digested yesterday's to mull choice of bents christophe really soon the british has struggled to stay afloat in asian trading this morning after a substantial slide overnight investors fear that political turmoil in the u.k.
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could see it crash out of the european union without a bracks deal of prime minister theresa may said that she will fight to gain backing for a draft gregg's if you remember but speculation is swirling that she could be ousted after members of parliament formally called for a vote of no confidence servants volatility is the highest since twenty sixteen business owners fear that without a bracks deal in place supply chains might be abruptly cut least in march. now opposition to the nearly six hundred page withdrawal plan has been growing only three days after it was agreed. the prime minister is desperate for a huge and damaging five year deep deep misgivings is a they all seem to have a d. fourth teresa mayes draft breaks a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal was the deal there's a lot there's going to be some problem. those problems might look like this
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a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post breaks it landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations that means goods traveling across the border won't run up against tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups their take questions remain but the draft appears better than in no deal parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. it will still have access to the market at the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that
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would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with the e.u. then perhaps a panel the u.s. and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent. boeing says it is confident in the safety of its new high tech seven three seven max airline after an lawsuit alleging that design falls brought down line five six ten year in the new year last month soon slant by filed by the family of rio. focused on the plane's flight controls instamatic use boeing of failing to warn times that the system will force the plane's nose down on expect. and it also cites black box data showing problems with the airspeed indicator almost two hundred people were on board the two month old jet crash. a south african parliamentary team has called for the constitution to be changed to allow the government to seize land without compensation in the public interest the
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constitutional review committee said the move could accelerate lab reform which presidents run the post as vowed to carry out. two decades after the end of apartheid a large part of south africa's agricultural land is still owned by the white minority many it's a symbol of the lingering inequality in the country president obama opposes governing a.n.c. party declared the redistribution of land a top priority before next year's elections many south africans think the land reform might be a good idea but it also divides the country it's a very divisive issue. you know you have a lot of mixed states. believing that going to give. mom a majority to go for good because black people in most of those people out there once that we can find this one this closely tonight because if you said that you've just given to the one we double bass fishing that is going to get
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a look at it because you do it takes out a few like minded yes i the agricultural association has been opposing land reform in the country knowing that any new land reform would infringe on existing property rights and could very well cripple the economy investors are bracing for an economic chaos the government however hasn't approved the move just yet parliament still has to vote on the proposal. and a quick reminder of the top story we are following for you for the first time a u.n. backs tribunals cambodia today in terms of the khmer rouge regime guilty of genocide the court ruled that it was something and no one shia were responsible for the murder and slave and torture and persecution of nearly two million cambodians twenty years of nine hundred seventy five and nine hundred seventy nine. coming to you live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour now
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