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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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stores november twenty fifth on double. is due. in court in cambodia makes a historic ruling fourteen years after the command rouge oversold the slaughter of maybe two million people two of their leaders are found guilty of genocide also on the program. german chancellor angela merkel visits candidates in eastern germany three months after the explosion of races violence in the city local residents want to know why it took us so long. haul my gosh.
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they're sending home after the fire remains a man who's lost everything in the wild fire that destroyed paradise. i'm frugal welcome to the program it's been nearly forty years since the command rouge murdered a quarter of combo just population around two million people today for the first time a un backed court in the capital phnom penh has found two of the regime's leaders guilty of genocide the defendants. known che already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity. this is a long awaited moment to form a committee rouge leaders known share and cure samphan are sentenced to life in prison for genocide by a un backed court. home. but the chamber has considered the
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gravity of the crimes including the scale of brutality the number and the vulnerability of the victims for which the accused have been convicted. these two old men the last surviving leaders of the committee rouge already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity but this new verdict is a landmark ruling for the first time it says that the crimes against cambodians vietnamese and cham minorities amounted to genocide the livery of the judgement today in phase two zero zero two is an historic achievement in the work of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of. this court is once again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases in accordance with international standards. the c'mere rouge under its leader pol pot sought to create
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a communist utopia by forcibly moving people from the cities to the countryside nearly two million cambodians died from overwork starvation mass executions during its reign of terror from nine hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine plum pens museums and memorials detail the sheer horror of the past a past that lingers. they deserve to get the sentence because they committed such big crimes the rest of my family members were killed and the only child who survived that regime. this is an important moment for cambodia it's courts recognizing that what happened here was indeed genocide. award winning journalist elizabeth bakker experienced cambodia under pol pot she told us why she felt compelled to testify in this trial. i saw a country that was emptied of society i lived there during the war and was shocked
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that the streets were empty the people were gone there were no markets there was no life there was no pick go to go to us were empty shops were closed schools were closed there is no music there is nothing and then you go into the country to the labor camps and i was under serious government guard so they didn't let me poke around any more than allowed but it was what was missing that was so horrible the people were living in work camps they did not look good and i was shown what was supposed to be a model camps still once they were all the c'mere which were overthrown i was shocked and horrified by all that was hidden from me the torture centers the killing fields now the record is straight there was witnesses corroborating every aspect of the starvation then forced labor the rapes the forced marriages the the the murder it's all on the record now and that's it that's an incredible record
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. elizabeth becker. to some of the other stories making news around the world at least forty two people have been killed in a bus accident in zimbabwe twenty others were injured some with severe burns police have not given details but local media are reporting it might have been caused by an exploding gas and the bus was said to be traveling that's neighboring south africa. has been a second day of brawling in surrey lanka's parliament peace supporting the disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa rajapaksa demonstrates a divided plea in order to disrupt proceedings it's the latest escalation of political crisis that began three weeks ago when the country's president appointed rajapaksa after removing his predecessor. it this report painting by a british artist david hockney has sold for ninety point three million dollars eleven in all from happening but it did at christie's auction house set a new record for a living artist hardly
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a page of the work called portrait of an artist paul with two figures in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. german chancellor is visiting chemist today three months after a fatal knife attack in the east german city provoked days a far right protests and counter-demonstrations i thought america's first stop was a sports hall rash matter a local basketball team mate cabinet's residence for an informal discussion violent protests broke out at the end of august for the number stabbed to death allegedly by two asylum seekers the armrests old mob survive bringing extremists chasing migrants through the streets. it's difficult for roll us away to watch these images. i on the twenty sixth of august a right wing mob rampage through the streets of kemet chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked people they took for foreigners and
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a group of social democratic politicians roloson late stood up to them. i. know that but also fast i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to find my. role as sally is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them live in syria the mood in chemist's has changed many refugees and migrants living here say that on fridays they're too scared to leave the house. there it's on fridays that the right wing populist pro chemist's alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. tabar is not i know i'm afraid
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that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's good for nothing's getting better because every. thing is so expensive and those doc use get the money it's unbelievable. most of them vote for the far right a.f. team which became the second strongest force in chemists in the bundestag elections like many others roloson lay is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemist's is growing the army is using the word strong we're seeing that some people in cameron it's fear migrants and some migrants fear the people of chemists there are a lot of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally i've been speaking with muslims in towns people i always ask what's the problem where. they're calling us in the op. wants to encourage those who for main silent to take action as a sign of solidarity against the right wingers. that in fact this is my city i will
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be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination. roloson they would have liked chancellor angela merkel to visit earlier she says people in kennett should feel that their fears are being taken seriously. britain's prime minister has been stepping up her efforts to defend her controversial practice a deal theresa may said the u.k. would be plunged into what she called a deep and grave uncertainty if the draft plan was abandoned as follows thursday's tumultuous events which saw the resignation of several cabinet ministers including the bracks secretary dominic robb with his mates also facing a backlash from conservatives with hardline bread city is seeking to challenge the leadership of the party earlier today came pro brett sit voice in the prime minister's senior team environment secretary michael gove confirmed that he is staying in his post and prefers to confidence in his leader yesterday was to go for is reportedly offered the newly vacant job of bricks and secretary and turned it
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down the prime minister refused to confirm this. but have you offered him the role of secretary now i don't talk about things to do with to do with the cabinet cabinet reshuffle i have to point to the new bricks secretary hat but obviously i'll be doing that over the course of the next year if i were a betting man if you were a betting man could i get on the book is and talk about that about michael gove who's he was now i have to say nick i've always made it a sort of rule in my life i don't bet on anything to do with politics right i'd advise you not to i think all right we'll have to work to watch and wait and see. the number of people missing in northern california's wildfire has risen to more than six hundred that least sixty and dead firefighters have managed to contain most of the blaze and thousands of people are beginning to return to their communities often to find that all they had all their own has been reduced to ashes . this is what it looks like to lose everything. ok i hope you won't quit that's all i can say. hold my yard.
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words can't describe it. words can't describe it. and how can they when all you're left with is the clothes on your back everywhere signs of a life well lived now all gone. but this home one of more than six thousand destroyed in a town named paradise. the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire for jonathan clark there's another reason to come back here his brother is missing. we're still trying or do whatever it takes he is found. dead or alive that's just what clarksdale we look out for each other
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so. so many people here were caught by surprise when high winds fans the deadly flames through their town now authorities simply can't be sure how many human remains alive beneath the ash the sheer chaos of what's happened in neighborhoods like these distorting the numbers. are watching the standard there are a lot of people this waste and we're finding that a lot of people don't know that we're looking for them and that is why we're publishing those words. firefighters are still trying to contain the camp fire one of three wildfires raging in california thess one is said to be forty percent under control but it will take two more weeks to put out completely.
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that is great roger federer has won ninety nine titles in his era defining career and last night in london he moved closer to his one hundredth and guaranteed himself a place in the final four of the a.t.p. finals by cruising past south african kevin anderson less than a week ago federer was a drubbing by cain issue cooling his back on for now though as his pinpoint backhands attest. it was kevin anderson who knocked federer out of wimbledon this year after a marathon quarter final but this one really looks like it would go the distance for all in the first set federer broke the south african serve before holding his own to take the six six for. the thirty seven year old remain dominant a competent approach to the net leaving anderson no chance here. and soon enough the deal was sealed six four six three. federer is a six time champion here and he's not getting too worked up about the prospect of
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making it seven. for me i've always wanted to go out with a bang today and win the match if i go through great if i don't i don't deserve to be through it's ok to some i'm happy i'm still alive and i hope i can play a good match on the day after more. than one hundred career taught within reach. the clubs of a english premier league league have agreed in principle to use video assistant referees next season the league's carried out what it says on live trials this season and calls for its introduction have been growing the german bundesliga is used the system since twenty seven teams you see here in friday's country however unfolds but. was used at this year's world cup also used in the champions and the champions league starting next season. that's it you're up to date more at the top off the course of around the clock on our website at
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