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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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play bridge. the truck. report starts nov seventeenth on d w. play. this is g w news live from berlin germany's chancellor faces her critics in camp beds she answer some tough questions from residents at a public meetings three months after an explosion of racist violence shook the city also coming up a court in cambodia delivers a historic ruling to kember rouge leaders are found guilty of genocide forty years
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after they oversaw the slaughter of almost two million people and as firefighters bring northern california's wildfires under control residents return to their homes we need a man who lost everything in the blaze that destroyed paradise more than six hundred people are still missing. plus c.n.n.'s chief white house correspondent gets his press pass back at least for the time being president trump had had it confiscated after this all took a show with jim acosta. play . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. we begin in germany where chancellor angela merkel has faced some tough questioning on a visit to kemet the city shaken by an explosion of racist violence back in august it was sparked by a man being stabbed to death allegedly by
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a migrant from syria merkel was hoping that a meeting with chemist's residents would defuse some of the tension but when members of the audience had their chance to speak the mood was not always cordial but the first questioner played on merkel's famous saying we'll get through this in response to the massive influx of migrants in twenty fifty seven the point was to find an answer to the chaos cuts one toss in germany when you said we'll get through this and after two years you still said you didn't know what you have done wrong she did me a great. as a hollow. miracle did her best to calm angry questioners. back then i said we've gotten through so much in germany we'll get through this too. or what kind of a chancellor what i have been when faced with a challenge i didn't say that pissed off and that merkel's day began in far more
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relaxed fashion when she visited a successful local basketball team the intended message was that tenet says a lot going for it but people out in the street questioned why it had taken merkel months after the killing of daniel h. to visit the city. i don't know what you want for the christmas market it's too early and probably ahead and it's too late. since that tragic incident far right groups have held regular demonstrations on the streets of kemet creating an atmosphere of intimidation and threats against foreigners. inside the q. and a session audience members were putting the chancellor to the test. when are you going to resign one work in your exact. i told you and all of germany said. that i have been elected for this legacy of your period when does it but i had been. by the way we're both wearing national colors. and
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i'm prepared to serve as a chancellor not to appear until the end of this legislative period of carbides when it's councilman also fern. far right groups called for protests outside the auditorium where the town meeting was held but crowds were small. and the deputy chief political editor michel a questionnaire is travelling with the chancellor in cam let's make ala why did markel come and why it's so late to chemists well that actually was the very first question why did she come and she basically said she wanted to come here she wanted to listen she was also a very well aware of the criticism that came for you none other than the mayor here she came too late and she said she didn't want to come as everybody was all the emotions were running high here of course many argue that's exactly when she should have come. either way she was here today and she did face as we saw some very tough
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questions indeed what do you make of the way that she responded to those tough questions. well she clearly was intent on listening and on staying very calm as we saw she wouldn't be provoked but it was quite clear that she had to explain time and time again those famous partly infamous quotes like we will make it but also i wouldn't have done anything different that's what she said after her conservative c.d.u. party lost almost nine percent in those last elections that was basically thrown at her and she was really struggling to explain it because she was clearly a bit surprised that she was so misunderstood when she was asked about this from this we can make as she started explaining her very broad strategy on how to avoid the causes of migration reaching into africa strategy as well so she was very
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academic in answering slightly above the head actually of many people who really wanted an answer of how can you promise something that we have to fulfill in the end so she was talking about past the audience their party as well but clearly she also herself came to the conclusion that maybe she should have listened more before that there should have been more such dialogues before meaning of course just after twenty fifteen and the people of cemex they're sending her a signal because we understand that there have been more right wing demonstrations today what have you been observing them hammer. yes those right wing demonstrations were very loud so they were chanting the usual merkel will stick nothing has to go we are the majority is something they shouted which i thought was rather interesting given the fact that there were about three hundred so you know more than four hundred demonstrators out on the street but making a lot of noise and i think that is rather symbolic also of talking about citizens
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who don't come out in force to really demonstrate that they are against this right to stream ism and particularly being instrumental ised by them and that's something where the german chancellor to encourage the people here in kenya it's not to get depressed about the whole situation but be proud and really show who they are in the positive aspects of candidates but make no mistake this is a city that has seen repeated right wing demonstrations and feels terrorized also by the label of being potentially far to the right. now our chief political editor traveling with the chancellor angela merkel in cabinets thank you so much for your reporting. and now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the u.k. has a new brags that secretary steven barclay was appointed to take over the post after dominic robb quit in protest on thursday british prime minister to resign may faces
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criticism and calls for her resignation after her draft deal to leave the e.u. failed to satisfy that hardliners. at least forty two people have been killed in a bus accident in zimbabwe twenty others were injured some with severe burns police have not given details but local media are reporting that a gas cylinder explosion may be the cause the bus was reportedly travelling to neighboring south africa the incident follows another deadly bus accident in zimbabwe last week when fifty people were killed in a collision. and iconic swimming pool painting by british legends david hockney has sold for ninety point three million dollars in new york the winning bid at christie's auction house set a new record for a living artist painted the work called portrait of an artist cool with two figures in one nine hundred seventy two well now to a story of justice finally delivered almost forty years late for the first time
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a un backed court in the capital of cambodia phnom penh has found two leaders of the camera rouge regime in the one nine hundred seventy s. guilty of genocide the defendants presided over the murder of around two million people a quarter of cambodia's population there are already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity. for the victims it's a long awaited moment to form. one shape and cure some fun sentenced to life in prison for genocide by a un back court the home of the high priest i.e. the chamber has considered the gravity of the crimes including next scale and brutality the number and the vulnerability of the victims for which the accused have been convicted yet. he's told many other last surviving leaders of the term average they already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity but this new verdict is a landmark ruling for the first time it says that the crimes against cambodians
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vietnamese and child minorities amounted to genocide. the camaro rouge talk of them for eradication nearly all the vietnamese cambodians were either expelled or murdered. his judgment goes beyond. international responsibility. so they judgment also just to sort of think it was it was not just the minorities who suffered the commit rouge and those lead up whole pot for to create a communist utopia by forcibly moving people from the cities to the countryside nearly two million cambodians died from overwork starvation and mass execution during its reign of terror nine hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine. pens museums and memorials detail the sheer horror of the past a pos that lingers. they deserve to get a sentence because they committed such big crimes the rest of my family members
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were killed i'm the only child who survived that regime. with the perpetrators convicted of genocide. just above us can finally hope to find closure. and award winning journalist elizabeth becker testified at the trial she told us about her experiences of cambodia under pol pot. i saw a country that was emptied of society i lived there during the war and was shocked that the streets were empty the people were gone there were no markets there was no life there was no pagoda gotos were empty shops were closed schools were closed there was no music there is nothing and then you go into the country to the labor camps and i was under serious government guard so they didn't let me poke around any more than allowed but it was what was missing that was so horrible the people were living in work camps they did not look good and i was shown what was supposed
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to be a model camps still once they were all the commissioner overthrown i was shocked and horrified by all that was hidden from me the torture centers the killing fields now the record is straight there was witnesses corroborating every aspect of the starvation then forced labor the rapes the forced marriages the the the murder it's all on the record now and that's a that's an incredible record. and that was elizabeth becker now mourning mourners in istanbul have attended a symbolic funeral for the murder journalist. tens of thousands of worshippers in saudi arabia also joined prayers for him to show g. disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul last month and initially saudi authorities said that he had left the building alive eventually faced with mounting evidence they admitted that jamal khashoggi have been killed saudi
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prosecutors now say they are seeking the death penalty for five nationals that they say were involved in his death. you're watching news still to come on the program residents are returning to their homes in northern california as firefighters bring the wildfires under control but many are finding nothing but action is we meet a man who lost everything in the blaze that just roy paradise. but first it's over to hell in a humphrey in volkswagen is going on the offensive you have us right. trying trying to put the diesel gate scandal well and truly behind its announcing their intentions to become the number one call make in the world when it comes to a lecture move but they're putting their money where their mouth is investing forty four billion euros in the projects over the next five but with stiff competition coming from the likes of china and tester the question is now will that be enough.
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after hours of discussion the supervisory board gave the green light for the future plans and billions of euros in investment. books wagon c.e.o. have a d.c. announced the ambitious plans it was about the often see fairly we're sending new signals we're focusing v.w. ungreen mobility we're increasing investments in this area and we're considering participating in battery production and introducing many new electric models. according to insiders negotiations are already underway for a partnership with the south korean battery so manufacturers. v.w. like all german car makers has had to buy batteries in asia so far and a lot is about to change it folks wagons existing works three locations in germany will be converted into electric car production sites and v.w. is making a substantial four billion euro investment in china to where's the money coming
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from v.w. is dug deep into its own pockets to finance the plan but it could cost some employees their jobs electric cars are far easier to build than combustion engine models but the company doesn't have many other options v.w. plans seem to be made of equal parts optimism and drive the timing is right when other countries like china want to phase out combustion engines within the next few years and they'll be playing catch up with other manufacturers like tesla which are well ahead when it comes to the mobility. the wild a is on the brink all a new cold war in trade out the stall warning from french finance minister clearly matthew says countries like is it being caught in the cross fire in a battle between two economic giants. comments came at a conference on reforming the world trade organization the very institution that u.s. tariffs seek to circumvent hundreds of billions of dollars in goods are now caught
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up in levies and countermeasures between the u.s. and china the u.s. started the fight hoping to lower their trade balance. but the measures have since ensnared global supply lines injecting uncertainty into global commerce and cutting into company balance sheets said. this is open war and trade will be an economic suicide for the whole world will have moved on cue it's just don't know what it is it will in the destruction of values and jobs will and i refuse to let that happen give it could it be and if there are only the losers in this economic war. it is unjustified it isn't justifiable and it is quite simply stupid. stupid bringing the us back to the table means reforming the w t o participants and that means that china has economy has grown significantly since w t o admission needs to give a little. china has worn a lot from the w.h.o. system and we call upon china to show leadership and to engage with us to reform
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and to update the system another appeal for compromise in a growing conflict. well it's really a is playing it off and it's on a collision course with the european union refusing to adjust its budget for next year to bring it in line with e.u. rules brussels has also disciplinary proceedings against right in saying it's plan spending is too high when its debt on is already the second highest in the eurozone and many students in his risk pools and universities feel that's been left out of the equip quezon and have taken to the streets in protest. the messages on the banners read our schools are falling apart and we are history the italian education system is a failing school kids in university students are fed up. of period of twenty years of cuts and what currently seeing is just a continuation of the spending measures of the past and in fact in the budget law
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is written in black and white it's just a series of spending cuts that you could be done just thousands have come like here in rome to air their displeasure with the government investments in education continue to fall by the wayside in spite of the government's promises i don't see some of the at all here today while the other students are protesting in seventy other squares in italy across the whole country just to see the old the government's promises since the election campaign are not addressing our real needs during our years in school this one is going to get tough but awfully done but images and ideas that. apart from the. if you smoke bombs the protests in italy have remained peaceful at least for now and the situation in the educational system remains dire. what is back of you sarah now as the white house versus c.n.n. ends up in court sarah and we've had a bit of a decision today actually on that front helena because the u.s. judge has ruled that the white house must temporarily return the press pass of
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cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta the trumpet ministration strip the cost of his credentials after a news conference in which a cost to engage in a heated exchange with president donald trump it later claimed a cost i had quote put his hands on the young woman of a white house staffer who attempted to take his microphone as you can see right there now c.n.n. denied that and soon to regain a cost access to the white house. let's get more on this incident now with correspondent stefan seaman's who is standing by in washington so walk us through this decision by the judge to give acosta his press pass back. all. central question was he is by post by c n n to the job did the white house overstep overstep by revoking the credentials for washington c.n.n. washington correspondent jim acosta and the judge said yes but not on grounds of
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the first amendment free speech c.n.n. has put two grounds first in their argument they had said hey this is a violation of the first amendment free speech and b. of the fifth amendment and that is jim acosta was not given due process and the judge did exactly that he said he's i am. proving this injunction and mr costa has to get credentials back but specifically why because he didn't receive due process there's no judgment about the first amendment free speech was violated by the by the white house the bottom line is jim acosta is back in business and back at the white house and ready to work again and the white house will and the president will probably have to deal with them again in the future and acosta has actually had the opportunity to respond to this decision he said it was a victory for press freedom i'd like to have
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a listen to what he said and get your reaction after i don't think this would be the result of the end of the day their rights would be protected as you continue to cover our government and holder leaders accountable. but ultimately the white house still says that this happened because of a cost is bad manners here's president trump we would total freedom of the place it's very important were put to me that anybody would believe but you have to act with respect. so two very different reactions there stephon and we see you know on both sides here it indicates that it isn't over yet right. it's not over yet so it's in two ways not over number one is the court as you pointed out and as we have pointed out before this is just an injunction fide so that's a preliminary. as of now and right now to be enforced ordered
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by the court that mr causey has the right to return back to the to work at the white house but the underlying the underlying accuse a shooting of the underlying case is not decided upon and if the white house is not pulling back or settles this somehow with c.n.n. then this can go on for months and months there will be more hearings in court is that was that right number two how this is going on is that the white house now in the house and the president announced that it will come up with rules and regulations for the so-called decorum in white house press conferences there is something like an unwritten code and kind of law for journalists how to behave and that's widely accepted so we have to see what the decorum actually what that means in that regard it goes on to to be continued stephens humans in washington thank you. the number of people missing in california's devastating wildfires has doubled to more than six hundred officials say that the
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death toll now stands at over sixty the flames reduced much of the town of paradise to ash in charge rubble a week after the blaze erupted recovery workers are searching for human remains firefighters continue to battle other blazes across the state the fires are among the deadliest to have hit the u.s. in a century. jason camp attorney is in los angeles he's the bureau chief for n.b.c. news radio welcome to you jason as we just heard there the number of missing has more than doubled in the last few hours from around three hundred to now six hundred thirty why. it's pretty devastating those numbers are very scary and what we're finding out is that people were told to leave their homes in a flash can you imagine sitting at home watching news coverage of the fire in your backyard basically and then having a knock at the door saying you have to go and you have to go now people left behind
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their cell phones they left behind identification they left behind anything that would help investigators identify who they are on top of that fire rage really fast and really hard through the area of paradise which is a northern california and unfortunately it looks like some people just simply couldn't get out or may have been disorientated by the smoke in the flames and couldn't find their way out and now we're hearing also that you know you have these rescue crews there and they're searching the rubble of these destroyed homes what are they having to deal with. it's really hard to breathe right now the winds have calmed down in the area in northern and southern california which is great for the fire fight but unfortunately what that does is the smoke has now created a basically have a blanket over the burn zones and fire crews are having to wear special equipment heavy mess to be able to sift through all of the ashes and they're using cadaver
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dogs as well and those dogs are not being they're not being able to stay as long as they normally do because of such debris that's in the air and if you can imagine i'm about forty miles away from the fire and i can taste it you can see ashes on the parking lot in and in the on the cars it's really horrible conditions that way obviously then you have loved ones breathing down their neck saying why can't you find my family member and that's that's got to be difficult as well an incredibly emotionally charged situation and we also have now the u.s. president donald trump he's due to visit tomorrow what's on his agenda what's expected well they really don't release is actually agenda until minutes before he actually shows up what we do know is the schedule to be in northern california to tour some of the damage there there are i heard a rumor a little while ago that he might travel to southern california but that is unconfirmed and the might say some opposition in northern california is very
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democrat it's very liberal and they've protested up there all of his policies and everything else so he might face some opposition but seen a sitting president tour damaged areas is always a good sign because that means federal help is on the way jason camp adani out with the latest from california right now in los angeles thank you so much thank you. you're watching t.v. news a quick reminder of the top stories that we've been following for you germany's chancellor angela merkel has been facing her critics in cannes next three months after an explosion of racist violence shook the city far right groups called for protests outside of the auditorium where meetings were being held but the crowds were relatively small. trend with that you're now up to date on t w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin don't forget more you can get more on our web site that's a d w dot com and you can also follow us on social media thank you so much for
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watching have a great day. equality
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and better opportunities. more and more croatians are leaving their homeland because they can't find work. many areas are now devoid of families with children more and more schools are closing. especially the quantify the education on the.
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because they see the future in croatia. in sixty minutes on t w. digital a holiday for them or us. can digital technology help make our oldest place and receive global inequality. in forty five. w. . there are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they deploy the powers of social media.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire the social media spectacle is critical to the boat and thousands of others are joining the cause hamas. on the streets and they are women who aren't changing the world already. digital. stores going to twenty fifth on g.w. . justice for decades late they camera ruses reign of terror in cambodia classified as a genocide for the first time by an international tribunal a guilty verdict for the last surviving leaders of the brutal regime that presided over the deaths of some two million cambodians i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. you're born and.
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