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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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he deserves a lot of respect and if he plays against the netherlands they'll get a beer from a off to the games themselves and sort of the invites to be of. it's not exactly champagne but nobody expects that after the year the germany you have had. all right good luck to them i'm a little rock n roll in the garret alvarez it is up next with more on that shocking arrest in the sun executive carlos guy and i'll say again at the top of the hour. they make a commitment. they find solution. late in stronger. africa
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on the road. stories of both people in a different shaping their nation playground their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their going. to double using multimedia series for the first cuckoo. d.w. dot com or go. shock in the automotive sector columns go on this celebrated manager who turned around randall and france and then japan is arrested by authorities in tokyo suspected of underreporting his salary and other irregularities sending reynolds shares into a tailspin. and hundreds injured in france as protests against higher
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fuel taxes continue. this is g w business model for us and we started japan where the chairman of the alliance of nisson rameau and mitsubishi motors carlos dawn has been arrested on suspicion of under reporting his income and engaging in what the company calls other significant misconduct speaking earlier this afternoon ison c.e.o. said he had called for a board meeting for thursday to approve goans dismissal as chairman of the company on suspicion of understating his salary in japan by forty four million dollars over five years from twenty eleven on words before now gone was seen as a star karma credited with leading a dramatic turnaround over the last two decades rescuing is from near bankruptcy. carlos ghosn is regarded as one of the most dazzling managers in the automotive business after all he has the partnership of redeye mitsubishi and new son and his
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belt. but he's been under investigation for months now. the japanese can make a new son says an internal investigation shows going under reported his income for several years. and is also said to have used company money privately. board of directors now needs to decide whether it will dismiss him as the head of the japanese carmaker. according to the japanese newspaper asahi gun is cooperating with authorities and has already been questioned. has been caught look coast killer since his time at the top of run i and some credit him with bringing back on the right to success after years of high losses and debts. my colleague steve because they have been following this fast moving story for us. is quite a figure in the automotive industry tell us a bit more about this regularities really one of these old school sort of auto
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titan executives sort of like. who died earlier this year he was had a fair chrysler someone who's known for taking a company was really sort of lagging in turning it around and making it exciting again and course as we heard from the piece that's exactly what he did he was brought into nissan right after the partnership with renault was announced nissan was spending too much on parts didn't have exciting designs they couldn't reach certain markets and it was just sort of tied down by some older business practices a lot of which actually tied into sort of the japanese way of doing things i remember this model in the eighty's was very exciting for the japanese you know take on auto engineering and sort of auto process but there were some things there that he changed he turns it around so he cut a lot of relationships with suppliers things like that to really cut down costs this is someone who is seen as an outsider and heavily criticized for it he's one of the few c.e.o.'s of a large japanese company to come from overseas and yet he made it work within three years he brought nissan back to profitability and he really made that partnership
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thrive and he really became a business titan because of that and what he did at nissan is really a case study for a lot of the best business schools around the world so he is a very very prominent figure and what a fall from grace but there has also been there have been other problems with mr wright in recent years as with some other auto companies we see that their issues in terms of the trust they have with consumers one of the internal problems they had actually was with a car sort of occasion process. their product line managers had to do they mess it up four years in a row and they were recalls significant recalls that came as part of that then there is also a data emissions scandal not too unsimilar from what we've seen around here that was announced earlier this year and then of course compensation has been very controversial when it comes to go on and that's something that now we're seeing bearing fruit here he was heavily criticised for how much pay has taken and the french government which owns part of a no has actually vetoed vetoed a compensation package for him believe it was
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a year or two ago turned out as sort of overridden but then there were some other cost the recut the point is it's been a controversial topic and now we're seeing it come up again and it's quite a different way what does that mean from if it is now and of course a large alliance with renault and mitsubishi right so we've seen in the short term of course that the stocks have fallen that's an immediate sort of got punch reaction you know what you have to remember is that there's also the french government there's a lot of jobs tied into this the french government has ownership of renault which is part of this alliance their concern president manuel mccrone has already given a statement about you know what this means and trying to hold the line stable so you can see that this is sent shock waves throughout the world again the business tightened sort of like steve jobs suddenly going down i was out though that nissan is a it's a profitable company and it is it's making a lot of sales this alliances and that's probably not going to change. the visit thank you very much we of course keep an eye on this developing story in france the
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protests against high fuel prices continue to supporters of the movement called yellow warning vests blocks highways and traffic junctions they are mainly directed against higher taxes on bees alone petrol hundreds of people were injured in similar actions over the weekend. fueled by indignation these protestors near done kirk and northern france are among the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets to express their opposition to the government's fuel tax the so-called yellow vests actions stopped traffic on major roads across the country. usually takes me twelve minutes to get to work i've been stuck here for two hours nothing is happening. so. i arrived here at three am and got stuck i can't move. we're waiting to see where this goes nobody knows what's going to happen. the protesters are fed up with the tax hikes tax on diesel the
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most commonly used fuel in french cars has risen by almost eight cents per elisa on the tax on petrol it's up nearly four cents. we're getting milk like tires i'm tired of always coughing up. i'm a father of two i have a family i'd like to give my kids a good life and that can't all we do is pay pay pay. appearing on television at the weekend french prime minister it was philip defended the tax hikes maintaining that the revenue would help finance the transition to more renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind farms but the demonstrators don't appear willing to back down either plans for a large scale protest in paris this weekend already underway with the word being spread quickly on social media. german president one father steinmeyer has begun a three day state visit in south africa it's germany's most important trading
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partner on the continent but the country faces some tough economic challenges the unemployment rate in south africa remains higher twenty seven point five percent that's more than six million south africans looking for a job inflation rate there as high as four point nine percent consumers have been hit with a sharp rise in food prices the country's g.d.p. growth rate is just a meager zero point four percent still south africa is the only country on the continent that belongs to the g twenty group of the world's leading industrial and emerging economies meanwhile south africa's struggling with land use issues many white farmers have been forced off their property as the government has vowed to redistribute one third of agricultural land into black of african hands of many farms have failed under the new ownership activists now demand the inclusion of experienced white farmers in the land reform process. this is cattle country in the heart of south africa. rancher nick seventeen presides over six thousand hectors
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and his farm produces some of the country's top quality beef he belongs to south africa's former white elite landowners who once held ninety percent of south africa's territory but uncertainty surrounds farmers like him the government is considering new plans to explode create land without compensation but rather than putting white against black seventeen has sent an open letter to presidency around the poza put a long time experience here that it made you feel most going through. because mainly because of the corruption of favoritism the lack of political will this was decided to write that bridge that seventeen says any land program must involve experienced commercial farmers mentoring new potential farmers. we want them to then so that in the next year they can be able to be able to be productive sendek has already equipped seventy five emerging farmers with practical skills in theory with plans to develop more than six hundred other emerging farmers in the
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next three years. period. people i can use these to start my own business and. every kid couldn't do twenty four years since the end of apartheid most government land reform projects have failed and most commercial agriculture remains in white hands this land was given to these people free of charge it's been abandoned and this is this is the big what should. you talk about if you want to without compensation this is this is land that should be taken back by government seventeen's project on the other hand is showing signs of success in two years solomon most so you went from gas station attendant to successful lamb and cattle farmer after entering soundex training program the problem is government gives
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the bloke people and without any support that's why black farmer has always failing that's why seventeen once the government to adopt his model. a few years ago in this room it's political will from film from prison sort of the moment and commercial farmers are all on board and there's some new initiative striking wolf at the moment which is going to transform lens reform into africa this collaborative approach could work in a country still divided along racial lines. not all kids resemble that parents why is that you can find out on tomorrow today all science magazine up next thank you very much for watching a lot. of. structural
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. how can we free the pacific ocean from plastic waste. our young dutchman is pointing the way music corn storage world full of plastic trash floating off the coast of california is ocean cleanup system is like a garbage truck for the heinz easy to maneuver is not without its risks and will
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his mission succeed. tomorrow today next on w. . trenton the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding on. trucks as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sciences and. coaching through the rhetoric holding the council to. account facts the conflicts. conflict zone between sebastian kong t.w.x. . make your smart t.v. the smart or the d w for smart. sunday morning w dot com smart.
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to me the technology of digital advances are transforming the wall. you seem to be ready for it. the second season of our documentary series founders valid. join german founders of the show as they explore our digital future. sally starts november twenty fourth on v w. hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up. breastfeeding nursing doesn't just protect babies but mothers this well. motivating teacher from gemini.


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