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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin risking jail for freedom pro-democracy leaders go on trial in hong kong. they're charged for their roles in the umbrella protests that defied china and brought the city to us standstill in two thousand and fourteen one of the defendants tells the w. they'll continue to fight even if it means. this is the time to be friends house
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out to defend our existing freedom and our rights are. also coming up on the show japanese authorities arrested carlos going the joint chairman of nice song they're questioning him for allegedly underreporting millions of dollars in income . and prime minister theresa may intensify its efforts to sell her deal at home speaking to business leaders she says the deal allows skills not nationality to drive immigration policy. and in tennis the new kid on the court the twenty one year old german alexanders of era of he's won the a.t.p. finals for the very first time beating world number one novak djokovic which will bring you the highlights from a dramatic match. i'm brian thomas welcome and. so much for joining us we begin the show in hong kong
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where the trial has started for the leaders of large scale democracy protests if convicted they face seven years in prison more than one hundred democracy activists gathered outside the court room to show their support for the defendants carrying the signature umbrellas down the five with their protests now four years ago tens of thousands took to the streets for nearly three months to protest the political interference by china and hong kong's elections. all the defendants have pleaded not guilty in a trial set to last for about three weeks we met with one of them he's facing years in prison. john king mon keeps running while he still has the chance he took up the sport when it became clear that he was due to stand trial the social professor and activist faces three counts of what authorities call inciting public nuisance i think it is my priority now to do i mean i think it is important to cheer myself.
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fellow support up. why i guess this is the important thing a good spirits when we are facing the trial. he expects to be sentenced to seven years in jail john is considered one of the masterminds of the umbrella protests of twenty fourteen the umbrellas are a symbol for passive resistance to the hong kong police during a seventy nine day sit in demanding free or elections. however the protests failed since then the political sands have shifted in the city. the government is now taking more action against unwelcome views. human rights groups call it a campaign of intimidation by the chinese authorities. they're sending a clear signal that the. that the space for civil society to raise sensitive questions about hong kong's future in hong kong is
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is. shrinking the public prosecutor's office refused to speak to doit chevelle about chance upcoming trial. john himself is pessimistic more protest events have been cancelled and a foreign journalist has also been expelled i don't see any of this in the near future that we could get democracy this is a time to be friend i'll sell to defend our existing freedom and our rights and we need to strengthen our civil society. john kinman xpect to be convicted but for now he runs while he's still free. but for how long we have with us now joshua wong he's the secretary general of the demo sisto opposition party joshua was one of the leaders of the so-called m brawler revolution in two thousand and fourteen thanks so much for joining us joshua. you were jailed last year for your
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role in the occupy central movement nine other people are now facing charges as we heard there of causing a public nuisance but this case is about far more than that isn't it. we just where or how they can come from and how to create a true effect and hong kong and not only suppress young activists just like me but also at the same time. all progress a religious leader legislator increases. is the one who has been generally last year i. believe that might be sent to prison next year and. generally all separate and the jealous and it might be at lismore that idea so it is about time for under the hot line policy of president xi jinping ok now joshua of the protests and two thousand and fourteen didn't get beijing to change its
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position you spent a year in prison now we're looking at nine other individuals facing up to seven years in prison with all that being considered was it worth it taking the hard line that you have against beijing. we realized a rising trying to model under the leadership of c jinking all i would recognise the empress she just totally. give the first aware little that we recognise that part just like human rights and freedom i was a that i have no hope to the region but i threw it all on people especially well we need to fight against a lot just a foreign power in preaching you know where i believe hundred thousand people might come this week again when flying off the leaders being the here and is to show that under. under this oppression and the indifference of beijing we must not keep silent we will continue in this long battle ok but if these leaders are put in jail
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who will lead the movement are there other individuals in hong kong capable of carrying on as you have joshua. we expect that the paid a price compared to the activists just like this of the new south or that have been . jailed and mainland china or i think the price paid by activists in the hall is just a small piece of cake. i was challenged by the government and just like chen the leaders they just leave the movement and quality and all that i demonstrated it at the same time next year when they are general. assembly demonstration approaches so what i mean is we just have to let go to realize that. they hope to silence the whole generation not only do that i think that but go progress first moment her all religious leaders at the age of fifty sixty or seventy from the one just born.
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or before two thousand over the one who have. gone early go. generational say people but we also face the hotline suppression of aging we of course will not decide it at all joshua long for us in hong kong democracy activists democracy leader thanks so much for being with us and good luck to you joshua and your efforts there and. it's very business like they're hard now and the rest an iconic c.e.o. is sending shock waves throughout the worldwide car industry as well of course we're talking about nissan boss carlos who has been arrested in japan this after an internal investigation found he under reported his income by millions of dollars then gauged in other quote significant misconduct speaking out of a few moments ago this one c.e.o. said he had called a board meeting for thursday to approve gone's dismissal as chairman of the company
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. vaughan alcohols dawn was seen as a star karma credited with leading a dramatic turnaround over the last two decades rescuing it from the a bankruptcy let's have a look at his career and his fall from grace. carlos ghosn is regarded as one of the most dazzling managers in the automotive business after all he has the partnership of renault mitsubishi amnesty on and his belt. but he's been under investigation for months now the japanese comic can miss on accuses don't of tax evasion. on monday miss sunset an internal investigation showed he has underestimated his income for several years ago and is also said to have used company money privately nissen's board of directors now needs to decide whether it will dismiss him as the head of the japanese carmaker. according to the japanese newspaper asahi going is cooperating with authorities and has already been
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questioned he was arrested on monday. has been called the coast since his time at the top of rent and some credit him with bringing back on the great success after years of high losses and debt. my colleague steve because they have been following this fast moving story for us. is quite a figure in the automotive industry tell us a bit more about this regularity is really one of these old school sort of auto titan exciting again and of course as we heard from the piece that's exactly what he did he was brought in to nissan right after the partnership with renault was announced nissan was putting too much on parts didn't have exciting designs it couldn't reach certain markets and it was just sort of tied down by some older business practices a lot of which actually tied into sort of the japanese way of doing things i remember this model in the eighty's was very exciting sort of a japanese you know take on auto engineering and sort of auto process but there was an additional things there that he changed he turns it around so he cut
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a lot of relationships with suppliers things like that to really cut down costs this is someone who is seen as an outsider and heavily criticized for it he's one of the few c.e.o.'s of a large japanese company to come from overseas and yet he made it work within three years he brought his son back to profitability and he really made that partnership thrive and he really became a business titan because of that and what he did at nissan is really a case study for a lot of the best business schools around the world now so he is a very very prominent figure what a fall from grace but there has also been the have been other problems with mr wright in recent years as with some other auto companies we see that their issues in terms of the trust they have of consumers one of the internal problems they had actually was with a car certification process that their product line managers had to do they mess it up four years in a row and there are recalls significant recalls that came as part of that then there is also a data emission scandal not too unsimilar from what we've seen around here that was announced earlier this year and then of course compensation has been very
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controversial when it comes to go on and. that's something that now we're seeing bearing fruit here he was heavily criticised for how much pay has taken and the french government which owns part of a no has actually vetoed vetoed a compensation package for him believe it was a year or two ago it turned out a sort of overridden but then there were some other costs recut the point is it's been a controversial topic and now we're seeing it come up again quite a different way what does that mean for them if it is done now and of course for the larger lies within the limits of issue rights we've seen in the short term of course that the stocks have fallen that's an immediate sort of gut punch reaction you know what you have to remember is that there's also the french government there's a lot of jobs tied into this the french government has ownership of renault which is part of this alliance their concern president manuel mccrone has already given a statement about you know what this means and trying to hold the line stable so you can see that this is sent shock waves throughout the world again a business titans would like steve jobs suddenly going down i was out though that
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nissan is a it's a profit company and it is it's making a lot of sales this alliance and that's probably not going to change. steve vizard thank you very much of course keep an eye on this developing story. in france the protests against high fuel prices continue supporters of the movement yellow warning vests blocked highways and traffic junctions police counted more than one hundred protest actions throughout the country mainly directed against higher taxes on diesel and petrol hundreds of people were injured in similar actions over the weekend one person died next saturday demonstrators plan to paralyze traffic in the capital paris. it's to britain now and prime minister theresa may is under mounting pressure over breakfast was opposition from her own conservative members of parliament intensifying mazed urged her critics to put their differences aside saying the
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future of the nation is at stake making the case for her bracks a withdrawal deal to a conference of business leaders she told them that britain would regain control of immigration countries like once we've left the e.u. we will be fully in control of who comes here it will no longer be the case that e.u. nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead of engineers from sydney or software developers from delhi instead of a system based on where a person is from we will have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer. and in brussels the e.u. use chief negotiator michel barnier he spent the morning getting approval for the deal from ministers of the twenty seven e.u. member states he had this to say after that meeting we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress
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that would be achieved in brussels and even longer. and pretty that ministers to this report overall package in particular a member states report to craft read through agreement and do you side which really didn't need to do their mean internal procedure of the union for agreeing to extend the transition but grover speaking to dealing fair and balanced. there so is that acceptable agreement any closer let's bring in our correspondents in london bear get my ass and in brussels garrick mathis caregiver to start with you a key moment in brussels focus is now turning to the future of the trading relationship what kind of possible sticking points are emerging there the political declaration brian that ministers but also all of fischel is here in brussels and leaders on the
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weekend will be still be working on his fourteen page strong so far and it's quite a secret it's well guided because ambassadors over the weekend were not allowed to take copies away a number of things could potentially be sticking points you have for instance fishing rights where the french and the dutch have vested interests that these issues are clarified you have spain which is concerned about the status of the problem and then you have the british side of course that would like to see a tailor made be spoke trade agreement fixed already in that declaration that makes a backstop rather unlikely all of that i don't think we'll see in there i think we'll see one was it will not be a legally binding fourteen page document but you'll see some things that will point towards the incentive on both sides that they do want to see an orderly breck's it ok whistle looking for clarity a number of issues and in brussels be argued in london the number of conservative party rebels is growing raising the chances of a leadership challenge against
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a reason may if she's still going to be prime minister by the end of the week. there your guess is as good as mine brian we are in an extraordinary situation to resume a he's just been here at the c.b.i. at the employers conference here in london and trying to sell her deal to britney spears news and she's had a woman positive response however if you kilometers up the thames we know that there are her own in peace who are plotting against her and who really don't want to spread to due to go through a number of them think this is such a dirty oh it's better to crush out with no deal of course this is not what britain spin is once again giving false and on the type of response the nature of the response she got where you are at that c.b.i. conference. well it was interesting she ended her speech with determination and i think it was quite a lot of defiance in her words when she said i am determined to see those three but
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also acknowledging that there are people who are who don't want her to see this tree the business world is really very adamant that they need a deal for britain's employers for big businesses particularly for those that trade a lot with europe which are reapers entity at this conference they are adamant that they need frictionless and orderly brits and so they don't want to come to this position where there is a cliff edge at the end of march next year and they don't know what the relationship with the e.u. is so they have a very clear position and the reception of two reason may was very positive there was one gentleman who was a critical question and was talking about trade deals with other countries rather i had not the e.u. if that was more important and he basically got boos so overall a lot of support for terrorism a from business person london and a source in brussels thanks to both of you so very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today at least thirteen people
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have been killed in south central vietnam after topless storm hit the resort of truong city a number of houses also destroyed after differential rains triggered landslides stories of mobilize soldiers to search for missing people. eighteen saudi arabian citizens are to be banned from entering europe's schengen zone because of their suspected involvement in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi the german foreign minister says that berlin issued the ban after consultation with france and with britain saying there were still more questions than answers about the case. and saudi arabia's kingsholm on has reiterated support for un efforts to end the war in yemen now that comes as yemen's who the rebels say they will all the attacks on the saudi led military coalition that is the saudis and their allies also agree to a cease fire. and an unmanned russian cargo vessel has successfully docked with the international space station carrying much needed fuel water and oxygen
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it's the first delivery to the i assess since the aborted launch of a manned flight last month another mission carrying a crew of three is planned for early december. when residents of communities ravaged by the while far northern california have gathered to remember the victims in the devastated town of paradise is vigil comes as the death toll from the wildfires rose to seventy seven. on these were the deadliest wildfires in the state's history fire crews continuing to battle blazes and search for some one thousand people who remain missing president trump visited the area over the weekend and while touring the devastation he offered fire prevention tips he said he had learned from finland was with the president of finland and he said we have a much different where far station equal the deforestation that is that a lot of breaking and cleaning and doing things and they don't have any problem and
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what it is it's a very small problem. ok but the finnish president says he cannot recall any raking comments and many fans have been taken completely by surprise the w. social media editor call osman is here in the studio karl what's going on with this finland it does have a lot of forest it's relatively fire free but the country's like a fires has very little to do with actual breaking and much more to do with the very sophisticated early warning system in the country so we're seeing a lot of thins with some rather amusing responses to trump's rake comments and even the presence that i don't even know what he's talking about take a look here we have some finnish people commenting let's start off with well partly the finnish firefighters secret weapon you can see it there the rake others are calling this rake news you see one rake toting firefighter here not on my watch and brian why stop and rakes you can really bring in the big guns how about
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a vacuum cleaner clearly just an ordinary day in the finish for us there many americans they're not holding back either when it comes to this rake comment here's the cover yesterday of the new york daily news they're calling for trump to make america rake again of course you know everyone could can joke about this one comment course this is really no laughing matter these these fires are serious dozens of people have now died as you mentioned already the most destructive fire in the state's history a lot of families worried about all those people hundreds so what do fire and force experts have to say about this i mean it's a complicated problem you live in california from california wildfires there it's more than a just about clearing debris i mean there is so much space in the state and you know one factor the state is so dry right now going through one of the worst droughts in the state's history likely made worse by climate change many californians now seemingly fed up with these misstatements misleading statements from the president about the state's fire and wildfire management now we're even
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seeing trump supporters calling out the president. for these types of comments here's one man a journalist you're quoting him who is whose children lost their homes in the fires and he says my kids lost everything i voted for him and now he can kiss my red but what he said was ridiculous and it hurts my heart a lot of us voted for him and he talks down to us you know one of those areas where the fire said that's really is trump country there in california and these fires they didn't even happen in forested areas in fact many of the forests in california are under federal control so that would mean that the president would be the raker in chief so to speak not california ok carlos when looking into this today karl thanks very much for that well the united nations there has been highlighting the global health costs that stem from a lack of toilets more than half the world's population do not have access to a hygenic toilet now the situation's especially bad in nigeria and as we hear from
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did abuse a very increased some people are managing to cash in on the crisis you can see them everywhere in lagos people relieving themselves outdoors in the open one of every four nigerians has no access to a proper toilet. it's been sued t.v. court farce what you do if you go to the river i had to extricate ourselves. by the way they released themselves is disturbing to those of us living here because out in the open everyone can see them the government should at least build a cover so we can see them. fight. it's very difficult for us we have to go to the river to some woman who inside the back and then poured into the river it's not good. twenty million people live in this overcrowded mega city bad hygiene and the lack of sufficient toilets and danger in people's health in the poorer districts ironically more people have
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access to mobile phones than toilets these kind of warnings can be found all over lagos yet many people are ignoring it because there's no alternatives but the leg of toilets is also an opportunity for some business people near a bus station jeremiah jerry installed some porta potties now he makes about thirty euros a day number one costs ten cents number two will cost you twenty five cents is a good business because. you where you came here you want to use yourself you want to be a new team you do receive you from there. disagrees you really need to say oh my guess is something to most of the time you see them are sad really see these images here can let me just like to ease my safety here and they say for a magister more if you begin to feel it gradually gradually you reach your kids are
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displaced this is where jarius toilets are produced learn reckon while this company is the only one in nigeria that builds mobile toilets it employs thirty one people and business is booming with a population of almost two hundred. million nigeria provides a huge market for his product still i can while it is troubled by the current situation and says the government alone is not to blame we need to begin to change the mentality of people because even if you see just about a dozen people know that if you even told them. you are depressed or going to do that if they do look at us the bridge will be brilliant a dozen times which is no good for us so us is down just after we just need to put on disk. strict measures to stop or just open dedication and sanitation the governments did scrape an emergency plan up until now almost nothing
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has changed the toilet crisis in lagos obviously remains a problem that needs an argentine solution. this is still to come on the show in tennis the twenty one year old german alexanders of arab has beaten world number one novak talk of edge to win the a.t.p. finals for the first time while highlights from the match. and the artist yet to garci see fazeli recreated the ancient city of paragon in a colossal panorama that was back in two thousand and eleven now an expanded version has a new home and purpose built an all nighter that's outside the lines you seem. to forget you can always get the latest update of your news on your app you don't look to download that out from google play or from the apple store that gives you access to all the latest news as well also push notifications from breaking news you can also use this app to send us photos and videos.
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more news straight ahead after a short. this is not. one thousand nine hundred and the first group more is over but the worst is yet to. be used to watch chaos poverty and instability. fertile ground for a chance to dictatorship. apocalypse never ending war. in forty five minutes.
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school in the jungle. the first clinging lesson in the. as grand the moment arrives to. join the ranks jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orang utan returns home on t w don't come to tanks. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights kind of for peace. they mobilize against femicide. or compulsory veils for.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire. social media is quite critical as in the tone seams are joining the cops on. the streets of. women more changing the world from britain. to digital. stores nov twenty fifth on t.w. . welcome back you are to every news live from berlin and our top stories right now leaders of hong kong's democracy movement have gone trial for their roles in the twenty fourteen so-called umbrella protesters line defendants pleading not guilty to charges including incitement and conspiracy to commit a public nuisance. and authorities in japan ever rest of the chairman of new song carlos gone through this comes after an internal investigation found he under reported his income by millions of dollars the song says it's terminating his
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contract now he's credited with leading a dramatic turnaround at nissan over the last. and british prime minister theresa may has intensified her efforts to sell her bracks a deal at home she told business leaders in london that the agreement would allow the u.k. to retain control of its borders with skills not nationality driving immigration policy. it's to mexico now where hundreds of residents from the mexican border city of tijuana have staged angry protests at the arrival of a migrant caravan looking to reach the united states the migrants are part of a large group of central americans who have been making their way through mexico they want to claim asylum in the u.s. some three thousand migrants have reached you want in recent days but as their number swell frustration is growing at what some residents perceive to be illegal
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immigration. tension on the mexican border with the u.s. is building. thousands of honduran migrants have a right into one on their way to the u.s. but people here don't want them. the protesters into juana see the migrants as a costly burden and a danger their rhetoric echoing the words of u.s. president trump he's frequently called the migrant caravan an invasion. because the embassy the next xico has always been a nation that opens its doors to anyone who needs help but there are correct ways in which i can enter your home asking for it this was not the correct way. not by attacking the authorities representing this nation not by knocking down barricades the mexican state has set up this shouldn't be allowed. mexican government
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estimates say as many as ten thousand migrants could soon be in the border city waiting to file asylum claims. until one a does seem ill equipped to deal with such a huge influx of people the city sports stadium has been turned into a temporary shelter but it's a stark contrast to the warm welcome they got as they traveled through southern mexico now they're here under curfew as authorities try to reduce tensions between the local population and the new arrivals but i've got to imagine we're fleeing from the violence in our country how could we come here to cause violence or get it for money that they have the right to protest because they don't like it that we're here but in spite of everything the mexicans are good people they are the same as us but we're only passing through we won't stay. the question now is just how long that stay will end up being. let's get our business with their
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hard on this weekend's asia pacific economic summit while there was marred by plenty of disputes you can say that the united states and china squared off over trade security and who would be the better investment partner in the region u.s. vice president mike pence. beijing's regional ambitions while china is dejan being hit out of trumps america first protection is the genda as a pick approaches its thirtieth anniversary the failure to agree on a communique for the first time in its history calls into question its relevance. the seed apec stands for cooperation but in papua new guinea it appears to stand instead for confrontation it may be smiles all around but accusations have been flying between china and the us regarding their ongoing trade dispute on full display here at apec the host remained diplomatic so we did
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a very fruitful discussions. exchange a very frank views about important issues about the that it is a fiction and the challenges the region continues to face for the first time since a pic was established no final statements were made the us wanted the text to condemn unfair trade practices china rejected this the u.s. is also unhappy about chinese plans for its own trade route dubbed the new silk road u.s. vice president mike pence laid out what he sees as the two nations key differences they begin with trade practices with tariffs and quotas and. force technology transfers the theft of intellectual property but it goes beyond that to freedom of navigation in the scenes and concerns about about human rights chinese president xi jinping says his country is not pursuing a hidden political agenda he warned the u.s. not to close off its trade borders and reiterated that in a trade war there were no winners the chinese american dispute will once again be
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on display when president xi and u.s. president trump meet at the g. twenty summit in argentina later this month. talk about this a bit more of a finance correspondent out there. joins us from singapore for that rather disappointing summit is a pick really all the way to becoming completely irrelevant. well that's a very valid question and it's a sentiment that many do share both delegates and critics of the summit what was once established in one nine hundred eighty nine to facilitate trade deals the framework for treat future trade deals and agreements has for once in its twenty nine thirty years failed to fulfill its function and the u.s. trade war is not the only thing in the spotlight to be blamed for this disagreement for this impasse it's also the issue of china's you political tussle that
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being discussed and at the heat of contention the u.s. has implied that china. is more like soft bullying through infrastructure and trade deals region in fact actually survive without chinese money. oh well for less developed countries probably not mike pence mentions that the american indo-pacific plan. mentions that there are ways to help smaller countries borrow or use chinese money more prudently quote unquote or even maybe maybe even reject it but the truth is if china is not spending on these countries who will especially with trump and it's his protectionist policies if the u.s. is not spending on anyone but themselves at the moment who will but china. joining us from singapore thank you very much. we are ready to make major cuts on
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wasteful spending that's what italy is deputy prime minister. said in an interview over the weekend it's a signal that rome might be ready for a dialogue with the european commission over its costly budget plan brussels had earlier rejected the budget saying more debt would put the stability of the whole euro zone into jeopardy the e.u. is set to announce its next move later this week. the italian government is holding its course but on the streets of rome people are nervous now that the ball is in the e.u.'s court many italians fear that brussels will have to crack down on the italian government to maintain credibility. i think that this almost personal war against europe will not enable us to free ourselves from the disadvantages we experience and will not help us enjoy the advantages of belonging to the e.u. the good. i feel uneasy very much so because we are in
3:39 pm
a very difficult situation and the people who represent us don't seem to understand the reality of the country my greatest fear is for the young people. because that could reach over what. i know that our financial situation has never been great i'm worried about the clash between italy and the e.u. i hope it will be solved in the best possible way. your mother will see even more. brussels could impose billions in fines on rome but italy's vice premier matteo salvini has stated that reprisals would do more harm to the e.u. than italy at the end of the day so the crisis continues to escalate. the people of iran started to feel the effects of tough u.s. sanctions imposed last month they argue our new sanctions target the key energy banking and shipping sectors businesses have been suspending production thousands of workers nationwide have been laid off now the u.s.
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is aiming of course to four ziran to curtail its weapons program and scale back its military influence in the region many iranians remains hopeful in spite of all the pressure but president from prison not the only person they blame for all of their problems. this fast food joint in east hiran is a favorite among locals and apparently business is booming since the u.s. reinstated sanctions on iran but back compare it to an american fast food chain and you risk cutting these a rainy and sense of national pride which is strong even in difficult times. the so-called motto section of the cemetery and sovan terror ron is the final resting place of men who fell in syria and iraq they're the victims of a different kind of patrick. one that involves iran expanding its power in the region. the country's military interventions
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a one of the reasons the u.s. reimpose sanctions. this student says he's ready to join the military at any time iran's deployment of militias and neighboring countries costs lives and billions of dollars. in the city of caution these young people have other things on their mind than fighting all sanctions. they seem to be in high spirits as they visit the city's tourist sites. maybe if we are not happy here but. the old alphonse had to live in the here and leave here and they needed to have their country. but in many parts of terror run the mood as. people wait in line patiently to buy imported medicines the products are not on sanctions lists but they're increasingly difficult to get hold of locals don't
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blame everything on donald trump but also one domestic mismanagement and corruption . there are two groups of people in our society the rich and the poor the rich are getting wealthier while our situation is getting worse. the sense of national pride may be at risk as to runs residents prepare for hard times. or germany has a new tennis star xander vera of beating world number one novak djokovic last night winning the season ending a.t.p. finals style oliver moody from sports is your to talk about that just how big was this win this is really the moment that we've been waiting for with alexander you know he has clearly been a special young talent we've been keeping an eye on him for the last couple of years the problem with him was that he just couldn't seem to reproduce his best
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form at the big tournament and now he's done that you know the a.t.p. final basically the the biggest tournament of the year outside of the grand slams and a couple of really big wins that is there of picked up along the way as well they sort of federal the semifinal and of course joke of it in the final so this is a really big moment in his career let's have a look at how he did it us take a look at the highlights from the final right now. alexander serve was high on confidence and it showed in the opening stages. after breaking novak djokovic to serve threat of silver six full victory in the all important first set. first it was he turned on the stall in the second set with a delightful ray of shots. with saving his best for last. with. of the
3:44 pm
a member leaving evidence obviously the biggest bit of it one first of all want to look great. not only this week but you know how you play the second hour of this year we may never see that before when you barely watch the match i'm actually very thankful you want to me to know of the undoubted highlights of sarah's fledgling career but one he may eclipse in twenty nineteen. all working expecting the future from this young twenty one year old so to be a superstar sure i mean i think most important thing with the timing you've got to look at the timing of it he is just coming up to his best years are just going to be coming out to his best years at the same time as some of the other guys just coming to that but end of their careers you know you look at someone like roger federer for example thirty seven years old now this era that he's had of great dominance is coming to an end and the other big guys who have shaped men's tennis for the last fifteen years the likes of jack a bitch of course along with rafael nadal and andy murray all in their thirty's
3:45 pm
murray by the way is a great example of a player who got unlucky with the timing you know he had been born in another era could have won far more than the three grand slams that he's got with vera it's the opposite you know he is the best young player out there right now and he is going to be coming really into his peak at a time when the other guys are just beginning to fade away and by the way the last german to win the finals was boris becker wanted to bring it up now if you're going to fight exactly so we might i look at a new boris becker here for germany you know what about talk about you know he had a great term and then a great years well he had a great back heart of the year after. he set a really rough couple of years by his standards you know twenty seventeen in particular no grand slam wins for him not really poor form by his standards but he's pulled it back round in the in the second half of this year when wimbledon and when the u.s. open as well and i think he's going into his favorites ornament next year strategy and open in january beginning of next year that's his happy hunting ground so to speak he's won there six times already and we're very keen to add
3:46 pm
a seventh title and prove that he's not done for just yet the likes of may have to weigh a little longer before they can start racking up the grand slam titles for the young talent in this war thank you very much. we have some football now and germany have been relegated from the top division of the nation's league but there's still a lot of stake in tonight's match against the netherlands dutch can qualify for the final four with a point while germany move is a strong performance from his team as he seems to show the world a revival is on the horizon temperatures have plummeted in germany because you are can live is hoping to reignite the fire in his team after a disastrous year a convincing win over the netherlands would help germany get back on track. on sheer it was a difficult year there are a lot of disappointments torsional after the year got off to a poor start with defeats to brazil and then austria team management also
3:47 pm
criticised for the way they dealt with measured controversial meeting with turkish president red chips i pad on and then came the embarrassing first round exit at the world cup the germany coach also faced criticism for being too slow to implement change. it's important to learn lessons from years like this and then take action what can be done better and what are the solutions to. this is what the future could look like leroy soni yulian brand. and says. players born in one thousand nine hundred five or ninety six you're sure kimmage is the same age and has already played for germany thirty seven times. mine and. it's my goal to improve and take responsibility. but the coach doesn't come to me and ask for advice he has a lot more experience than i do wish lipton magazine. thomas miller also has more
3:48 pm
experience he's one of only half a dozen world cup winners left in the squad he's on the verge of his hundredth appearance for germany well under a flight. said they were taught and needed the breda thomas miller is always here and gives everything for the team he's almost played one hundred games in a row he deserves a lot of respect and if he plays against the netherlands then i'll get a beer for may after the game. it's not exactly champagne but nobody expects that after the year that germany have had . for the past four years tourists visiting berlin's famous museum have not had the full run the place not because it's partially closed for renovations will remain so until
3:49 pm
two thousand and twenty four but now a multimedia exhibition brings this engine city to life and it's larger than life actually as it features a huge karama by yachting r.c.c. and karen from v.w. culture is here the tells all about that good day to you sounds like a great time to do some time traveling here absolutely you know this is going to take us back to what the city of the ancient city of paragon might have looked like in the year one hundred twenty nine to be exact and it is thanks to yet a gar is easy so he's of course the austrian rainy an architect too is he's also an artist very much so based right here in berlin that he specializes in these huge three hundred sixty degree panorama picture incredible detail on believable that it is really isn't this funnily enough you know this panorama concept is an art form that was very appreciated and very much the rage back in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century so the idea of course was to give the viewer the impression that they're literally physically present in the scene that's being
3:50 pm
depicted and so before i go on let's have a look at what it can look like and even more data. the ancient city of paris good morning is faithfully recreated in fine detail. a c.c.s. colossal panorama made its public debut back in twenty eleven now assisi is presenting an expanded version in what he's dubbed the panel meter built for the purpose mixed of berlin's am. in preparation for his new panorama yet to get a c.c. has made six trips to the real program on in turkey today in the town of the gamma there he scrutinize the area from every angle hoping to find more inspiration for his project women then or when you visit the actual location you could have very personal impression nothing can beat that the presence of so it's an unwritten law
3:51 pm
for me that when i'm working on a project i have to go to the actual site that's very important for. he took photos on location for his original plan a rama but for this new version he staged additional scenes in berlin with some forty actors. among the scenes are a stone masons workshop. a slave market. and a sacrificial altar. he's even immortalized himself as a market vendor. is seen in a month going back twenty years at first the scenes of people were more a secondary element i thought i'd put a few people in to put the picture in the proper scale and now the becoming the most important element because i can get through to the people the viewers by way of the people mention out on. a c c's panorama brings the antiquities to life offering a journey back through time to ancient pergamon nearly two thousand years ago.
3:52 pm
karen just looking at that you get a real sense of everyday life in this greek city there's actually located in today's turkey yes it's a little bit confusing of course the original ruins are located in what is today's turkey in the western part of the province of izmir about one hundred kilometers north of the port city of izmir and the city was of course a major center in the greek world back in the time we're talking before the time we're talking about so the romans took over from about eighty eight b.c. and then held sway all the way up until about the third century and we're seeing the city there in this depiction what it would have looked like under the roman emperor had emperor hadrian now in this exhibit i should add you know that a season has been he's been very clever in sort of. blending the virtual and the real sort of with with his panorama because he's made this connection between the classical and the modern so that visitors can see some of the key pieces from the
3:53 pm
paragon museum's collection of classical antiquities including the promethea scroope that we see here and the head of hercules. and some other prominent works found in the ancient city of paragon that's of course you know the romans basically resting on all of the greek existing greek buildings and greek art incredible this bridge between the classical and the modern in what was once greece and turkey and assisi specializes in these type of. elsewhere as well he's been very fascinated with this idea of immersing yourself in the picture since he was a small boy actually and particularly on how to build three dimensional perspectives into a two dimensional freeze since two thousand and three he's made about fourteen of these giant kind of ram is the first everest in leipzig that was giving a view of the world's highest mountain a scene from the base camp one of his best known works is this one from twenty twelve depicting the berlin wall in the one nine hundred eighty s.
3:54 pm
a very impressive historical recreate german division and you can still see it next checkpoint charlie. and then of course the twenty six thousand here we are he turned his attention to the church reformer martin luther and did a massive panorama of the town center back and typically using a lot of real people when he was photographing these these these very detailed scenarios that you can just imagine the work that goes into it he grew up in east germany. i should add which is why he's got a very personal connection to to many of these places like the. obviously to berlin and is rotunda as are typically about one hundred one hundred meters around and thirty meters high so we're talking an absolutely massive scale you really do disappear into this work yourself as the viewer when you go in so it's it can be a very contemplated kind of experience because you can definitely sort of retreat into the picture and just choose yourself where you're actually going to be where
3:55 pm
you're going to follow the story so they're definitely worth a visit and this technique you as you mentioned is an older one goes back to fairly recent history of a century century and a half eighteenth and early one nine hundred century and they were of course. very popular before the advent of cinema so once once of course in the twenty's and thirty's when cinema came along people decided oh well this is much more interesting because it moves but this is this is what people there were there was a very famous scottish when i can the name of the artist escapes me at the moment but back in the late eighteenth century when this kind of thing became extremely popular and there are a number of them around europe that still exist and we find out more to website of course on the website w dot com slash culture as always thanks very much for bring us up to date i look forward to getting out there to get a word about that so you're watching d.w. news live from when we have more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget there's more as karen mentioned at her website about all the culture news you might want to get as walls the news we report for you from everywhere around the world
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where it's happening for now though thanks so much for joining us. to. come to. trimming the beauty to a. few. blocks. from the. moment. i'm going to. move to.
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the next. morning. move this is not to our home do you need to be in the first floor of morning is over but the worst is yet to come. the problem with chaos and poverty and instability. for the arms and dictatorship. apocalypse never ending more were. just. more
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that all of that good does this go it just like this chinese food does measure where i am it's believed reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see state funded to the difference between now and then of fluids first as i'm going to asia and that exists the other part of the wall haven't been ever mentioned in china that's we've undocked up china's people wondering if they're going to say to me but if you have a ride to another world that is this is that job a job that are for my how i see it and that's why i've been up to my job because i tried to do it except maybe an hour a day by the name of the uninsured and i was added up to.
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