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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin according cambodia makes a historic ruling forty years after committing their crimes to leaders of the brutal camaro rouge are found guilty of genocide nearly two million people died during the regimes reign of terror also coming up germany's chancellor merkel visits the town of candidates in eastern germany three months after an explosion of racism violence there local people want to know why it took her so long. a moment of relief for britain's i'm baffled prime minister as
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a senior minister decides to stay in her camp the government. takes to the airwaves to try and save both her controversial breaks a deal and her own political future. also coming up in the next sixty minutes to head out of but not to hold this young man in japan has lost his heart to a holy ground but his new wife yes they're actually married is not just an old hologram any old hologram she's one of japan's biggest popular icons. and happy birthday to mickey mouse whose ninety we take a look at one of the most recognizable pop cultural figures in history. hello i'm terry martin good to. if you're with us it's been nearly forty years now
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since the camaro rouge murdered around two million people in cambodia a quarter of the country's population but today for the first time a un backed court in the capital phnom penh has found two of the regime's leaders guilty of genocide the defendants q some pond and no one shia are already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity. this is a long awaited moment to form a committee rouge leaders known chair and kiff samphan are sentenced to life in prison for genocide by a un backed court. home. but the chamber has considered the gravity of the crimes including the scale of brutality the number and the vulnerability of the victims for which the accused have been convicted. these two old men the last surviving leaders of the committee rouge already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity but this new verdict is
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a landmark ruling for the first time it says that the crimes against cambodians vietnamese and cham minorities amounted to genocide delivery of the judgment today in phase two zero zero two is any story in the work of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of cambodia. this court has once again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases in accordance with international standards. the c'mere rouge under its leader pol pot sought to create a communist utopia by forcibly moving people from the cities to the countryside nearly two million cambodians died from overwork starvation and mass executions during its reign of terror from one thousand nine hundred five to nine hundred seventy nine. pens museums and memorials detail the sheer horror of the past a past that lingers. they deserve to get
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a sentence because they committed such big crimes the rest of my family members were killed i'm the only child who survived that regime. this is an important moment for cambodia it's courts recognising that what happened here was indeed genocide. bring in our south-east asia correspondent and heartache in bangkok bastion what more can you tell us about the two men who've just been found guilty of committing genocide. well terry they were the two most senior figures of the c'mere regime who are still alive. is or was the deputy of the khmer rouge leader former khmer rouge leader pol pot who died in one nine hundred ninety eight and. was the head of state under the khmer rouge they were both serving life sentences already for crimes against humanity that they were convicted of in an earlier trial but they deny any
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responsibility. for these for these crimes and they were indicted in this trial with along with two other senior figures of the queer regime but because this is already almost forty years after the end of that regime and the defendants are very old one hundred eighty seven and the other two have died when the trial was still in progress which took it took several several years this trial so they were the last two that could have been or that that could be convicted in this trial. now these verdicts were a long time in coming the court's work has been controversial hasn't it. it has for one because it's been such a long time since the end of the rule cambodia from one hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine so it's been almost forty years until these verdicts and
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also because their critics are saying this should go further that there should be more than more than these two or three people who were convicted of crimes against humanity during that time but cambodian prime minister who has been in power for thirty years and who is a former member of the khmer rouge himself he strongly opposes that he says that would destabilize the country and since he wields almost unlimited power in cambodia it's very unlikely that we're going to see more trials go ahead terry. thank you so much that was our correspondent there talking to us from bangkok. and we'll have more on the historic ruling in cambodia later in the show we'll also be talking to a witness in that trial. now german chancellor going to acol is visiting tenets today three months after a fatal knife attack provoked days of farai protests and counter-demonstrations in
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the east german city the chancellor's first stop was a sports hall where she met a local basketball team and later today she'll be getting together with tennis residents for an informal discussion of protests at the end of august came after a man was stabbed to death of the julie by two asylum seekers the unrest involved scenes of right wing extremists chasing migrants through the streets. for more now we're joined from candidates by our chief political editor me kate. mccain a first of all tell us exactly what chancellor merkel is doing in chemist's day and what she's hoping to achieve. well it took her a while after the those pictures that we just saw to actually commit to coming to cannes it's she was invited pretty swiftly here by the mayor and now that visit is finalized she's facing a discussion here hosted by
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a local newspaper and i guess still have a lot of trying to wind people over again to do and convincing that she truly has come to listen because one thing is just so that people here in cannes this did feel pretty left alone in that moment of need when many here felt that they were hijacked both by right wing extremists and those who claim to see a domination of right wing views here in the east that's what something people here feel very unhappy about but rick you know there have been already demonstrations in kenya every friday since the protests at the end of august how symptomatic is what's happening in kenya it's of divisions in the rest of the country. well one thing can be said for so i mean it isn't completely symptomatic for what is going on in the whole of the something people here in south fifty here in kemet
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feel particularly strongly about is that they are synonymous with an uprising of the right wing yes the far right and he has a very strong showing here yes right marches and demonstrations but ordinary people hearing it didn't know didn't see what was coming and were just a stopped people across the country and beyond that suddenly you saw the far right if tea party marching side by side with neo nazis essentially and that is this phenomenon that ken doesn't want to be seen sunan synonymous and the big question here is how much responsibility for that people will see with the german tonsil when she speaks in the building behind me overall in any hope popularity ratings it's just gone up thank you both thank you very much for bringing us up to date there w.'s chief political editor mikaela cuffed out there talking to us from life say here from ken it's rather. ken.
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now i'm going to because announcement to step down as party leader is not hurting her conservative c.d.u. party but it doesn't help either as one of the main results of the new. trends survey here in germany the new figures come in the middle of the battle for the seaview party leadership one crucial question is will merkel stay in office for the full length of her term will she last three more years or should she leave earlier and make room for instance for her successor as party leader well here's what the survey found a clear majority fifty six percent want to stay in office for the full term forty one percent want her to make way earlier. well we have a lot of figures here to work through and to help us do that we're joined from bon by ron hutch linka he's director of the in for test dream up polling institute good
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to see you after nearly thirteen years why do you think germans are so reluctant to see i'm going to medical go for my mom now that she has said i'm going to create she she rose and pivoted to popularity ratings by six percent and again with fifty percent which is of course only off the books elation say these she's doing a good job the majority you know the party is the only two parties where people said no she should leave early there's the liberal party one hundred percent of the right wing. let's take a closer look at chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party there are three main contestants who want to have her job as party leader she's announced she'll be she will not stand for that can a c. in december boaters do seem to have a clear preference forty three percent for honestly to comp common now she's currently michael's secretary general they would prefer to have her as new party
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leader thirty two percent want the lawyer millionaire and former politician maps to succeed michael and only twelve percent would opt for the health minister the current health minister ins. find out what differences are there between these three people who are buying for medicals job combo amounts. it's what do the germans just so the figures the majority says ok we want to have on a great. she is the candidate for the female vote is how off it's come from this why the majority of the vote is for mr mallock too has been working in the c.d.u. for married many years but quit several years ago because he. lost against marco he's a candidate for the made up you lation and he's the. only limited abilities even though the young people favor him
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a little bit. now if elections were held across germany today and on how the survey shows this is how things would stack up chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc is unchanged at twenty six percent the greens continue to fly high at twenty three percent they're up six percentage points the only party that's gaining there and clearly the second political force in germany now the far right if he is down two points to fourteen percent and some of the social democrats the junior party americans coalition are down one percentage point and only in fourth place that's a record low for the s.p.d. the center left has been meanwhile the far left left party gets nine percent they're down one point and the free market f.t.p. party is on eight percent down to so on. let's find out what these numbers
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mean tell us the incredible figures there for the greens just three points behind the cd you i personally having been a political correspondent never thought i would see this would it be too bold for them to dream for the greens to dream of a green german chancellor. yeah. and i be doing very well in the last two elections when it varia what i said they managed one thing which the other sponsors haven't managed to do they position themselves as the a if he did right wing three quarters of all say yes tante standing for free and open society and total as that's what we want that's why they do have a lot of voters with the female voters with people high education so it's rather difficult for the governing c.d.u. and s.p.d. where your low which they have been fighting against each other for
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a long time. to see that they don't go for the you know oppose the or the less let's see what's going to happen often america really quits. thank you so much for filling us in with those details slink out there the director of the infant test dream up polling institute in ball. british prime minister theresa may is stepping up efforts to defend her controversial bragg's it deal today may has said that the country will be plunged into a deep and grave uncertainty if the draft plan is abandoned as follows a tumultuous day on thursday when several of her cabinet members resigned including rice and secretary dominic rob. may is also facing a backlash from our own party with hard line breaks and tears seeking to challenge her leadership but in the last couple of hours a key probe regs at voice in teresa mayes top ministerial team environment secretary michael gove has confirmed that he's staying in his post and says he has
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confidence in may yesterday he was reportedly offered the job as new brags that secretary prime minister to resign may was tightlipped about that in a radio interview earlier. but i have your foot in the road. now i don't talk about things they do with to do with the cabinet cabinet reshuffle i have to point to the . secretary hat but always i'll be doing that over the course of the next year or so i were a betting man if you were a betting man could i get on the book is and talk about how to michael gove who supports now and i have to say nick i've always made you to sort of rule in my life i don't bet on anything to do with politics right i'd advise you not to i thought all right we'll have to work to watch and wait and see ok let's bring in our correspondent in london barrett marsh is standing by there for us so they're get it was rumored that michael gove would step down too in light of all the developments regarding the briggs's deal now he's confirmed that he's staying with to those who
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support mean for the prime minister. i think it says something about the state of british politics when it's big news that somebody is not stepping down it says something about series of may's difficulties she had many ministers stepping down but now michael gave a crucial ally is staying he said he wants to bring the deal to a better place and i presume what do you means he wants to bring it to a better place in parliament here where we are this is where the dia finally has to be accepted formally also agreed with you but then in parliament that's to a presumption that there will be a vote in december at the moment it looks very very tight the very more looks like the reason may we'll have a hard time to get a tree but people like michael gove want to work on it and want to help her get its requirements we're going to thank you very much for in our v.w. spirit must there in london. well as you can imagine investors too are keeping a keen eye on developments in london go hard here with the business news as well
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terry the pound has managed to regain half a percentage point against the dollar clawing back some of its losses after a substantial slide over night traders had feared the political turmoil could see the u.k. crash out of the european union without a break the deal so the volatility is the highest since twenty sixteen it's lost around two percent against the dollar since tuesday when may announced her draft brags it agreed business owners fear that without a deal in place supply chains might abruptly be cut when britain leaves the e.u. in march. despite the mounting opposition suter is a maze proposal some british companies see that's the best hope. the prime minister is desperate to huge and damaging for your deep deep misgivings is update all seem to have a beef with teresa mayes draft breaks a plan. but business owners see it differently. it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal the deal goes along there's going to be some problems. those
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problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to adjust to the post briggs it landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty that's because the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union until a trade deal is in place and it would abide by e.u. regulations that means goods traveling across the border won't run up against tolls or inspections business will keep moving more business leaders are speaking out in favor of the draft including the c.e.o.'s of airbus and major trade groups their take questions remain but the draft appears better than a no deal parts of the draft are still difficult for some to swallow the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. it will still have access to the market but the same access as other countries but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that
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would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with the e.u. than perhaps a battle the us and that's why many financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent. that see what the markets have calmed down and crossovers off a national correspondent in frankfurt have investors the digested these tomatoes events in the u.k. now give us an update. well guarded investors are clearly monitoring what is happening right now in the u.k. i guess you can see it in the back and we actually started here in the green but it seems that really the path off to reserve may in the next days could become even more difficult and as a result we are seeing shares tumbling here again at the blue chip index stocks are down here at the moment with about twenty five points and also when we're taking a look over to the forty one hundred in london
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a similar situation there the footsie one hundred down with one percent and mostly the shares of bands are suffering r.b.s. for example is down at the moment with four percent you mentioning banks with the leaders of many financial institutions are currently gathered in frankfurt what do they make of the turmoil in london there what are you hearing well they have to prepare pretty much for every scenario i mean we have to remember that big banks and financial institutions have already moved in the last months and weeks hundreds of the employees from the headquarters in london over to other european cities also here to frankfurt so here they are also monitoring all of this what's happening over there with some concern down there called in frankfurt thank you. to south africa now where schools are rushing to computer programming and other high tech classes to the curriculum coding clubs become increasingly popular some youngsters
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have found their own way to find out who's got the best coding skills. it's two pm on a wednesday in the south african township of i report just a few kilometers from pretoria a few dozen fifth graders are back at school armed with basic coding blocks laptops and endless imagination competing against each other many of their ideas are inspired by problems they've experienced within their communities. we've heard in the news and in the newspapers the children most of the time i getting lost so he came with an idea of saying to stop this maybe you should come. and then you want to be able to keep the children safe and to keep the parents miss concerned about their children i hope that that can be able to. help people. think. kids working to build an
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incubator that talent here is amazing and the government is catching on in september the south african ministry of education said it would get behind the concept of coding clubs after kenya and botswana have developed similar ideas for now the high tech classes are mostly run by n.g.o.s. since changing kids they need to move. their way forward so we also need to prepare to. move forward into the. education of the world economic forum estimates that more than half of all jobs in twenty twenty two will require new skills many of them related to technology coding specifically will be the foundation of careers in fields from science to engineering and financial services. for some of the kids and i report their local coding club could be
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a real door opener. for you right now they'll be more business a bit later in the show. to terry. at least forty two people have been killed in a bus accident in zimbabwe twenty others were injured some with severe burns police have not given details but local media are reporting a gas cylinder explosion may be the cause bus was reportedly travelling to neighboring south africa the incident follows another deadly bus accident in zimbabwe last week when fifty people were killed in a collision. there's been more brawling in sri lanka's parliament going on for a second day m.p.'s supporting the disputed prime minister into a raja violently demonstrated to prevent proceedings taking place it's the latest escalation of the political turmoil that started three weeks ago when the country's
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president appointed rajapaksa after removing his predecessor. and iconic swimming pool painting by british legend david hockney has sold for ninety million dollars in new york the winning bid at christie's auction house set a new record auction house record for a living artist painted the work called portrait of an artist cool with to figures in one nine hundred seventy two. the number of people missing in northern california's wildfires has gone up to more than six hundred at least sixty are dead firefighters have managed to contain most of the blazes and thousands have begun returning to their communities but for some there's nothing left to come home to. this is what it looks like to lose everything. i hope you and quick
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that's all i can say. oh my gosh words can't describe it. words can't describe it. and how can they when all you are left with is the clothes on your back. everywhere signs of a life well lived now all gone. the base home one of more than six thousand destroyed in a town named paradise. the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire for jonathan clark there's another reason to come back here his brother is missing. we're still trying or do whatever it takes is found. dead or alive that's just what clarksdale we look out for each other
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so. so many people here were caught by surprise when high winds fans the deadly flames through that town now authorities simply can't be sure how many human remains alive beneath the ash. the shia chaos of what's happened in neighborhoods like these distorting the numbers. to watch the standard there are a lot of people displaced and we're finding that a lot of people don't know that we're looking for them and that is why we're publishing this list. firefighters are still trying to contain the camp fire one of three wildfires raging in california this one is said to be forty percent under control but it will take two more weeks to put towels completely. you're watching t.w. news still to come it's been nineteen years since walt disney first introduced
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mickey mouse to the world we take a look at one of the most recognizable pop culture figures in the history. of us we've got some football for you will be taking a look at tonight's germany russia friendly that and much more still to come here on the universe. that remains is rubble. in the syrian city of rock. it was liberated from islamic state in october twenty seventeen now the city's former residents are slow to come back. to the city they once called home returning to the moon. forty five minutes.
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we make up oh but we watch as a food found out that you paid for we are the simplest the hope is that. they want to show you the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent t.w. . platform for africa majority. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. use which was for the bridge but for many poor people you don't first there are any chance of survival and i could be lunch for today just like. the reporters traveling to nairobi and. meet people you know the true family car which. is has created a thriving parallel economy. what does will this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war the response
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to that statement yes we are starting to this one because we had time liquids exceed disrupt an economy. bridge. the truck please report starts nov seventeenth on d w. you're watching t w news i'm terry martin coming up in the next fifteen minutes the japanese man who fell in love with a hall of brawl so much that he proposed the story of modern law and the virtual foul ups later in the program. but first the trial in cambodia and what's being called the country's norm back moment for the first time former senior officials of the brutal regime have been convicted of genocide perpetrated
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against two ethnic minority groups the defendants no one show. some are already serving life sentences for other crimes against humanity the verdict from a un backed war tribe you know comes almost forty years after the fall of the camero rumors around two million cambodians died from overwork starvation and mass executions under the group's reign of terror during the late nineteen seventies. well for more we're joined from washington by award winning journalist lisbeth becker who was a reporter in cambodia during the camero rouges reign of terror her book when the war was over is one of the leading dog leading accounts of what was one of the last century's worst crimes against humanity. elizabeth thank you so much for joining us here now you testified understand the genocide trial as an expert
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witness how important would you say the burdick is today. oh it's critical i can imagine cambodian history or this is siding without this trial and without the final verdict that said yes this was genocide as you noted it when it's been forty years it took decades to finally get this trial because it could have been penned just on so many world powers so that cambodians no longer have to worry that that what they went through was their imagination there were many deniers and. it just it's it is a it's brings to a really important conclusion the saga and the sense that yes there is justice now you were in cambodia in the nineteen seventies during the reign of terror that's why you were called to as a mature as
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a witness in this trial what did you see there. i saw a country that was emptied of society i lived there during the war and was shocked that the streets were empty the people were gone there were no markets there was no life there is no the go to swear and shops were closed schools were closed there is no music there is nothing and then you go into the country to the labor camps and i was under serious government guard so they didn't let me poke around any more than allowed but it was what was missing that was so horrible that people were living in work camps they did not look good and i was shown what was supposed to be a model camps and even though the leaders which is one of the reasons i was asked to testify even the leaders admitted to me that social welfare as they put it wasn't wasn't right but. the still once they were all the commissioner
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overthrown i was shocked and horrified by all that was hidden from me the torture centers the killing fields. now the verdict comes almost forty years after the events that you're describing there after the fall of the khmer rouge regime the trial lasted for years as well why does it take so long for justice to be done. well this is a joint un cambodian trial this is the cambodian government is led by one cent who is a former middle level c'mere was contrary he did not want to trial and it took a lot of political will on the part of the un to come up with a compromise then you it was in the country there are all kinds of different compromises so it was it was a long slog but it was a very thorough one and the critics of the length i think should just read choice in the fact that now the record is straight there was witnesses corroborating every
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aspect of the starvation that in forced labor the rapes the forced marriages the the the murder it's all on the record now and that's that that's an incredible record tell us looking at today how much would you say that the country has been able to recover from the from the reign of terror and from the loss of millions of lives spent on even but. there is how there is there's a real strong cultural revival since the trial started you have a new awareness that this is what happened and when you think of. the number of of. of victims and the destruction of the society it's remarkable however it's not a democracy it's an authoritarian regime that recently has gotten rid of the
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opposition and there is nothing resembling a real rule of law so it's incredible it's an uneven. recovery and i hope that it gets a little better. elizabeth thank you very much for talking with us today that was a loser with booker journalist an expert witness of the camaro rouge genocide trial she spoke with us from washington d.c. . today's verdict may have delivered some justice to victims of the camaro rouge terror but the full scope of the group's mass killings remains elusive new technology however may help researchers find those unaccounted for. searching for clues of the horrors that happened here. next to a school a former execution site of the key. around twenty thousand mass graves have been found across the country but researchers hope ground penetrating radar will find
3:37 pm
more of the dead. we don't know the number of dead bodies in graves that have not been dug up. producing this technology that we could discover this in graves from forty years ago. anomalies appear possibly decomposed remains this looks like a double burial on three maybe one two three. but it will be able. and how deep and how wide it is. but no matter the results there will be no excavations in keeping with local tradition the remains will not be disturbed. but the search continues as tries to make a full accounting of those killed by the. you're watching
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t.v. news now following your heart can lead you to some unexpected places for one thirty five year old school administrator in japan it's led him somewhere stranger than most. likely he. has just married to get this to a holy ground but not just any old hologram this cross dimensional i do was to hot tsunami coup and an im a character and one of japan's biggest pop culture icons so why should white shoes of birch will brides to have been to hold and not a real one here's a very modern love story. a relationship behind closed doors. akihito conda wants it that way he's nervous it's just before his wedding and he doesn't want to jeopardize anything. he's not just tying the knot with anyone
3:39 pm
but with mico hot soon in the beloved get box girl hologram. girl of any girl she's a superstar. it's the story of a desire that hasn't quite been realized in the flesh i mean i could have been to a few in two thousand and eight i heard a song by me too online i already knew several of his songs but that one overwhelmed me and. i fell in love with her. and the condo will never have her all to himself rico belongs to all of japan her animated image dances in homs over water fountains in clouds of mist and on buildings but that doesn't bother condo in fact he's just ordered an update. get boxes marketing is perfect for modern love in a time of loneliness in japan over half of the men are single and more than twenty five percent over forty are virgins for many getting to know women with all the
3:40 pm
expectations and responsibilities is too difficult to intricate and complicated. women who emulate the seductive qualities of the animated hologram do exist but condos says such flesh and blood copies have never been his thing. or he wanted up you know i was never popular with girls. at eighteen i decided not to meet girls will marry them or me model in my early twenty's i had a boss or a woman older than me who bullied me i got you and couldn't work there anymore and that led me to how i am today. kondo attends live concerts using virtual reality goggles we aren't allowed to show her live performance the manufacturer isn't happy to hear the groom is marrying there and they have distanced themselves from his story.
3:41 pm
condo has already bought their rings he has a stuffed doll version of his bride standing in to receive hers oh oh. i propose to make you of a gate books and she said please take good care of me. and. if the technology were to advance to the point of providing a more tangible companion condo would be overjoyed at the opportunity. the wedding day all in white the groom does have friends both male and female but he will only marry me. forty guests fill the small chapel only his mother refused to attend the simultaneous valves are made using bluetooth.
3:42 pm
could it be any more romantic than this. it's time for condo and his wife to cut the wedding cake and the best man gives a speech. on happy for you others shouldn't define your happiness. if you both are happy and it's something we should all celebrate. kondo then thanks me coup for giving him courage he tells her he loves her with all his heart. and now for the honeymoon plane tickets for two and a hotel room with separate beds. from. the company that created me cruise in sapporo. so it's kind of her hometown i'd like to see where she comes from.
3:43 pm
and during the snow festival they have a make or sculpture. condo says mico has no particular wishes he just wants them both to be happy. ok how do you get more women to found their own companies real women we're talking about here that's the topic of a u.n. summit in new york today get hot and we'll talk to a real correspondent my ass waiter who is in new york at the moment but first we have an example from boulder area where it seems to be working it looks like support it's a supportive environment can make things easier for women in the startup business the capital sofia seems to provide such a business friendly landscape it's become a hot spot for start ups and a growing number of the founders actually women. this basement in the
3:44 pm
bulgarian capital sofia is where it all began angela even over works in a photography in printing store her friend illustrator gonna start cheever gets her work printed here. they decided to write a children's book together. but they got stuck in the middle of it and he wanted to make the whole book. combustible you know clean free and we started looking into the actual process how to print it we couldn't find lamination that is combustible and toxic free or anything like that anywhere in bulgaria we started looking for companies outside the bulgarian europe going to find it in there as well. so they teamed up with a friend to start their company lam on in a print shop the first prototypes of their biodegradable laminating films are being made it's a one hundred percent composed of all bio polymer. sophia's becoming
3:45 pm
a breeding ground for startups a number of e.u. programs provide funding for initial investments. the fledgling companies often settle in co-working spaces like beat a house that rent out office or studio space to fashion companies software developers and other startups. sophia's been called europe silicon valley there's plenty of potential says beta houses chief operating officer you know very good software engineering talent in the country so you see in sofia so many companies foreign companies open their offices on salaries here in. and you know. you know the tax policy of the of the government there you know look you know very competitive more than twenty percent of start of founders in bulgaria are female like these two women next year they hope to launch their composed of all print product on the european market. well internationally speaking
3:46 pm
these two women are clearly an exception so how can more women to be encouraged to become entrepreneurs that's the topic at the u.n. women's entrepreneurship day summit just getting underway in new york in our correspondent is them as studied just found out from all venture capital invested in startups in the united states last year female founders only receive a minuscule two percent do investors simply not trust women to be successful. well guess what it certainly reflects if nothing else a bias in the system of how venture capital is distributed among entrepreneurs' and not only has it been shown that women receive less than two percent of funding it's also been shown that venture capitalists when meeting with company founder has been meeting with entrepreneurs who will view male and female founders through different lenses will ask them different questions things like what is your business model
3:47 pm
what is your revenue model versus. how are you how are you planning to get more daily active users just different sorts of questions that reflect a bias in the way that capitalism view men and women and then often it's been shown are hired and funded on potential and women are hired and funded proof and women one of the things that we are seeing here at this summit is that women over and over again are having to prove themselves to a level that men often do not which is one of the things that women's entrepreneurship day is aiming to solve what is this summit actually doing to how address this problem to also how women from their own companies. well one of the things that happening here while there are panel some speeches there's also a fundraiser happening the goal of the summit which has been running for about five years now is to provide a micro loans to about a thousand female entrepreneurs around the world and there are also people from
3:48 pm
around the world here of many from the united states of course but they're expecting people from about one hundred forty four countries to be participating not only here at the u.n. but in parallel events all over the world including in germany and for a lot of people here this is really just the networking opportunity of a lifetime there's people of all ages young female entrepreneurs who are just starting out i started a couple of high school students who are here out of interest as well as an older more experienced women who have been around the block several times have had these conversations with a venture capitalist before and who know the ropes and are here to show their men to use what to do. and i was right it in new york for us thank you very much. that's all your business it's back to terry. thank you. i guess in sports news for you the struggling german national football team netted three goals in a dominant win over russia last night that's right they actually score some goals germany
3:49 pm
fielded a young and fairly inexperienced saw it for the friendly in leipzig it was twenty two year old leroy. grabbed the first goal in the eighth minute to put the hosts in front they followed that up by scoring the twenty fifth minute and so cannot bury a third on monday germany go on to face the netherlands in the european nations league. he is without a doubt the world's most recognizable mouse sends a very probably the most loved and believe it or not he's turning ninety walt disney's mickey mouse first appeared in the one nine hundred twenty eight short film steamboat willie and effectively jump started the disney empire thing. and karen help from d.w. culture is joining us with more so kurt tell us how did this little rodent
3:50 pm
actually become. a cultural phenomenon three years a rodent well if you want to the truth he actually started out as a desperation measure. proverbial fluke if you will because he was a replacement for walt disney's very first star cartoon character who was called oswald the lucky rabbits now disney lost there's actually some film footage of his that has just been found but he's disney lost the rights to oswald which infuriated him and so he and his faithful animator who was called works came up with a mouse who was an immediate hit he went on to star in over one hundred thirty films many of which we grew up with of course and he was actually the first non-human character to win an oscar and you know how we talk about brand awareness nowadays well according to experts he's got about ninety seven percent brand awareness which is even more than santa claus so ubiquitous even more famous this.
3:51 pm
is pretty good compared to say. mickey mouse is ninety years old he's looking pretty good for his age yet although you couldn't say that he hasn't changed today because mickey mouse has actually undergone some big changes over the decades for example the very first ever version he was even called mickey he was called mortimer and it was only to please walt disney's wife that he was renamed mickey originally he was a very mischievous and even opportunistic character he got up to all of his antics of course in black and white until nine hundred thirty five after which they started producing the film thing color and it was in the one nine hundred forty s. that he was modified into a much softer more innocuous character a lot more child like bigger head and if i and after the fifty's he was modernized even a little more and actually got some more variation in the clothing lost the red trunks there's been a bit of a return over the past ten years to this kind of more roguish side. and so we're going to be seeing an awful lot of mickey mouse specials and parties all over the place of course but in the longer term there is
3:52 pm
a very special exhibition in new york celebrating ninety years of mickey's influence on art and culture. mickey mouse has arrived in new york city the true original exhibition explores all things mickey as timeless icon film empire and character cherished by generations. it follows the oscar winning mouses evolution over the years looking at key moments in the mickey timeline from steamboat willie to the mouseketeers to fantasia and beyond. we wanted to tell mickey's story from beginning to end and focus on the different things in his life that are the most relevant today but also things that people might not know so much about so we started with the early mickey cartoons in the thirty's and worked our way all the way up to the present day. the sixteen thousand square feet of immersive also explores how mickey mouse as
3:53 pm
a symbol and brand have been embraced by artists both in the past as well as today . we worked closely with disney archives and really paul to highlight moments from the archives but in each room there is either a single or multiple contemporary artist who created site specific reinterpreted mickey mouse installations. the true original exhibition goes some way to explain how mickey mouse is remarkable long as he was achieved it's also a celebration and continuation of won't disney's multi-billion dollar empire. so aberration of mickey mouse but i think the important word there at the end was empire we're talking about mickey mouse being above all a big money spinner for disney absolutely ticket prices even for this exhibition
3:54 pm
are pretty steep at thirty eight dollars us so you know you really have to have to want to go and see it he is of course a massive generator of revenue. with all of the merchandise i mean as you know you can get a mickey mouse just about anything he's inspired social clubs and of course the famous theme parks and as their official mascot he's really he's synonymous with disney and he's also very much a symbol of american popular culture and very interesting because you know with that initial loss of his first character walt disney was absolutely hawkish about hanging on to this one and he over the years he did some very very successful lobbying to repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly extend the copyright period so to the effect that mickey has evaded the public domain to this very day and will do so until twenty twenty three at least until they move again so that's one reason he's he's such a powerhouse so look out for all the murcia because there's lots of commemorative
3:55 pm
of course for this but this ninetieth birthday so a couple e-mails but he has a lot of cache of course and he's a big money spinner for disney but those ears you know there's something about the mickey mouse ears they become iconic and you wouldn't draw any parallels in those and logo would well no you wouldn't want to do that a tall i have heard some whisperings a long time ago but i think that's been well swept. state of the. v.w. culture thank you so much for pleasure. and just for we go a reminder the top stories we're following for you here on news u.n. back to tribunals in cambodia has found two leaders of the khmer rouge guilty of genocide defendants search you from home and one shot were both part of the regime of presided over the deaths of nearly two million people in the one nine hundred seventy s. . so
3:56 pm
i know you are watching news coming to you from pearl and we have more for you coming up we'll talk next hour we'll be with you that's in just a couple minutes of course you can find all the latest news and information online at g.w. dot com thanks for watching. come . home from.
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six to me. that. remains is rubber band in the syrian city of raka. it was liberated from islamic state in october twenty seventeen now the city's former residents are slowly coming back. to the city they once called home. turning to the. fifteen minute d.w. .
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business day dubliners live from a court in cambodia makes a historic ruling fourteen years off the command rouge oversold the slaughter of maybe two million people two of their leaders are found guilty of genocide also on the program. german chancellor angela merkel visits cabinets in eastern germany three months after the explosion of racist filings in.


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