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tv   Doc Film - The Fisherfolk of Mu Ko Surin - The Disappearing World of the Sea...  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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this man belongs to a tribe of siena. he was born and raised on the horses. but nowadays he returns to the mainland every evening like a normal fisherman. his son is still a scene and. he lives on an island and fishes with a homemade helping. to retain aeration two ways of life the father has settled down.
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his son is trying to keep the traditions of the scene alive for as long as possible . at home in the undermanned sea in thailand this archipelago of five islands was made the move of a national park in one nine hundred eighty one. the sea nomads of the markham tribe and people live here in this. new year he is roughly in his mid thirty's he doesn't know his exact age. at the moment he's one of the few men here in the village at this time of year most
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american men go to the mainland to search for work. the older ones here have never learned time they speak marking their tribal life each. village is normally home to about three hundred seen. at the moment it's almost deserted watching i'm around all that. i know. is the unofficial village chief people trust him he stays here when the other men leave to protect the community. that i am and. the fact that the market we live in a village community is a break with their traditional culture. in the past. each extended family had its
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own day today the entire community shares this one beach there aren't allowed to settle on the other beaches in the national park. they used to live in temporary bamboo houses on stilts during the monsoon season now. and all year round. children it is paradise. the house without children is empty people here say. many parents don't send their children to school because they're reluctant to be separated from their they'd have to attend boarding schools far away. as parents sent him to a temple school before that he says his childhood was idyllic. my childhood was very happy. i was always in the boat with my parents. no matter where
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they went i went to. and muscles. and when there were none left. eventually we come back. again. when we were restricted to just one place. in. their lives was spent at sea on the boat. his wife money and a little boy jade still go out to sea with the last couple in the village. family life boat the sea in a way it looks like little has changed since navy childhood but in fact nothing has stayed the same. now
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a days i'm restricted to the serene islands. were allowed to roam further but not to anchor because now everywhere has an owner. almost all the islands belong either to the national park or to private owners. that's why we can't live the way we used to. so i think that. the body has the kitchen beds and the toilets. you know you lived with his parents on the boat with his two siblings he likewise has three children he sent the two daughters to a boarding school on the mainland but because the house felt so empty they took in
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their neighbor's son they had two little boys and were happy to get one. half that. day it is now their son. and just as he learned from his father no you will soon teach him to dive and fish with a spear. only of you see nomad tribes still practice this technique. nearly among you and jade i heading back to the main learn to visit family it's a long journey. from cause serene to bond to rock in the province of corroboree.
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now your parents have been living there for twelve years the village and the harbor were built with donations after the two thousand and four tsunami. year he has a job to do he's carving two sticks that will stand at the harbor like the ones found on the beaches where the mocking live. they symbolize the spirits of their ancestors and protect their houses. after the tsunami one of thailand's princesses established a foundation to support the sea no man's. but the foundation commissioned these wooden monuments which are designed to represent the culture and ancestral ghosts of the sea nomads. along with a cup on balanced on concrete pillars. the boat is being built by new year is father child. in the past both building was the
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basis of his livelihood. when he wanted to get married he had to assure his bride's father that he knew how to build a boat it was a precondition for starting a family. these days he's more often on a moped than on a boat not so long ago there were no roads or plants here. now and he lives in a village in a stone house on a street. this is the first time jade is eating ice cream them. so you could maybe have about going. for a. walk there's a full house today. along with jade and his parents other relatives from the island
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are also here. great aunts grandma and they your sister are visiting. there speaking the tribal language marking and enjoy the big family gathering. around. the world. but child is busy he has to head out to see his wife to really wants to go with him it's an opportunity she wouldn't miss for the world. it takes half an hour to reach this uninhabited island child and his fall from the shore all the time is going out and he doesn't want his boat to run aground.
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charlie has run out of the bamboo like cane his using for the foundations boat. but he knows where to find more here in the jungle. on the mainland where he now lives there's no jungle and no rest home. this island used to be their home. and that was my father in law's house. and my house was over there. the family had the island to themselves. and i wanted to stay here. it was nice and quiet i don't like noise and crowds.
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but the solitude had one drawback. but we had to move away because we were attacked from people we knew. they were tie on my. back and we had just told our c.q. combo's my company wanted the money we had made. the risk that their attackers would return was too great. today they're reminded of my. jury is busy collecting clams. before they settled here they'd lived only assembling a temporary wooden house when they felt like.
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you know your neighborhood then we lived on the boat we could. roam free we never stayed in one place but when it got dark we go ashore and sleep on the beach. we spent the days diving for shellfish and sea cucumber us. i mean you can even make them. the women cooked in the mornings and the men dived over. the women would stay in the boat and row after them here and. when you go whichever them. we've got. at night they dive with torches. and well they want flashlights they put fuel in a rod of bamboo so they could see underwater. liniment there.
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we have a special relationship with a sea why many of our lives are intertwined with the sea island and i meant the bible even when we lived in housing as we maintained a connection to the sea we could see it and our boat from the house now on the mainland we can't see it and we don't even know if it's high or low tide. and really i wish i could stay in the boat i miss it so much but like to spend next new year's eve on the boat with me but it. didn't really there. is sea levels to really to sleep the boat her cradle. there's nowhere on dry land which are really feels the same.
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her house is two kilometers. from the scene. and her youngest daughter doesn't even remember the time when the family lived to see. each other and this is the living room here's our t.v. and a cupboard over. the. top and it make up that this is the stove for cooking as broken. his father tries to repair the rusty rants. you know. when the families together there's always a lot of joking and teasing me when child picked up his daughter from the bus
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everyone thought they were a couple which explains the subsequent laughter why. not let one of the know. that. you know. child goes off to check the chaps later few days ago it's been a long time since he's had a decent catch he's not even recruiting the cost of the petrol the boat needs. to see it's been rough for days. checking all twenty traps is tedious and time consuming work.
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most disappointingly empty. only bothers with the squid he lets the crabs go he can't sell them and no one at home wants them. to them seafood is not a delicacy but a basic food stuff. charles sells his entire catch. there's nothing left to take home and again there's no money left after his costs. are all gone but it used to be called three kilos of squid at sea today.
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then there is the clams that jury gathered out on the island earlier on. new years grandma works in a squatting position. on a carbon it's the best way to keep your balance and stay out of the way. they're going to get in sync is unusual. as they did on their boat the family wash and prepare their food outside. and they also collect anything that's edible in the immediate surroundings like insects. snails. in the. fish.
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you. know you will return home tomorrow. before that the steaks that symbolize the ancestral spirits need to be ready. his sister helps him . the ancestral spirits not only protect the houses according to mark and tradition they are also brought offerings and consulted when someone needs to know if the weather conditions are favorable for heading out to the open sea or if a tree should be felt for example. once a year a ceremony marks the setting up of a new law. these kinds of traditions play little role in the lies of now your daughters. they attend a state boarding school on the mainland. menu goes to pick up her daughters so the family can spend time together before she
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and her husband leave the mainland tomorrow. deryni is fourteen or any ten. the journey from the school to the grandparents village takes one hour. the girls haven't seen their parents for five months. hard one. zero zero. zero half time is running out but the boats most are has to be installed before sunset. tomorrow morning and man you want to leave when the tide is high.
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parents sent him and his two siblings away to school. he missed them terribly but now he's doing the same with his children. jade will also go to boarding school when he's older. all three children are very attached to their. kids i miss him so much i don't want to go to school anymore. did she tell him. no my mother a man she says i need to get an education memoir. would have father take her out of school knowing my father wants me to finish school oh yeah i know you and. deborah nino's she doesn't have a choice and she has big plans for her future. i would like to become
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a doctor or a teacher that's why so i can help the moken to learn thai in english. but. i go for a doctor because at home there's no doctor so and i. that's the morgana one . at the harbor cello is still busy building the cub on. telling me and his sisters see their grandparents more often than their parents when they have weekends off they come to them. they only go home to the island for longer holidays. oh yeah i want to hug him and tell him i love him there's so little time i thought i could sleep here with that tonight. oh no no no. we are not we balance after dinner the daughters have to go
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back to boarding school. yet. there are no words and marken for saying goodbye. yeah deryni the older sister is determined not to cry this time. do you think. you. really worry if a well as the next morning a more traditional. new year he and his father passed without saying anything at all. that was. happening. now he takes his grandmother and some villagers from the island with him
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along with some items for his neighbors and the village shop. the journey from the mainland to the three national park takes five hours from one to another very different one. life here might have changed but it's still very unlike now your parents world on the mainland. oh
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oh. oh . wow. there is still a view of the sea and the boat from the houses. but this is the only beach where the mocking are allowed to settle and it's getting crowded. here. i think. that. they and his wife run the village shop they sell soft drinks canned fish ready made meals and packet soup.
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customers leave money in a tin. anyone who cooks a meal always cooks a little extra for everyone else. all the. meals are shared and eaten outside. there are no explicit invitations anyone who's hungry just sits down and tucks in. but as their lives change these customs are inevitably eroding. like. there used to be a lot of sea cucumbers. but for about two years now we haven't been diving for them because there are many left. well too many marken
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are diving and fishing in the same place. the same goes for food stuffs and building materials from the jungle it's all running out. ceremony has been cancelled for two years running in april when the stakes of the ancestral spirits are replaced many men are away working and unable to come home. yet they didn't love my new year's grandmother and his wife clean out the boat. manual has found a bottle at first she's not sure what it is. oh . it's a two thousand and eight french mellow the women are certainly curious for
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a taste but yeah. no. we've never had any luck that i'm. happy for my. laugh but the book you feel that you can't get anything out of i'm. only your little friend telling you what i love. a ranger from the national park keeps an eye on the village and informs his head courses about everything that happens for example if guests stay overnight which is forbidden or if someone goes fishing without a permit. to
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see to it that the villagers abide by the rules of the national park. rules that prohibit them from living at sea and restrict their traditional way of life. and. now here he is going fishing with a friend. of. these goggles and offering way too but practical. i mean when the work's melts they completely watertight. the only other equipment is a spear. people
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have been fishing here like this for thousands of years. nowadays they can no longer sustain themselves with this type of fishing because they are banned from fishing for six months of the year. according to the national park rules the market read only fish commercially during the monsoon season right now they can only fish to feed their family. the national park administration wants to protect local fish populations and coral.
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but fishing was the basis of the muchness livelihood. them a free independent lifestyle. traditionally only made a dive so families who only have daughters are always given a share of the day's catch. the fishermen can dive for up to four minutes at depths of up to this. they have trained their lungs so that they don't need weights to walk or stand on the seabed .
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there are tourists in the village when they arrive spec home. his catch is modest outside the monsoon season he's not allowed to bring more than two fish home. among you is treating yourself to be to let a stimulant that's popular with local women. at this time of day it's a good idea to stay home. every morning when the tide is
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high speed boats arrive to scorching hundreds of tourists. the speedboat companies have a deal with a national park they're allowed to take tourists on snorkeling expeditions and to see the sea gypsy as they call the market you know it's a bit like humans of. mass . and i love. they returned the mark and are allowed to sell souvenirs to tourists an essential
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source of income for the six months that the men are banned from fishing. brother also runs with the tourists. he can stay for long. he works sparing tourists back and forth from the island. you know can make some living from the very industry that's threatening marken traditions. he lives two hours away in color like a tourist resort on the mainland that's popular with chinese german french anti
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holiday makers. even though he has a steady income he's seen as the black sheep of the family the one who always turns to his parents when he needs money. he says he only took the job to help them out. because there's no more work on the oil and because there are no more secure cumbers and shellfish there's just garbage so out to find another job to feed the family. or. could he also imagine working on dry land. but not for long then i have to go back to the sea i have to be on the water every day and when i work it has to be on the water. even if i can't die for sea cucumber as a muscles anymore. many more can spend the tourist season
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working on the speed boats at night they sleep on the jetty. but no needs to be on the water not just buying it. to see rocks him to sleep. in. the fishing ban for the marken coincides with the holiday season. new year he also ferries tourists back and forth in the national park. his father can fish when he wants perhaps in some ways he has more freedom than a year. my father's life is very free but the more contrition is to die for shellfish you cumbers. but he doesn't do that any more. than he does and fish in the old way he uses traps.
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he puts them out in the morning and brings them up in the evening day in and day out. and. he he's distancing himself more and more from the old ways and becoming a man of the city. with easy. for new year a man of the city is anyone who doesn't live on the water. now . what. about. even to give his son a carefree childhood as a senior. at least until he starts school. concealed and can often done before they can walk.
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around. when you get. ten or twelve they have to start working. these boys are coming back from a shift they help out in the national park cleaning up garbage or helping in the
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kitchen. to her space or prospects but how likely is it that she one day qualify as a doctor and come home. of what they would love. to see what kind of doctor she becomes. somewhat the most the paramedic for the first aid station here. that would work. but if she becomes a real doctor then what is there for her here. you would. think for. those who work in the national park get leftover food and old cooking oil on top of their wages. the children and the equivalent of one euro forty a day and the. women for heroes. they work in the park because their husbands are not allowed to earn an income with fishing. for several nights there to
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trawl is within sight of the rangers fishing with nets here in the middle of the national guard. the three hundred mark in serene entre sponsible for the disappearance of the sea cucumbers and fish populations and the degradation of the coral. how much longer will they be able to live off fishing. many years father can no longer build any can bungs because of the ban on felling the trees he me. making a buns is a dying art these days he earns money making model boats with a child and his wife to re only have to take care of themselves but when a woman in the family died giving birth they took in the infant. jack is now the fourth child they need to provide for him and pay for his schooling. jack will only learn about the american life from their old stories. oh no i was
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born here the midwife was in the middle. when she pushed me to the boat show. what happened right there. and. there were about ten women on the. oh. my good man everything comes in dogs sooner or later everything disappears i know you but how can we uphold our traditions how can we in the village preserve our culture as long as possible and do what i had ninety four. years both child is on the way he hopes that the next generation will have the lifestyle he had as. his father isn't i'm
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happy now he's a city person as long as there's food on the table and the children's schooling is taken care of that's enough he said. and. i want to do one look. when he goes out to fish he sees the last cup and he built at the harbor. making it was a labor of love it won't ever set sail but then there's no word for me in the market not much.
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