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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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it's november twenty fifth on do you know. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin gunmen stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi an intense hour long shootout left three gunmen in the at least two policeman dead but no chinese diplomats and stopped at the end of the consulate were heard also coming out britain's prime minister to resign may tells parliament she's got the best possible divorce deal from the e.u. but spain's prime minister is pushing negotiations right up to the wire over the british territory of gibraltar. and the world championship that since rolling chess
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funds defending champion not ignites carlsen and his challenger fabiano caruana have played ten matches but neither can break free to victory. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we start with some breaking news coming to us from pakistan attackers have stormed the chinese consulate in the city of karachi police say three suicide bombers and at least two policemen were killed in the assault but the pakistani foreign minister says all twenty one chinese staff inside the consulate are safe a group called the bull not just a liberation army has claimed responsibility for that assault. all short while ago i spoke to the journalist shah meir by loach in karachi i asked him who the
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baluchistan liberation are. working for the day and they're fighting for the. sunday are said to be similar to dates back to the early two thousand when they started taking security forces pretty clearly is in his will to have been involved in the taking on the chinese is a few months ago when chinese when was carrying some tallies indian yet in. to. take on the chinese engineers somewhat injured though no cage where he was regarded as a combined with liberation front so that they had from baluchistan still don't think is that they carried out any attack in the. sinned. against being the most worrying and disturbing fact is that they have never carried out
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a suicide attacks before. inside it takes before but the forests inside that it was carried out on chinese in. a few months and way as i said it was done in a day and in a town of baluchistan it's the second one the slow day about anything the side says when. they've never done before the suicide that day they say did you drink. why the are targeting the chinese embassy can you can you explain what the chinese connection is here. when i think there's not a new bin and not because. i know fox tonic clonic wanted. to start a. liberation army. liberation front of. me they have already declined and decide to act on chinese not just on have been involved in enlisting in china
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a pox on it in the shape of china box on its own accord been burning up. and. they're doing uplink would disappear decided denies ish and i think they. did they are colonizing the sun is this a. stance miss so in the. chinese. source not in sync. was correspondent talking to us a short while ago from caracas while staying in pakistan a bomb has exploded in an open air food market killing at least twenty five people at the opposite end of the country he talked to place in the remote or rock side district in the semi autonomous tribal areas near the border with afghanistan more than fifty people were injured bombing does not appear to be linked to the consulate attack in karate. prime minister british prime minister theresa
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may has been facing heavy criticism from lawmakers skeptical about a draft declaration on post break that relations with brussels may has defended the deal as the best possible result for the u.k. but the admits that this is a critical moment in the negotiations disputes over fishing rights gibraltar the border between the u.k. and ireland are still to be resolved and with you leaders hoping to sign off on briggs during a summit on sunday the clock is ticking. they're not exactly celebrating but e.u. leaders including chief breaks it negotiating the chopin a have at least one reason to be cheerful the draft agreement on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the bloc should be signed off at a summit in brussels on sunday. british prime minister to resume a told parliament in london was a good deal for britain on. its own as the coach of the british people by taking
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back control of our. money while protecting jobs security and the integrity of our precious united kingdom its free movement once and for all we will make our own rules in our own parliament and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the e.u. opposition leader jeremy corbyn was not convinced the prime minister said nothing is agreed until everything is agreed it's clear from this document that he indeed nothing is agreed to this is the blindfold breck's it we all fear a leap in the dark german chancellor angela merkel had threatened to boycott sunday's summit unless everything was hammered out in advance she now seems to be on board stuff even though i will do everything possible to get an exits agreement in. a disorderly breakfast would be the worst possible thing not just for the economy but for our future relationship. this week.
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also on thursday prime minister may had what she said was a friendly chat with the austrian chance this sebastien courts getting the breaks a deal through parliament will be an altogether more hostile process. well for the very latest on break so let's get more details from our correspondent in london. in brussels good morning to you both let's start with you better get this seems to be a critical moment in the break that process seems to be gaining critical mass how are brits feeling about it right now well i thought i'd bring you some of the papers this morning just to get some sort of feeling off how people feel and we have the sun here of course the biggest tabloid and it says black friday may it says that it's a good deal for the e.u. they take thirty nine billion pounds from us but it's
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a bad deal for britain we get diddly squat is what they have to say so they are clearly not happy alongside with many brits it isn't a reason mates own party but then again there is another sends them and that's the reason may was out during yesterday and that the daily mail another conservative paper reflects they say now let's get on with it so the reason they know is that there is so much resistance in parliament for how to deal but that also a lot of people really don't want to hear anything more of bricks and this is reflected in this headline let's get on with it and this is what she's hoping will in the end be the winning sentiment here in the u.k. . talking about that resistance in parliament will theresa may get this deal through the parliament that is the big question. it sat in the the big question and it hasn't gotten any easier of late with this debate we
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saw yesterday here and column and we saw so much resistance from all sides from these people who fought to stay in the many of not happy because they did of course must fall short of the benefits that the u.k. has now with e.u. membership to want to cut loose that ties they really want to do it more completely and there was talking off a trap that britain would be tied to the u. e.u. indefinitely in the customs union over the status of northern ireland and there was really a lot of anger in brics if. they deem on the freezer made to go back and just changed this agreement of course this is nothing that brussels once and today well let's go over to brussels where our correspondent your money is standing by a day or there's been a last minute intervention from spain over gibraltar after speaking to theresa may
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on thursday that the spanish prime minister a tweeted this our positions are remain for a way my government will always defend the interests of spain if there are no changes we will veto it that's a tweet from spending prime minister so why is spain coming up with this now and does this jeopardize bricks. if you want last minute concessions in a negotiation on the maximum pressure the timing is perfect but to be fair one has to say spain made all the way through these negotiations over those hundreds of days we've been talking with the u.k. from the e.u. side it clear that they want to post brakes a veto on and in that evolves part of the paper the end of this huge hundreds of pages there was a clause that guarantee spain that they would have a post breaks it veto but that's calls has disappeared in the final stages of the
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brics negotiations now spain wants it back in the big question can they really jeopardize the summit can they block and can they veto this entire process yes a no no because it will not be a unanimous vote it's a majority decision but it's the no is it's unlikely that the e.u. will want to risk its chop a stool in the negotiation box and that was always unity and they will not risk it so this is this looks right like really rocky negotiations to come there ok briefly tell us what happens next in this process. where currently the member states are looking at this the political the declaration there is the so-called chap was preparing the summit on sunday and big questions is on fishery as well where france and the netherlands have vested interests so there are number of
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sticking points left but overall the e.u. is very keen to get an orderly breck's it and to have the summit on sunday york thank you very much for bringing us up to date just there in brussels and of course big mass in london good to see you both. looking at some of the stories making headlines around the world the spanish prime minister we've been talking about him already pedro sanchez he and cuban president hugo diaz can now want to expand ties between their two countries the two leaders signed agreements in havana sanchez is in cuba with the highest level spanish visit to cuba in more than thirty years. cuba meanwhile has cancelled a health care deal with brazil and recalled thousands of doctors working in the country this after brazil's incoming president. called the doctors slave labor cuba earns billions by collecting millions collecting most wages doctors and
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medical workers and sends to countries like brazil. crowds in new york city braved freezing temperatures for front row seats at the macy's thanksgiving day parade their annual tradition features a broad array of talents everything from high school bands through broadway stars but fifty million people worldwide were expected to watch the televised spectacle. and paris rang in the start of the holiday season by turning on christmas lighting on the city's famous showroom sleazy fashion designer called lagerfeld and paris mayor go ahead the honor of pressing the button that trends for yeah. we're talking chess in sports today where the world championship isn't throwing fans around the world defending championship but champion magnus carlsen and his challenger fabiano caruana remain
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a deadlock after ten matches with just two games remaining before tensional tie break this final is guaranteed to go down in the history books magnus carlsen in five yana kyra want to have drawn all ten of their matches so far. carlsen the undisputed king of the chess world has been world champion since twenty thirteen boss this year he's facing his toughest challenge in quite some time there is no end phrase aggressive openings and experts have noted his meticulous preparation if when it doesn't emerge after twelve matches that's all i just saw at the top will that would hand the advantage to carlsen who hasn't lost a tie break in thirteen years time i call not the world champion will be decided within the next week with the window receiving one million dollars in prize money. finally something from india where what could have been
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a nightmare ended happily for a one year old little girl and her parents the family or getting all crowded train when the parents drop the baby in the commotion she fell to the tracks and in lay there as the train pulled out of the station miraculously the little girl was unhurt. it's all you news for now thanks for. the code because in germany to learn german. pollution. why not learn with him online on your mobile and free to sas he w z learning course me.


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