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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin of course in cambodia makes a historic ruling forty years after their crimes were committed to leaders of the brutal khmer rouge are found guilty of genocide two men were on trial in connection with the deaths of nearly two million people during the regimes reign of terror in the one nine hundred seventy s. . britain faces another day of turmoil as prime minister theresa may steps up efforts to defend her controversial breaks it deal with members of her own party calling for her to quit can she survive and where is the country go next. plus the
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number of missing after wildfires in california soars to more than six hundred more than sixty are confirmed dead. with. low i'm terry larson good to have you with us it's being called cambodia is norm back moment and the last few hours two leaders of the camaro rouge regime have been found guilty of genocide by a un backed tribunals the court in phnom penh ruled that q some fun and one shape were responsible for the murder and slave meant torture and persecution of nearly two million cambodians between one hundred seventy five and nine hundred seventy nine it's considered one of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century the verdict is the first official acknowledgement that what the camero rouge regime
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did was genocide as defined under international law. let's bring in our southeast asia correspondent bustin heartache in bangkok bustin what more can you tell us about the two men who've just been found guilty of committing genocide well terry they were the two most senior figures of the camero regime who are still alive. is or was the deputy of the leader former khmer rouge leader pol pot who died in one nine hundred ninety eight and. was the head of state under the khmer rouge and they were both serving life sentences already for crimes against humanity that they were convicted of in an earlier trial but they denied any responsibility. for these for these crimes and they were indicted in this trial with along with two other senior figures of the clear regime but because this is already almost forty
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years after the end of that regime and the defendants are very old one hundred eighty seven and the other two have died when the trial was still in progress and we just took it took several took several years this trial so they were the last two that could have been or that could be convicted in this trial. given that the to defend is for already serving life sentences and why is this verdict so significant. well observers are saying like rights organizations they're saying it's important because it's an acknowledgement as you said before of the fact that what happened under the khmer rouge was in fact genocide now what was the subject of this trial was. the killing of two ethnic minorities during the committee vietnamese and charm however
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one point seven million people have believed to be killed under the camero rouge regime and so this is an acknowledgement that what happened back then is actually genocide so that's why many believe this is important but it's also important to the survivors if you look at the numbers there have been there are some eighty three thousand people who are in the course of this trial which i said dragged on for many years came from all parts of the country to spend one day in the court room to see the perpetrators of these crimes and the ones who were you know in fact the highest and the highest top tier of the of the commuter regime who were responsible for for these atrocities see them brought to justice and they as i said they travelled very far and just to see this so that shows you how important that was for them now these verdicts were a long time in coming the courts work has been controversial hasn't it.
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it has for one because it's been such a long time since the end of the rule cambodia from nine hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine so it's been almost forty years until these verdicts and also because there are critics who are saying this should go further there should be more than more than these two or three people who were convicted of crimes against humanity during that time but cambodian prime minister who is then who's been in power for thirty years and who is a former member of the khmer rouge himself he strongly opposes that he says that would destabilize the country and since he wields almost unlimited power in cambodia it's very unlikely that we're going to see more trials go ahead terry bussin thank you so much that was our correspondent talking to us from bangkok. british prime minister theresa may is stepping up efforts to defend her
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controversial breaks that deal today may has said the country will be plunged into a deep and grave uncertainty if the draft plan is abandoned as follows a tumultuous day on thursday when several cabinet members resigned including breaks at secretary dominic rob may is also facing a backlash from her own party with hard line breaks of tears seeking to challenge her leadership earlier the prime minister defended her breaks at divorce agreement and spoke of the future relationship with the e.u. on a talk radio program this is not the deal of the future relationship with the european union the deal of the future relationship with the european union means we take back control of all the rules weekend free movement take control of our borders take control of our money so we can spend it on priorities not the n.h.s. we're out of the customs union but the single market we're out of the common agricultural policy rather the common fisheries ponzi that's what i think people value full that's what i'm delivering. our correspondent barbara basler is standing
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by for us in london barbara what are the chances that theresa may will face a leadership challenge now. the chances seem to be growing by the minute because the rumor is really flying fast here and the plot seems to stick and indeed that the hard line for the cheers in her own party the tory party might have gotten the forty eight letters together that they need to start such a leadership challenge already the whips the conservative whips that those are the people in the party and the parliamentary party who are supposed to keep the sheep in line they have been commanded to stay in town over the weekend because they might be needed now that is a sign that intro on the work needs to be done that treason may might want to talk to the black sheep among her. party and to try to convince them one
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on one if you please don't do this to me but we will know more within a little while the signal will be wouldn't break him brady the chairman of the off the backbench or could maybe that's calls nine hundred twenty two committee will enter downing street number ten at that moment we know that the challenge is there so possible challenge to teresa mayes leadership the draft rags that deal of course is being hotly discussed all over the u.k. our reporters were on the streets of london last night getting some reaction it's. chaos anger and confusion not just inside punishment but on the streets of london as well for the people here outside westminster the practice of drama is anything but it done deal and then very soon. removed. it is now we. must agree now it's now time to go back to the country give them
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a choice you just deal that the government's negotiated all do you want to remain within the your opinion. this is just ridiculous as a willing to kill. hank. in your opinion stay definitely say the original vote was made with all the information that people needed really to make the decision people's vote no. across the city its all i saw in the case politicians and their heated bricks acho down and it's not just remain us who don't like the deal franks of tears than happy to. be the politicians find food. and. some of them in the middle of the end of the day the referendum was a binary choice was winston churchill said a majority of is in off. by you voted to leave i'm not going to lie but right now
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i would stay we need to fight. the difficult compromises haven't united the two sides just to be bait on the country great citizen remain assumed to be further apart than ever but on one thing they do agree this is not the deal they want for their country. so opinion on briggs's clearly divided what are the main problems that people have with this deal. the main problem so i cherry that this is a deal that pleases nobody because it is at the core of brecht's it of the whole project that there is a lie the lie it was rex it is going to give you something fantastic something great something better than you have as being a member of the european union and of course now the deal cannot deliver that plus the deal has to be a compromise and to reserve may was on asli clear enough about this since yesterday
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now for the breaks to tears it's not enough because the deal keeps britain very close to the rules and regulations off the you know off the european union for quite some years and for the others for the remainder it's simply not good enough because of course it's worse than being a member of course it takes rights away from them they have to pay they have to obey the rules and they have no say in them so nobody is happy with that and that deep division it can basically not go away barbara thank you so much for bringing us up today to w.'s barbara baseball there in london. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today north korean leader kim jong un has allegedly visited the test site of a new tactical weapon it was the state media's first mention in months of a new development in the country's weapons program and it's likely to put a strain on relations with south korea and the united states. japan's prime
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minister shinzo has paid a historic visit to the australian city of darwin and his australian counterpart scott morrison laid a wreath at the darwin senate. is the pursed japanese leader to visit the city since it was balled by the japanese army in world war two. the united states has impose sanctions on seventeen saudi officials for their role in the killing of journalist jamal she the move came hours after saudi arabia's public prosecutors sought the death penalty for five suspects in the murder she was killed last month inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. an iconic swimming pool painting by pretty sharpish david hockney has sold for ninety million dollars in new york. the winning bid at christie's auction house certain new record for a living artist a painted the work called portrait of an artist poor with two figures in one nine
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hundred seventy two. chancellor merkel is due to visit the city of chemist's today her trip to the eastern german city comes nearly three months after a series of far right demonstrations and counter protests there the unrest involves scenes of right wing extremists chasing migrants through the streets the demonstrations and ensuing violence came after a man was stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers many residents of candidates held days of rallies in support of the extremists merkel has been criticized for not visiting the city sooner city remains deeply divided. it's difficult for role to watch these images. i on the twenty sixth of august are right wing mob rampage through the streets of kenneth chanting this is our city later that evening
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they attacked people they took for foreigners and a group of social democratic politicians roloson late stood up to them. i was. about. as i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to. really sali is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them racist hostilities are part of everyday life says i can give for most of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why do you stay and i don't see. the mood in candidates has changed many were. g.'s a micro enslaving here say that on fridays they're too scared to leave the house.
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it's on fridays that the right wing populist proclaim that's alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. is not so i know i'm afraid that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. nothing's gotten better because everything is so expensive and those doc he's got the money it's unbelievable. most of them vote for the far right f.t. which became the second strongest force in chemists in the bundestag elections like many others roloson lay is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemist's is growing. the army is using the word strong we're seeing that some people in kenneth's fear migrants and some migrants fear the people of kenneth's there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims and townspeople i always ask what's the problem where.
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they're calling for us in the altar rola sali wants to encourage those who for main silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers. minds that this is my city i will be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination. rule a sollie would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit earlier she says people in kemet should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. now to california where the number of people missing in that state's wildfires has gone up to more than six hundred police sixty are confirmed dead firefighters have managed to contain most of the blaze in the north of the state thousands have begun returning to their communities but there's nothing left. this is what it looks like to lose everything. ok i hope you're quick
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that's all i can say. hold my yard. words can't describe it. words can't describe it. and how can they when all you're left with is the clothes on your back everywhere signs of a life well lived now all gone. but this home one of more than six thousand destroyed in a town named paradise. the epicenter of california's daily a step a wildfire for jonathan clark there's another reason to come back here his brother is missing. we're still trying or do whatever it takes all he's found. dead or alive that's just what clark still we look out for each
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other so. so many people here were caught by surprise when high winds fans the deadly flames through their town now authorities simply can't be sure how many human remains alive beneath the ash. the sea of chaos of what's happened in neighborhoods like these distorting the numbers. i want you to stand that there are a lot of people displaced and we're finding that a lot of people don't know that we're looking for them and that is why we're publishing this list. the firefighters are still trying to contain the camp fire one of three wildfires raging in california thess one is said to be forty percent under control it will take two more weeks to put south's completely.
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sports news now in the struggling german national football team netted three goals in a dominant win last night over russia germany fielded a young and relatively inexperienced side for the friendly in leipsic and it was twenty two year old leroy sohn a grab the first goal in the eight minutes of the match to put the hosts in front of the class followed up by a scholar by scoring in the twenty fifth minute say i was not greece added a third goal next up germany face the netherlands in the european nations league on monday but they may already be relegated from their nation's league group by that time that game takes all if the netherlands beat france tonight germany will be tossed out of the group their path to the next year's european championships made more difficult we have evidence on shown on music video we'll be watching and we'll have to live with the result. it's only partly in our own hands now if france lose
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we've got no chance in what on the mix so we'll just have to wait and see the plans and rely on france to keep us in it as well as the most right one of its most able to his shows. now tennis great roger federer has won ninety nine titles in his defining career and last in london he brought himself closer to his one hundredth federer a guaranteed himself a place in the final four at the a.t.p. tunnels as he cruise past south african kevin anderson. less than a week ago federer was a drubbing by kane she koori he's back on form now though as he's pinpoint backhands test. it was kevin anderson who knocked federer out of wimbledon this year after a marathon quarter final but this one really looks like it would go the distance at all in the first set to approach the south africans before holding his own to take this a six for. the thirty seven year old remains dominant
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a confident approach to the net leaving i'm descend no chance here. and soon enough the deal was sealed six four six three. federer is a six time champion here and he's not getting too worked up about the prospect of making it seven. for me i've always wanted to go out with a bang today and win the match if i go through great if i don't well i don't deserve to be through it it's ok to some amount of said i but i hope i can play a good match on the day after to morrow when i'm playing i bet one hundred korea taught to weaving. or to christophe now and the breaks that debate continues to make waves in the business world investors watching very closely that's right terry as british prime minister has a made for just ahead with her breadth of plans the pound is up half a percentage point clawing back some of its losses after a substantial slide overnight traders had feared the political turmoil could see
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the u.k. crash out of the european union without a deal of sterling's volatility is the highest since twenty sixteen it's lost around two percent against the dollar since tuesday when his main announced her draft brags of agreements business owners fear that without it will place supply chains might abruptly be cut when britain leaves the e.u. next march. despite the mounting opposition to ms may's proposal some british companies see it as their best hope. the prime minister is desperate for a huge and damaging five year deep deep misgivings they all seem to have of the fourth teresa mayes draft breaks a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal once the deal goes along there's going to be some problems. those problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time
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a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post breaks it landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations that means goods traveling across the border won't run up against tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups there take questions remain but the draft appears better than in no deal parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. it will still have access to the market but the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with perhaps a panel the us and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their
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operations to the continent. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent don you're cold and frank for danielle have markets digested these to mulch years advance in the u.k. give us an update. well chris of after we saw quite some losses here in france for it yesterday the blue chip index x. has gained a little bit this morning we don't see big market movements but are in the green here with more than twenty five points at the moment the picture at the foot see one hundred books a little bit different cheers they are down at the moment and just like yesterday and mostly shares of big lender such as r.b.s. are down r.b.s. shares already lost ten per cent yesterday there is clearly the fear that the hard bricks that would hit the finance sector very hard r.b.s. shares are losing this morning more than two per cent again investors are monitoring the situation very closely they want certainty and at this time it seems
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that all options are again on the table so we expect quite some volatility here at the market depending how the day will be unfolding today in london how then will the leaders of many financial institutions are gathered in frankfurt for a conference today now their industry is likely to be hit by any form of as you mentioned what do they make of the turmoil in the. thank you all we have to remember european banks and financial institutions have been preparing for next year already since right at the beginning one breck said it was announced they have already moved hundreds of their employees from headquarters in london to other cities here in europe also here to frankfurt for example so let's just imagine a scenario with a no bricks a deal what this would mean for them also it's clear as i said that pretty much any agreement or no agreement would hit financial institutions very hard very interesting also mario draghi was also commenting on italy a little bit earlier there was this fear that because of the situation italy we
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could see maybe a recession taking place here in europe he was calling investors down saying that there is no really a reason to fear that the growth would be going down so at least some good news also this morning christine then your reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange then you think is a much. celebrating the launch of this year's. wine season according to the young wine is presented on the third thursday in november. france's most sophisticated wine but this year's vintage is said to be excellent and others are presenting the new wine also called. traditional pop some two thousand wine makers in the region produce for a day call a romantic and colorful. the world renowned french red wine is left to ferment for only around four big. be.
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the top stories we're following for you at this hour a un back. to leaders of the khmer rouge guilty of genocide. life sentences for crimes against humanity the regime presided over the deaths of nearly two million people in cambodia in the seventy's and the british prime minister theresa may stepping up efforts to promote her controversial. despite a backlash from within her own party. it is the best deal the country can get from the european union and that the u.k. will be plunged into uncertainty if the deal is about. you're watching news coming to you live. coming up at the top of the hour. thanks for watching.
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life football is a simple game football a simple game now not really a half completed images a ball for ninety minutes. to mr magical life talk about it one of them there are a lot of it seems it's difficult to understand if we will give you the answers every easter we'll try. to get sixty minutes on t w live i just wish double wave. a continent just reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers its true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference a few. weeks into us history in everyone is too small.
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pieces to mathematician but i've come to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . i want to welcome to another edition of euro max with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way around europe to all the cultural hot spots here's a look at what's coming up. on.


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