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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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i'm ready. to. start a member twenty feet long dog. this is deja vu news live from berlin a u.s. court deals a blow to president trunk's immigration policy as thousands of central american migrants head towards the u.s. the president wants to restrict their ability to claim asylum on american soil but a judge in california has now belong to trump's order. also coming out every day innocent yemenis are starving and dying because of a conflict that is entirely manmade or the latest calls for
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a ceasefire at the united nations to change anything and if not what will it take to end the suffering. and one of central america most active volcanoes roars back to life thousands of back to wait on the volcano of fire in guatemala threatens dozens of towns and villages. i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us a judge in new united states has temporarily barred president trump from denying asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally through mexico the ruling comes as the u.s. steps up security at its border with mexico over fears that migrants might try to overrun the checkpoints thousands of migrants from central america are currently waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. in his ruling the judge said trump's order to block asylum claim. we're prepress
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center of quote an extreme departure from previous practice let's take a look here whatever the scope of the president's authority he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden that the temporary restraining order will remain in place until there's a permanent legal ruling meanwhile some people in tijuana are unhappy about the migrants presence there as our next report shows. we don't want you here that's the message of around two hundred residents protesting the arrival of thousands of central american migrants the demonstration underlines the growing tension here the protesters accuse the migrants of forcing their way into mexico and of being ungrateful for the help they're offered no get him we have not we turn our government to support this farce. on the most when we all know it's a sham. you know nothing that i like that just bringing their problems hear it over
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and i think. they're here to use us the government is spending a lot of money on them already although there are many poor people here. the protest march targeted the city sports stadium which has been turned into a makeshift shelter for the migrants a police barrier kept them out but the people inside were trapped in the stadium all day. and also not leaving the stadium because we don't want to instigate any violence we fled violence and don't want to cause more of it. the locals threw stones at the migrants twice in the last week the people who arrived with a caravan are frightened. because. we're in great danger they come from areas of mexico that don't want to hear their disguises garbagemen they're armed and want to attack us. they hit a child on the head when they threw stones at us.
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the flare up was then a phobia and mexican towns along the migrants route is unprecedented and juana locals are angry because the city is ill equipped to deal with the influx of people who sleep on the streets and rely on aid organizations for food. when someone is handing out chocolate everyone crowds around people are desperate they've had a torturous journey do it to survive there's no food in the shelters. but again going nice and went in there to get very racially charged comments from local politicians have heightened tensions a prominent example is one as mayor juan manuel augusta loon who called the migrants lazy a deputy of the state governor drove home his law and order message at the protest . with also receive utils at the middle of all governments and society will welcome them and help them not only in keeping with
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the law residents here are very generous but they won't rules to be upheld. a lot of things you did put out rigorous such rhetoric has done nothing to cool the hot heads on the streets now with more and more migrants crowding into the city there is plenty of scope for the protests to ground zero. earlier we spoke to our correspondent stephan simons who's in taiwan and asked him about the situation at the border. while yeah actually you can see it right behind me here this is needed also the busiest border crossing between mexico and the u.s. at the border between mexico and the u.s. . the u.s. officials said that they have to close lanes which are now open again and quite busy as you can see but that's a day and night event here in quanah because they were afraid of a rush attempts of some migrants or caravan migrants. across the border that's why
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they put a bob wire up and more concrete barriers i have to also tell you that there is a lot of people into quanah if you speak to them they tell you that this was no way anywhere close to a rush of migrants making it towards the border because those caring migrants which are now in the shelter are exactly they're in the shelter they're not even close to the border those are mexicans or other people who have the appropriate papers who can go up to california right across the border right there and then come back tomorrow or whenever they want to. stephan simons reporting there from the mexican border city of tijuana let's catch up now on some other stories making headlines around the world president trump's daughter and white house advisor ivanka trump is reported to have used her personal e-mail account for government business that's according to the washington post her lawyer says she sent the e-mails before she was properly briefed on the rules last year the f.b.i. investigated presidential candidate hillary clinton's use of
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a personal in more account when she was secretary of state thank you in the belgian capital brussels a policeman has been stabbed in front of the city's main police station his injuries were not life threatening but the attacker was seriously injured when he was shot by the officers call the police say the motive is unclear. a commuter train has derailed outside the spanish city of barcelona killing one person and injuring dozens a landslide triggered the crash causing two of the train cars to jump the tracks the rest of the one hundred fifty passengers on board were unhurt. and chinese president xi jinping is in the philippines on his first state visit to the country protesters rallied outside the chinese embassy in manila to protest against beijing's claims over most of the south china sea they say president rudd we go to turkey is turning a blind eye to the issue because he wants china to invest in the philippines. and yemen fighting has again flared between who are the rebels and the saudi led
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coalition despite calls for a truce earlier the two sides had signaled a willingness to hold military operations after more than four years of conflict in a few hours the un security council was due to debate a resolution aiming at bringing about an immediate ceasefire between the warring parties. for yemenis young and old the ceasefire can't come soon enough. as many as eighteen million people more than half the country are close to starvation. four years of conflict have brought yemen to its knees. we have no shelter we have nothing we don't even have water our children are sick. doctors just can't keep up with the number of malnourished patients. that we receive twenty five malnutrition cases every single week our capacity here is very limited and i guess the r.v.
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ahead of us if they get there. renewed fighting flared up in the port city of her late monday but the u.n. is pushing ahead with its efforts to broker peace talks between the warring parties the yemeni government has said it would send a delegation to talks. that came after the rebels said they'd stop me style attacks on saudi arabia the yemeni government's major backer but as ever in this conflict skepticism remains. i believe this is just a way for the saudi led coalition to establish an excuse for themselves and abandon their obligations the coalition will not stop the aggression. the aggressors do not usually stop and they see these sorts of cease fire agreements as a sign of weakness of. the u.n. hopes the suspicions of proved wrong and that fighting around the key battle ground of her data is soon stopped for good. beyond that yemen needs
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a long term plan for peace. even with all sides at the table that will be a major challenge. we're joined now by tamar carroll's from the charity save the children in sanaa in yemen tamar thank you so much for joining us here and as we said there is fresh fighting in her data this is a very important port city what does this mean for the millions of you menes who are reliant on food aid. well that is the very dangerous situation of course this is the third escalation since july. is almost encircled as one may and out always support supplies eighty percent of the supplies from yemen including much needed trued aid fuel but also commercial hootin and he was well. but it's not just about that i mean i guess the situation right now in the city is also. on the house you know low for the last few days with the fighting. my time
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this morning we've heard from our staff this strikes we've seen hospitals destroyed we see not large number of civilian count duties and injured especially children in the last ten to fifteen days we have to support about fifteen children that have been injured because of structural or bullets and even yesterday you have some local suppliers to them secure hold up their stocks for fear of the fighting which creates. a situation for about three hundred thousand people still trapped in the city tomorrow we are hearing that more aid is coming it's been reported that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will contribute around five hundred million dollars in a new aid program for yemen a will that make a difference if the fighting can't be stopped. no i think this is that the critical issue on the figures we're working on right now in terms of it's a half million people who are extremely food insecurity meaning they don't know where their next meal is coming from they are lying to me eight but again figures
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coming out close but the end of this month will show that the numbers increase by millions i think at one point it's not just about the money but obviously about stopping cars on flaked but it's also about our capacity to respond and i think if we reach a tipping point where many more million yemenis are food insecure or perhaps even pushed to be on the brink of famine it will be very difficult for us to be able to respond and to to to to roll that back time or on the diplomatic front just briefly few can the u.n. security council is going to discuss a draft resolution later today how hopeful are you that we're going to see an end to the fighting while it's rather than being hopeful it's more of hoping i guess the issue of ganda there is no viable solutions to to this conflict except through peaceful negotiations the alternative is catastrophic this is the world's worst human term crisis and if the fighting continues not just transfer data but elsewhere in the country we could see the situation get you in even worse. damage
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carol us from save the children in sanaa thank you so much for joining us. a volcano in guatemala has begun erupting violently sending out dangerous flows of lava and ash and putting thousands of lives at risk the volcano of fire as it's called killed some two hundred people and destroyed several villages when it erupted in june thousands of people have been evacuated from vulnerable areas. pillars of lava a thousand meters high lit the night above the volcano of fire a towering display that made the danger from the volcano plain for all to see. the mountain has been sending bursts of lava hot rock and ash rushing down its slopes areas to the west have been bombarded with ash and flaming rocks thousands of people have heeded the call to evacuate. make it the
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one that i saw you have to find a way out as soon as you can in the sit by and roll it up to. because when the love of arrives you barely have time to leave. even if you run because it comes down really fast. many people in this area are still traumatized by an eruption earlier this year in june some two hundred people were killed when the mountain exploded sending out flows of ash mud and debris that buried entire villages back then authorities were harshly criticized for not ordering evacuations this time they're taking no chances. it's likely this won't be the last time people in the area will need to seek safety the wake of all kanno is the most active in central america and will remain a hulking danger for the people who live here. you're watching the news still to
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come there's trouble in cryptocurrency land as the big point drops to below five thousand dollars. chris stopover will tell you why coming right up and business. where i come from we have to fly in from four forests at once born and raised in the media telling the danger ship with just one t.v. shadow and a few in his papers one official information as attorneys i have worked on the streets of many characters and they have all those are all in the same forward to
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the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we got on the floor to stay silent when it's.


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