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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin a breakthrough as spain strikes a deal with written over gibraltar so british prime minister jury said may should get a good night's sleep before sunday's make or break even summit but can she sell her breakfast and framework to her own lawmakers. as the u.n. calls for an end to divide about domestic violence against women we meet one survivor of abuse in turkey shot by her husband hand down is paralyzed from the waist down now she fears for abuser could walk free. and ugly scenes erupt
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as riot police confront fuel tax protesters in central paris thousands join violent demonstrations against price hikes we'll get the latest from the french capital. thanks for joining us spain has reached a deal with britain and the rest of the european union on gibraltar clearing a key obstacles a ceiling in agreement on bret's it british prime minister theresa may has been in brussels for talks with the e.u. chief. ahead of sunday's make or break summit the disputed territory of gibraltar was the last sticking point in may's push to find a compromise with europe on that spain's prime minister pedro sanchez now says he will support the deal earlier may spell the doubt the u.k.'s position on gibraltar . the u.k.'s position on people's past will change and will not change we have to
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go see a change on behalf of children to be sure that they are covered by the holder through agreement by the change in pain and in the future we will continue to negotiate on the whole the whole u.k. family and that includes gibraltar i'm proud of the people she's precious i would always stand by your proposal how you run from it but let's bring in a d.w.i. is a barber of a zone who is in london for us barbara teresa mayes saying that the u.k. will always stand by dr brault what does that really mean what does it mean under the circumstances of bracks it of course trees amaze montrose throughout these negotiations and wrote these last months has been nothing has changed that's the expression she clings to people really not really believing her what happened is that she had to concede special rights to spain as soon as they knew the stations about the future relationship between the european union that means also
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spain and britain will come to the economic. relationship will come to trade will come to borders and so on and so forth so that means she did have to give way in order to save the brakes a deal only of course she doesn't want to admit it. ok well that of course all of this is just one more step towards bracks at the big hurdle as we know is waiting back home for treason may in london when she presents the deal to her parliament. that of course is the problem she has and she will be quite happy probably and have a good night's sleep tonight in brussels because she's relatively far away from where the trouble is really brewing in belfast we have seen the party conference off the. northern irish unionist party and this is the party that
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really is propping up the reason mase government what's happened the leader are leaving foster reconfirm that they would vote no to this deal teresa made brings home because the northern irish feel treated differently from the rest of the u.k. so she has trouble everywhere boris johnson was speaking up there in belfast and she said in this forum is treason may present it is a titanic mistake just a couple of months ago boris johnson said we will make a titanic success. now he has really changed his tune and it's all bad for the reason may as we stand here today she does not have a majority in parliament for this deal she isn't even close to it ok thank you so much that was the. reporting for us from london. the united nations is marking the international day for the elimination of violence against women on sunday several thousand women marched in rome on the eve of the occasion
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they were called victims of violence demanded greater rights for women and chanted slogans against the far right league party activists in turkey are also gearing up for demonstrations on sunday just last month at the european council warned ankara to do more to protect women and girls against domestic violence correspondent yulia han met one survivor. my name is hundred nashton i was born in one thousand nine hundred six in istanbul i was always very strong. this is me h sixteen or seventeen with a friend we were very happy that day. to hand and looks back at her old pictures as she likes to remember her teenage years but she has torn one person out of the voters and her husband the man who almost killed her. in our ten year relationship he slapped me he beat me he insulted me. why this happened in the bedroom as well. at some point humdrum couldn't bear it any
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more she wanted to leave her husband there was food ritual what happened next one day he approached her with a gun and shot her shook hands. i thought this is it i'm going to die and at that moment he put the gun into my mouth and pulled the trigger but he had run out of bullets and that was my second chance thanks to god. is now paralyzed from the waist down her husband is in detention his trial has been dragging on for two years found on his afraid he could walk free. there is a lack of reliable statistics on violence against women in turkey rights groups say on average one woman is killed every day when you talk to people on the streets an interesting thing happens almost every woman says violence is a familiar issue. of course there is violence against women here and
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a lot of news about women being murdered we've had enough of it yet all of us have experienced abuse physical or psychological. that's why i think it's spreading it's was now that in the past and of course my neighbor is beaten by her husband i think he does it out of jealousy. but it's a whole different story when you ask a man about violence against women. that it's oh i haven't seen it if i did i put a stop to it. in turkish kosher women are very precious to us is unacceptable to be to woman women not everything to was. a psychologist in counsels women who have become victims of violence and she gives classes like this one where she talks about the different types of abuse there are laws on the books she says but they are not and close polish having. the ronson of protection measures in place
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perpetrators on to punish sufficiently. and the cases aren't being taken seriously enough. condon hopes her husband will have to stay in prison for a long time if she had to say he would never get out again. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world mexico's government has reportedly agreed to the trumpet ministrations plan to make asylum seekers wait in mexico while their claims are examined by u.s. courts the washington post newspaper cited senior mexican officials president donald trump has been seeking to block thousands of central americans from entering the u.s. . taiwan's ruling democratic progressive party has suffered a major defeat in local elections the island's pro independence president in when resigned as head of the party vote was seen as a key test for its size administration which has been under attack from beijing over her refusal to agree that taiwan is part of china and voters in bahrain went
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to the polls on saturday to elect a new parliament activists called for a boycott after the main country's opposition groups were barred from the vote the sunni ruling out how they thought family has crackdown on dissent since a failed shiite led uprising in two thousand and eleven. and a new study in brazil says that this struction of the amazon rain forest has reached its highest level in a decade the government data can calls illegal logging a major cause of deforestation which in turn leads to global warming the rainforest plays a key role in regulating the earth's temperature. violence has flared in central paris as thousands joined protests against planned increases in fuel taxes riot police used water cannon and tear gas to clear the streets truck drivers angry of the tax hikes have been in the forefront of the protests. protesters and trucker style yellow safety vests set up
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a barricade on the iconic songs and he say then police arrived many of the demonstrators come from outside paris and say new tax on motor fuel meant to cut consumption and pollution in big cities will affect them disproportionately others say they're angry about economic policies that favor business and the rich of. all the big companies should pay taxes like everybody else and also the big bosses and the rich should pay wealth taxes the government suppressed the wealth tax and now they make the ordinary people pay that's not normal no matter. what france is interior minister blames the rest on the far right who being the leader of the populist anti immigrant rights on the mall now. was. off to marry in the pen cooled protests of the shown sillies a thousands of people mobilized what we're seeing is the ultra right has come together. around france demonstrators have blocked roads and here the
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yellow vests took over a highway toll booth and waved motorists through. you know. we don't want to bother people. when people ask who to thank we say thank president i'm on you all mccraw. we're going to send him the bill. he's got a bigger salary than i do he'll manage. back in paris the unrest continued after the sunset as one of the greatest challenges to president micron's leadership showed no sign of dying down. earlier we spoke to correspondent john lawrence and who's following the events in paris we asked him about the french interior minister's claim that the far right was behind the demonstrations. minister has said that the people who went to him straight to show that they did so because marie le pen them to. forget that other political movements in
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prague be the center right but i probably count for example have been behind the yellow vests movement also on the far left of the four times he's going to be favorable to the p.l.o. next movement i think there is. a popular revolt here something very are organizing we. seem very much in the trade union organizing demonstrations you know the demonstrations in the central this is something which has been organized on on social media and no one knows it's going to turn up where and when to be to these demonstrations and many of the people who are going to him straight are doing so pretty first time. for football now and. continue after they conceded in injury time to draw three three was dusseldorf dirty look aback you know scored all three of beautiful doris
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goals to keep the pressure on by coach nico ko batch leaders both dortmund had their work cut out in winning two one it. hurts a berlin struck late in an enthralling three three draw with hoffenheim second place on track to frankfurt continued their good for an out for a while spurs also won later cues and prevailed on friday and there are two games on sunday. and a look at the bonus league table on match day twelve makes for painful reading for byron fans dortmund leave by seven points with frankfurt up to second pending blood box game on sunday life sig slipped to fourth and champion champions by iron stay fifty nine points adrift of dortmund in the bottom half shall move on to thirteen points and dusseldorf battling point means stuttgart are rock bottom. and now for some ancient art archaeologists in egypt have uncovered an ancient tomb
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site on the banks of the nile river located in the fabled valley of the kings this site contains the mummies of a priest and his wife officials also said there are a thousand statuettes in the tomb which dates from thirteen hundred b.c. . and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you british prime minister theresa may has met with the head of the e.u. executives. in the run up to sunday's crucial summit leaders are expected to back a framework for the u.k. to leave the bloc. ugly scenes have erupted as riot police confronted fuel tax protesters in central paris thousands joined a violent demonstrations against price heights. and if that is your news join us again at the top of the hour if you would to argue can check out our web site and follow us on twitter thanks for watching the news.
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