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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is. the european union on a collision course the european commission rejects the latest version of a three twenty nineteen project which the country's government has vowed to defend so what happens next to brussels also on the program. the chinese mother looking for stolen child may follow time changing as she comes to the end of a four be a search for her young son. presidential trump back saudi arabia despite the murder of this isn't journalist. saying that the benefits of the
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relationship outweigh other considerations. i'm frugal welcome to the program the european commission has rejected the latest draft of italy's budgets that could lead to disciplinary proceedings including significant fines for rome and a freeze on a you funding it to this populous government has been a log house with brussels over its spending plans for months use it needs to stimulate the economy off a top in summer after years of austerity but brussels says italian spending is out of control what is the size of the country's proposed deficit and of a debt crisis but couldn't go through the entire european union. in brussels welcome so they say he has a homework
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a you had must assess not good enough what happens now. well fifty officially the excessive deficit procedure has not been started today but you could call it a first shot that has been fired from that sears toolbox that the european union has if countries. do not follow the rule book of fiscal discipline here and so what happens next basically is this is the assessment of the european commission that there is a serious risk of noncompliance now essentially i spare you the long story twice you member states it within the next couple of weeks we'll have to agree to that observation and it is only then that within the next half year if you want these fears penalties could come italy's way they still have time to react they will have to react with not just words but with action and that's a message for the interior minister salvini for instance who's been refusing the
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advice that the european union so far has been given reduce your debt we are open for dialogue with italy but that recommendation has not been followed and so now today the first step in that procedure has been taken so talk us through this this this or else in this reduce your debt or else we can do what. well the hope on the side of the europe uber european union always has been in this process of course that it's market pressure that will force italy's hands and the hand of interior minister salvini and and the italian government that hasn't happened yet unfortunately from the perspective of the european union because the concern of course is if they will use the rulebook to slap italy's wrist and if finally big fines will come italy's way until the point where structural financial aid from the european union could be cut so we're talking billions of euros. before
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that happens they hope that market pressure will force the italian government to move and it's a lengthy procedure of course that is taking place before the the fiscal mechanisms of the e.u. will act and of course the concern here is that this will give ammunition to the populace government that they will continue the plame game and say look the e.u. in the times of crisis in times of high debt all they can do is punish us masses in brussels thank you. italian government was elected on a promise to bring radical change to the country in the form of more generous welfare all of its flagship programs to so-called citizens' wage of the poorest in the country our correspondent melanie has been to southern it's a way to find out what people think about the program the country has a relationship with the. just south of
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naples twenty year old lawrence is on his way to the job center italy's new populist government has promised that this job seeker significant could soon and him and millions of other poor italians and generous income of up to seven hundred eighty euros a month but good answer things it's unlikely he will ever see any of what's being called the citizen's wage is. the baby and i think in the end. just a bunch of people are going to get its. citizens wage eagerly awaited by many italians will cost billions of euros it's the most expensive item in the budget which has raised concerns in the european union that italy could soon be sowing the seeds of a financial crisis. currencies worried that italy's increasingly strained relationship with the e.u. could play a big part in breaking up the union. yeah i think i'm worried we would be there was
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the. us. is really doing. is really hard on the european union i'm worried about but not in science views put him in the minority here in the south with the wiring levels of youth unemployment most people support the government's hard stance towards the e.u. and have high hopes that the citizens wage could change their life the question is though can it really stimulate the country's economy or is it just a populist inefficient giveaway that neither italy nor the e.u. can really afford thirty two year old moto who has been without a job for four years has a clear answer he supports rome picking a fight with brussels. see i believe it's right to stand up to the european union. the most
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part of and so i think to comply and have left italy behind. and all that i think the new government will change the situation for the better. you are. not far away in front of another rundown drops and in the city more unemployed neapolitans are queuing to learn more about the citizens wage they to support the new government. when it is pretty i hope that something good could happen. i hope i hope so i trust this government i voted for the government to walk otherwise we complement. gordon so however isn't convinced that this government or the citizens wage will in any way improve his situation maybe i just have to mow. where. it's not personally hoping for. to say something about it's getting harder and harder to fight. he'll keep
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looking for if not it's only then somewhere else. i will have more on if this budget crisis and what it means later and the program is to have some of the other stories making news around the world indonesia has freed an australian woman who served thirteen years in prison for smuggling heroin. says the first of the so-called bali nine to be released after groups to ringleaders were executed intimations says she'll be deported to australia and banned from the country for life. and to paul is elected south korea's kim jong un has its next president he replaces man home why they had of international police body after he went missing in september during a visit to china was to came out the russian frontrunner alexander. it's kind of to say he was strongly opposed by the united states and seven european countries is. many kenyans have kidnapped on italian volunteer to write that left at least five
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others wounded the attack targeted the trading santa in the coastal region of kidney feet which hackers identities are clear but somali based islamic militants have been played for a spate of kidnappings in the area. not to china beijing correspondent has found an exclusive story about a stolen child on his mother's four year mission to find him kidnapping and child trafficking is a significant problem in china but the government doesn't like to talk about it partly the problem is partly the result of laws restricting the number of children couples can have and of traditional attitudes to boys and girls here's mathias report. i'm nervous more than anything i want to see my son again seen on the bench. sorry but i can't fully let myself believe i will have too many doubts. your. time hunting has been looking for her son
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much and for four years she was kidnapped by human traffickers with the help of her ex-husband and his family in a sprawling metropolis in eastern china the authorities have said that with chen will be returned to her but they've broken their promise before and she fears they will again. is on her way to court with her younger son yet. she's asked authorities for help on numerous occasions but she's never received any on the contrary she's convinced there was a cover up. a year ago tunji discovered that her son with chen was sold to a village in shandong province she thought he was living with a family there was no have you seen this child. i know you know and i can tell you but the villagers refused to give her information. this told is mine my
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mother in law was sold to him. i've been searching for him for three years. who's seen him. the story began in an outskirt of han where tung lived with her husband. a court summons has brought her back here the authorities have promised that she will be allowed to pick up what chen. filming in court is forbidden tending jenas told the family has once again refused to return the boy. telling him do these people have custody. why is that you know i have custody and i haven't seen my son in four years you don't do anything you don't uphold the law you keep messing with me. suddenly smashes a bottle and holds a shard of glass to her throat. not me that she shall you go i called my sister
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before i smashed the bar so you know she'll have told her that if she doesn't hear back from me before three pm she should come here and get the boy we need i knew they wouldn't give me back my child the only option i have left is the final option i told them that if i don't get my son back today i will die here jews and judaism else what general has up or saoirse. her ultimatum pays off chen is returned to her it's the first time in four years that she's seen him. he immediately bonds with his younger brother. what do you have here. just. to show our viewers here they write their number on is.
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ok you know i'm still scared. i need to wash maybe they'll try to kidnap him again . that would be the worst thing for me i'm so happy right now my son is alive. but i also still have that tear in my thigh. got a little. tonight has passed. didn't get homesick for the other family. their phone number has been washed clean from his arm. well. tenting ging wants to take her children and return to her home province. and . she hasn't been able to hold
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a steady job over the past years she used to work in restaurants and so snacks at the roadside. that now she'd like to go back to where oh. yeah i'm. tending ging is eager to leave as quickly as possible she wants to get out of the place where her son disappeared but first he gets a snack. oh. i want another mama. the mama he calls me mama. would have gotten something to easily cause my mama. it isn't clear how many children disappear every year in china the authorities don't publish figures. parents really succeed in getting their children back again. spent four years trying to get her son back at last they've been reunited.
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well it's just the chinese government doesn't publish official figures for kidnapping and child trafficking so we asked our beijing correspondent in the test set by the guy who produced that report to assess the scale of the problem. it is not clear how many children in china are trafficked every year estimates range from twenty thousand to two hundred thaws researchers who took a look at cases suggest that up to forty percent of them were sold by their own family they are sold either to criminal gangs or to families in the countryside for these families it is important to have a son so there is a market especially for boys family planning policies restrict the number of children that each woman can have so when a family already has two daughters they often resort to these criminal methods to have their son but his building or the white house says it will not impose
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sanctions on saudi arabia for the murder of a u.s. based journalist the cia has concluded that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selma directed the murder of one of his critics jamal khashoggi president trump said they're going to take advantage of good relations outweighed all other considerations. it's been called a slap in the face to the cia u.s. president trump siding with saudi arabia against his own intelligence agencies the cia is reportedly confident the saudi crown prince was behind the murder of writer jamal khashoggi but trump says he's not risking washington's relationship with riyadh over the matter if they did make a determination. just like i said i think it was very baby maybe he did they did not make that assessment the cia has looked at it they've studied it a lot they have nothing definitive and the fact is maybe. maybe did right now we have oil prices in great shape i'm not going to destroy the world economy
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and i'm not going to destroy the economy or our country by being forward with saudi arabia so. these images show shock she entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second just before he was murdered in saudi arabia claims it was rogue agents who killed him they say crown prince mohammed bin solomon had nothing to do with it but misha it will come up. in washington turkey's foreign minister pressed for a full accounting of the killing after talks with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. edward other because it is our right to get more information if there is an impossible the investigation comes to a standstill or we cannot fully cooperate then we may have to apply for an international inquiry. but even amid demands to punish saudi arabia over the killing trump's comments could end the debate over how his administration will
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respond to the matter the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia is highly profitable with billions of dollars and arms sales every year critics say that's allowing riyadh to get away with murder. could line of sport germany's national football team has missed out on becoming a top seed for euro two thousand and twenty qualifying this follows poland's one old draw with portugal in the nation's league which means the poles take the final place in pot won't germany find themselves in part two of the current t.v. elite opponent in their group but the euro draw is made in december it's the latest setback in a woeful here for the germans after they crashed off the world cup of the first hurdle and were relegated in the new nations me. business update with years of copa now a close look at italy's controversial budget plans that's right phil as we've heard earlier on the program the european commission has officially rejected at least twenty nine thousand budget plan the commission says the planned expenditures go
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against you fiscal and debt rules italy's debt has grown over the years to reach nearly one hundred thirty two percent of the country's annual economic output or gross domestic product is the second highest in the eurozone after greece and well above the euro zone's average now italy's government wants to increase social spending in hopes of boosting economic growth through for more let's bring in john would agree or he is an economist at lancaster university in the u.k. i welcome to the program john the cornerstone of this budget proposal is the so-called citizen wage program where the government plants essentially hand out ten billion euros to the poorest italians so they can spend it doesn't that provide the growth stimulus that rome is hoping for. well it seems that the italian government's their only body that actually thinks they're on the other on list i'm aware of in the rest of the european union certainly not the commission who thinks
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that the stimulus is going to bring do the trick of raising g.d.p. i mean the idea is to bring down the ratio of debt to g.d.p. it's going to raise the debt there was of the italian government is going to bring g.d.p. up so efficient that they bring the ratio down but i think they're telling governments any body that thinks are. well if economic growth is what the italians are looking for and if we take a look at the fragmented italian economy with a lot of medium sized enterprises what would be better ways to boost growth and that sort of environment. is very home to the italians have been pretty slow on structural improvements they've been promising a lot of structural improvements but the current programs very thin. it's very home to justify what they tell them they're trying to do except that they are doing it because it's popular of course they that the two policies that form the government. become very popular because of this policy and that even more popular
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when they defy the european commission so that the whole thing is escalating it's looking quite dangerous because if the you don't own an italian bonds goes up anymore we have to go all the backstops the structure to support them that we had in the case of greece the. possibility of the e.c.b. helping any of the european from lending to the to the government would be. with the conditions attached that the be under god acceptable to the italian government now john the whole discussion has been pretty bitter and contentious what do you think who needs to give in here for this problem to be solved. what other policy give begin with solve it or at least put it off i don't know. digging the heels in right now i think well let me make a speculation here the commission has leeway it doesn't do anything quickly it is
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going to bring in this so-called excessive deficit procedure you can do that but there has been no real taste about six months can happen in six months. on the ticker economist at lancaster university thank you so much for talking to w. thank you and turning to financial markets were a days long selloff hasn't stopped the markets and frankfurt are back in positive territory following gains in shanghai and hong kong there is however still concerned that one of the longest bull markets in history meaning a prolonged period of rising share prices could be coming to an end in new york the dow jones industrial average and the s. and p. five hundred have now lost all of this year's games. a stock market slide driven by some of the biggest names in tech take apple at the beginning of this month it was worth over a trillion dollars now it's dropped to eight hundred eighty billion one reason for the decline weaker than expected to man for the latest i phone models. not just for
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apple but for the entire benchmark s. and p. index here's why. well when a company represents close to five percent of the s. and p. five hundred itself then you do have companies that are behemoths that can move the market much more so than any company that's running to fifty or below but shares in other tech titans like facebook amazon netflix and alphabet are also down suggesting there may be more to the slump than simple i phone fatigue one big worry among investors the ongoing trade battle between the world's two biggest economies . there was hope for a lot of this year that the u.s. and china were going to work out their problems without too much difficulty and now with the possibility of a lot of tariff rising at the beginning of next year people are concerned that this is actually going to drag on a lot longer than it might have
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a pronounced effect on the global economy i text unresolved trade disputes to gather their recipe for more volatility. and let's get a quick update from frankfurt with our markets correspondent and advised by the night of the sell off fast stop for now but tell us more on why investors remain on edge. well rim asked as investors remain extremely cautious about the developments of stock markets because it's the perfect mix on the one side you have a deteriorating growth picture trade war rhetoric still threatening also the profit outlook for many companies and at the same time you have central banks small less stopping the easing buys on hiking rates like the fed is already doing so it will increase costs for companies which is always bad for the stock market and then also the revenue line will probably be smaller because demand to slow down with
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the slowing of the word economy and less than an hour ago or about an hour ago the european union has formally rejected italy's budget plans paving the way for sanctions how is the market reacting. it's an interesting day if you look at italian bonds because the years are really tumbling one would have expected something completely different but kind of investors are keeping their nerves and one also has to say that years were quite on the rise for the cost days so for now it looks like that investors are not totally scared about that prospect of having an excessive deficit procedure which is now the case for rome and also when it comes to those sanctions and the fines europe as we all know is moving very very slowly but it comes to find said potentially freezing funds so i guess the direct
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effects for oh my limited and that is also reflected here on the bond market investors are keeping their nerves on the device by reporting from the frankfurt start exchange going to think it's a. french carmaker then norm has appointed a temporary c.e.o. old following the arrest of carmen's gold is accused of trying to ensure misconduct chief operating officer. will take over for good. he will also serve as chairman of both nissan and mitsubishi motor museum board ole is taking the reins during a difficult time the financial times reports that mr goldman was planning a merger between a general and his son with a japanese company was opposed to a deal then all said mr golan would remain as c.e.o. and sees him as only quote temporarily in capacity. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour the european commission has rejected italy's twenty nineteen budget the populist italian
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government has vowed to defend its spending plans especially on welfare so i think the two sides on a collision course just. don't forget you can always get a veto you news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store but if you all access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the. to send us photos and videos that you might think we'd be interested if. you're watching t w news coming to you live from berlin we have a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour for now from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching after. the. quake.
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